Ruby Ridge: 30 Years Later

It is 2022.

Jesse Kelly, a mainstream conservative, has a based take on Twitter on the 30 year anniversary of Ruby Ridge which is a beautiful illustration of recent trends:

That’s right.

The FBI has always been the political police.

The True Cons take has always been something like this: Randy Weaver was a dangerous anti-government Christian Identity extremist and the FBI are great American patriots. It has taken conservatives around thirty years to come around and see the FBI for what it always has been.

Note: Randy Weaver died back in May.


  1. “It has taken conservatives around thirty years to come around and see the FBI for what it always has been.”

    Better late than never I guess. All alphabet agencies should be dissolved.

    • Conservatives didn’t give a damn about Ruby Ridge until 30 years later when their hero Trump got a taste of the same. No one was killed in the Trump raid. I despise conservatives. They’re either indifferent to or complicit in the destruction of our race, no different than the left.

  2. who owns the Ruby Ridge property now?

    it should be a sacred religious monastery

    white couples should get married and consummate the marriage at St Victoria

  3. I’d not heard of Randy Weaver’s demise – RIP. Lon Horiuchi, the FBI assassin who murdered his wife Vicky who was holding her baby, walks around free to this day. Horiuchi was also busy slaughtering unarmed folks at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco a couple of years later, along with other FBI “heroes”.

    It’s interesting to see that more are beginning to wake up to the total depraved nature of this and many other agencies of the regime in Sodom-on-Potomac. A good sign actually. There’s no statute of limitations on first degree murder. If there were anyone with balls in Idaho or Texas they could charge his ass and have him arrested even now. You never know…

    • “charge his ass and have him arrested even now”

      USZOG would assemble a defense team like you couldn’t imagine to defend him.
      They protect their minions to the hilt. This is part of the quid pro quo, “you follow our orders, even if immoral, we’ll defend you to the limits of the federal treasury”.

  4. “in the hopes that they could pressure Randy into becoming an informant”

    This is one, among several methods, they use to keep any pro-WHITE movement from growing into a serious political power. They kill movements b4 they grow to serious strength, time and again.

    The FBI gave Lon Horiuchi a merit award, after Ruby Ridge.

    If the local populace and out-of-staters hadn’t massed at the access road, the FBI would have killed the entire family.

  5. Local ppl, at Ruby Ridge, said the FBI had a helicopter with a large sling carried gasoline bladder to dump on the cabin, but too many locals had cameras, preventing the FBI from using it.

    Motive, Burn them alive, as they did at Waco, no witnesses, no one to give testimony making the FBI look bad.

  6. Bagwan Shree Rajneesh got totally fucked over at the same time. Property confiscated snd used for pedo grooming now.

  7. Given the discussion about corruption in the FBI and other government agencies going on today, here’s the most important thing to know about Ruby Ridge (link): the federal government never held any of its employees accountable for what happened there, including for the outright murder of Vicki Weaver — the massacre at Waco happened less than one year later, and no federal employee or agent was ever held accountable for that either.

    • That’s undeniably true. In fact a number of the feds involved in both incidents were actually promoted. Uncle Schmuel thanks them for their service.

  8. “It has taken conservatives around thirty years to come around”

    This isn’t true at all. Rush Limbaugh was doing the same thing at the time this happened. He was railing against Janet Reno and using it in his propaganda war against the Clintons. The current batch of Republican party grifters like Jesse Kelly are just following in the footsteps of Rush, throwing out red meat in an election year.

    • Yes – I remember how Ruby Ridge and Waco really put the Clinton regime on the back foot. They need the (highly convenient) McVeigh bombing to win back public support.

      • The story we are told about McVeigh has big holes in it. There’s direct evidence he was working for the government or at the least he was in the pay of the government when they said he was out working gun shows to make a living and out of the service.

        Here’s a clip of a documentary video a guy shot at Camp Grafton, North Dakota 03 August 1993. A guy was doing a documentary on the base and was going around taping random stuff. He happened to capture this guy on tape. At this time the Federal Government says Timothy McVeigh was out of the service working gun shows. McVeigh’s sister always maintained that he was not a terrorist and was a patriot. She said he was on a special mission. Could McVeigh and her have believed that anything was acceptable to suppress those evil “White Supremacist”? Many people in the North actually think like this and McVeigh is from New York State. Many in these areas absolutely despise “America First” types believing them to be some sort pro slavery White Supremacist.

        Here’s a short page on what the documentary filmmaker was doing and how he found out McVeigh was on the base by accident.

        There used to be a short clip that showed McVeigh getting out of a APC. When asked he said he was a parts clerk. As a friend was watching the documentary he told the filmmaker,”Hey that’s McVeigh”. He had not noticed. The short clip has been banned but the longer clip that has the short clip in it exists that tells the whole story. If you just want to see McVeigh start at 2:06.

        That’s got to be McVeigh. You tell me. That’s him I say. With this new evidence that McVeigh said he was on some special mission it makes it even more likely. The base he is in is used for “explosives training”. How convenient.

        People who witnessed his execution?? said they never saw him stop breathing and curtains were closed. No doubt he is somewhere in the witness protection program with plastic surgery or, by this time they may have considered him too much of a liability and had him killed.

    • You bet Rush would have been singing a different tune if a Republican had been Prez at the time.

      • Ruby Ridge took place under Poppy Bush. Beelzebubba didn’t assume the position until January 1993. Trump’s later pick Bill Barr was AG under Poppy. He’s had two separate terms in the chair.

  9. Fadeley is an Irish name. The Jews are not going to be here forever, eventually they are going to pick themselves up and go. Just keep score until that days comes. Every dog has his day.

    • “The thrifty frugal Saxon spends his best years alone, in struggle and study, while the squalid unaspiring Irishman congregates in cities and multiplies like rabbits” – Charles Darwin

      “Irish are scum and can’t be trusted” -Margret Thatcher

      • And you Anglos are a bunch of fucking gutless cowards that don’t even have the balls to defend your women from Paki rape gangs.

        BTW, if there is a hell then that bitch Margret Thatcher is probably there.

        • @The Mick,

          Let’s celebrate the sinking of the HMS Sheffield with a Black and Tan and a shot of Bushmills.

          Fuck England!

      • UlsterCanuck,

        Quoting Maggie Thatcher is cringe af in our circles, even when you are using that cunt’s words to make your erroneous point.

        Haggy Maggie was against the reunification of Weat and East Germany, so I view her as an enemy, and was thrilled when she died.

    • Because they are lazy rich brats that don’t care about anyone.
      The indolence bred of a pampered life.
      “Your daddy doesn’t have big money, you’re icky poo.”

    • They aren’t slow on the uptake. They are dropping red meat and race baiting like they have always done. They know what their voters actually want. They just don’t care. Elections are coming up, so expect Republicans to suddenly become “redpilled” in the next few months, only to drop it all and go back to their standard BS by next year.

      • This does fit a longstanding pattern. It happened in 1994 (Contract with American – Gingrich), 2010 (Tea Party) and seems to be under way now (Christian Nationalism – of which there are at least as many definitions as there are Christian Nationalists) … and the grift goes on.

        • We have Lindsey Graham of all people out there talking about states’ rights over gay marriage. If that isn’t a tell as to which way Republican strategy is leaning, then I don’t know what is.

    • To be honest, a white Gentile traitor would have taken that murderous shot too.

      The macabre joke going on at the time of Vicki Weaver’s murder was that the FBI’s Hostage-Rescue Team’s motto of “Women and Children First” had taken dark turn at Ruby Ridge.

  10. And the Jewish Deep State ‘Deep Throat’ in coordination with Jewish Media ‘Bernstein’ took down Nixon.

    Nixon was perceived to be a threat to Jews.

    Jews took him out.

    • Yep. Woodward and Bernstein – the Jew York Times, CBS – the Jewish media mafia took down Nixon over the trivial Watergate crimes.

      Nobody was killed in Watergate
      Nobody was raped or beaten in Watergate.

      More people died in the back seat of Ted Kennedy’s car than died in Watergate
      The sick pervert J Hollywood director Roman Polanski raped more girls than anyone connected with Watergate.

      What happened in watergate was Daniel Ellsberg some low level Je* Defense Department oficial was leaking classified documents that the Viet Nam war wasn’t going that well and would be a stalemate like the Korean War – Like Duhhhhh everybody knew that.

      Some low level Nixon Aids led by G Gordon Liddy harassed Daniel Ellsberg, bugged his office. President Nixon didn’t order this harassment, but he was charged with covering up this greatest crime ever. Nope.

      So this Jewish Media mafia, Red Diaper babies took down the Nixon Administration in a media coup – Nixon had won a landslide victory in 1972 49 out of 50 states, but the deep state, the Jewish media mafia hated Nixon because his supporters were the same as Trump’s MAGA supporters, White Americans, including the hated poor and working class White Southerners, Archie Bunker Reagan Democrats that Norman Lear, William Kristol, the Shylocks, George Soros’ hate so much – they want to replace us and until then insult us, present our women as Shiksa whores for the worst Negroes, Arabs, Pakistani and of course their Shiksa whores.

      It is what it is.

      When an American family turns on MSNBC, CNN in their living room they are inviting the likes of Wolf Blitzer, Chris Wallace, Mike Wallace Jeff Zucker in to their family homes to corrupt their/our family – inviting the children of the Devil in to our homes.

      We presented this sad truth in this Farstar comic.

    • Bill Barr did pro-bono legal work for Lon Horiuchi. Yet another stellar Trump hire – a creature literally born in the swamp hired to allegedly drain the swamp. Cheetohead is truly a master of grift which few can even approach,. We must at least give him that. He’ll tell the marks exactly what they want to hear so they go along the scam, paying zero attention to that giant sucking sound.

    • Garfinkle made his mark at OK city bombing. He was under the watchful eye of deputy AG Jamie Gorelick. You know Jamie as the first person the “clown prince of Pennsylvania Ave”
      Jared Kushner retained as counsel when he moved to DC to help Dump.

  11. Almost the entire Bill Clinton cabinet was Jewish. In this ‘interwar’ period for America, Jews were at full fledged war against White Christian Middle America.

    DOJ Attorney General Janet Reno (Jewish) ordered the massacre of the Waco compound.

    Then McVeigh and the Oklahoma bombing and then strangely 9/11 soon after.

    And White Christian Middle America forgot everything and got duped into going to die in the Middle East again to kill Muslims for Israel and the CIA.

    Luckily, Ukraine has failed to capture the diminishing colonial imagination of the greatly diminished White Christian Middle America.

    And no new 9/11’s have any possibility of arousing that sleeping giant ever again.

    Which is why the Global Jewish War on remaining White Independence has skyrocketed to new heights.

    Increasing Pain Boxism from the Fikes incoming……..

    • Yes, “they” definitely seem to be pushing for White Christian men to massacre each other once again. While they denigrate and attack us at home, they will happily send us to Russia to fight our Slav brethren for their proto-Moschiach Zelenskyyy(666).

      • There are not a huge number of white guys falling for it. Yes there are some and some of the clowns have even shown up here. Poles are the biggest single group in Jewkraine’s “International Legion”, followed by Canada (lots of Ukrainian-Banderistas there). Very few from Israel (quelle surprise). It’s none of our damned business, which is of course just something increasingly rare called common sense. There’s even a biblical proverb about staying out of fights between others – about how doing this is like grabbing a strange dog by the ears (good way to get your hand chewed up).

  12. One of the things that has bothered me the most about conservatives is their willingness to lionize gun punks at any level, federal, local, whatever. These people are not on our side.

    What did Jesse James think about police? What did Bonnie and Clyde feel about police? Or Sam Bass? How did John Dillinger feel about authorities?

  13. One of my biggest influences has always been the story of Ruby Ridge, Idaho. I remember seeing a movie about it on TV about 20 years ago and I was somewhat familiar with what happened but really embraced the story after that. This was at the same time I was getting involved in organized political groups and had already embraced Christian Identity. It’s true that Conservatives now are talking about the FBI and government corruption. However they just want back in power….Trump never complained about the FBI while he was in office. I’ll take a wild guess and say the Republicans will stop complaining about the FBI if they win the White House in 2024. Deo Vindice !

  14. Because neither Buchanan nor Duke made to the November general election in 1992, I voted for Colonel Bo Gritz who brought ZOG’s murderous siege of the Weavers to an end.


  15. Not mentioned here is the Asian FBI sharpshooter that killed Vicki Weaver got a promotion and an accommodation after Ruby Ridge. Remember also Kathy Ainsworth and Ashli Babbit.

  16. As always, I highly recommend OD readers follow the great British Ex Pat John Derbyshire – who was fired, purged from National Review by Jonah Goldberg and the other J Neo Con men in Conservative Inc. The Derb’s crime was writing honestly about Black crime “The Talk” published on Taki Mag.

    The Derb has another excellent article about FBI thuggery and Ruby Ridge.

    “02 — Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo. Eight months ago — which of course means long before the raid on Mar-a-Lago — Rasmussen polled a thousand likely voters with the question:

    Do you agree or disagree with this statement: There is “a group of politicized thugs at the top of the FBI who are using the FBI … as Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo”?

    Twenty-nine percent of those likely voters strongly agreed; another seventeen percent somewhat agreed. That’s an aggregate 46 percent agreeing — close to half. If Rasmussen were to repeat that poll today, after the Mar-a-Lago raid, I bet it would be more than half.

    How did the FBI go from being stalwart defenders of the American Way against organized crime and foreign espionage to having half the voting public seeing them as the President’s personal Gestapo?

    Well, the slide has been going on for some decades; but one event that mightily accelerated the slide happened thirty years ago this week. That was the siege of Ruby Ridge in the mountains of upcountry Idaho.

    The target of the siege was 44-year-old Randy Weaver, an eccentric but perfectly harmless citizen who held survivalist and white-separatist beliefs. Those beliefs had gotten him involved with undercover federal agents who were infiltrating an Aryan Nations group.

    The agents framed up Weaver with a petty firearms offense. When Weaver failed to show up at the court hearing, six U.S. Marshals outfitted in full combat gear, carrying automatic weapons, went to the mountain cabin where he lived with his wife and their four children and some dogs.

    Marshals spotted Weaver’s 14-year-old son Sammy in company with one of the dogs and a friend of Weaver’s who was visiting the family. They shot and killed the dog. Sammy fired in their direction without hitting anyone, then turned to go back to the cabin; a marshal shot him in the back, killing him. The family friend responded by fatally shooting one of the marshals.

    That shoot-out escalated the issue and the FBI was called in and commenced an eleven-day siege. An FBI sniper shot Randy Weaver, although not fatally. Shortly afterwards that same sniper shot and killed Mrs Weaver — standing in her yard, unarmed, holding her ten-month-old baby daughter.

    The family friend was also shot — hit by the same bullet that had killed Mrs Weaver. He was badly hurt, but survived.

    Captured at last and put on trial, Weaver and his friend were acquitted on all charges except the original failure to appear for the court date Weaver had been trapped into by the FBI.

    The Justice Department did their best to cover up the details of the case, scoffing at Weaver and his friend as white-supremacist terrorists and so on. However, Wall Street Journal reporter James Bovard got hold of the relevant documents and blew their cover.

    The government settled with Weaver for 3.1 million dollars. Weaver’s friend got $380,000. A senior FBI official was sent to prison for destroying key evidence.

    The FBI sniper who’d shot Mrs Weaver — again: standing in her yard, unarmed, holding her ten-month-old baby daughter — was indicted for manslaughter by a state prosecutor but the feds got the case dismissed on the grounds that, quote:

    A federal officer cannot be held on a state criminal charge where the alleged crime arose during the performance of his federal duties.

    End quote.

    That sniper never did serve any time, nor pay any penalty. He went on to play a much-disputed role in the massacre of the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas. His present whereabouts are unknown to the internet.

    Randy Weaver died in May this year at age 74 after some weeks of illness. I don’t know the nature of the illness.

    So yeah, the FBI, which half my fellow citizens agree is “Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo.” I’m just going to register my irritation at all the evils of the world being compared — always, every time — to Adolf Hitler and his agencies. It lets the communists off way too lightly.

    That registered, there need to be some major, serious, whole-hearted purges in federal law enforcement: not just the FBI but the U.S. Marshals Service, too, and the DEA and the ATF. If I were in charge the reform would be zero-based: fire the whole lot of them, top to bottom, stick every one of them with a lifetime ban on federal employment, then build up from scratch.

    I would add ICE to that list of agencies except that where ICE is concerned, all the efforts of the federal government are bent towards ICE agents doing nothing at all to enforce the people’s laws.”

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