Tucker Carlson: Back To The Dark Ages

During the Alt-Right era, I agreed with conservatives on lots of issues like Christianity, abortion, guns and other issues like energy and climate change. We used to strongly disagree on foreign policy, but now there are lots of conservatives have come around on that issue and oppose the stupid war in Ukraine.


  1. There’s only one way for Europe to solve this impending crisis: import more Africans and Mohammedans.

  2. Notice at the very end his conclusion as to why our elite class is doing these self destructive things, to make way for Chinese dominance.

    Guess I’m not the only person that sees it that way, who doesn’t want to drop to my knees and phelate Xi Jinping for being an example of a strong ethnocentric leader, or who doesn’t want to imagine yellow babes wading through rice paddies, or who thinks somehow that because the chinese are ethnocentric that it makes them somehow our natural allies.

    China has utterly coopted and corrupted our elite class of oligarchs. They would starve us to death without a second thought because they are ethnocentric, and don’t give a single fuck.

    • China and Russia are in fact both archaic throwbacks to things like the Austro-Hungarian Empire of Vienna, or the Turkish Ottomans – alleged ‘multi-cultural civilisational’ empires, under dominance by one supposedly ‘open-minded’ ethnicity

      Russia and China have one virtue in rightoid terms, in that they are opposed to the LGBT-globohomo, anti-family agenda

      But they are in fact both oppressing various minorities … the Russian wars brutally killing maybe 100,000 Chechens, after what were possibly ‘Muslim terrorist’ false flags which became the template for 9-11, is one of the less-known crimes of recent history

      Tho this is not to deny that Ukraine’s oppression of East Ukraine ethnic Russians, was also a crime against self-determination, and that the Russians are right to defend their own people who want to be re-united with them

      It sickens to read people like Anglin supporting China going in to crush Taiwan … the Taiwanese are different Chinese, they saw what happened in Hong Kong and they don’t like it … tho I have opposed most US ‘interventions’ I would like to see Taiwan defended

      • I really don’t think, Taiwan is large enough, land wise, to house the hundreds of millions, of mainland chinese, who will be displaced, if they survive at all, when taiwanese missiles, blow up that three gorges dam, the taiwanese have.options………

      • Yes, Taiwan has a much more “normal” society than the mainland where you are micromanaged by petty tyrants at every level of your existence. But the reality of the situation is the US elites chose Mainland China over Taiwan at the end of the last century. By exporting our industrial base and perilously weakening us while turning China into the world’s industrial powerhouse the consequences are China gets to call the shots in the region. It’s not 1972 anymore where Taiwan had an economy dwarfing their crackpot run giant neighbor. The time to do something was the late 40s when Roosevelt’s Jewish Deep State sat back and let the communists come to power in China. Too late now, the corrupt fruits of the universal franchise US political system have now ripened and they stink worse than a durian.

    • Our oligarchs, specifically the Rockefellers, are directly involved with and crucial to China’s ascension. If it wasn’t for them and their toadie Henry Kissinger, the PRC would have faded into oblivion where it belongs and mainland China would have largely remained a backwater after the death of their disgusting pet Chairperson Mayo Z. Dingdong.

  3. Where the entire Cabinet of the Putin (Jew) Administration is riddled with Jews: Nabulliana (head of Central Bank); Siluanov (Minister Finance) Shoigu (Min.Defense); Lavrov (Min Foreign Affairs) Maksut Shadayev (Min Mass Media)..this is just the tip of the iceberg, many more..The ethnic composition doesn’t appear to be that much different from the Bolshevik/Soviet governments from 1917-1991, which were all dominated by Jews too. After 1991 though, the Jews decided to term it a ‘democracy’ to fool the goyim–yet the Jews still occupy all the cabinet posts & control the State

    Thus more proof substantiating that both sides (NATO/Antifa Russia) are managed by the same transnational cartel of Jewish Cryptocrats, coordinating their war to exterminate the white Germanic masses of Ukraine & advance WEF policies…

    • Ok whatever, it’s all a “ruse”…well at least the Jews in Russia have their heads in reality. The ones here are lost in fantasy they get from their queer brothers and ditzy shiksas hanging around their broken homes in wealthy east coast suburbs.

  4. Funny how easy it was to destroy the European lower middle class with one simple trick – make the home electric and gas bills 10x what they were before

    They are possibly also conducting a psychological test of raw curiosity, as to how much oppression cucked Europeans will accept, before revolt stirs –

    Europeans paying through the nose for basic necessities, having zero discretionary income, whilst migrants still get everything free

    Forums now have discussions of what kind of food you can prepare, cheap and optimally nutritious, but not requiring cooking that uses precious gas or electricity

    • Unfortunately, the Europeans have taken that kookie little Swedish tweenie Greta seriously.

      Now the Euros are going to pay for abandoning fossil fuels, and putting their money on Zelensky and the Ukies.

      We will have to export fossil fuels, and push our own energy prices up, to keep the Euros warm. Wait and see.

    • @balticus It’s happening in the US, too. Working Americans struggling to pay bills, being taxed heavily, while “immigrants” live off of us.
      This is why the whole “white genocide” thing makes little sense. If they destroy all of the whites, who will provide tax money to support all of these parasites? They most certainly are not bringing in the brightest, most productive people to replace us.

  5. Oil is going to run out in several centuries and we do know that high CO2 content in the past had very hot climates and stagnant oceans so there is a legitimate scientific question on this. However, the conclusion that there is some “crisis” right now is way, way off and unsupported. Political opportunism twisting the science into the oldest political trick in the globe…the tyrant saying the weather gods are angry at their political enemies to rouse the rabble into cynically doing their bidding. In this case it’s coming from coastal hipsters elites saying the weather gods are angry at republicans in the suburbs driving SUVs. With the economic catastrophe caused by the economic mismanagement of the covid shutdowns this “green” extravagance is simply not affordable right now. There is no climate crisis, and this all can wait a few decades and be done in a plausible way by replacing aging coal plants at an affordable pace with nuclear fission reactors, the only real source of non fossil fuel power at the scale necessary to power the industrial world. Hydroelectric has already been tapped in most potential places. Tidal still awaits development, but also has limited sites. Of course the green thing isn’t being done rationally, it’s a religion by these people designed to malevolently harm their political enemies.

  6. Night owl, ” Oil is gonna to run out in several centuries”, well sir, I respect your long range planning, but in several centuries, we who dwell on the earth, will be well into the millennial reign of Jesus Christ, Energy won’t be an issue, you can trust me on this..

    • The Earth will end in 5 billion years when the Sun exhausts its hydrogen and then expands into a red giant. Humans will be long gone. The Earth will be very, very warm then. You can trust me on this.

    • OK, while it’s one thing to be Christian, but claiming the world is ending soon has always turned out to be an embarrassing non event for multiple faiths throughout the ages. I’d avoid butting all my eggs in the millenarian basket.

      • Night owl, I get your point, I won’t change what I believe though, but perhaps, it would be wise for me , not too be so easily forthcoming, thank you, for the instruction…..

  7. Freedom = a bunch of stupid little babies and animals running around loose. The communists know this which gives them the excuse to take over

  8. The price you have to pay for “global’ warming, climate change or whatever the hoaxers are using now. Also, your ” freedom” defends on Ukraine winning the war while the govt send billions to see that happens. Tightening your belt for freedom.

  9. Macron’s “This is the end of the era of abundance” statement is also discussed here:

  10. Fossil fuels are here to stay for the next 50 years AT LEAST. Technology is not advanced enough to even closely resemble the efficiency of using fossil fuels. I’m amazed how political science has become.

    If you are a scientist, you tell people to freeze, pay high gas prices, and stop eating red meat because you think the planet will cease to exist from using efficient fossil fuels. If you are a scientist, you tell people to wear a mask that don’t work, take vaccines that don’t work, and obey draconian Covid curbs over a virus that is less deadly than the flu. If you are a scientist, you tell people that gender is no longer binary, and that gender is fluid.

    Fuck science.

    • Science is great. You would be living in a fire-warmed shanty without it. When it is hijacked for faulty political and social narratives is when you have a problem.

    • Hope they last a very long time as I really can’t see aviation without them. Electric trains are one thing, but no “battery” is going to send a 757 across the continent.

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