Liz Cheney’s Revenge Tour

Why not just get it over with and switch parties?


  1. No woman shall have position of political or ruling power in a white country no matter which side they’re on, PERIOD. And any man who doesn’t agree has their head up their ass and should be whipped and deported too

    • An OT prophet says, the corrupt nation will be punished by being ruled by women. The NT says women shall be in subjection and not usurp authority from men.

    • While I agree with that sentiment, it’s not the reality we face right now. The entire nation’s fate is in the hands of fickle, emotional, brainwashed white women. We are like Henry Hill laying back on his bed while his angry wife points a loaded pistol in his face. The trick is to deescalate the situation and talk some sense into her hoping she doesn’t pull the trigger on the historical nation…which she may well end up doing.

  2. In The Inferno Daunte’ reserved the inner circle of Hell for traitors. That’s why she doesn’t switch parties. She thinks she’s more effective in bringing on the destruction of Western Civilization as a traitor than as a member of the Communist Party USA (Democrats). Same with Romney, McCain, et al.

      • McCain would change his stance on an issue, like massive illegal immigration, just for an election. Basically saying, if you want me to do something, you have to elect me again, even though I’ve been in office and did nothing. Then, after getting back in, he turned around and embraced millions of illegals coming in and amnesty.

    • Romney is no democrat, he’s just an insider who longs for the Bush Jr. era of globalist, capitalist shills who used the naivety of the cornpone folk in November, but then answered to K Street the rest of the year.

  3. Absolute Cunt, truly the most despicable type of human.
    Much worse than any outright biological competitor or enemy. 10x more terrible than any honest nonwhite who just wants to beat us and take over our country. That’s just opportunistic biological competition. Liz & her dad and their element are the main cause of most of our peoples macro problems.

  4. Whites have lost. Whites embracing Christian Nationalism is like an overweight person who decided to give up losing weight, and goes on an ice cream diet.

    • The idea that you are going to have a White nation, but it is going to be pagan or atheist is without precedent in all of world history.

      There has never been nor will there ever be a nation that centers White identity plus paganism or atheism. Instead, any atheist nation will be consumed by a hyper aggressive form of liberalism.

      • @Hunter

        I’m not pinning my hopes on “I’m on team Christcuck” and “Just drink a beer and watch football”

        Hunter, you have become a typical soft conservative.

        Grill and Chill, drink beer and watch sportsball complete with the smug superiority that anyone who is more serious is somehow weird or uncool.

        • Dogbane,

          I’m excited that opposing anti-Whites and the Great Replacement have finally gone mainstream along with the National Divorce and Christian Nationalism.

          You are focused on people who are going to church and who watch football games in the fall in their spare time. I suppose you could say this is a difference in perspective. I don’t see what so angers you as an obstacle to what I am trying to accomplish.

      • @Hunter Wallace
        You wrote: “There has never been nor will there ever be a nation that centers White identity plus paganism or atheism.”
        Surely you don’t really mean that. Germany was very centered on being white, specifically Aryan. Even centuries before, the Germans did not bring nonwhites into their regions.
        Most European nations, for centuries were white, and acknowledged their own ethnicities and celebrated it. These countries were not always Christian, in fact, when they were pagan, they were stronger and more centered. The Norsemen would not have embraced “diversity”.

      • Yeah Brad, not like non-christian Aryans created Ancient Egypt,Persia, India, Greece, or Rome.

        Oh, right….

        Truth is not on your side. Its repulsive for any supposed “pro white” to not only condone worship of a jew, but go a step further and demand it.

        You turned this site into daily stormer 2.0 about 6 months ago.

        Round the clock Cucker Carlson worship. Apologism for Republicucks (using Anglin’s “i dont support republicans” as he did nothing but promoted the GOP). Claiming that “white normies have radicalized.” (Lol,using jew language sincerely).

        Yeah, change iz in the air…a fatass 500lb Boomer dude in a pickup truck (who’s door he must fasten by tying with ropes) I met at work proclaimed he hates liberals & “is a republican…”…and, totally “against tru raycism.”

        (Just like all of them…if you’re a member of the GOP, you’re an enemy of Aryans. If you’re a christian, you’re a house against itself, & you won’t stand, you can’t be pro white while bowing before rabbi yeshu).

        • LOL

          I’m letting this through the filter just to show 1.) exactly what I am not and 2.) how being siloed away from society in internet ghettos makes some people completely incapable of communicating with their fellow citizens

          • So are you on the other side now? His post was fine. You’re joining the Normies, so you can forget about race and antiwhitism.
            His point about the pickup truck guy saying he’s against racism is real. There are a lot of people like that.
            Most of us have real jobs, we aren’t sitting at home working. We deal with nonwhites and brain dead whites every day.

  5. If you go to Hell you’ll eventually see Liz and her Dr Evil father Dick Cheney- war mongers responsible for more deaths in the Mid East than Pol Pot. She wouldn’t devote her life to tracking down election deniers if they weren’t right- this is the Left’s Achilles heel and she knows it!

  6. Note her pure White pedigree, and what difference does it make?

    The Empire is not (and I submit never was) an ethny and the population of the imperial homeland is not a people.

    • That is absolutely true about the empire. Not true about the country before the empire though. Largely Anglo-Celtic (with some German mixed in), Protestant . It started to change in the 1840s with industrialization. 1865 marked the end of the republic and the start of the imperial era, though the imperium was not yet formalized. By 1865 the elites were New England Anglos who were ultimately replaced by Jews not long after the empire was formally enshrined (1914). Die was cast by 1920 with women’s suffrage. The country was something like 90% of European origin as late as 1965. The Jew-sponsored Hart-Cellar act opened the country for the largest migration in history.

      That being said your point about the purity of Cheney’s pedigree is a very good one. It’s also proof that race or even ethnicity is insufficient as a sole source of identity, which is also what HW is saying. Liz Cheney is from American founding stock. Father Dick Cheney is of English, as well as Welsh, Irish, and French Huguenot ancestry; Mother Lynne Cheney is of Danish, Swedish, English, Irish, and Welsh origin. Such pedigrees would have been common as far back as the late 1700s. Being female and a lesbian, Liz Cheney would not have been allowed to practice law, vote or enter politics in the republican era. Confined to the margins of society, she could not have done so much damage – though we should note that even by the 1850s she could very well have been an ardent abolitionist – who were at the very least 50% responsible for the catastrophe of 1861-65.

      So having the correct pedigree proves to be as fundamentally flawed as it was for monarchies. Yes some outstanding monarchs were produced, but so were monsters, traitors and imbeciles. Race and ethnicity are real and they are important, even an essential element to any culture or civilization. Genocide the whites and western civilization is finished. Our enemies openly call for this. I suppose at least part of the real question lies in keeping out the bad elements – even (maybe especially) for those with the correct pedigree. Virtue and morality are not inherited, they must be taught. Some seem to be born with greater reception to their teaching than others, so the teaching per se is not 100% of the answer either. HW is on a very interesting track here.

      • Another excellent response worth reading. I somewhat agree with “Not true about the country before the empire though. Largely Anglo-Celtic (with some German mixed in), Protestant . It started to change in the 1840…” Those similar founding stocks could have eventually blended and matured into a distinct people or ethnicity, but soon, more foreign ingredients were added, and not in trace amounts either.

        Re: “HW is on a very interesting track here”:

        Yes, and his “Origins” post was one of the best he has written, in my opinion.

  7. And the money will roll right in.
    She also knows that the Long March CPUSA will never vote for her or anyone that she endorses.
    One of her advisor comrades moved to Kansas City and will be running for the Uniparty Grand Old Politburo.

  8. Biden called after the defeat. Republicans also called. Cheney refused to named them.

    We need to know who called Liz.

  9. LiZ Chaney obviously ain’t going anywhere in GOP circles. But, the usual suspects (Starts with J ends with W and rhymes with “Jew” will be promoting other White RINO, Goyim candidates like Mike The Huckster Huckabee, Lisping Lindsey Graham (Ted Kennedy in drag)

    ZOG, Neo Con, Fed Reserve Js particularly like using wholesome good looking LDS Mormon candidates, elected officials like Jeff Flake, Orin Hatch, Mitt Romney and his idiot father George Romney that let Black criminals burn down my mothers once safe and prosperous city of Detroit MI in 1967. And of course they ran some LDS Mormon CIA guy in the Presidential race in Utah to try to tip the Presidential Election to Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

    We haven’t heard from the ultimate White Goy Indiana US Senator and Bush Sr.’s VP Dan Quayle in a long long time – maybe ZOG will try to bring him out of the wilderness like they did Al Gore Sr. and Al Gore Jr.


    M’thinks the Neo Con, Military industrial complex of endless wars for Israel is still very salable in places like Wyoming, Montana, even still White Red States like Tennessee and Alabama…

    “Gots to fight the next Hitler like Vladimir Putin, Syria’s Assad, or Hungary’s Victor Orban”

    Yep. Football season is starting about now – that means 5 days a week for Negro worshipping FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL.

    I hear Hank Williams Jr wants his old job back as the lead in to Monday Night Football.

    “Are you ready for some Football”?

    Ahhh, not really.

      • Sigh.

        LDS White Mormons look so SO GOOD, but…


        It’s usually the case that some group of White Europeans, White European Americans that used to be sensible about race and culture, disown their evil RACIST past and embrace…..

        ADL, BLM, LGBT

        “Hey look at us, we’re rich but we’re not RACIST anymore we love all Muslims, Mexicans, Mayans oh especially all Je*s including Fed, Hollywood, Harvard and Yale Je*s, as we want our children to go to Harvard and Yale and get in with them and once they see how nice and good looking we are, they’ll want to be our friends and their business/political partners.”


        It was ever thus.

  10. Maybe a trade can be made. The Republican party can trade Liz Cheney to the Democrats in exchange for Tulsi Gabbard. Both have burned bridges with the parties of which they have long been a part.

  11. This is the kind of news conservatives love to focus on as they either ignore or approve of America turning non-White.

    • 1. Conservatives are actually coming around on the issue now.

      2. To put it mildly, Liz Cheney is hostile to this development

      • Coming around? Just talking and talking. Just like Trump did.
        They are just want to be re-elected.
        Meanwhile, millions of nonwhites are entering the country.
        It’s like letting a zillion cockroaches in your house, then calling an exterminator in, five years later.

  12. Lez Cheney, if she is really serious about advancing her career, should get on a plane and fly to Taiwan immediately and be one of the first to follow Nancy Pelosi’s trailblazing, chutzpahdik anti-Chinese example:

    “(P)rovoked by the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit (…) growing streams of delegations from the US and its allies make their way to Taipei (…) The pace of delegations arriving in Taipei is accelerating. A third US group headed by Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb landed in Taiwan yesterday for trade talks—just three weeks after Pelosi’s visit and a week after a US congressional delegation headed by Senator Ed Markey. The Financial Times reported that a group of Japanese lawmakers led by Keiji Furuya of the ruling Liberal Democratic party is due to arrive today in Taipei. Next week a Lithuanian delegation is expected to be present when the country opens its representative office in Taipei, a move that provoked economic retaliation by Beijing. Canadian parliamentarians and two German delegations plan to visit in October”:

  13. My response to Nightowl:

    It’s definitely part of what we face, and shit is going to go down regardless. There is no talking sense into these kinds of women no matter which side they’re on. They are not brainwashed, they KNOW what they’re doing, for their own benefits and egos. And men have allowed this. The large majority of good white women aren’t interested or entitled to political and judicial rights or positions of power etc. A white-only area somewhere in the world needs to be established and rules need to be put in place to either keep these kind of women in their places or make them leave if they don’t like it, along with the white male leftists

    white woman vote with the help of white liberal man vote = immigration & civil rights (non-white vote), combined = problems and white genocide

    Simple as that, which is the ROOT of our problems. Leftists and multiculturalists are powerless without white women’s votes and non-white votes. So to everyone else, blaming everything on jews and democrats (which most of you do) isn’t going to fix anything, and neither will a civil war because anyone can play both sides

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