David Cicilline: “That’s a Fascist Statement”

David Cicilline is the gay coastal Jew who represents Rhode Island.

He once got 169 House Democrats to sign a letter denouncing this website.

“Disturbingly, leading white supremacists like former KKK Grand Dragon David Duke, American Nazi Party Chairman Rocky J. Suhadya, Richard Spencer, Peter Brimelow, and Brad Griffin have praised the news of Mr. Bannon’s appointment,” the letter reads. “We believe it should concern you that civil rights groups, including the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, are widely opposed to Mr. Bannon’s appointment.”

Six years later, he is calling Lindsey Graham a “fascist” for warning that indicting Trump could lead to violence. If memory serves, Cicilline had been one of the ringleaders of the cabal who have been out to get Trump for years and led the impeachment hearings which I didn’t watch.


  1. Words like “Fascist”, “Nazi”, “Communist”, and “Socialist” used to have more or less precise meanings. Now they are just insult terms to be hurled at whoever the person using them really dislikes politically.

    • Sort of like the word “bastard”. Initially, it was a technical description rather than a term of abuse. William the Conqueror was often called “William the Bastard” (“Guillaume le Bâtard” in Norman-French) by his loyal and devoted followers. Imagine calling your boss a bastard these days!

    • @TW—–these are jew slurs they us to attack us. We got feathers in our quiver though, kyke and Christ killer among my favs. You ever call a Jew kyke to his face? The look, the look will amaze you.

      • Come on, Brownie the Clownie. You wouldn’t even have the guts to call Woody Allen a “kyke” (sic) to his face.

        • @Spahnranch1970—–kyke is just shorthanded way for saying why do the Jews reject Christ…..and the answer is Moshiach is going to be so much better……How kyke? How is Moshiach going to be so much better??? Tell us, will you please.

    • Ironically, both the left and the right consider themselves anti-fascist and the other side as authoritarian tyrants.

      I still think this White Christian Nationalist movement with their Sons of Gilead shtick right on the heels of Dodd overturning Roe and after The Handmaid Theatrics is astroturf.

      Who heard of Dalton Clodfelter before this last month? I don’t know which part of the woodwork he crawled out if, but he sure went of his way to look and dress vaguely and sound and act like Hitler with the loud, strident voice and the emphatic hand gestures. He even has a wispy little mustache.

      He’s like something ordered by Hollywood central casting and there is something so kosher about this, it absolutely reeks like rotten gefilte fish. I think he’s another Frank Collin AKA Josef Francis Cohen the Skokie “Nazi.”

      • @clytemnestra57—–that Dalton guy is a prototype Christian national fascist. A strawman is being created to attack Christianity. And the first step is to make Christianity into something it is not.

    • David Cicilline is 1/2 Italian Roman Catholic on his his father’s side, and 1/2 Jew on his mother’s side. LOL. The worst of both world’s, and a perfect Democrat.

      BTW, David Cicilline defines himself as LGBTQ.

      • @ORANGE—–Dave Cicilline does not have a husband, no husband no adopted kids either. Dave Mommy surely must wonder, how can God be so cruel.

  2. “We believe it should concern you that civil rights groups, including the JEWS, and the JEWS, are widely opposed to Mr. Bannon’s appointment.”

  3. Whatever Jews think, opine, however they act, etc. is the superior path and must be implemented, defended, and firmly rooted into all human existence.

    There is no negotiation, compromise, criticism, or any alternative to this reality.

    This is not hyperbole.

    Within the hyper-insanity of this ever increasing prison we have White Christian Republicans who worship Israel as a holy land and Jews as a gods chosen people whom we must wage slave to pay taxes to and die in foreign wars for while we are genocided and replaced by deliberate Jewish governmental policies.

    Please cut off your gonads, grow breasts, diddle kids, get monkeypox from buttplay with guys and do drugs 24/7 using your EBT card but just don’t criticize Jews in any way shape or form.

    Defend Democracy!

    Stop Trump!

    • You never miss a chance to bash National Socialism even when it’s not relevant to the conversation. Nobody cares about your stupid blog, that’s why you constantly shill for it on Brads more popular blog.

      You are less relevant than the “stupid Nazis” you constantly whine about. Just shut it already, you are obsessed with us and we don’t even have political power.

      • It’s always relevant to expose the Fed-Nazi-Jew movement considering they dominate more or less every comment section in order to ghettoize whites. Just look what they have done since 2010, ruin a bunch of young white men’s lives and purposefully set up decent people and collaborate with the media.

        Even a conservative Southern Christian site.

        It’s always relevant your trolling proves it.

        • I’m a Nazi yet I have had no direct contact with the US government since 2020, when I politely refused to give any information to a census taker.

  4. In Russian “Fascist” now only have the meaning as “The guy who pissed me or Russia off for some reason at some time”

  5. “He once got 169 House Democrats to sign a letter denouncing this website.”

    Wow, i had no idea you were that famous.
    More respect to HW.

  6. When I hear people say fascist, communist, racist, Nazi, etc., etc., I immediately stop listening. These people have nothing to say that I need to hear.

    • The way they carelessly throw those words around and use them interchangeably means they are political illiterates and therefore unworthy of my time.

  7. Instead of “fascist”, which is trite, they should use the word “reactionary”. But the dumbed-down herd wouldn’t get it.

  8. Fascism is neither good nor bad in and of itself. It depends on who occupies the positions of authority and whose political ideology and policies are being enforced.

    Right now in White Nations, that would be the jews.

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