Poll Watch: Americans Increasingly Concerned About Political Violence

These are encouraging trends.

Polarization is growing. Republicans and Democrats increasingly see each other as existential enemies. Support for a National Divorce is rising. The most encouraging number though in this poll is that 56% of Republicans believe some people are “asking for rights they don’t deserve.”

MAGA Republicans are getting sick and tired of these make believe rights. There is no such thing as a constitutional right to “marry anyone you love.” If five people wanted to get married or two brothers want to get married or a woman wants to marry a horse, no such constitutional right exists. There is no such thing as a constitutional right to kill your unborn child or to sex change operations.

The original natural rights were life, liberty and property. In our times, progressives have no problem trampling on all three. They support killing babies. They support taking away your liberty. They definitely support redistributing your property in the name of social justice.

CBS Narratives:

Note: In previous polls, we have seen strong support among MAGA Republicans who are open to the idea of dissolving the Union. Most MAGA Republicans believe Civil War 2 is likely to happen in the next decade.


  1. Would South Florida be considered part of a free and indepedent Dixie or would it be considered part of the Carribean, Latin America or a Yankee outpost?

      • Now everyone in south Florida is from Mexico ,Africa , Haiti or some other third world spanish speaking shit pile….

        I live in Naples and its still pretty nice and white here but that isn’t gonna last long.

        There is already some left wing city proposal to build ‘affordable’ housing everywhere and tax normal middle class whitey for it to exist

        The reason its nice here still is becuse its basicall unaffordable for most nonwhites from
        places like the Miami/ Ft. Lauderdale area.

        My 2 bedroom condo in south Naples 4 years ago was listed at 189,000$.
        Now it lists at 425,000$.

        Nobody who works for a living and makes under 150,000 a year and has kids can afford to live here even though property taxes are reasonable here ..

        Mine are around 1500$ a year ..Plus the association fees and insurances which don’t really cover much which are around another 350$-400$ a month.

        The lower income neighborhoods here are all Mexicans and Haitians and they used to be part white but not anymore, as whites don’t qualify for nearly as much free social handouts.

    • It depends from local patriots.

      Barely 12 years ago, Hungary was considered Jewish stronghold in Europe so Jewish oligarchs bought Budapest real estate by blocks. This is still big problem there. Lot of important building complexes belong to Soros buddies.

      Cutting Jew and communist income sources tends to be best way to force them leave.

  2. There was plenty of ‘political violence’ during the 2016 election, and there has been plenty of it since then — 2020 was full of ‘political violence’ — so it’s no surprise that a mainstream outlet like CBS (Jared Holt was just on Face the Nation) would put out a poll like this at the same time the media is screeching about ‘extremism’ and ‘threats to democracy’ coming from the Right.

    • OT (politics in Sweden)

      linkSweden general election in about a week. Huge sex difference in voting intentions of 20-somethings. 25% of young men right-wing Sweden Democrats
      29% of young women left-wing Social Democrats

      Look at the chart; yellow is the right-wing Sweden Democrats — 25% of young men support them (they are the most popular party among young men), but only 9% of young women — this problem (and it is a problem) exists in every European country: generally it is the votes of women that put destructive leftwing parties in power.

  3. People are screeching about them gays getting married and the trannies wanting to saw off body parts but I think I am kinda old fashioned in that ai just do not want illegal aliens voting!

    That seems like a very mid-2000s concern that has been lost in the shuffle of left wing lunacy.

  4. “Americans Increasingly Concerned About Political Violence”

    All media driven.
    The amount of black violence is 1000 times any level Political Violence.

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