Joe Biden’s “Soul of the Nation” Speech

Joe Biden got one thing right in his speech last night.

Speaking for myself, I do want to go in the opposite direction. I do want to go backwards. There is really nothing that I believe which millions of Americans either don’t believe now or didn’t believe for most of our history. I’m not alone in believing our country has declined, our culture has degenerated, our best days are in the past or that progressive liberalism is responsible for this state of affairs.

Just think about it.

  • A year ago, we weren’t squandering billions of dollars on this stupid war in Ukraine and paying the price for it in the highest inflation and energy prices in a generation
  • If we go further back in time, we didn’t spend a generation occupying Iraq and Afghanistan and destroying Syria and Libya in a futile attempt to turn these countries into liberal democracies which ultimately sowed decades of chaos and terrorism and created massive refugee crises
  • Two years ago, Juneteenth wasn’t a federal holiday
  • Twenty years ago, no one celebrated PRIDE Month
  • If we go back two years ago to the Trump era, illegal immigration had crawled to a standstill during COVID. Millions of illegal aliens have flooded across the border since then.
  • If we go even further back in time, tens of millions of illegal aliens haven’t flooded into the country and tens of millions of more Third World immigrants hadn’t arrived and radically changed the racial demographics of the country. We used to have an immigration policy geared toward maintaining a White majority and even more narrowly a White majority from Northwestern Europe
  • A decade ago, there were at least 10,000 fewer genders than there are now and Wokeism wasn’t a thing yet. There was free speech on Twitter and Facebook. Gay marriage was illegal. Hundreds of historic monuments were still standing. Men could not get pregnant.
  • Twenty years ago, “trans” wasn’t a thing yet. There were drag queens, but there wasn’t a full on embrace of gender fluidity in mainstream culture.
  • Thirty years ago, the internet wasn’t swamped by every genre of hardcore pornography imaginable.
  • Thirty years ago, “white privilege” was mostly confined to radical sects of professors in our most liberal universities
  • Sixty years ago, women didn’t have the right to murder their own children and this was considered shocking.
  • Sixty years ago, divorce was still unusual. Homosexuality was taboo. The Sexual Revolution hadn’t severed sex from marriage, family and reproduction
  • Sixty years ago, the Rust Belt was an industrial colossus and China was a deeply poor Third World country
  • Sixty years ago, interracial marriage was illegal in all the Southern states
  • Seventy five years ago, America wasn’t a “nation of immigrants” and the Swedish social scientist Gunnar Myrdal had yet to invent the American Creed. The notion that “America is an idea” and did not have a racial, ethnic, religious and culture core was still in the future
  • Eighty years ago, the United States wasn’t a global liberal empire
  • Eighty years ago, America was still a White country and a Christian country which was proud of its Anglo-Saxon culture. The Supreme Court hadn’t imposed dozens of social revolutions on the South
  • A century ago, America didn’t have a Jewish elite using the mass media and the universities to poison and degrade our culture. Women were still wives and mothers.
  • As we go further back in time, PMCs shrink in size and influence before falling to negligible levels prior to the 1920s
  • 120 years ago, women didn’t have the right to vote and feminism was still a fringe avant-garde cause in a few European cities like Paris
  • As we go further back in time, the country becomes more White and more Christian. White Christian men were the rulers of this country and dominated its culture and public life
  • A century ago, the fads of modernism, postmodernism, cosmopolitanism and antiracism had yet to be embraced by our liberal elites. Critical theory hadn’t arrived yet in the United States. Political correctness was in the future. Freudianism wasn’t conflated with morality
  • As we go further back in time, the administrative state shrinks into nothing before the Progressive Era. The federal government shrinks into the Post Office. The military dramatically shrinks. The FBI and the “intelligence community” vanish
  • As we move further back in time, blacks, American Indians, Asians and other non-Whites cease to be citizens because America was a White Republic before the War Between the States
  • Before the War Between the States, there were no Reconstruction Amendments or federal civil rights laws. The states had vast powers which they no longer possess
  • As we move further back in time, the quality of both our presidents and senators dramatically increases

I could go on and on.

The past was a lot better than the present.

Basically, if you had a time machine like Marty McFly and could travel year by year backwards into the American past, you would by struck by how much better the country becomes the further you go back. You would notice how we haven’t made any progress except in science and technology. We have declined and degenerated with the pace rapidly accelerating in the post-World War II era.

Joe Biden said in his speech last night that “America is an idea.” As we have found out in our times, the truth is that a functioning country can’t be based on nothing more than an idea. When that happens, most people will just argue over what the idea means and centrifugal forces will rip the country apart.

The definition of “extremism” or “semi-fascism” is rejecting progressive liberalism and its endless novelty chasing and embrace of destructive fads and remaining true to the values and beliefs of our ancestors who founded this country. The only form of equality that used to exist under our system of government was equality between the states in the Senate. Democracy also meant sovereign states controlling their own elections. Liberty is self government, not the pursuit of sick, degenerate lifestyles.


  1. It’s obvious that progs are the people who want to go backwards. They want the America of the late 20th century back, when the American empire had uncontested dominance of the world, when they had complete information control through mass media, and when financial oligarchs could just roll out their agendas and have them be accepted by the popluace without question.

    Unfortunately for progs, there is no going backwards. They already set the American empire on its present course with their unhinged policies, so they can either shift to a post-imperial state willingly, saving what they can (this seems to be what MAGApedes want), or America can die off kicking and and pissing itself. Most on Brandon’s crew seem to want the latter.

    • All of HW’s points are excellent, worth remembering.
      I would add,
      The crime rate goes down the farther back we go.
      The education standards go up the farther back we go.
      The currency kept its value.
      None of the strains of overpopulation.

      Everything the libtards advocative as a form of progress is in reality decay.

  2. Re: “(Khazarkraine) and (…) Iraq and Afghanistan and (…) Syria and Libya”: You mentioned only five out of the ONE HUNDRED (at least) foreign interventions (imperialist wars) that the U.sury S.ystem has perpetrated since 1946 – and out of approximately four hundred since 1776! The nature and logic of the private profit system requires it to be perpetually at war.

    Regarding wanting to “go backwards,” you would only be repeating more of the same. But the U.sury S.ystem hasn’t really changed, and cannot change. It has ALWAYS been a backwards system, conservative, looking back to conserve and continue the unearned rents, profits and property of elites.

    History keeps marching forward, toward genuine freedom, classless equality and fraternity among all peoples, tribes and nations on earth. I don’t need to read or listen to Biden’s teleprompted speech to know that it never mentioned the only WAY to go forward.

  3. I think the US has been a managed slave colony since 1913 and probably before. Also, do you really want government regulating marriage? I don’t.

    • “Also, do you really want government regulating marriage? I don’t.”

      I do. We’re where we’re at today because the government doesn’t regulate or criminalize bad behavior and bad decisions anymore, instead it now discourages good behavior and good decisions.

  4. Joe Biden is a Yankee.

    He represents Yankees and “their national interests.” Not ours.

    Since 1860, we’ve had government of the Northern people, by the Northern people, for the Northern people. The only relevance that “national” politics have, for us, the Southern People, is in how much more of our liberty, rights and prosperity, such as it is, that we are going to lose, as a result of Yankee social engineering schemes and power grabs. Nothing more.

    End Reconstruction. End the War(s).

    • Joe Biden is a Yankee.

      He represents Yankees and “their national interests.” Not ours.

      There you go Owen, even if we both are a European people, we are so different in values and the basic understanding of the world that a “union” with “These People” as Lee called them could never and will never be possible

      And we spent years and years burning the rest of the world down trying to convice ourselves that it could!

    • “He represents Yankees”:

      Biden represented Southrons, of Delaware, a southern state, south of the Mason Dixon Line, that hosted negro slavery and had a plantation economy the same as adjoining states Virginia and Maryland. Southern Delaware, and the rest of southern Delmarva, are still pretty southern.

      • Delaware stuck with the union the whole war! The state sent a huge numbers of regiments to spread terror in Virgina and the Carolinas

        True it was a slave state but it produced no units for the CSA, But sent around 13 000 men to safekeep the union

        Maryland however stayed true to Dixie and most good men from Delaware joined Maryland units or enlisted in the Virginia army
        Copperheads were in all states but Southern Indiana just naming one had way more Southern sympitizers than states!

  5. In case you did not get it, with all the “democracy” talk in every other sentence, abortion, gay marriage and the sexualization of children are core values to Joe and Joe is going to fight like hell to defend these core values.

    It is not the extremist, MAGA, fascist, election denying, authoritarian, Trumpian, dictatorial white supremacist, you are fighting against though Joe…….it is God.

    • Don’t forget…..

      Anthony Blinken, Wendy Sherman, Victoria Nuland, Janet Yellen, Avril Haines, and David Cohen.

      Those evils Nazis and their Hitler Biden!


    • Black youth gangs are acting like the real life nihilist hooligans, miscast with whites, in such movies as Clockwork Orange and The Road Warrior.

  6. About half of these changes were changes in the MEDIA more than changes in real life.

    The trans nonsense is a perfect example. Have you EVER met a transgender in real life? I saw one once in Pittsburgh, PA, maybe a decade ago.

    But turn on TV or read “political” stuff it’s all you ever hear about.

    It’s part of the system, both the action and the reaction.

    • Probably 25% of kids at my local (rural red state) high school have declared themselves to be “trans.” It’s definitely not just some fake media thing.

      • I believe you. Some people pretend to believe modern Southerners have the same values they had in 1860. They don’t.

    • Yes, actually I am seeing them. One is a typical homosexual Mexican at the register at Taco John’s, the other is a hulking, white, probably autogynepheliac autist at the local Walmart. He looks like a gigantic Linda Tripp monitoring the self checkout area with his booming voice.

  7. now answer me please, why the hell the british anthem (“God save the queen”) in the last minute? What am I to make of that?

    • It’s not. It’s “My Country ’tis of Thee”. The music matches the British anthem, but the lyrics are different.

  8. “The definition of “extremism” or “semi-fascism” is rejecting progressive liberalism and its endless novelty chasing and embrace of destructive fads”

    Its beyond this. The religion of the Left is transgressivism against nature and iconoclasm against the natural. The logical conclusions of humanist and atheistic worldview.

    We are fundamentally incompatible with these people for the same reason we are with the fedora tipping WN’s.

    • Well, there is that too.

      I’ve really stirred up the 2% of atheists who insist otherwise over the past month

    • > The religion of the Left is transgressivism against nature and iconoclasm against the natural.

      That perfectly describes Queer Theory, a subset of the original Frankfurt School “Critical Theory” which is a political and social agenda in the guise of a pseudo-academic theory. The original Critical Theory divided “whites” by which they literally meant “goyim” – the original CT was published by the American Jewish Committee – into two categories.

      “Fascists” and “Communists” later renamed “Democratic” when the original Frankfurt school work was translated from German to English.

      > The logical conclusions of humanist and atheistic worldview.

      Or “Faustian?” “Atheism” is more of a grammar mistake, what passes for “Atheism” is actually “Atheism+” which means “typical freshman year SJW heavy on the non-binary special snowflake white girl stuff.”

      It’s very much not “Christian vs. Humanist” nor is it “Atheist vs. Theist.”

      That “argument” only exists in the dredges of “movement” comment sections because the Hitler cult sometimes get tired talking to each other so try to pretend to be a “movement.”

      Most SJW stuff is Havel’s Greengrocer and not much else.

      While all whites are “racist” the people most hated by the media are unreconstructed southern Evangelical Christian whites who don’t get their social status from LA/NYC media companies.

      Bill Mauer is a stereotypical white racist but he’s Jewish and a Democrat so when he tells fag jokes and says racist stuff or criticizes BLM it’s ok.

      But if an Evangelical southern “working class” white does any of that it is “semi-fascism.”

    • >we are with the fedora tipping WN’s.

      I’m a WN and I don’t wear a fedora — even if I did I wouldn’t tip it; that’s gay.

      The kind of secular moral absolutism you see not just in Biden’s speech, but in the whole attitude of the Left toward those who don’t share their beliefs, has little to nothing to do with the racial/demographic future of the country — and to see why the racial future of the country is important, check the current headlines coming out of Jackson MS — or just look at your local crime stories.

      • >… or just look at your local crime stories.

        3 Dutch soldiers here for training shot in Indianapolis, 1 killed, by a 22 y/o black male who ‘spazzed’ after a minor altercation — link

        Pick any large or mid-sized city in the US and check the local media for crime stories — the amount of heinous, violent crime committed by Blacks is hard to believe.

  9. Well, this is where we end up as a country. A creepy old man, standing in front of a set that wouldn’t look out of place in an old Hammer movie. Complete with the vampire standing in front. Hating half the country style of speech. Lovely…..

  10. Myself, I wouldn’t call these people progressive liberals.
    There are progressive liberals, like Jimmy Dore and the folks at the Grayzone, like Dennis Kucinich, Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang, like Glenn Greenwald, Johnathon Haidt, Kim Iversen, Krystal & Kyle, Naomi Wolf and Steven Pinker.
    Progressive liberals tend to be socially libertarian as opposed to woke.
    On foreign policy they tend to be pacifists, and protectionists.
    Fiscally they’re social democrats, but they want the rich to pay for the social welfare, not the middleclass.
    They occasionally talk about auditing or even abolishing the federal reserve.
    Their counterpart on the right are conservative liberals.

    The people in control of the democratic party right now are authoritarian progressives, regressives if you will, and they’re corporate progressives as opposed to progressive populists.
    Their counterpart on the right are neocons.

    • Well, somehow the democrats are very strict on getting all these people to tow the line in the legislatures. What sort of black or hispanic truly representing their community could possible vote for any of this “green” crap that severely hurts their poor constituents in the pocket book. Banning fossil fuels and gasoline powered cars means millions of blacks and hispanics will no longer be able to afford a personal vehicle. I talked to a black guy at work, I avoid most politics but do feel free to talk about the green wackos though and found that they are very unpopular with blacks, along with this genderqueer crap. They have zero interest in being forced to buy $80K Teslas, however none of them will stop voting democrat though so the GOP is completely wasting time if they think they can court these folks. Heck, now the democrats needed even worry about black voter apathy, they just harvest a ballot sent to every address in their district, every vacant lot, every Alzheimers nursing home, every homeless shelter. The GOP needs to contrast the way the democrats run elections now with the way we orchestrated the Iraqi elections with the purple thumb in person only voting to ensure no fraud.

      • Does this mean there is going to be a mass exodus of brown people out of California in an eastward direction when they can’t get gas cars anymore? I don’t like the sound of that.

  11. “You would notice how we haven’t made any progress except in science and technology”

    Even this is debatable. The latest NASA project, the Artemis rocket, is about going back to the Moon. Uhh we were there like 50 years ago?!

    Also one of my best friends got the Vaxx and almost immediately had heart failure. So medical science (Fauci & the CDC) have failed as well.

    As a Christian I look to St. Augustine who also lived in a time of decline. (Fall of the Roman Empire)

  12. Always accuse your enemies of what you are doing and that is exactly what Biden and his jewish puppet masters are doing.

    • Yes. They cry out in pain as they strike you – as the old saying goes. Not only the jews now – but their white step-n-fetchits and enforcers use the same tactic. Quite a historical lesson in how steep the decline has been from HW, no?

  13. What a rambling train wreck of lies and hypocrisy. I lasted 11 minutes listening to this crap from child molesting grifter. Biden’s handlers have a lot of nerve desecrating Independence Hall with this speech.

    Those Marines used as a backdrop have no business being there are are an implied threat to the rest of us. FJB.

  14. This Whole Idea of White Nationalism is a Fail. The Woof Tickets are expired.

    Someone, somewhere had better tell White People to vote for their own self interests.

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