• From what I have heard, White Southerners are more English than people in England who take the test because we split off so long ago and live further from the Continent

    • Look up Jambo the hairless chimp on Youtube. His skin is kind of beige…People don’t seem to know that skin color is only one of many racial markers. I’ve seen a Chinese girl whose skin was white as cream working in her family store.

  1. It’s unwise to give your genetic data to these companies. Such data could be used to harm not only you, but your descendants.

      • Did they provide a disclosure form for you to sign? — did you read it carefully? — do you recall what it said?

        I know many of the databases are made accessible to law enforcement, and sophisticated algorithms can scan them, looking for anyone who might be closely related to a DNA sample they have, but cannot identify.

        I recall reading about a decades-old cold case killing that was solved this way — they used stored evidence and were able to retrieve a usable DNA sample of someone they assumed was a suspect (by testing family of the victim they could rule out it being DNA from the victim) — using a huge DNA database, created in part from people like you who were just curious about their ancestry, a likely familial match was found, and detectives started interviewing members of that family — they identified a family member as a possible suspect, and started surveillance on him — when they saw him discard a paper coffee cup, they picked it up and were able to get a DNA sample — it was a match and they arrested him — it turned out he was traveling in the area of the killing at the time; even the car he was driving back then matched the description of a suspicious vehicle seen in the area by several people interviewed at the time, a vehicle they were never able to trace.

  2. Your DNA is just like mine except I’m far more German. I guess that is why I’ve read OD for a decade despite disagreeing with you for most of that time.

    Blood is thicker than water in the sense DNA determines your cognition. People adopt various ideologies as a youth, change when they grow up, change again as circumstances change. Ideologies are meaningless.

    But cognition remains the same, cognition determines observation, ideology is the last step, the justification for acting on your observations.

    • My wife’s ancestry is nearly identical to mine. They lump in England though with Northwestern Europe now

  3. Hmm. 6% Irish. I wonder if the “one drop rule” applies in Bob Browning’s fantasy land?

    On a sidenote Ancestry shows me as 10% Scottish.

    • It is always fluctuating. This is the latest update. I have no doubt that I have Scots-Irish ancestry from Ulster

      • I’m sure you do. I believe the Irish part of me came out of County Cork and left Ireland in the late 1600s for Virginia.

    • @Sertorius—Why was Cromwell’s treatment of the Scots and the Irish so different? They both fought against him? Why was one forgiven and the other attacked? Why?

      • Speak of the devil.

        Bob, it turns out I’m 70% English and northwestern European. I’m around 1/3 Irish/Welsh and the rest English. You know something? My English side finds you as detestable as my Irish side, you crackpot.

      • Because the Irish provided the French with naval bases for the invasion of England and the extermination of all protestants in England.

      • Robert, because the Irish are ugly as shit thats why. Malicious and liberal, always trying to marry into protestant blood.

        Note that I have some irish blood in me 1/4 from some of my planter ancestors mixing with catholics, all the rest are from yorkshire and southern scotland and dorset dating back to 18th century. They ruined my perfect bloodline, and ill never forgive them for it. They need to be quarantined. God willing.

      • The Irish were Catholic. That’s the short answer. Cromwell was tolerant of every Christian practice/sect but for Catholicism.

        Also, an argument can be made that Cromwell and the English Puritans fought against the “centralizing” tendencies of Charles I, who sought to remake England in the mold of Bourbon France and Hapsburg Spain, with everything being run from Whitehall. Remind you of anyone?

  4. Brad,

    Your DNA chart is similar to mine minus Sweden and Denmark. The rest are the same except for the percentages.

  5. Gore says: “This is probably one of the most fatal mistakes the Scots ever made, was they believed him.” They believed King Charles, when he seemed to have changed his mind, which reminds me of how the revolutionary English peasants in 1380-81 made the fatal mistake of believing King Richard, when he made it seem he had shifted to their side.

    Lesson to learn: Never trust monarchy, not even if it is “constitutional.” There can be no good ones. A king (or queen) is NOT the people.

  6. Still working on our geneaology the old-fashioned way, now and then. So far it is entirely White and Gentile, mostly “England and Northwest European” as you call it, and Welsh, and inevitably, a little Slavic ancestry, coming from some of the “cheap labour” imported from Eastern Europe by the greedy coal mining companies. No Irish, no Scots, and no Mediterranean ancestry, so far. But if one goes back far enough of course everyone is related.

  7. It looks like Germans are being deleted from the DNA record. These kikes just never stop. Northwest Europe as a non-germanic class?

  8. “Scottish Migration”

    I bet this had a lot to do with it.

    Highland Clearances


    Most of the early people that came to America came as slaves. They were forced to come here. sold to plantations owners and worked in horrible conditions. Half of them died before they could fill out their term of servitude, which should tell you how bad it was. The same sort of plantation owners run the country now.

    The name “kidnapping” comes from this. They would go a sweep up people, chain them up in boats and sell them off in the colonies.

    Americans like to pretend that we were different from Australia but it was the same.

  9. I’m an Australian with Scottish, English, Welsh and about 4% German. That’s the ancestry we know about. My sister is doing a DNA test. She should know the results about late September.
    If ‘Norwegian’ or something shows up, it could be through the Scottish Viking segment of their population. It should be revealing.

  10. Tuckers take on the outlawing of the Republican party by Brandon.


    Not sure who wrote this material for him, but saying essentially there’s nothing to worry about here because they are too incompetent to hurt you is pretty fucking dumb.

    The Maoists during the great leap forward were total morons that melted down all the farm equipment, and forgot to plant crops, starving millions to death of their own people who just like conservatives, did nothing to defend themselves.

    Sidenote: is it just me, or is Tucker getting increasingly strange? Like maybe the stress is getting to him or something.

    P.S. Cromwell didn’t like the Irish because they were mostly catholic. Thats all.

    • “during the great leap forward were total morons that melted down all the farm equipment, and forgot to plant crops, starving millions to death of their own people”:

      The resurrection and progress of the Chinese nation under Mao’s and CCP leadership is perhaps the greatest political and economic miracle in history. Mao’s leadership including the Great Leap Forward and brilliant, effective Cultural Revolution created the new China, ending once and for all the general extreme poverty, illiteracy, widespread serial famine, drug addiction, prostitution, urban usury, and rural serfdom that plagued China under the monarchy and still existed under U.S.-allied dictator Chiang Kai-Shek’s fascist rule – and they were not die-offs. They were accompanied by sustained rapid population increase that more than replaced the upwards of fifty million lives lost in the WW2 period to Japanese fascist invaders and U.S.-supported Kuomintang fascism. The population only stopped growing when the revisionist traitor Deng Xiaoping (who took power after Mao’s death like the revisionist traitor Khruschev succeeded Stalin) took orders from the U.S. to limit Chinese births as a requirement for trade with the U.S. But China is under much better leadership now, which ended the One Child law and encourages large families.

  11. I’m of mostly English, Scottish, German & Welsh stock. My ancestors were at Jamestown, and on the Mayflower (Puritan assholes…) My surname was originally German, and they came here from Baden-Wurttemberg in the 1760s. English, French & Danish king grandfathers way back (I’m hardly the only one on that score).

    I find learning about ancestry deeply gratifying. An excellent free resource is FamilySearch.org, run by the Mormons: not 100% accurate, but mostly, and you can often see when it’s off.

  12. You got a little bit of everything going on down there in Alabama. We keep it purely insular here in old Virginny—I’m 61% English, 16% Scottish, 11% Welsh, and 10% Irish—but then again, we’re the originals, haha.

      • “The Swedish ancestry was a bit of a surprise”

        I wouldn’t be surprised if at least some of that were remnants of the Danelaw.

    • “We keep it purely insular here in old Virginny”:

      Southern Delmarva is pretty insular like that. Very English, and some Welsh, and a dialect similar to the speech of early English settlers.

      • “…and a dialect similar to the speech of early English settlers.”

        I live just south of Richmond, and the first thing people ask me when they hear me talk is where I’m from, the irony being that I have little to no known ancestry from outside the county. With all the transience around these parts, I reckon I could respond with the unique answer of “Here.”

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