Poll Watch: Majority Of Trump Voters Say Civil War 2 Likely In Next Decade

I’m happy that Trump voters are coming around to my view on secession. That’s always what Taking Back America really meant. Reversing 1865. Independence from the liberal coastal degenerates.

This was something that I anticipated when I supported him way back in 2016. We would go through this long process of polarization with Trump and his blackpilled supporters would give up on the Union in the end. It is one thing to speculate about it and another to watch it coming true. Patriotism will go somewhere and will find an outlet when it can longer be plausibly channeled into the Empire.

That’s what happened last time too. When Southerners could finally no longer see a future for themselves living under a Black Republican government, they revolted. There was no mass movement. The idea percolated in the South for about thirty years before it was embraced in a fit of rage.


  1. Civil War? Between who? The only army here is the US military. There is no other army.
    Citizens with guns are not an organized group.
    Most people don’t even know what their neighbors watch on TV, let alone know how they feel about things.
    What are they going to shoot at?
    The MAGAs and the Tea Party are not organized, nor are they capable of taking out a government.
    This is just more of the same big talk.

    • A Civil War would require State Governments to secede ( they won’t.) When citizens want to secede that’s a revolution. I don’t see any revolutionaries around here. They can’t even manage a third party to present a political face to air their grievances. Revolution? The very mention of the idea makes their blood run cold.

  2. As we already knew but occasionally need reminding:

    The GAE foments and spreads conflict all around the world.


    To keep China out of the Solomon Islands, the GAE started riots and spread chaos in a foreign nation thousands of miles away from where we live.

    They also did this on January 6th, 2021.

    They deliberately created the conflict in Ukraine to weaken and drain Russian resources.

    Now, they’re raiding the home of former US presidents for documents which would expose their mass corruption.

    This is what many of us are wage slaving and paying taxes for until we retire into a bankrupt social security system.

    The US government is the most evil government on the face of the Earth.

    Imagine the level of mental retardation it takes to join the US military and pledge your life to the Great Satan.

    White Republicans……….Every. Single. Time.

  3. When the GOP retake the house and the seat the left the anarchists and the darkies will kick things off, the riots,looting and burning will not pass this time with the population!

    • Borders and check points manned by civilians will pop up overnight. These will eventually become our new national borders.

  4. Make the Reset Great Again: When Donald Trump and Klaus Schwab Met at Davos

    Show this to any MAGA ‘patriot’ and he will come up with every excuse under the sun as to why their savior was plotting with their ultimate villain. Daddy Trump was also the father of the vaccine, but they will conveniently blame Fauci for everything.

    • “It’s actually 4D chess, don’t you see?! Trump is actually tricking Klaus and epicly owning him! Trust the plan! Trust the plan!!!”

  5. In saying this, I might be blinding myself to a lot of reality.

    But I still can’t shake the feeling that all this yammering about “muh civil war” is nothing more than left wing clickbait and a coping mechanism to explain away Brandon being a total screw up.

    Just as I think that “Christian nationalism” is nothing more than the same kind of left wing clickbait and coping mechanism to explain the jettison of Roe, because they can’t do the Occam’s Razor thing and read a Supreme Court majority opinion.

    • Personally, I think we should go along with it and fuel the hysteria in order to exacerbate polarization. At least that has been my approach to it

      • That can be true, but perhaps they are doing this to force a fight, and they know they’d win over the revolutionists.

  6. As usual Republicans and Trumpers are wrong. There won’t be a civil war, nor some grand financial collapse into hyperinflation, nor any of the nonsense right wing tards have been predicting since I was a little kid in the 1980s.

    Some things will get worse, some things will get better, and all the current hysteria will be replaced by different media driven hysteria all the right wing tards will then endorse.

    Obama was going to start a Civil War at the Bundy Ranch and make everyone pray to Allah as he was working for the Mullahs in Iran as Donald Trump himself Twittered out on Twatter constantly during the Obama regime.

    Those idiots in the Order were going to Start Muh Revolution and just wound up shot by FBI and now only cranks remember them.

    Stop believing whatever bullshit the media puts out, including the so called “dissident” media which is sometimes worse than the “mainstream.”

    • You’re probably right.

      I do think conservatives are much more receptive to the idea though since Trump lost.

      • This crap is pretty damn ridiculous and funny. MURICA, CIVIL WAR! Part deux. Although, watching out of shape American schlubs of all races on both sides engaging in a battle royale would be entertaining. But seriously, you have to be stupid motherfucker if you are willing to #diefordump.

        • It has been so long since anything like that has happened that it seems unthinkable.

          It also seemed unthinkable the first time around though. In the years immediately before the war, there was a sharp uptick in people who warned that it was going to happen. Both sides predicted the demise of the Union. It was in the air. The election of 1860 was so polarizing that it split the Democratic Party, the two party system broke down and secessionists prevailed in South Carolina and started the domino effect. The people who had always wanted to secede were politically marginalized and never really got anywhere until it all fell apart in a fit of partisan rage.

        • @Black Label Agree, I don’t think the modern American is up for it. They’re too busy watching TV and drinking beer.

        • A revolution requires a political face, an action arm and a logistical arm. At the moment, we have precisely none of these. In essence, you need to create a parallel government and army. You would have no way to fund this endeavor so you’d have to beg, borrow or steal everything and depend on volunteers, who are willing to pay for the privilege of letting people try to kill them. How many Americans do you know who are truly up for that?

  7. Ann Coulter ran the numbers and said Trump is done. She compares his support to the Grateful Dead, in that its the same people in the audience of his half empty rallys.

  8. Some sort of fighting is coming and this will happen all around the globe.

    Parasites can not live without host so they can not let productive people go. They will starve to death and they know this.

  9. “Davis declared that at the close of the Civil War, Southerners had been “cheated, not conquered.” ”

    Anyone know the particulars/details of Davis’ assertion ?
    The Germans said much the same of WWI.

    Jwz are a race of cheats……Kant
    I wonder if there’s a linkage ?

  10. “Parasites can not live without host so they can not let productive people go”

    Cordyceps are fungal parasites that kill their host in the process lf spreading their spores.

    I think we have a cordycep problem.

    (Cordyceps often take over the csntral nervous system ( think media) to control their victim host.)

    • I’ve encountered that very same problem, as well as eah saying the same. Maybe it’s a glitch? I don’t understand why the comments don’t go right up, anyway. It’s hard enough to find posts you need to respond to.

      • @DICARLO—- I am amazed at the guys tolerance for your kind kyke. And do you know what I find most hilarious, he actually tries to reason with you. BAHA What a waste of time right kyke?

          • @Pilot—-we know what I am, but what are you Christ killer? A fraud, no doubt, but towards what end? Oh the glory of the Moshiasch…….tell us about it schmuck.

            To ashamed of the filth you desire most, is nothing compared to Christ? Nothing kyke, NOTHING.

          • @Browning
            You’re so lonely, you have to come on here to try to make others as miserable as yourself. But no one really knows you, so no matter how vulgar you get, it’s just stupid. If you took your energy and did something constructive or helpful, you’d matter.

      • He posted it later in the day. Mine was the first comment made, and I had checked while at work, it didn’t show up until later in the afternoon, after a dozen other posts showed up. Maybe he was deciding whether to post it.

      • There’s not gonna be a civil war. Regional and local wars, maybe. But nobody is gonna fight for control of the government in Washington, which will collapse, long before that, anyway.

        The reality is that we need to reclaim our states, and keep them intact. One day, we’ll wake up, and there won’t be a federal government anymore. Which will cause an identity crises, and civil and socio-political collapse for Yankeedom. But will set us free from the rule of Massachusetts and her fifteen minion states and their Jewish puppeteers.

        We need to take Bryon McClanahan’s slogan to heart. “Think locally, act locally.” Think regionally, too.

  11. If there’s any serious political turmoil in this country only Red China will benefit from it, since us Occidental types have become far too docile and disorganized to pose a threat to the current Regime.

  12. I seriously doubt there will be a Civil War though the incumbents in Washington are doing handstands to provoke one so they can suspend all elections indefinitely. So far, neither the left not the right extremists are taking the bait.

    I think we will see many defects secessions occurring with the red counties in blue states pursuing their own annexation by neighboring red states.

    The reason why Terry McAuliffe supporters didn’t find a ton of mail in ballots voting Democrat after the election was called in favor of Glenn Youngkin is that several prosperous red counties let it be known that they had approached the authorities there about joining the poor but conservative state of West Virginia.

    There are several red counties in California, Oregon and Washington who want to be annexed by Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho. The War Between the States didn’t prohibit counties leaving one state for another, so I think we will ultimately see the blue states remain largely coastal but become small, poor ghettos with rich, gated enclaves.

    The red states will be more working and middle class; not so much of a gulf between rich and poor, but more stable with fewer amenities to attract the very rich or very poor. I can see these red states eliminating any welfare programs, and putting in more draconian prison terms for repeat offenders. The goal will be to make the red areas far less attractive to either the welfare class of rich cosmopolitans.

  13. Dems may pull Biden & his sidekick the Brown Bimbo and run Newsome in 2024. There’s a true potential tyrant who could provoke unrest.

  14. >Majority Of Trump Voters Say Civil War 2 Likely In Next Decade

    OK — a potential problem with this is that a majority of Trump voters are past middle age, obese or grossly overweight, and suffering from a variety of ‘diseases of modern civilization’.

    The Weston A. Price Foundation

    Other than that, I suppose growing disillusionment in the population is a good thing.

    • “a potential problem with this is that a majority of serving U.S. military who would be called upon to repress their fellow citizens are past middle age, obese or grossly overweight, and suffering from a variety of ‘diseases of modern civilization’.”

      There, fixed it for you.

      • >There, fixed it for you.

        No, not really — it’s a mistake to believe such problems exist in US military units trained and ready for frontline deployment and combat.

        It’s true that you hear a lot about ‘woke’ nonsense in the military, and that is bad enough — it’s also true that segments of the military have become a jobs program for the largely unfit, including the physically unfit and ‘minorities’ of below average ability — but that is largely confined to support roles.

        Here’s an exercise for you: look up reports about emergency US troop deployments to assist in the evacuation of Afghanistan last year — what you’ll see is that the soldiers and personnel were 1) overwhelmingly white, and 2) fit, well-equipped, and looked ready.

        What the military might do in the event of a conflict between civilian factions over control of the federal government is another question.

        • I agree that there are many (predominantly White) soldiers who are as you said, and whether or not they would turn on their fellow Americans is debatable. However, there are many, many time-servers and order-followers, as well as fat foreigners who have no business in our military. These people may well be useful as tools of repression: but I doubt they’re of better caliber than the Trump voters you cite.

          And even if the quality troops were to follow orders from the rotten top brass and move against us, let’s just remember what happened during Operation Red Wings: elite SEALS destroyed by a handful (7 to 10) of lightly-armed Taliban.

    • Well, if you’re too old to be “actively participating” in a revolt, there is always logistics, intelligence gathering and medical assistance. Can’t win without those jobs being done either. There will be plenty of things that will need to be done.

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