Brian Stelter: The End of Reliable Sources

We lost Brian Stelter and Liz Cheney this week. Who will defend American democracy?


  1. Most whites are NOT going to wake up. They refuse to acknowledge the real problem. They think the country is “going down” because people have “turned away from God” and there is no prayer in the classroom. Some of this is true. Most people, even Christians, are not afraid of a god condemning them. But religion isn’t going to save the country, because Christians gave up their power, and allowed the Jews to take over everything. There isn’t anything they are NOT in charge of.

    • 80 percent of American whites are bleached subsaharans that survived about 10 winters, im not kidding. Thatcher, Cromwell and Darwin knew the score with these people.

      Im not talking about the deep South or flyover Midwest. Those places still have lots of original Americans.

      Note that I do not promote violence or conspiracy theories, simply stating historical fact.

      • @Ulster It is not historical fact. The “Out of Africa” theory has been debunked many times. The idea that subsaharan Africans trekked north and went into Europe is ridiculous. The idea they “lost” their skin color and kinky hair, too. There are white skinned animals and apes in Africa. How come they don’t have dark skin??
        Subsaharan Africans do NOT have Neanderthal genes. But Europeans do.

        There ARE a lot of mulattos in the US, and most of them side with being “black” and not white. Even the ones who are only a fourth black, will side with being black. They blame it on the “one drop rule” from long ago, but that’s an excuse. They get more public assistance, leg ups, and advancements by claiming to be black.

        • Im not trying to insult anyone, but the meaning of what I was saying is that anyone whos family came to America after 1850 is not to be trusted. The original Americans were English Dutch Scottish and a scattered German. The rest are immigrants same as Mexicans. Read “The Descent of Man”. All these white liberals came here into the cities after the country was already built and grabbed power through the media and universities. I blame the founding fathers for being too vague in the Constitution and not taking the threat seriously.

          • Well, that was a weird way of saying it. I do get that the founders in the 1790s envisioned immigrants as England and her nearby neighboring peoples sending excess sons and daughters who didn’t inherit the family farm over her to consolidate the frontier for America’s claim against the English, Spanish, French, and Indians. They didn’t think far enough into the future to when people would show up to be paupers in the city.

        • While Erectus probably did emerge from Africa, I’d suspect the refinements to more anatomically modern humans probably occurred somewhere in Eurasia. The fossil record is so incomplete, and may well be underwater along flooded ancient seashores. The oldest, most diverse DNA found in sub saharan populations could be from Erectus, modernized by gene flow coming back into Africa from the Near East. The hybrids would have a survival advantage of resistance to the tropical diseases the newcomers from the north don’t, and a bigger brain compared to the aboriginal sub saharan Erectus.

  2. It’s funny they had the WB symbol there. Do they not realize at least half of Americans see that logo and associate it with Bugs Bunny, frenetic cartoon music, and zany irrationality?

  3. By the end of his career literally HW was the only one watching. I never even heard of him until HW started posting about him.

    Last time I saw CNN was when I accidentally sat on the clicker.

    • Brian Stelter is a punchline across the entire populist Right: a reliable mouthpiece of the conventional wisdom among liberal journalists with a hilarious mousy, effeminite voice.

      Mark Dice started the Stelter meme years ago. Everyone has made fun of him though. He became over time the dominant caricature of the “journalist.”

  4. Reliable Sources was the most ridiculous shit I have ever seen on TV. Good riddance.

    This won’t change the deeper narrative at all though. It isnt about ratings at this point. The left has all the money in the world; they can just keep putting this stuff out until the end of time, paid for by your tax dollars. Look for CNN to become more “moderate” and “patriotic” because “we have to defend democracy and reproductive rights of women and oppressed people worldwide” etc etc. Theyll probably hire on some Haghnninnittigh clone to replace him and promote moderate Repubs like Cheney to coerce gullible milksops in the primaries. The show must go on.

  5. I have never been able to get through more than a couple of minutes of that voice. There’s something a little to “breathy” about how he speaks. Like he’s exhaling a little too much with each word. It puts me in mind of the Thurston Howell character from Gilligan’s Island. A very contrived attempt to sound like a higher class blue blood or something. Couple that with the whiny effeminacy of his speech patterns, and it just makes me want to shut it off.

  6. Meanwhile Lil Brian got to blab his head off talking nonsense for a decade or more while making over a million a year – what a ride for a fat, flatulent nincompoop! I’ll miss seeing his cheesy demonic grin, though- we couldn’t have invented a more appropriate foil for our ideas than Mr. Potato Head!

  7. “We must make sure we don’t give platforms to those lying to our faces.”

    As he now no longer has a platform… how poetic.

  8. Instauration magazine made (White Southern Gentile Liberal) Ted Turner White renegade traitor of the year for selling CNN/TBS – sell his soul (30 pieces of silver) to Gerald Levin’s Time Warner inc. Ted Thought the Lib (Jewish media mafia) Southern California media elite will welcome him and his PC Woke wife Jane Fonda if he moved out of Georgia, moved to LA, provided he gave a lot of money to Bill Clinton and the United Nations. He was wrong.

    CNN used to feature Pat Buchanan – then it was turned over to the likes of Jeff Zucker who actually phoned in the scrips (Russian collusion stole the election for Trump) from Israel.

    No folks, the media isn’t “liberal” – the media is anti White, Jewish media mafia with allied anti White Blacks, Homosexuals, LGBT other brown ugly people that hate us.

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