Matthew Dowd: White Christian Nationalism Has Engulfed The GOP

I don’t like labels.

White Christian Nationalism isn’t a bad description of my politics though.

I want to defend and conserve the racial, ethnic, cultural and religious core of the United States – the people, their culture, their history and their institutions – from the liberals who are constantly attacking it and trying to undermine and dissolve it. I know whose side I am on in this fight.


  1. Labels come and labels go. Personally, I am for the White race and want my people to have their own land, culture and identity. The wheat shouldn’t be mixed in with the chaff.

  2. So in other words being “White” is bad but Black Lives Matter is ok? Hmmm the thought process of liberals really is crazy. Nahhh it’s just pure Genocide of the White Race which is why our fight is so important. It’s about the very survival and advancement of the White Race. Deo Vindice !

    • If a simple white sheet of paper with the non-threatening message It’s OK to be white is deemed to be “hate” and “ethnic intimidation” by at least 35-40% of the white population (largely younger and female) who take their ‘morals’ from Jews, this is not going to end well at all. Absent some Deus ex machina event happening, it’s going to be a very long and precarious climb back to even our present numbers if our people survive at all.

      Jews are leading the charge, which is kind of ironic in a way because nearly all of the diversity consider Jews to be a sub-group of whites. When the zombie apocalypse actually goes down, it would be interesting to see what happens. Elite Jews will do what they did in Jewkraine – buy tickets by the planeloads to Israel and other places where they can wait it out. The Amish will have to give up pacifism or just be exterminated outright. It’s not as if the dindus will spare them. Mormons will probably form enclaves once they revert to their 19th century form.

      • That meme, “It’s OK to be white” is really a demeaning line. I never say it. It’s like saying, “It’s alright to be white”, as if the person saying it, is asking to just be tolerated.

  3. White Christian Nationalism would be powerless to stop the Jews and their international Social Democracy. But a White military dictatorship that imposed martial law, curfews, road blocks and summary executions would definitely work.

    • What makes you think the two are mutually exclusive, Spawn?

      I’m all for shoot at sight, and curfews, if it means I can live in peace, to worship my God.

    • We need a dictator. Someone who can be above the fray and do what needs to be done.
      The whole religion thing is a joke. They aren’t going to do anything, never have, never will. As long as they can go to church, they don’t care if it’s taken over by nonwhites.

  4. However this moralising conservative reform could make the Empire stronger, or delay its collapse, moralising the workers to get them on a war footing, and willing to be exploited even more. Remember, Russia might have been defeated by Germany – collapsing from within as Hitler expected – if Stalin had not turned nationalist and changed the direction: clamping down severely on abortion, divorce and other immorality that had been allowed under the Tsars and early Bolshevism, about ten years before Barbarossa. Marriage and family were made secure and a population explosion followed.

  5. @ eah Well said. My feelings exactly. If we don’t unite as whites and fight as whites against these monsters who long for our extinction our grandchildren and great grandchildren will live as a hated minority in a worldwide multicultural hellscape. They will spit on our graves for our cowardice. Who could blame them?

  6. “White Christian Nationalism would be powerless to stop the Jews and their international Social Democracy.”

    Gerald L.K. Smiths plan was very simple. Have Christians rule other Christians

    There is no room for Zionist bankers & court Jews under what Smith proposed.

  7. White Christian Nationalism doesn’t exclude non-White Christians so why call it that? It’s like using White Antifa instead of Antifa.

    • I’ve never understood why this is a problem. Why should I care if non-Whites are Christians? Do you care if they speak the English language? When people share the same religion and culture, it just reduces friction and enmity between groups

      Perhaps if White Nationalists shared the same religion and culture they wouldn’t spend 100% of their time arguing amongst themselves on the internet?

      • You place the negativity and onus on White Nationalists and yet all Christians do is fight with each other. Your 35,000 sects (a joke in itself) of protestantism arguing whether Catholics or Mormons are Christians. LOL! When Christian dogma is the uniting of all races in peace under God, it’s no wonder there is dissention in White Nationalist ranks because there are so many Christians who call themselves White Nationalists.

        • Not really.

          Christians really don’t spend all their time fighting each other. Something like 85% of Republican voters are Christians. White evangelical Protestants are only about a third of those voters and that includes various denominations

        • > Your 35,000 sects (a joke in itself)

          How is that a joke? The more the merrier, strength in numbers.

          Oh, right, you’re a troll. Always be contrarian and divisive and purity spiral over the most irrelevant things. You must be a Movementer, aka, SPLC spammer.

          Christians are not infighting. You’re just trolling people trying to bait people into a flame war.

          • @banned hippo How is that a joke? The more the merrier, strength in numbers.

            35,000 sects is a joke. It defines their confusion. 35,000 different opinions of what their Holy book says.Think of all the Christian groups, divisions, sects. Every one of them claims they are “divinely inspired” to believe what they believe and not quite what any other Christian faction believes. They ALL disagree. The more the merrier? No one said they’re aren’t a lot of people who claim they are Christians. It’s just that they’re all confused, and many of them who claim they’re Christians aren’t Christian at all. Are Catholics Christian? Are Mormons Christians? I’d say they are but then, I’m not a Christian. Those people who say Catholics and Mormons aren’t Christians, are Christians who just “know” better. How can a Christian even be a White Nationalist? Mainstream Christianity condemns “racism” and “White supremacy”, loves “Diversity”, is totally indifferent or hostile to White survival and believe that jews are God’s chosen people.

        • The White Race has been divided ever since Luther revolted against the Church. The only way Whites will be victorious is if they are unified by a single faith. The one true faith is Catholicism. If Whites remain divided and following these heretic faiths, they will fall.

          • No one cares hasbara Jew.We White Southerners are mostly Baptist and do not even trace our start to the Reformation.I hail Luther as one of the greats:he rejected faggish Catholism and he rebuked the Jews to Hell.You are here to cause trouble Jew,no one here wants to be in a false religion.

        • Dicarlo you have earned your place in the Lake of Fire.You come here only to mock God and sow evil.James 2:19 “Thou believest that there is one God;thou doest well:the demons also believe,and tremble.” You tremble also Jew boy,you are weak.

        • Dicarlo the Jew.James 2:19 “Thou believest that there is one God;thou doest well:the demons also believe,and tremble”.Why do you hasbara Jews from your IDF barracks come here.No Whites want you here.No one believes you are White.Even the name Dicarlo is non-White.Italians are White you Jew rat.They are a mongrelized people of North African,Jewish and Etruscan genes.None of those are White.So pick a better cover name than a swarthy,dark Italian.

      • Uh, I wasn’t trying to make a point about Christian acceptance of non-Whites. I was just critiquing the label “White Christian Nationalism.” The “White” in this case is completely superfluous.

        • Most people who are pro-White are Christians. There was never a time when that hasn’t been the case. Few people who are pro-White share this hostility to Christianity. It is common in White Nationalist circles, but rare in the real world

          • That’s because the overwhelming majority of Christians favor multiculturalism, so therefore, are antiwhite. Why should White Nationalists not be hostile to these Christians? Christians love “equality” movements. Christianity is one big equality movement. Ask any Christian preacher: “all humans are equal if they embrace Jesus Christ.”

          • Again, I’m wasn’t trying to criticize pro-White Christians or Christianity in general. But it is a fact that the Christian Nationalist movement does not exclude non-Whites. Therefore, White Christian Nationalism is a misnomer.

          • @HW Christianity includes all people on earth, no matter what you think is right or wrong.
            As soon as you label any movement, “Christian”, it includes Mexicans, Blacks, and everything else.
            If you try to exclude them, it’s not Christian.

            So “White Christian Nationalism” IS an oxymoron.

          • @HW What? Has nothing to do with religion. Anyone can learn any language.
            But if you include nonwhites in your movement, it’s not “white”.
            The problem IS nonwhites, and who is pushing that agenda.
            Your religion is bondage to those who want your demise.

          • Shouldn’t we reject the English language because blacks speak English? Don’t we need our own Aryan language?

          • SHEEEEIIIIT!

            If you listened to more rap like the overwhelming majority of vacant 45 and younger Whites do, you’d know that niggers don’t speak English. They “speak” ebonics.

          • @HW Nice try with deflecting the topic. It’s not about language.

            The point is, why call it “White Christian Nationalism”? Since you don’t care about the race aspect, and will include nonwhites, just make it about Christianity.
            Why not rename your site, “The Christian Dissent”, and keep it real then?

          • Pretty much everyone in this country who is pro-White is a Christian. This has been the norm across all of American history. It is still true in our times. The audience for this stuff is overwhelmingly religious.

            The weird thing isn’t what I am doing here. White identity and evangelical Protestantism have always traveled together in the South. That’s the way it was for centuries.

            The weird thing is people who imagine that most people or even a significant number of people in this country who are pro-White are atheists or pagans or that there can be or ever was such a thing as an atheist or pagan regime that was racial nationalist.

            Why do people do this? I have no idea. It is like Heimbach’s pro-White Nazbolism or Richard Spencer’s Alt-MSNBC movement or Mark Brahmin’s Apolloism. There is just no audience for this stuff.

          • >Most people who are pro-White are Christians.

            What does it mean to be ‘pro-White’? — I ask again: you say you are a Christian, and in addition claim to be ‘pro-White’ — how exactly are you ‘pro-White’?

            And wouldn’t a Christian also normally be pro-Black and pro-Asian and pro-Hispanic etc etc? — I mean, ‘love thy neighbor’ is pretty much a core tenet of Christian belief, right? — all human beings are ‘God’s children’ — given that, what does it mean to say a Christian is ‘pro-White’? — it’s essentially a meaningless platitude because a Christian is pro everyone.

          • Specifically, a White person who has a positive sense of racial identity, as opposed to a negative one. That’s what it means to be pro-White. It means to identify with your race and have no problem with your race and be biased in favor of your race.

            This is not the same thing as 1.) being a militant atheist or 2.) LARPing as a Neo-Nazi or 3.) fascism or 4.) paganism or 5.) White Nationalism which hitches that to racially exclusive ethnostate composed of anonymous people on the internet

          • @ Hunter Wallace AUGUST 28, 2022 AT 11:55 PM

            As I suggested before (link), the Hindus (and others) in India kicked the British out because they didn’t want to be ruled by Whites (i.e. not because the British were Christian) — same for the pagan Blacks in South Africa.

            Being ‘pro-White’ has more to do with, or should have more to do with, a visceral kind of tribalism than with religion (especially ‘love thy neighbor’ Christianity) — it is a rule or be ruled question — and if Whites still had a healthy sense of self-interest and tribal self-preservation, they would be ‘pro-White’, whether they are Christians or not — that is the evolutionary and historical norm.

            >There is just no audience for this stuff.

            Believe me, among intelligent Whites who see the world today for what it is, and who know what has happened to conquered peoples throughout history, there is no more of an audience for the kind of utter nonsense you peddle today.

          • Those people also speak English. Why is that a problem?

            ? — what is your point? — the approx 45m Blacks in America also speak English, still collectively they are a BIG problem: given their excessive criminality and marked underachievement, all of those Blacks together are like a boat anchor around the country’s neck.

            In terms of forming a stable nation, having a common language and a common religion might be seen as a necessary condition, but not a sufficient condition — e.g. due to irremediable differences between the races, a multiracial nation is generally problematic.

            Shouldn’t we reject the English language because blacks speak English? Don’t we need our own Aryan language?

            I don’t understand why you see this as some kind of gotcha or snappy comeback — ?

        • >I was just critiquing the label “White Christian Nationalism.”

          Yes, the intent of your comment was clear — the host here is somewhat obtuse; at times it appears he willfully misunderstands.

          >The “White” in this case is completely superfluous.

          It’s more like emphasis, or ‘saying the silent part out loud’ — to the media there is no difference between ‘Christian Nationalism’ and ‘White Christian Nationalism’ — it’s clear they see ‘Christian Nationalism’ as equivalent to ‘white supremacy’, and are just trying to make sure everyone gets the point — that’s why they ‘call it that’.

          • Yes, the intent of your comment was clear — the host here is somewhat obtuse; at times it appears he willfully misunderstands.


            to the media there is no difference between ‘Christian Nationalism’ and ‘White Christian Nationalism’ — it’s clear they see ‘Christian Nationalism’ as equivalent to ‘white supremacy’, and are just trying to make sure everyone gets the point — that’s why they ‘call it that’.


    • >White Christian Nationalism doesn’t exclude non-White Christians so why call it that?

      I explained ‘why call it that?’ in another comment: effectively, they want to conflate ‘Christian Nationalism’ with ‘white supremacy’ (White Nationalism) — or smear ‘Christian Nationalism’ as ‘white supremacy’.

      A not unreasonable way to see ‘Christian Nationalism’ (with emphasis on ‘Christian’) is as a national multiracial Bible study group.

      I don’t think too many people really want to be ruled by those who ostentatiously proclaim they are Christians (link); most want secular government — and one does not necessarily have to be a Christian to see the departure from long-standing societal norms we see being pushed today as noxious and harmful: the aggressive promotion of ‘pride’ and homosexuals in public life, homosexual marriage, adoption by homosexuals, sexualization of children (‘drag queen story hour’), transgenderism, etc — freed from any fear of a backlash, most people would admit that these things transcend religion.

      I see no reason to believe that nominal Christian Nationalism will do anything about the displacement of Whites as the majority population, or even the anti-whiteism that now imbues popular culture.

    • BTW, we covered Josh Barro’s wedding to his husband and how it was attended by various people from FOX News like Kennedy

      • I wouldn’t dismiss the point, the game right now we are playing is getting the white women holding a gun to America’s head like Karen Hill in Goodfellas to play nice at the ballot box. You have to win first before serving out such a bitter pill as abortion prohibitions. Serving it prematurely just may cause white women to pull the trigger on what’s left of America.

  8. Sorry folks but “White Christian Nationalism” is white genocide because Christianity is a pro-multicultural and pro-diverse religion in all forms. Those who aren’t aware of this are going to be in for a big surprise when/if these gods return

  9. The only reason Third World populations have exploded since 1900 is because of White technological advances brought to Third World shitholes through colonialism then commercial trading. Without Whites, Third World populations will collapse around the world. Life is still so precarious in Africa, Central & S. America and parts of Asia that hundreds of millions of people try to escape to White countries every year and this is with the lights on, food in the stores, antibiotics available etc. When the West collapses, these things will end.

    The White, purple haired lesbians screaming about abortion along with their 300 Lb. colored friends will suddenly find that their next insulin injection and food are what matter after the wheels come off the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire.

    BTW, I tried watching the video but why are the negresses so hideous? They are so loud too, all the time. My dog would make noise all the time like them but at least he would get quiet for a while when I told him to STFU.

    • “The only reason Third World populations have exploded since 1900 is because of White technological advances brought (…) through colonialism then commercial trading. Without Whites, Third World populations will collapse around the world”:

      The populations of East Asia, South Asia and the Middle East, and North Africa, were much larger, all on their own, than most of Europe before the colonial period. Some of the Western hemisphere was also heavily populated, without Whites, prior to introduction of smallpox and other old world diseases. Furthermore, colonialism and “then, commercial trading” (neocolonialism) has caused DE-population in most cases, not only in stone age African countries but in what were highly advanced countries such as China and India before colonialisation.

  10. Dicarlo and all the other Christ-hating filth are hasbara Jews sent here to ruin this site.Ban them or have your site become a bunch of arguing and dissension.Dicarlo,Pilot et al are here to attack follows of Jesus and lead young Whites into the Jew-run trap of paganism.Embrace Christ,reject the Satanic IDF Jews like Dicarlo.

  11. Hunter why are you allowing these IDF agents to blaspheme Christ in your comment section?Your whole comments section is being filled with atheist Israeli Jews whose sole purpose is to ruin a place for White Christians.They say the same things on every thread,mocking Jesus and belittling his followers.Why can you possibly allow this week after week.They are not here to further the cause and you know this.

    • Long story.

      I ran an online free speech forum about about eight years. I also used to be one of these people and was persuaded to change my views. That’s the gist of it

      • Well atleast it seems like you got rid of that “Slumlord” mfer, And i reckon i see your point with the free speech angle even if i don´t like it either, it´s your call brother

        So there´s that

          • So this moron is still ranting? People like this rebel roy are a perfect example for anyone with common sense to see why it’s important that Christians cannot and wll never be in charge of the White Nationalist movement. Roy, like the liberals he hates so much, is clearly delusional and unhinged. He bases all of his criticisms and attacks on his belief in supernatural entities that no one has ever seen and can’t accept any other view on the topic. Roy clearly, HATES! This is on the same level as browning condemning all Irish because some of them are antiwhite, exactly like Whites of other nationalities act against Whites.

            Obviously, anyone can review my comments and find that I am extremely critical of jews and repeatedly expose their perfidy while at the same time being a strong advocate for Whites and White Nationalism. And as far as hating Christ, that’s absurd. You can’t hate what doesn’t exist or something you don’t even think much about unless some Christian nut tries to force it down your throat — as are guilty of throughout history.

            I simply don’t believe in a deity but I’m no crusader for atheism. Believe whatever you want to. I don’t care. It’s very simple, but for some reason Christians insist everyone must believe, and if you don’t, you should be exiled. Really, there’s something seriously wrong with people like roy and the proof that’s true is obvious when he opens his mouth.

          • @DiCarlo I spent several hours today, verbally duking it out with a few over this whole Xian Nationalism thing. When I said that Xian Nats can’t do anything, they said, “Oh just you watch!” It’s so bad. There’s a lot of Roys out there.

            These people have no idea about why whites are attacked, but they insist on being upbeat and full of dreams about the future. I am more than convinced that all of this is (another) ploy to deflect attention away from the problem.

            It’s all just talk on their part. Just like their whole belief system. They just go into that silent blank look when faced with their connection to the tribe.

            I used to think that saying there’s no help or future, was too much one way, but now, I am more than convinced that Natural Selection is quite courteous and will allow these people to be doomed, since that’s what they obviously want.

            If their God is so loving and wonderful, one has to ask why he is allowing his favorite children and their pets, the Xians, to ruin this planet.

          • Thus the power of brainwashing and indoctrination which the jews are so adept at. Most Whites have been brainwashed in Christianity from the time they were little children. It’s hard to shake nonsense that is so deeply ingrained.

        • Censorship is not really something to advocate or celebrate, albeit the commenter you mention was a bit of a troll, e.g. all the stuff about ‘no such thing as race’ — but one can always just ignore him; I mostly did, although I did reply a few times when I really shouldn’t have, since generally it was clear he could not be swayed, so there was nothing to be gained.

      • >Long story.

        It’s interesting to observe which comments you think are worthy of a reply, and which are not.

    • Just curious: who do you think has ‘blasphemed Christ’ in the comments here?

      Some commenters may be skeptical about whether Christian Nationalism will do anything about the problem of Whites becoming a minority in their own countries (are you white?, do you want to be a minority in America?), but that’s not the same as ‘blaspheming Christ’.

      And to point out the obvious: there is no evidence at all that any of them are ‘IDF agents’ or ‘atheist Israeli Jews’ — just race realist Whites who are concerned about Whites becoming a minority in their own countries.

      >They are not here to further the cause and you know this.

      What is the ’cause’ that you think ought to be furthered here?

  12. Rebel Roy,

    Just because there are many jews against Christian jews does not validate the Christian (jewish) religion, especially to teach to non-jews. There are several different types of jews and jewish groups that fight against each other, not just the Christians ones

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