Sarah Palin Loses In Alaska

The only story here is ranked choice voting.

Centrists like Andrew Yang have been pushing the concept in order for a while to marginalize the “Far Right.” If memory serves, it is the central plank of his new “Forward” party.

Note: I’ve never cared for Sarah from Wasilla, but she would have won without ranked choice voting.


  1. If it wasn’t ranked choice voting they would have had to eliminate one of the Republicans and make it a 1 on 1. What this means is that enough people voted for the other Republican, but didn’t select Palin as number 2. I’m not sure how eliminating ranked choice voting helps Palin. In a 1 one 1 they would have just voted for their number 2 choice which wasn’t Palin. Most for the other Republican put Palin as number 2, but enough didn’t.

  2. How Alaska’s ranked-choice voting system works

    Elections officials in Alaska on Wednesday will tabulate the ranked-choice results of the special election to fill the state’s at-large House seat for the remainder of the congressional term. … Former Gov. Sarah Palin, a Republican, and former state Rep. Mary Peltola, a Democrat, were the top two vote-getters in the August 16 primary to replace former Rep. Don Young, who died in March. … But because neither topped 50% of the first-place votes, it will be the ballots of those who backed a third candidate in the race — Republican businessman Nick Begich III — that determine the outcome.

    If the above blurb about how ‘ranked choice voting’ works in AK, then it appears Palin lost because enough of those who voted for the other Republican in the race, Nick Begich III, ‘ranked’ the democratic candidate higher than Palin — which perhaps says something about Palin — anyway, I presume there will be another election in November.

    I thought the name Begich seemed familiar — yes, Nick Begich III is the grandson of Nick Begich, a Democrat who also served in Congress — he disappeared in a presumed plane crash along with Hale Boggs, another member of Congress who served on the Warren Commission — despite a massive search, no trace of the plane was ever found — there is an interesting ‘conspiracy theory’ about that plane crash; it is mentioned on the Wikipedia page about Nick Begich.

    Or try here:

    Assassination of Hale Boggs, a Critical Bulwark Against the Deep State

  3. Remember when she had her own reality TV show? She was a moderate Republican governor of low population Alaska and was known as a Good Government type who got a better deal for the taxpayers from the energy sector.

    The Republicans rebranded her as the female George W. Bush and it didn’t work, she made McCain even worse.

    She chose to go along with it, then her family went along with the medis and Hollywood for money and fame. They played the heel for Hollywood.

    Apparently no one is interested in the Sarah Palin Show any more. Roseanne got cancelled too.

    • Rosanne is on in reruns, it’s the best she can do. So is Sarah Palin too, apparently. Here is her fifteen minutes of fame:

      I guess this shows she is as qualified as anyone else to become Mr. President someday. If Cackling Kamala can be Mr. President why not Sarah?

      Where has Cackling Kamala been lately, speaking of the devil? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • She quit her job as governor to go do this celebrity shit. I don’t know how any Alaskan can forget that? It was such a shocking irresponsible move even her staunchest defenders had trouble spinning this move, I remember Rush Limbo awkwardly saying to callers angry at her dereliction that “No, this is smart…” But also in the north you have a lot of Republicans who are more like Canadian Conservative Party members along with working poor who liked Trump’s anti globalist spin because of their economic predicament. A lot of these people are irreligious and the whole southern baptist thing Hunter sees so popular in his neck of the woods doesn’t play well here. There people will cut off their nose by voting for a democrat to spite the candidate they see in the televangelist camp as in the case of these Begich voters who must have listed Palin below the Squaw running on the Democrat ticket. Really shows emotion, Alaskans have very little taxes and get a royalty check from the oil industry, voting for the democrats is an act of self immolation. But never underestimate how destructive the universal franchise is for any society foolish enough to adopt it.

  4. Going beyond personalities (even ridiculous ones like Palin and Trump), I think defeats like us are not good for those of us who would like to preserve and foster Euro-Christian civilization as a home for our descendants.

    I would recommend that neo-Normies like Hunter read and study Machiavelli and watch the Godfather, Part 1. Yes, the tribe works for its own good and, in a paranoid way, works to destroy the very civilization that nurtured it. But must we call that out explicitly in public forums? Why not stop using inflammatory rhetoric and take a more subtle, steel fist in a velvet glove approach? Learn from the tribe in how to cleverly and doggedly pursue our own tribe’s interest without appearing improper in any way.

    Much as I detest abortion, I think the SCOTUS should have waited until after the midterms to overturn Roe-v-Wade. None of them played chess in their lives, I reckon,

    • I type my messages quickly and I do not proof read. Sorry for typos like:

      “defeats like us” instead of “defeats like this”

      But I do hope I got the message across. We have to play hard and we have to play smart with “our eyes on the prize” that is “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for European children”. Small ego satisfactions along the way must be foregone for maximum effectiveness. It behooves us as Christians to be nice and fair to everyone, including intruders and interlopers, as long as they are not directly attacking or hurting us. And it behooves us to play the long term game to realize our objective, which we must never forget. The objective is to reverse a specific disastrous consequence of the age of exploration – the occupation of a common space by biological groups in a natural state of competition. It would have been better for the spiritual and physical well-being of all if prior geographic separation had been respected.

      (Parenthetically, I am not opposed to our ancestors occupying the largely empty spaces of North America to the north of the Rio Grande or Siberia or Australia or the Southern Cone of Africa which was thinly populated by the Khoi-San – the Bantus came later, after the Boer. But we had no business conquering and miscegenating with populous regions like Central America or Tropical South America or East or West Africa or India – some of which had relatively advanced civilizations of their own)

      • “It behooves us as Christians to be nice and fair to everyone, including intruders and interlopers, as long as they are not directly attacking or hurting us. ”

        Mr. Martin, are you OUT OF YOUR MIND? This milquetoast conciliation approach for the last MILLENNIUM in the West, has brought us to Drag Queen story hour, and a President who is a psychopathic senile bastard!

        The O.T., as well as the praxis of the undivided church is clear: CHRIST HAS CONQUERED. WE ARE TO TAKE THE KINGDOM BY FORCE, and REMOVE FROM THIS EARTH ALL THSOE WHO ARE ANTICHRISTS.

        Two quotes by two very different authors, and one or two Catholics, as well:

        “Christianity should be twisted in with national constitutions…the kingdoms of the world should become Christ’s kingdoms, and their kings the church’s nursing fathers…do your utmost to make the nations Christian nations…Christ the Mediator is setting up a kingdom in the world, bring the nations to be His subjects.” – Matthew Henry.

        “If you dip into any college, or school, or parish, or family- anything you like- at a given point in its history, you always find that there was a time before that point when there is even less room for indecision and choices are even more momentous. Good is always getter better and bad is always getting worse: the possibilities of even apparent neutrality are always diminishing. The whole thing is sorting itself out all the time, coming to a point, getting sharper and harder.” – That Hideous Strength, p. 283, quoted in Gary North’s Political Polytheism, p 226-7.

        “I for my part maintain that to hate the enemies of God is lawful, and that such a hatred pleases the Master. By enemies I mean those who in every way deny the glory of the Master, whether the Jews or those who are manifestly idolaters or those who thought Arius’ teaching make an idol of the creature, and so take up again the Jewish Error. “ – St. Gregory of Nyssa, Letters, # 3.8

        St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

        “Chrysostomos loudly declares not only heretics, but also those who have communion with them, to be enemies of God.”
        St. Theodore the Studite, Epistle to Abbot Theophilus

        Sorry. But your ‘kinder, gentler’ antinomianism is abhorrent.

        • I guess you did not understand what I meant. I mean being nice in a Machiavellian sense. We need a solid base of normie support, and for that I do not rule out alliances of convenience with the tribe and with the Zionist entity in Palestine. You will never catch me using racial slurs or being rude to anyone (unless they are acting obnoxious with me). Also, the end objective for me is a friendly divorce – not mayhem. The better we behave, the sooner will we get our end objective. One of my ideals is the character Vito Corleone. Vito (and his heir Michael) succeeded by NOT being an impulsive fool like Sonny (Santino) Corleone

          The tribe never forgot about Jerusalem. How many Christians can find Constantinople (Byzantium) on the map?

      • Easter, the miracle of the resurrection. When Spring generates life out of the icy death of Winter.

        Sorry for waxing poetic, but I do think Providence will not allow Magna Europa to disappear into the dustbin of history.

        • Why would your God wait until things are completely destroyed before acting? Aren’t things bad enough? Or is he making sure his chosen folks get what they want?

          • That was an analogy. There’s foliage even in winter!

            Yes, things are bad enough.

            The chosen are those who acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ. These are the New Israel. All peoples are called to the Kingdom, but historically Europeans have been at the core of Christendom (just as Arabs have been at the core of Islam even though the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not Arab). For this reason, European culture and the European genome must be preserved as the nucleus of the Kingdom of Christ on earth. In the long run, blacks and browns hurt themselves by swarming into and parasitically destroying white homelands and the white folk.

            Christian though I am, I am not equating the re-establishment of Euro-Christian homelands with a Messianic millenium. Rather, these can be perfectly normal, non-supernatural events (guided by Providence, of course) – like the Iberian Reconquista.

            All I said what that I was an optimist about the resurgence of our people.

    • “Much as I detest abortion, I think the SCOTUS should have waited until after the midterms to overturn Roe-v-Wade. None of them played chess in their lives, I reckon,”

      Yes, this was the Republicans hitting into a double play. Nicola Machiavelli would look at the situation and see the game in play is getting the white female voters to stop siding with the enemy. America is in the position that Henry Hill was in when his wife found out about his mistress and ambushed him by sitting on his chest and holding a loaded gun to his head as he lay on his bed. America is in a very delicate situation where the GOP needs to smooth talk these dangerous harlots out of pulling the trigger on the historical American Nation. Abortion is just one of may symptoms of leftism, doing this won’t really fix anything because it looks like the fruits of this “victory” are females going back to their abuser and empowering continued democrat rule which will quickly reverse this ruling once the elderly conservative judges on the court succumb to old age. We will get much much worse than Breyer as at least that old jew had some decency and wisdom. The magic negress replacing him looks like another Mau-Mau Witch.

      • Yes. An excellent observation. The decision itself was a good one. The GOPs reaction to it has made matters considerably worse. They see it as an opportunity to expand restrictions on the practice which only plays into the hands of the lie-machine and their ridiculous Handmaid’s Tale scenario. They should have immediately moved on to other issues, reminded everyone that the decision did not ban abortion, and left it at that. The timing of the decision is suspicious to say the least. The GOP is again showing itself to be a fake opposition party who only seeks to conserve the advances made by the Church of Woke.

  5. Palin is actually from Idaho and one of the only nameable graduates of the University of Idaho. I don’t care for her but Alaska electing a Demo-rat just shows voting is useless.

    • The only solution for the historic nation is a Hail Mary Touchdown, a “one man, one vote, one time” as the clever Islamist strategy is and the (((deep state))) knows this. 2016 may have been that one chance and the PT Barnum clown Trump fumbled the ball and the clock ran out.

  6. “ Ranked-choice voting is a scam to rig elections.”

    Then red-state conservatives who dominate Alaska are retarded for having implemented.

    Poor little conservatives, they have no agency, everything that befalls them is always someone else’s fault

    • With enough money and production slickness you can trick the female voters into doing anything you want. That’s why conmen prefer to target women, they are the most gullible when they aren’t being downright deliberately selfish and spiteful. It’s no coincidence that the 3rd major period of American History began right after they foolishly let the ladies have the franchise.

  7. You have two main parties in the USA: the Zionist (Republican) & the Communist (Democrat)–both owned/managed by Jewish billionaires. They both work together to transform the nation into a nonwhite/anti-white dystopia.

    This Semitic system can be basically extrapolated to all ‘western democracies’ of the world. In the UK you have the Zionist (Conservative) Party & the Communist (Labour) Party–both colluding (like their US counterparts) to turn Britain into a subhuman society of scum…but hey, you didn’t want to support Mosley or Colin Jordan so this is what happens…

  8. When will the (R)s learn you won’t win playing fair in a rigged game? The other team plays to win while the Rs play by the rules.

  9. The essence of a lot of government corruption is to hide behind complexity

    The 2022 vote fraud season has officially begun

  10. Ranked choice voting (which is functionally the same as a runoff) is clearly better than the alternatives. Without ranked choice, you can have three right-wingers running who split 70% of the vote and one Communist who waltzes into office with 30%.

    Local elections where I live (libtard big city) often have 10 or more candidates running in the Dem primary, the winner of which always wins the general. So effectively whoever can scrape together just 15-16% of the vote in the Dem primary wins the whole election.

    Attacking ranked choice makes Republicans look like clowns… as if they didn’t already.

    • Charlie Kirk on his show said that Murkowski is the one behind “ranked choice voting” in Alaska. She is one of the queens of RHINO, one dynamic you have in Alaska is a very large native population that reliably votes democrat like the blacks in the south. Many of the whites are eclectics who come from elsewhere so you have sort of a cowboy libertarian component to the vote and Sarah Palin, the media personalty, the McCain-Bush Jr. protege, “christian nationalist” who ran out on here citizens and quit her governors gig to run to the lower 48 for attention may not be electable anymore.

  11. Ranked “choice”? There is no real choice and no good candidates can run, in U.S. (s)elections.

  12. 28%

    Nick Begich (R): “I am pro-life. The Supreme Court appears set to return this to the individual states in accordance with the 10th Amendment’s enumerated powers clause. Related legislative action will now be predominantly determined by state legislatures and governors, subject to judicial review within each state.”


    Sarah Palin (R): “Abortion is taking the life of an innocent baby, thus I am unapologetically pro-life and I’ll do what I can to help usher in a culture of life, love and compassion in our country.”


    Mary Peltola (D): “Everyone deserves quality health care. That includes access to safe, legal abortions, with no exceptions. A repeal of abortion access would disproportionately impact people of color and low-income women who already experience unfair barriers to health care. I will fight to codify Roe v. Wade and guarantee the right to individual choice.”

    Don’t get too happy over Pat Ryan’s win.

  13. It’s all rigged. A few months ago some folks were talking about the Red Shield party winning big this November. Nothing has changed. Dominion, mail in voting, dead people voting, multi state voting, illegals voting, ballots for Red Shield candidates thrown away, pallets of ballets for the demonrats, and so on. Voating won’t do it.

  14. What’s hilarious is that Alaska elects their politicians the same way major league baseball determines the Cy Young, MVP, and Rookie of the Year.

  15. Alaskan senator Lisa Murkowski along with Susan Collins of Maine were the only two retardicans to break ranks and vote to confirm the jewish transsexual Richard Levine to be Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services.

    Zion Don backed fellow MIGA Palin, so perfect his endorsement is losing its clout.

  16. OT

    Apparently (or maybe not, who knows anymore; but it would be in character for her) Jennifer Rubin tweeted approval of Biden’s speech in Philadelphia (it ‘met the moment’), and then suggested mass arrests should follow — link

  17. I remember Palin seemed sincere but a little goofy. Harold Covington said she was dumb as a bag of hammers, but I kind of liked her stage presence. I think she helped McCain, although his staff turned on her in a heartbeat, and really, to run with slime like McCain rather lowered her. To see her pump conservatism, then see McCain openly come out and almost endorse Obama would wake up anyone as to how the people who rule this country act.
    I agree that she seemed to go Hollywood, along with her low-rent family, although candidates always have problems with their relatives. Remember Jimmy Carter and his brother Billy, who became a lobbyist for Libya? And “Billy Beer.” And need we say “Hunter Biden?”
    I think Palin should have stayed in as governor. To. have some kind of power and give it up for the chimera of media power is bad.
    That being said, if I had to choose between the Palin in power or Bidens, I go with the Palins.

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