Bruce Gore: Just Another Scrap of Paper

Bruce Gore is one of my favorite YouTubers.

In this series, he explains how the U.S. Constitution was grounded in the Calvinist culture of the New England Puritans and Scots-Irish Presbyterians. These two groups were the most enthusiastic supporters of the American Revolution.

This video sheds light on the “Christofascism” and “Christian nationalism” debate. The Constitution has never been completely separate from its Anglo-Protestant ethnic and cultural core.

Note: Obviously, I am not a Calvinist, but I agree America doesn’t make any sense without them. Only they could have created this country.


    • Haha. I guess I shouldn’t have used “greater than” and “less than” symbols to highlight my “redacted” jokes.

      This post was supposed to be tongue in cheek humor but the html editor screwed it up.

      Anyway, I’m curious as to what you think about the fuss surrounding this redacted affidavit that says basically nothing.

  1. Half the population of the USA is stupid & the other half is insane (generally speaking). There’s only a small minority of intelligent/sane white Americans left…Basically the prodigious majority of white Americans either believe in Rabbi Jesus or are druggies, monkey lovers & Commies..Either way no threat to ZOG

    • Unfortunately, as things get even crazier (they can and they will), more Whites will turn to Rabbi Jesus or drugs. Though many will lose their love for the monkeys.

  2. I’m from Norman/Germanic/Nordic immigrants after the glorious Jackson era. I don’t relate to any of this.

    • In the US, Calvinism is just a word that can mean anything. Most Americans, then or now, have never heard of William Farel, Ulrich Zwingli, or Theodore Beza. Not to mention thousands of lesser lights including George Whit(e)field.

      • LOL – that is because neither Farel or Beza are important more than supporting historical characters. Those are names a non-Calvinist with Wiki would pick from links on Calvin’s page.

        These handles pretending to be Protestant to attack Catholics, or the Irish, are hilariously obvious trolls. As is the handle Orange, trying to LARP like it’s Belfast in 1920.

        I assume they are Jews or just SPLC interns or whatever.

        Of course this is a troll site for people to troll each other over whatever fake “team” they are on. Pretend to be a Nazi, or a Pagan, or a Commie, anything fringe, weird, and easy to start a troll fight over.

        • I just think this whole “White Christian Nationalism” is astroturfed. Never heard anything about it Before August and suddenly, it springs out of nowhere?!

          Your average American, believer and non-believer alike, are too upset about bread and butter issues than to engage in culture wars.

          No one have a rat’s behind about abortion and, many, in fact, find the timing of the end of Roe v. Wade suspect.

          The guy claiming the leadership of White Christian Nationalism looks suspiciously like a pudgier Hitler and I believe closer research on him would uncover another Frank Collin AKA Frances Josef Cohen.

          • White Christian Nationalism doesn’t sound very appealing to me, Madam. Too wishy-washy. How about good ol’ fashioned States’ Rights?

  3. Hey Hunter, have you seen where the Feds arrested Gavin McInness during his podcast?
    Things have gotten wild and desperate.

  4. Who cares?

    These folks that worship the US Constitution and the J Bible, added with something like the John Burch Society Blue book or the Book of Mormon and think everything will be OK if now all 300 million + people in the United States and the rest of the entire world (that’s 2 billion plus that want to move here) will all be OK, if they get some Hillsdale College pamphlets of the US Constitution, and the JC Bible and maybe throw in some free market economic books “Free to Choose” by Dr. Milton Friedman – these people are just idiots in my book – same as Bible folks still obsessed that someone is teaching evolution in a public school or that some other sect of Christianity like Catholic Christianity, LDS Mormons aren’t real Christians.

    Were Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, Rev Al Sharpton and Black Liberation Theology Christian pastor Jeremiah Wright real Christians or not real Christians? In the end did it, does it really matter.

    The US Constitution is just a piece of paper written mostly by Freemasons, many of which were slave holders. Free Mason slave holders mouthing off about universal human equality where all men are created equal.


    Maybe if Tommy Jefferson had picked his own crops instead of getting his Negro slaves to do so he/we wouldn’t be in this mess!

    The US Constitution sort of leaves out some important modern day concerns – it doesn’t mention or ban:

    Fractional Reserve banking by You know who

    Doesn’t mention bad alien, ethnic, racial, cultural control of the US mass media all important newspapers back then, radio, TV and Movies now by you know who.

    Doesn’t ban hard core porn, doesn’t mention homosexual deviants, transexual stuff.

    Doesn’t ban miscegenation.

    Doesn’t mention Immigration in any way.

    Doesn’t mention or ban Muslims, Muslim immigration, Muslim terrorism, Muslims raping our women and taking hundreds of thousands of them as their concubine sex slaves.

    It’s not like intelligent, well read Anglo English American men shouldn’t have been very much aware of the Muslim/Islam threat, the fall of Constantinople, the Arab Muslim Moor’s 700 year occupation of Spain, the White slave auctions in Algeria, then ruled by the Ottoman Turkish Muslim empire.

    Here’s a good, honest historical video about Icelanders being kidnapped and enslaved by Arab and Other Muslim pirates and made in to White slaves.

    And the US Constitution doesn’t even mention that certain J people that has historically caused us lots of problems and is currently working 24/7 365 days a year to replace us in all existing White countries.

    There is ample evidence that Benjamin Franklin was very much aware of the JQ and predicted very bad things if our new country didn’t strongly address the JQ. Most people say the Franklin Prophesy is ” a forgery’ same as the Protocols of Zion.

    But, a “forgery” is just a copy of an original and both these documents do ….

    Fit the facts.

    Some excerpts:

    “In whatever country Jews have settled in any great numbers, they have lowered its moral tone; have depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves; have not assimilated; have sneered at, and tried to undermine, the Christian religion upon which this nation is founded, by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a State within a State, and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal. […]

    They cannot live among themselves only. They must subsist on Christians, and other peoples not of their race. If you do not exclude them from the United States in this Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land, and change our form of government for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives, our substance, jeopardized our liberty, and put into it our best thoughts. […]

    If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them sustenance, while they will be in the counting houses, rubbing their hands gleefully. I warn you, gentlemen, that if you do not exclude the Jews for all time, your children’s children will curse you in your graves!”

    The angry, violent BLM, POC, MS13 , ADL, SPLC, AIPAC, NY Times, Yale Law School anti White ideologe/terrorists in our country don’t care about the US Constitution. Why should we?

    • Reminds me of that lord of the rings movie where gandalf sneaks into the castle with his staff to exorcise the king, “I tolddddd you to take his staff!”

      If Ben Franklin could talk “I tolddddd you not to let them in”

      He was close to getting it through probably, but close only counts in… horseshoes and blunderbusses. So here we are.

      • Yeah, Lord of the Rings including pretty much all of the Peter Jackson LOTR movies should or could be sacred to us.

        Boy we wish we had a Gandolf the White Wizard with us to exorcize the ZOG demon possession of so many of our “leaders” like Mittens Romney and the Bush family.

        Didn’t the “Advisor” to King Theoden Grima Wormtongue have a very distinctly anti Je* character – the Je* of the King instead of the King of the Je*s.

        I’m pretty certain the Franklin Prophesy is a forgery done in the 1930s – it bares too much resemblance to comments made by a Central European Hungarian Classical Composer Frederick Litz:

        “LISZT, FRANZ. 19th c. Hungarian musician.
        The presence of the Jews in the midst of the European nations is a cause of many evils and a serious danger…

        The Jew continues to monopolize money, and he frees or strangles the throat of the state with the loosening or tightening of his purse strings. A veritable Pandora’s box has been opened. The small industries and trade of bygone times have been replaced by the vast dealings of the banks, by the monstrous commerce of Finance, where, with vertiginous rapidity, the Jew has become the autocrat-king and absolute lord. He has invested himself fully with all the modern freedoms, the better to attack all Christian truths; he has empowered himself with the engines of the press, which he uses to batter at the foundations of society.

        With the pretext of joining Christians in the secret societies, he has entered from the first into all the sects that work to undermine the established order. He is at the bottom of every system, every enterprise that will help to demolish, first of all
        thrones, afterward the altar; or even better, first the religious law, afterward the civil law. It amuses him to see devoured by a whirlwind of doubt, by the abyss of revolution, all that is good and beautiful for Christian civilization. They, the Jews, stand to lose nothing, even if they are robbed of a few millions or if they have a few of their palaces burned! They chuckle at the idea that destroying the Rue Lafitte would mean the destruction of Paris. Petroleum will be perfume to their beaks, dynamite a titillation like delicious music for their ears! And who can rob them of their Torah and Talmud?

        They are found behind all social commotion, as they are at the bottom of all epidemics of immorality… They sell surreptitiously the crowbars and the projectiles that destroy the foundation of faith and morals. They know well that no society can resist the potent degenerative force of immorality administered in adequate doses, bringing the ennervation of complete intellectual abasement. (Die Israëliten)”

        • Maybe a false document but it certainly smacks of truth regardless.

          And as far as white wizards i wouldnt hold my breath. I agree though lord of the rings is very much like modern life. Too many Frodos, not enough Aragorns. Truly strange times we live in. Life imitating art? Another one is the 1984 book by orwell. Lots of parallels there too.

          • Agreed and very well said.

            We’re definitely in George Orwell “1984” territory now, though there wasn’t emphasis on race in Orwell’s book as it was written in all White England in the 1940s.

            Orwell’s invite on the corruption of language where Hate means Love, War means Peace, Slavery means Freedom, if he were alive he’d add the Black spin that “Bad means Good”.

    • @jaye ryan

      Immigration was dealt with the immigration act of 1790. It predates the BoRs.

      They didn’t have term limits either.

      I can add other items they left out, but what I see as the mistake is judging the Founding Fathers by the low standards of post-modern America. As far sighted as they were they didn’t imagine that we would have a political class that would homestead public office like we do today.

      • “As far sighted as they were they didn’t imagine that….”
        Tards and semi-humans would vote.
        Allowing the illiterate to vote ….???

    • “WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and (OUR POSTERITY), do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Preamble of the United States Constitution, 1787. (emphasis mine)

      “Our posterity” as spoken of by the Founding Fathers, who were White Europeans, meant White people then, and until the jews change the dictionary definition, it still means White people now, and no one else. Before we got here, there was no country. Whites of European ancestry founded this Nation. This Nation, the USA, was not founded as a “melting pot”. “Posterity” means “descendants” – not random brown people from anywhere. The socalled “melting pot” was jew authored horseshit (“The Melting Pot”, a 1908 play by ardent zionist and ethnocentric jew, Israel Zangwill). The US was not meant to be a melting pot of races. If the term the jews’ authored, “melting pot” applies at all, it was a uniting of Whites who came here from different countries of Europe. A “melting pot” of Irish, Italians, Germans, and French, and all White European countries is all the diversity we need.

      • Well put.

        And those who sneer at the slaveholders among the Founders have no ground to feel superior: they were born into it. Slavery had always been a global institution, considered natural, even ordained by God; it was only White men of their generation who decided that it was wrong to keep even racial inferiors in servitude.

        I damn the day the first nigger set its sooty foot on these shores, and the short-sighted greed that imported the rest, but unfortunately it was an unavoidable part of the evolution of the country.

    • I doubt Dr. Franklin ever actually said that. He was, after all, a Mason, which was an organization that was full of Jews. But the truth of those words ascribed to him cannot be disputed.

  5. In the earliest years of the Reformation, communities adopted Statements of Faith, community agreements on how to understand Scripture, and how to arrange the Church and government. In some cultures, e.g. the Amish, these are even more detailed “Rules,” generally the more local the more specific such Statements, Confessions, and Rules become, the more specific to one particular people.

    The Westminster Confession of Faith and the London Baptist Confession of Faith are two notable examples.

    Jamestown and Plymouth had their Compacts, the Articles, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights are all secular Community Rules formed during the natural evolution of the various Confessions of Faith.

    However, the Constitution is indeed just a piece of paper, the rule of law means the rule of courts. That is why the Founders were clear the republican form of government was for a “moral people.”

    Obviously if you have people using the Constitution to promote murdering unborn children or perverse sexuality, no Constitution, no piece of paper, no words will prevent that society from degenerating or falling apart.

    At some level these are gentlemens agreements between neighbors ostensibly on the same side. They were never meant to bind a society together by themselves and obviously cannot turn an infinite “diversity” of different people into “one.” Only an infinite tyranny and police state could do that, poorly, temporarily. That is imperialism, not nationalism.

    Like Chesterson’s Fence, these Movementards should not be allowed to demand we drop Christianity until they at least know the what, and why, of our traditional American Christianity. They don’t have a clue and hate us anyway so fuck ’em.

    And also, Catholics, in North America you are one of many Christian denominations and that is ok.

    In fact we’re so liberal in America we are even cool with the cringe dorks who want to be Odinist Pagans or whatever, it’s a free country, so far, if we can keep it.

  6. The U.S. is the first working democracy sense the days of Rome. Through observation, I’ve noticed there are loads of people wanting to destroy institutions that they don’t even have the sense to understand, let alone create.

    There seems to be nothing but petty negativity and self absorption.

    America was not a bad country, societies have to be judged against other societies, not some idea of great that doesn’t exist outside of theory, Admittedly, the U.S. has gone done hill a great deal over the last 45 o5 50 years. It was a pretty good country, it had the best demand protection economy. in the world, the U.S. led the world in many technical innovations. The first man to flay was an American, the first man to fly the Atlantic was an American, they were hero’s.

    It doesn’t anymore but at one time the U.S. had as good a public school system as anybody, it had as good a passenger rail system as anybody..

    The idea that America was corrupt from the get go is put out by narrow minded fucks who don’t like anything positive, all they can think about is to destroy, like Critical Race Theory.

    The institutions that people have taken for granted didn’t build themselves. It required vision and thinking ahead.

    Our ancestors had the good sense to know that you didn’t let people into the country who had no sense of western civilization too.

    • @copperhead

      Well stated. You are correct in all your observations. I was born in the mid ’50s and it was a great country back then. Today, I don’t recognize it.

  7. The regime is getting desperate, that is why they are getting more dangerous and going to extremes against real and perceived enemies. The Mar-a-Lago raid, the arrest of Gavin McInnes, student loan forgiveness, 87,000 new IRS agents, the Lügenpresse’s hysterical rants about “democracy” and fascism etc. are coming from a position of weakness, not strength. The Deep State is worried that the wheels are coming off GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire (hint: they are) and they won’t just be out of power, they might be held to account for their various crimes.

    The Usual Suspects fear that the coming meltdown of the country, starting with the financial system and spreading out from there will lead to the end of their enormous power, and they are correct. They are afraid of accountability for the wars, bankruptcies, inflation, debauchery and other miseries they have helped inflict upon the world. They know they can (and will) flee, first to Our Greatest Ally, then probably settling in China to start the cycle all over again with a new host.

    There is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9–10

    . . . As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
    There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
    That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
    And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

    • @12AX7:

      I would be very surprised if it is China is still the next host targeted by the Eternal Guest.

      China has had and learned from the benefit is seeing what happens to a country or countries in Jews in real time and have made it clear that the Chinese will run China and there will be no soft landing there.

      They control their education, their money, their businesses, and even their own media and entertainment. There is no foothold for the Jews there. Moreover, Mao forced the Jews still in China, largely Sephardic to be assimilated by marriage with native Chinese by making it impossible to segregate into their own communities. He took their children and resettled them in isolated numbers all over China. That’s why today’s Kaifeng Jews look nothing !like their ancestors.

      I suspect the next destination is India. That’s the reason why they’ve let so many in and even fired competent Americans to give them jobs.

      When the wheels fall off here, they can move any operations left to India where there are enough castes and diverse populations which the Jews can divide and rule once they bribe India’s notoriously corrupt and incompetent authorities to let them in.

      Americans will be in for a rough generation of two rebuilding this country after it has been so thoroughly looted, but I think the foreign parasites will get the puck out of Dodge very quickly once the welfare system collapses.

      If there is a race war in the United States, I believe it will be between Hispanics backed up by fed up Asians versus Blacks once the Jews who enable their antics flee to Israel and India.

      Hopefully the first thing America does is take Benjamin Franklin’s words to heart and find a way to bolt the doors behind them.

      • There has been a Jewish community in India for ages. I had to work with an Israeli Jew at one point and his family originally came from India, so I’m sure that is an option for Jews.

        Lived in Cali/SouthWest my entire life. Whites will have to fight to take back this region from Latinos or give it to Mexico. They won’t go willingly and they are NOT our friends or buddies. They have delusions that the entire USA is their personal property.

  8. When the constitution was written, the framers had no clue the country would turn out the way it did with the population growth due to waves and waves on nonWhites being imported. Not to mention the many amendments reversed because the elites didn’t like them such as certain races and sexes not being able to vote and hold office.

    Any document can be subverted and used for evil and political purposes.

    • Pretty much.

      We didn’t know 20 years ago that we would be dealing with “trans.” No generation is omniscient.

    • John writes:

      “When the constitution was written, the framers had no clue….”

      I réspond:

      Yep. They had no clue. Kind of like listening to George HW Bush Sr.’s Presidential Inauguration speech in 1988 when I was finishing my (worthless) #1 NYU MBA degree and just noticing that White civilization was collapsing in New York City. I watched his “clueless” Yale University Grad, son of another worthless, work avoiding clueless Yale University grad WASP Connecticut Senator Prescott Bush – I watching George Bush Sr. give his inaugural Presidential speech at a newsstand in Manhattan NYC, the young man running the newsstand was a young Italian American and he asked me:

      “What is he saying? Is he saying he’s going call out the US Military and restore Law and Order here in New York City? Is he going to end all Jamaican Rastafarian Crack dealer immigration? What is he saying?”

      I replied:

      “Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He hasn’t a clue”.


  9. Interesting. I’m not a Calvinist either which has got me in many debates with my fellow Christians over the Years. I’m a big supporter of the John Wesley belief system and think Christian Evangelism is of the utmost importance if any civilization will ever survive. As for the Constitution….it’s sure not what I would have supported in the 1700s and on. I strongly support the Bible being the law of the land for all nations. No country is truly “Godly” without the Bible being it’s laws. Deo Vindice !

  10. eah
    AUGUST 26, 2022 AT 7:03 PM
    >Just Another Scrap of Paper

    “Also known as ‘muh Constitution’ — or you can see this as a variant of the ‘magic dirt’ meme.”

    I respond:

    Yep. Agreed and well said “Much Constitution, magic dirt… Magic Negroes, moderate Muslims, Libertarians that aren’t insane, treasonous about mass 3rd world immigration or BLM riots”.

    Very well said … Sir.

    • “Muh miltary”
      “Muh Blue-Line”
      “Muh Constitution”

      “Shout, Shout” The battle cry of boomers…..

  11. Is there a single founding father that is Calvinist?

    They didn’t make a Christian government. see* The Treaty of Tripoli 1796

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