Joe Biden Slams “Semi-Fascism” In GOP

What is “semi-fascism”?

Washington Post:

“President Biden on Thursday night launched a push toward the midterm elections with a fiery speech in Rockville, Md., in which he cast the Republican Party as one that was dangerously consumed with anti-democratic forces that had turned toward “semi-fascism.”

It was some of the strongest language used by Biden, a politician long known — and at times criticized for — his willingness to work with members of the opposite party.

“The MAGA Republicans don’t just threaten our personal rights and economic security,” Biden said, referencing former president Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan. “They’re a threat to our very democracy. They refuse to accept the will of the people. They embrace — embrace — political violence. They don’t believe in democracy.”

“This is why in this moment, those of you who love this country — Democrats, independents, mainstream Republicans — we must be stronger,” he added. …”

I have an idea.

I’m going to try to define it.

  • If you believe America was founded as a White Christian Republic, which is what the vast majority of people in this country believed until television news, then you are a “semi-fascist”
  • If you believe “journalists” are a bunch of self-interested liars and Twitter addicts who push political narratives instead of reporting the news, you are a “semi-fascist”
  • If you believe in the Constitution, you are a “semi-fascist”
  • If you believe in states’ rights instead of an all powerful centralized and consolidated national government that defers to “experts,” you are a “semi-fascist”
  • If you deny that “gay marriages” are equal to your Christian marriage, you are a “semi-fascist”
  • If you don’t believe the -isms and -phobias have anything to do with morality, you are a “semi-fascist”
  • If you don’t hate yourself for being White, you are a “semi-fascist”
  • If you don’t want to “smash the patriarchy” in an infantile fit of rage, you are a “semi-fascist”
  • If you don’t support toppling statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt, you are a “semi-fascist”
  • If you believe that men cannot transform into women and vice versa as the mood strikes, you are a “semi-fascist”
  • If you believe that liberty is self government instead of arbitrary rule by unelected and unaccountable government bureaucrats, you are a “semi-fascist”
  • If you want to abolish the FBI and IRS, you are a “semi-fascist”
  • If you oppose spending billions of dollars on this dumb war in Ukraine and oppose militarism and imperialism in general, you are a “semi-fascist”
  • If you try to avoid vulgarity, you are a probably a “semi-fascist”
  • If you believe this country has sunk to previously unthinkable depths and deny progress and believe our best days are in the past, you are a “semi-fascist”
  • If you love your race, ethnicity, culture and religion, your state, your civilization, your family and your country instead of being alienated from these things, you are definitely a “semi-fascist”

I think this about covers it.


    • “The MAGA Republicans don’t just threaten our personal rights and economic security,”

      The very guy who is trying to outlaw types of rifles.
      The very guy who has brought us surging inflation.

      That loon is losing it.

      • Joe just reads the teleprompter as best he can, has little comprehension of what his handlers have written.

    • I hope this loon, Joe Biden, goes completely off the rails and drives 90% of ppl out of the Democrat party and kills off the rinos.

  1. My reply to Biden would be the same as Jonathan Bowden’s. There’s nothing wrong with Fascism, nothing wrong with Fascism at all. The American Republic has failed and a Caesar is needed.

    • I would agree with you on every point hunter, and with Christian fascist:

      Except we don’t need a Caesar; we need a Charlemagne, or a Czar Nicolas, or a Vlad Tepes.

    • “There’s nothing wrong with Fascism (…) a Caesar is needed”:

      There’s everything wrong with it, and with monarchy, including constitutional, bourgeois monarchy – which have blazed a path of destruction through human history, making countless millions dead and impoverished for the pleasure and profit of the elites and their upper middle class allies.

      Incidentally, Biden is a semi-fascist himself.

      • Biden is the furthest thing from a Fascist. If actual Fascism was implemented, this system and everyone within it’s bourgeois institutions would be out of power instantly. We hate the elites and the bourgeoisie more than even the “real left” who are nothing more than pseudo-revolutionaries. Class collaboration is only desirable or even possible once there is no longer a capitalist class.

  2. Leaving aside the laughable accusation that one wing of the Uniparty is now ‘fascist’, of course reverence for democracy has always been a part of American political rhetoric — but right now it is really a sacred cow — perhaps one reason for this is that more than anything today, ‘democracy’ has become a stalking horse of the oligarchs and plutocrats (including corporations) who control the country — just keep the rubes convinced that voting matters, and that ‘democracy’ is under threat.

    Anyway, maybe one way to convince intelligent white men to become real ‘fascists’ is to show them video of one of those mass swearing-in ceremonies, where dozens of illiterate non-white third-worlders with dumb grins on their faces become citizens while waving little American flags — then remind those white men that in a one man, one vote system each of their votes now counts as much as yours, and people like them will soon by the majority.

    But that wouldn’t matter to the average Christian Nationalist, would it?

    • I have no interest in actual fascism.

      This country is far too large and far too diverse to have a fascist government. If something like that were tried, it would be a disaster. It would also be the Left that tries it because only the Left wants a centralized and consolidated government unshackled by the Constitution.

      • “This country is far too large and far too diverse to have a fascist government.”

        That’s assuming the country stays in one piece.

      • I’m a Southerner.

        I would say this explains it.

        I believe race exists. I believe race matters, but I am not obsessed with race. I have a healthy and positive sense of racial identity which is balanced with other identities like my religion. In other words, I am a normal American, not an alienated internet weirdo.

        Fascism has never been a part of our tradition. It was a total disaster in Europe. It burned itself out and exploded like a red giant star leaving behind in its a wake a world in which liberalism and communism were ascendant and racialism and nationalism were discredited for generations. We still haven’t dug ourselves out of that hole even today. Maybe you want to live in a police state under a dictator with arbitrary powers which is at war with all of Europe, but I don’t.

        A “fascist” America would be a disaster. Imagine wanting a government that is even more powerful and unaccountable than the one we have now and thinking that would work out for you after everything we have seen over the last few years. Americans don’t have a common culture or identity. It would end up as an all-powerful state that is ruled by sociopaths in Washington who would simply abuse the people they lord it over. We would probably end up in a war with Russia.

        Your “fascist America” would be basically the regime we have now in Washington, but without the Constitution and without state and local governments having any power or control over their own citizens. It would be New York and California with absolute power.

        • “I believe race exists. I believe race matters, but I am not obsessed with race. ”

          ” I am not obsessed with race. ”

          But I am, because I know a few generations of intelligent breeding could advance civilization by 1,000s of years.

          • By obsessed with race, I mean having no other interests in life. This is different than believing that race is important and we should identify with our race and want to preserve it.

        • “By obsessed with race, I mean having no other interests in life. ”

          I understand. I was being a bit hyperbolic.

        • A more accurate way of describing a Fascist America would be flyover country having an all-powerful institution (the State) that it utilizes to protect it’s people and interests from it’s enemies. It would be authoritarian but the people it would suppress 100% deserve it.

        • One of the problems with a fascist or NS dictatorship is that once the Great Leader is no longer in power who replaces him? Another Great Leader? There are probably not many of them available in any given generation. North Korea and Syria can do that because they are small and homogeneous. But the USA is huge and diverse. The best course of action would be to break up the American Union into smaller regional Republics. I myself do not want to live in the same country that has New Jersey in it.

        • @HW It’s not about “obsession”. It’s about living in current times that are anti-white. No one is suggesting anyone spend all of their waking hours reading about white genocide, besides going to work.
          It doesn’t matter to hypothesize and theorize about political systems. Occidental Observer does that and it’s ridiculous. Whites cannot continue to exist in this current climate.
          The point is NOW. No one is coming up with an answer. Whites are in serious trouble, and if you even doubt that, you need to take a drive through any major big city and see the destruction and decay.
          I’m tired of the worrying about what people thought in 1912 or how the church affected the decisions of presidents.

        • I’ve been to the South, seen a lot of the race-mixing going on, so calling yourself, “a Southerner” doesn’t mean a lot, when so many of them have mixed.
          Negroes are so well accepted there.
          I think the North is more segregated and has less mixing than the South. Just my observances.

      • “I have no interest in actual fascism.”

        Fascism would work only if your leaders are super intelligent and hyper ethical.
        That was killed in 1945.

      • Jews define Fascism as “authoritarian, dictator controlled government”. Fascism is purpose and strength in unity, which of course progressives’, nonwhites, and jews, want Whites to have no part of.

  3. It is all the hatred of Christ. We have a king. Christ is king. And the Jews, the Irish and the homos can not stomach him.

  4. “If you believe America was founded as a White Christian Republic, which is what the vast majority of people in this country believed until television news,”

    If that is the case, why did the first amendment get passed which explicitly prevents an establishment of religion? Why did the confederacy copy this language word for word in its own constitution?

    • The First Amendment prohibits the federal establishment of religion. The colonies were diverse. The Southern colonies were Anglican. The Eastern colonies were Congregationalist. Even today, most Americans believe the United States is a Christian country and want Christian values reflected in their government. There was never a point when that wasn’t the case.

    • > why did the first amendment get passed which explicitly prevents an establishment of religion?

      Because the states would only go along with the federal power grab that was the Constitution if they included specific limits on federal interference in religion.

      Some of the states had established churches, but the culture of America has always supported the separation of church and state, meaning the state should not interfere in the church.

      Is everyone really going to play along with the media and the left with this ridiculous Handmaid’s Tale fantasy that Evangelical Dominionists are taking over the GOP and America and forming a Southern Baptist theocracy?

      No one is going to take away your porn, abortion is only banned in very conservative states, and no one is forcing you to go to church. Why the hysteria? You hardly need to be religious to want that queer grooming garbage out of public schools. LGBT is a religion, why aren’t right wingers complaining about that religion? How about a separation between LGBT Cult and state?

      For that matter, Critical Race Theory is a religion, an anti-white, pro imperial religion, a mix of degenerated Judaism and fanatical Unitarian Universalism. Separation of CRT Cult and state, please.

  5. Not sure about this new term “semi-fascism”. Fascism was an all or nothing system. Even the famous symbol taken from Rome of a bundle of sticks tied together as being unbreakable represents this. Fascism represented an organism as the state, involving all the corporate trades and guilds. It was based on the old guilds and city states of Italy, and involved top technocrats, trade leaders, industrial and agricultural executives.
    MAGA is much more representative of the old Peasant revolts of England in the medieval times, loose movements of peasants and rural peoples from the ground up, embittered by their loss of rights and the decline of their environmental conditions.
    Fascism by the nature of it’s definition as a political system would have to involve powerful people in the trades to ever make it plausible, which no one in MAGA has any inclination toward. It’s clear Biden or his speechwriters are simply throwing the word out as a slur. This reminds me of Hillary’s “Deplorable Speech” more than anything.

    • The term “semi-fascim” reflects the absolute authoritarian nature of the establishment. THEY ACTUALLY DON’T WANT DEMOCRACY.

      It would stand to reason that an actual democratic or even a federal republican government would be “semi” a lot of things, because sometimes the will of the majority of people, or the majority within certain regions/states, on specific things, will not be particularly liberal. If the will of the people still reflected pre-1980s views on homosexuality, for instance, would it be fascist if 80%+ of the people voted for politicians who outlawed gay marriage? I promise you, the establishment as it exists today would be using stacked courts to subvert the will of the people (as they’ve been doing for decades).

      Over the years I’ve watched the dissident right “cringe” when normies call Democrats fascists. This purity spiraling about language made us look like autistic retarded fools. Words do matter, but sometimes conventional usage of words matters more than academic usage. Shitlibs will nod their heads at Joe Biden for saying this, because they don’t care about academic truths. All they care about is effective propaganda. The civ-Nat Republicans he’s referring too here are the least fascist people in our government. But that doesn’t matter, because TRVE DEMONRATS respond to the rhetoric, not the facts.

      • Memebro, I personally try to avoid using the term “fascist” to mean “general authoritarianism” but I’m not going to go all “aktually fascism is…” on someone if they do.

        Why give internet trolls the benefit of the doubt? “Fascists” in the comment sections of blogs are either SPLC or Breitbart spammers, the Troll Army, or weirdo cranks with a Hitler fetish. They aren’t interested in politics, neither electoral nor cultural, they are looking for attention for their Hitler cosplay.

        They don’t matter at all except in the sewer of fringe internet comment sections.

        What the Zionist occupation government fears the most is normal white people organizing to stop immigration and disestablishing anti-white ideology from the state and civic society.

        The Movement exists to prevent Americans from doing that. It is safe to assume 100% of Movementards and Fashtards are disingenuous if not just cranks posting while drunk.

  6. What are the Chinese in China?…Well they are all about race and they are coming to America legally to vote Whitney into a violently persecuted White racial within the borders of America….and Joe Biden approves of this….

  7. Semi fascism explained by a semi comatose semi human who took showers with his young daughter and likes to semi sniff the hair of young girls.

  8. New words galore!

    After “Christo-Fascism” we now have “Semi-Fascism”….aah the dictionary of the Mensheviks just keep on expanding

    • As these people go down ever crazier rabbit holes like “trans,” normal people look more and more like “fascists.”

      • Ain´t that the Lords truth brother!

        Litteraly everyone is now a Fascist! Being Normal is now being a Fascist and looking at history it probably always was

        Fascist is just saying someone is a non-jewish normal Christian guy with sound values rooted in reality

  9. Actually i enjoy the new name the Russians also known as the masters of fascist naming have for the Kiev regime

    “judeo-fascist” and the “liberal-fascists of the west” is so funny seeing how it rile up muh democracy when they hear that !

    To the Russians HBTQetc is also actually a “Fascist ideology”

  10. America is a hollowed out state occupied by jews. Jews destroy everything. So many people can’t get a grip on that reality. The US gov is a proxy jewish state, until the jews don’t need America anymore. The jews can’t stop themselves. It’s in their DNA to destroy anything that is not conducive to judaism.

      • More like the flesh-eating bacteria of civilization. Or just plain old maggots, feasting off the dead carcass.

        • They’ve been planning our downfall for a long, long time. Which is why we now have no power to do anything about it. DiCarlo’s post is right on.

          From Wikipedia
          Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi in 1925 in Practical Idealism predicted: “The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”[2] Kalergi’s statement has subsequently been utilized as a part of the white-supremacist Kalergi Plan conspiracy theory.

          The same scenario had been envisaged, with rather less enthusiasm, by Madison Grant in his 1916 The Passing of the Great Race, calling for a eugenics program to prevent this development, and in a similar ideological context in Lothrop Stoddard’s The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy in 1920.

          Kalergi was a dangerous nut. He had enough money to propagate his crazy ideas.

    • It was obvious, even before the Trump remark about them controlling Congress. We all could see that. Our nation has been hijacked, which is why it doesn’t feel like the US anymore. They are continually scalping billions before the US tanks, then they will go elsewhere.

  11. “They don’t believe in democracy.”

    Neither did the Framers, that’s the reason we’re a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC !!

    (The CONSTITUTION is the foremost law , not the will of the mob.)

  12. So gropey dopey Biden thinks we’re “semi-fascists.” One might reply that he and his gang are semi-communists–except for the fact that in their cases there may be no “semi” about it.

    • “he and his gang are semi-communists”:

      Nonsense. They hate and fight to destroy socialism. They’re all as capitalist as can be. Hyper-capitalists, which is consistent with being fascist, a close synonym. Biden is a semi-fascist himself.

  13. We’re now witnessing the melding of gov authority w ‘antifa’. State sanctioned killing of ‘fascists’ is right around the corner.

    History repeats. You have as good of a chance stopping it as you do the tides.

    • There are people on our side who look at this and think to themselves that what we need is to get rid of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and centralize all power in Washington because that will fix everything.

      In related news, Gavin McInnis was disappeared last night while doing his show. Again, this is why I am not a fascist. The audience for this is entirely on the other side. These people literally can’t wait to get rid of the Constitution. They called for that in the NYT last week.

    • Agreed. Neo-fascism and Proud Boys type organizations seems to attract a lot of the very conspicuous low iq in society. Jan 6th might as well have been a gay pride parade in Nuremburg, 1938 except in reverse. McInnes probably had good intentions, but as they say the road to the Gulag is paved with good intentions.

      If they can just dissappear mainsteam public celebrities, imagine what they can do to the rest of us. Will MTG and the rest of the Tea Party crowd be next after she is “voted” out of office in November? We’ll see. I hope not. If a proud boy disappears on live tv, and CNN doesnt report it, did he really vanish? Find out on the next episode of….

  14. “fiery speech ”

    Sure it’s ‘fiery’, soon to become hysterical, as Biden and his handlers realise that a strong showing in November by Populist Republicans will mean an Article 25 removal in January.

  15. Promoting fascism to your readers, directing them toward the right, to conservatism and right-populism, you are actually helping to preserve/conserve the system that can only be overthrown by socialism.

    The system does not fear conservatism. It needs it. If fascism, monarchism and other Right ideologies and movements did not exist, they would need to be invented quickly!

    • I’m not a fascist.

      I’ve been writing here for 14 years and have never expressed any interest in that ideology. I don’t have a fascist temperament.

      • I know that you’re not fascist. My comment was not clear. I know you are not aiming at promoting fascism when you repeat (and joke about) Biden’s expression “semi-fascism,” but you do promote conservatism and/or right-populism. In my opinion, the Right of any kind is system-preserving, not revolutionary. I think the plutocratic System is preserved/conserved by the Right; it is actually rejuvenated by periods of “swinging over” to fascism, conservatism, and right-populism and other rightist reforms. Thanks for respecting and considering other views and not maintaining an echo chamber here.

        • @Merthyr

          How are we ever going to get Socialism when the vast majority of Socialists/Leftists are Anti-White & Race-denialists?

          I’m all for workers rights and ending Capitalist exploitation of our Nation and Planet but you can’t tell me the Reds sre suddenly going to be cool with White American Ethno-Nationalism or ending Jewish Power. The Reds weaponize non-Whites against us..

          • I understand what you mean about “the vast majority of Socialists/Leftists.”

            I call them “pseudo-left” because they are opposed to ethno-nationalism, that naturally involves socialism – freedom and equality for the WHOLE people or nation (“no republic without the peasants”). Within the Anglo-Zionist empire (the homeland, and Israel, and their loyal allies) a woke liberal pseudo-left that is really opposed to socialism takes the place of the real left (ethno-socialists) that exists in most other countries that are not direct allies and satellites of the Anglo-Zionist empire.

  16. Per usual, people have a really weird misunderstanding about what „Fascism“ in America would look like. It’s not Washington DC running everything.

    Let’s say the White racialists in this country whether they call themselves Fascist or NS or just normal conservatives…decide to push for a country that is:

    – White & Jew free (failing that, to not allowing Jews any power)
    – Restricts the freedoms of Communists, Queers, and other undesirables
    – Implements Populist policies
    – Closes the border

    How is this NOT comparable to Fascism/NS? How is this a bad thing? I challenge all of the „Anti-fascists“ in the comment section to tell normies you want a White dominated & Jew free America and tell me how quickly they compare you to Adolf Hitler (May he Rest in Freedom)

  17. I do not believe America was founded as a White Christian Republic. It was founded by Freemasons and Freethinkers who did not want a state religion. Nor was it founded on explicitly or overtly racialist principles. It was just generally understood that WASPs would be the de facto ruling class.

  18. Doesn’t the giant chair that Mr. Lincoln’s likeness is seated on in his Memorial have the fasces carved into it? And aren’t the fasces prominently displayed in the U.S. House of Representatives Chamber? It would seem that the Founders wanted America to be a New World version of the ancient Roman Republic, which was founded on proto-fascist principles.

    • If fascism ever came to this country, it would end up being something like the Lincoln administration with progressives suspending the Constitution and violently imposing their retarded views on the whole country. It would end badly for us like it did last time

      • Fascists would throw the „progressives“ out! You are equating Fascism with whatever neo-Bolshevik hellscape the anti-Whites want to create.

        „The right doesnt want to take power and impose its will on the country“

        The side that wants to be meekly left alone will always lose to the side that wants to win at all costs. Even that Jesse Kelly guy from the other article who I’ve never heard of can see that and he didn’t seem particularly radical.

        „Fascism ended badly“

        Yes because the heavily Jew-infested FDR administration saved the USSR from being righteously destroyed, and instead snuffed out what would have been a Western Renaissance.

        The Democracies, including our „Constitutional Republic „ all failed at stemming the tide of Jewish Power. Instead of blaming Hitler (May he Rest in Freedom), why don’t you ask why the American system failed to prevent tyranny?

        Paraphrasing Ezra Pound – Democracy today simply means a Country ran by Jews.

        I’d add „International Finance“ and „Literal Pedophiles“ to that…

        • “FDR administration saved the USSR”:

          It USED the USSR, but somehow Russia survived. The plan to Iet Germany and Russia fight and completely destroy each other did not work out, so as soon as Germany and Japan surrendered, the next war to destroy Russian socialism began.

          • Before the US entered the war they were were supplying the Soviet Union with arms, equipment and steal in hopes to destroys “Nazi” Germany.

            It was with the help of FDR and Churchill that the Soviets gained the upper hand on Germany and finally led to their defeat. The US wasn’t hoping they destroyed each other, they were in fact helping the Russians defeat Germany.

            Churchill and FDR both wanted Germany to pay for violating the Treaty of Versailles. “Germany was getting to powerful and their technology to great to let them continue on their present path”- Winston Churchill.

          • FDR loved the USSR. There would have been no Allied invasion in 1944 if his plan was to let the two destroy each other.

          • Tikkun Olam says: “FDR loved the USSR.”

            I disagree. Like Theodore Rosenfeldt, FDR was merely a Right-populist. The progressive Woodrow Wilson didn’t love the USSR either; first he invaded it, and when it won he did business with it.

            FDR simply derailed the popular demand for socialism in the Red Decade by throwing some “saftety net” crumbs to the poorest people, to keep them satisfied long enough until they were distracted with the “patriotic” war, which the U.S. did not enter until it knew that Russia and China were winning (some twenty million dead Russians and forty million dead Chinese later) and that the British Empire and most of the rest of the world had been worn out and were fully exploitable. I don’t say there was an explicit, conscious plan or conspiracy to do this, but it is just the nature or logic of the private-profit, usury system, how the system works to exploit the world, and the U.S. government is part of the system.

            Even FDR’s more progressive, “USSR-loving” first Vice President, Henry Wallace, was still a capitalist at heart, proven by his later actions including many anti-Russian actions and cold war rhetoric.

  19. Biden probably thinks Fascism, Communism and NS are one and the same. Our Republic was hijacked by jewish Zionism which is very similar to communism.

      • We are not talking about modern day Israel. We are taking about what jews brought to the Soviet Union and even China. jewish Bolshevism is synonymous with communism.

        • “It was with the help of FDR and Churchill that the Soviets gained the upper hand on Germany and finally led to their defeat”:

          Read accurate history.

          • I gave you accurate history on another comment an you never responded, why? Too much truth for you? You are very ignorant to reality and past history and that is giving you the benefit of the doubt without calling you a complete moron.

  20. Who knows maybe more Americans will look up the word Fascism and become National Socialists now! LOL At least they would embrace White racial issues and identity more. LOL 🙂

  21. Point of order: If there is such a thing as semi-fascism, does this mean there is such a group as Antisemifa?

  22. The thing about Trump is he’s not even that conservative by standards just a generation and a half ago. He’s just trying to restore 1985 let alone 1955. The leftists have become so smug in their social revolution that the world of Ronald Reagan, Marty McFly and the Delorean is now some super hateful dark age that any fond reminiscence for restoring is “semi fascist.”

    • Most conservatives now, are left of center, favoring race-mixing, nonwhite adoptions, massive immigration, big spending, and big government.

  23. A fascist is anyone who is not on board with the left’s political program. People don’t seem to results that left is waging a cold civil war against the American Republic.

  24. Anyway, the left is engaged in a revolt against the social discipline that makes western civilisation possible. They aren’t prepared to work and save as a means to getting what they want. I would regard most leftists as unsalvagable human beings.

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