JD Vance: Joe Biden Is Effectively Declaring War On Half The Country

My fellow normies,

The tyrant from the Acela Corridor essentially declared the beginning of Civil War 2 while I was at work last night. He went far beyond Hillary Clinton saying you are a “Basket of Deplorables” at a fundraiser. He gave a prime-time national address from the White House and called you “extremists” and enemies of “Our Democracy.” He has also said you are a “semi-fascists” who need to be dealt with by his police state. This comes days after two Ivy League law professors in The New York Times declared that the Constitution is a dead letter. Joe Biden wants to establish a dictatorship of coastal states.

Note: I’ve been saying for a year or two now that there is no difference between us anymore. The fact that Joe Biden is calling you “fascists” now confirms it. You are “extremists.” You are the target.


  1. This is a holistic overview of the situation from normie space.


    We are now about 75 million kulaks, and persecution is imminent.

    Tucker got one thing right, Brandon is no Jospeh Stalin. He will totally fuck this up and turn it into a totally self defeating campaign of terror. The question is what will be the collateral damage.

    This is potentially very dangerous but potentially the accelerationism the Anti Trump people were hoping for in the dissident right.

    I for one won’t be publicly declaring myself MAGA or anything of the sort, cause I don’t see Conservatives anywhere near ready to defend themselves even though war was just declared on them. It will take a pearl harbor, or fort sumter level event to set it off.

    Their incompetence makes this inevitable, but not at all predictable in its form.

    I’m gonna keep my head down.

    • The next logical stage that this descends to is targeted political assassinations.

      They aren’t going to send out a goon squad to peoples doors to drag them out of their homes for voting Trump. There is way too much in the way of intimidation they haven’t tried yet that is far more efficient than a pogrom (assuming they aren’t total morons).

      I would look for people in Trumps close orbit to start dying “mysteriously” the way Russian oil/gas tycoons that oppose the war in Ukraine have been recently.

      The clandestine services have long since perfected the art of assassination that doesn’t look like assassination (in every regime) and they have the media here to suppress the coverage of it, minimizing the blowback, and maximizing the effectiveness of the message to Trump. “Don’t run in 2024”. People like Rudy Giuliani, Bannon, Tucker/Hannity, Trumps lawyers/accountants, former staffers and cabinet ministers. These are all soft targets.
      Properties of Trumps could be burned in “mysterious” fires like have been happening in the food processing industry all of a sudden. His immediate family are all soft targets now.

      I wouldn’t put it past them to take a shot at Trump himself, like happened to Bolsonaro in Brazil, or Abe in Japan. Some “lonewolf” in a crowd who decides he has to save Democracy and shanks Trump with a sharpened toothbrush handle that the metal detectors of course missed, or a “ghost” 3D printed plastic shotgun at close range like Abe. Or something equally hard to prevent.

      There is alot more risk going after him directly but, that question of competency. They may be too dumb to care what the fallout would be, and I really can’t say myself what that would be.

      The entire situation is getting way past the point of being comfy. Trump is in real danger and he has nowhere to run.

      King Leonidas threw himself on the blades of the Persians knowing that his life would buy a united Sparta going to war for its own defense. At least the movie 300 said so and who gives a fuk its a good story.

      Trump though? If I were him I don’t know how much I’d trust the American People to do anything of the kind. Maybe he will pass the baton and just retire from public life… but I just don’t see that happening.

      This is all going nowhere good, just like the accelerationists wanted, people are gonna get hurt. Everybody that helped Biden “beat” Trump bear a measure of responsibility for this.

      In the end, I hope Whitey remembers it didn’t have to be this way, and that people on our own side did their best to make sure it was as messy as possible for their own ideological reasons.

      I sure remember. I’ve got a pretty broad definition of what constitutes a race traitor, and nobody can hold a grudge like a ScotsIrish Hillbilly.

      Until then, heading for the hills would seem to be in order.

      • Brandon is no Jospeh Stalin. He will totally fuck this up and turn it into a totally self defeating campaign of terror. Brandon is a retarded ventriloquist dummy who can’t even read his teleprompter directions correctly. He decides nothing of real importance. Your projected scenario is a pretty good take which basically proves the above. Those who pull the puppet-strings won’t do anything serious to Trump until after the election is stolen. Then they’ll be able to make the play to go full Bolshevik. Trump will be arrested and any kind of reaction from the Migatards will be used as the pretext for martial law. As you say, time to head for the hills, or out of the country. Not sure if there was any way to prevent what’s likely coming. Trump did zero to even slow it down, or even minimize the potential loss of life. The violent accelerationists were either working for the FBI or simply insane. There probably will not be a peaceful solution to the mess we’re in. That’s the way our enemies have always wanted it. Most whites still don’t get it. Decades on end of lies taught in schools, churches and via media have a deadly effect.

    • We’ve been at war for years, it’s just that one side has been studiously trying to ignore it. Now it’s getting to the point they can’t ignore it anymore.

    • “We are now about 75 million kulaks, and persecution is imminent (…) Tucker got one thing right, Brandon is no Jospeh Stalin”:

      Yes, Biden is the complete opposite of a socialist, but there was no Holodomor. Don’t amplify CIA propaganda.

  2. The future is looking up!!

    were inching closer and closer

    Soon time for the idiot “Patriots” and “Gunservatives” to realize that they are going down with what they hate the most…”Good ole Rebels” and “Nazis”, no matter how much they wave the masonic dish-rag around you will be considered Nazis for not agreeing with the ruling class!


  3. “Brandon is no Jospeh Stalin. He will totally fuck this up and turn it into a totally self defeating campaign of terror”

    Hit it on the nail there Sock!, absolute truth

    • Same, but for different reasons. Trump & the Republican Party is Trash. Garbage. The Alt-Let is on the way out too. Woke is a distraction.

  4. Well, they have nothing left except going full 1917. It was predicted decades ago that at the very end things go black and white and there will be only 2 political forces. Communists and anti communists.

    But instead of 1917, it will play out as 1991 Soviet Coup. Two problems. First, revolution demands great idea what inspire men to fight and die. Lenin had great idea but today nobody will go to battle for transsexual toilets and mass immigration.

    Second problem is human quality.. Lenin had his geniuses , Stalin Trotsky Dzerzhinsky, Bukharin Kamenev. And serious fighters obeying their orders. Poor Czar had only rotten aristocracy with zero ideas and zero support. Today, quality population is on our side and entire world support anti communist forces.

    So global fight between Good and Evil ahead and we will win.

  5. The Democratic Party nonwhite voting bloc is declaring race war on Native White America…This is who Joe Biden speaks on behalf of…

  6. What exactly about Donald Trump and his movement is so extreme? What is so “unprecedented” about it? It seems milder than the way the country was in 1955? Trump seems to represent the values of 1985 and wants a return to the America of the John Hughes Movies, how is that so extreme? But it actually is to these cretins pulling Biden’s strings. The Breakfast Club after all was all white, none of them had two daddies and the closest thing these people could sympathize with was the delinquent from a broken home. Trump actually represents a culture in the decline of divorce. He tolerates gays, what exactly is so horrible about him? Oh, yes he pointed out how badly (((the deep state))) has been running our nation into the ground, selling out to China, and replacing you with obedient foreigners. Heck, these people will NEVER be satisfied, if everyone owned a Tesla they’d probably start finding some other reason to hassle and shame you. “We’ve got to impound your car…it’s made with conflict lithium” Everything about what the professional left does is like a spiteful child who just wants to sabotage things out of a passive aggressive schlemiel like mindset. And way too many whites are in their camp, no solidarity like the way nations in full resistance mode to a colonial occupation are. And that is the ballgame we are in, big blue city globalists have colonized the Anglo American nation just like a 19th European power. Bringing in Indians and Chinese into the big cities as loyal outsiders against the native people in the countryside, that’s not a new play either.

  7. If they can go after Dump a former sitting president, they can go after anyone. The govt just declared war on over half the population and it’s going to get interesting as this all plays out.

  8. If Our Greatest Ally attacks Iran or China attacks Taiwan The U.S. military is not going to do well in the subsequent wars and amongst other problems, it will rapidly run out of qualified manpower. The U.S. Government will immediately turn to conscription (called “National Service”) to fill the ranks with intelligent, capable, young, White men to staff the military. These are the very “semi-MAGA” fascists/Nazis Dementia Joe has been railing against.

    Hopefully, Whites will give the U.S. Government the finger in response. The Government wants Whites dead, six feet under. Let the trannies, diversity, homos and assorted freaks fight for the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire, they are the Government’s pets anyway.


    Non-cooperation with the scumbags in charge, especially during a self-inflicted crisis is the best response to these pricks. They created all the problems afflicting the country since at least 1945 with their so-called “Civil Rights”, equality, affirmative action, Third World invasion, wars etc., so let them fix things. I don’t care if China rules Taiwan or if Iran has nukes, not my problem.


  9. “Joe Biden Is Effectively Declaring War On Half The Country”

    Joe Biden is a Yankee.

    He’s just doing what his people have always been doing, every few decades, since 1830.

    End Reconstruction. End the War(s).

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