Whatifalthist: Explaining America’s Nine Nations (Part 2)

The first video covered New England, The Foundry and Dixie.

Oddly enough, the regional cultures have become much more distinct and polarized since the book was published in 1981. And yet, they have also weirdly become more blurred. The country is fracturing along the lines of class, regional culture, religion and education. Regional tensions are much higher than when I read and reviewed the book and thought a lot about cultural geography between 2011 and 2014.

Note: I inserted in the first video below.


  1. It’s irrelevant today. Gen Z everywhere in the USA all have the same culture of being gay trannies who listen to drill music.

  2. >America’s Nine Nations

    Most if not all of this will disappear with massive non-white immigration — I know, I saw it happen in California.

    More than anything, this is what ‘globohomo’ means: global homogenization, the elimination of real ‘diversity’ via the creation of polyglot, multiracial and multicultural populations everywhere (just kidding: not really everywhere, only in white countries), people united by little more than the fact they are all consumers.

  3. For people who haven’t watched the videos yet… be prepared for Civic Nationalist nonsense as well as enough wokeness to almost make my eyes do a complete 360deg eye roll.

    The stuff about the Mexican Southwest is such a load of crap. The Mexicans are “assimilating.” If you what you mean by assimilating is ethnically cleansing Whites then, yes they are “assimilating.” Oh, and they’d rather be “Americans” which is true because they’re getting an advanced technologically developed area that they probably couldn’t have created themselves in 500 years. (Let’s not forget about the freebies and goodies from the American Government.) Of course, they’ll turn it into a giant barrio faster than you can shake a stick, but hey! They’re Ethnically cleansin… oops..assimilating so it’s all good!

    Oh, I hope you all didn’t miss the part where it is implied that Blacks are responsible for the economic development of the modern South. All you Southern Whites owe everything to your melanin dominated neighbors! Hah!

    Damn, I’m really beginning to despise Civic Nationalists.

      • Yeah, I was in Los Angles when some older poor White areas became mostly Mexican. The Mexican gangs “assimilated” by ethnically cleansing the older White residents by murder or terror. Funny, how they didn’t think race was a social construct. We don’t need any more of that assimilation thank you very much.

    • Adit,

      Yes. I got the part on giving implicitly credit to blacks for the recent southern development. The South developed a lot under Jim Crow laws when Roosevelt turned a lot of funds to help the South. I learned that on here from H. Wallace.

      Yes what you wrote on the Southwest is true. South Texas is essentially Mexico. I have friends there and have been there before. The video even stated that Mexican immigrants committed less crime than the surrounding Anglo population?? I doubt it. I wish it were true but it seems very dubious.

      Even between Latins there are differences. The food and culture in New Mexico seems more Indian than the Latin culture in California and Texas.

      If Mexicans wish to adopt anglo culture then Southern California/Texas would be a mirror image of North Texas where I went to school for several years until recently.

      Well it is not even close.

      • “The video even stated that Mexican immigrants committed less crime than the surrounding Anglo population?? I doubt it. I wish it were true but it seems very dubious”

        I can’t speak of other areas, but in Los Angeles the crime rate went up with mass Mexican immigration especially gang and drug activity. To be frank, Mexico didn’t “send” their best or brightest and were probably glad when those people left.

        The problem is, that has boomeranged and is what feeds the cartels and all the violence along the border. The traitors on the American side of the border are responsible for this because they didn’t drop the hammer on it when it first started. Now it is a big big problem that will will require drastic action to fix. Many tears will be shed because of this.

      • “The video even stated that Mexican immigrants committed less crime than the surrounding Anglo population?? I doubt it.”

        Mexican/Latinx population actually has a negative correlation with crime, but not because Mexican immigrants commit fewer crimes than Whites do. It’s because Mexican immigrant areas drive out Blacks, who have such an absurdly high crime rate that it dwarfs everyone else. Whites tolerate Black crime and allow Blacks to take over White areas because the state ties their hands. The only response Whites have is White flight.

        So, a majority White area that is 70% White and 30% Black will end up having a higher crime rate than an area that is 100% Mexican/Latinx, even though the Latinx crime rate is significantly higher than the White crime rate. It’s just that the Black crime rate is so much higher than both White and Latinx that even having a ~30% minority of them in an area will create a noticeable impact on overall crime rate. A 100% White area will still have lower crime than 100% Latinx, but the problem is that Whites have no way of keeping 100% White areas, whereas Latinx are allowed by the state to discriminate against Blacks and treat them poorly and drive them away from their areas in ways that would get Whites sued or investigated by the FBI.

        • Dart,

          An interesting comment and perspective. I do not know whether I should be proud of this or not. It is kind of like we are bad but someone else is worse. Oh well. Our home in the USA is in a predominately Anglo area.

  4. At around 16 minutes in when the narrator with the manly voice states that more Americans are going to Mexico than Mexicans are going to the USA in recent years he neglected to mention that these are not primarily Americans but Mexicans returning to Mexico.

    He makes so many mistakes in detailing what he thinks are the lack of cultural effects on the USA by Latins that I found it both amusing and naive.

    If I had the time and inclination to analyze and pick apart his part on Mexico and the USA i would. My grandmother was born and raised in Texas and she thought traditional Texas was wonderful overall. A lot better than the politically correct society it is now.

    The narrator says that Mexicans come to the USA because of a more dynamic culture????? No. It is because of money and self interest. Liberal whites are hopeless.

    If he is so wrong on his part of latins and the USA then I wonder about the rest of his video.


  5. Merthyr Rising 1831,

    To answer one of your comments. I am always deeply suspicious of USA help and interference in Mexico. When you accept the easy money that the United States offers it comes with strings attached. I think we should be left to solve our problems.

    If the US wants to help okay since cartels affect the United States as well. The US help however is sometimes not beneficial.

    So I think your assessment is correct. The Mexican government could crush the cartels if it wanted. The cartels would resort to terrorist attacks on officials and families. But the Mexican Army would do the same.

    If anyone ever would be given a choice of being captured by Mexicans or Americans you better choose Americans.

  6. Watched the first couple videos. They are a decent review of what the US was like maybe 100-200 years ago. What is missing is the African-American culture characterized by drugs, gangs, violent crime, lack of education and lack of nuclear family structure. This culture permeates all of our major and so many of our minor cities. It is completely ignored in the videos.

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