Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden’s Dark Speech

I also thought it was a Lincolnesque speech.

This is what it was like to live under the Lincoln presidency. The Constitution was thrown overboard. Lincoln acted like a sectional dictator. He arrested and incarcerated his political enemies. Conservatives have buried the memory of what actually happened in those years.

Note: The Confederates were the good guys in that war.


  1. It is all driven the racial transformation of America as a direct consequence of the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act…

    • @Patrick….

      I totally agree that the Immigration Act was a watershed.

      That said, most of the non-White Immigration has come illegally OVER the border, and have remained here in a New England system that calls these woefully undercompensated workers ‘migrants’, whilst constantly decrying Ole Dixie for ‘slavery’.

      Moreover, non-Whites have NOT shaped the policies of this country since WWII.

      No, it is the Northeast which has driven the policies in this country – from shaping a foreign policy that serves Jewish One World Order interests, to the pursuit of every nihilist agenda

      New England, and it’s Northeastern allies, are the basis for almost every serious problem we, Southerners, have.

      To be clear : I wish you and your White New England Gentile clan well, and the best way I can think to do that is to separate the South from y’all, so that y’all can join Justin Trudeau in a bold march to the future.

      I do not begrudge y’all’s desire for tomorrow, for I and mine feel the same urge for yesterday.

      No battle between yesterday and tomorrow can ever be resolved, except in divorce.

      White People are very definitely NOT the same, and nothing better demonstrates this than the contrast between Dixie and New England, over the last 2 centuries.

  2. Hi MAGA,

    Biden is not Hitler, Hitler-esque, or anything resembling Hitler.

    The Biden Regime is almost entirely Jewish.

    Hitler would have opposed the Jewish Biden Regime which is Anti-White and Bolshevik.

    I don’t want you to be persecuted by the Jewish Biden Regime but you are borderline illiterate and continue to be manipulated and misled by sociopathological online grifters who want to steer you sheep away from confronting the Jewish Problem.

    You are so close to peering beyond the curtain and yet like an incel you’re content to remain in the friend zone.

    There is a very real ethnic and tribal element to the Anti-White and Bolshevik nature of the Biden Regime.

    Step beyond your comfort zone and embrace reality.

    All the Best,

    Former MAGA stalwart

  3. It’s obvious that Biden sees himself as an infallible Roman Catholic leader like a Pope. We have never had this in American politics before! I’m sure we can all agree, that there was logic to Lincoln’s thought, even if we don’t agree with it! But, there is no rationale to Biden’s thought. Just crazy Catholic accusations of half or more of the population.

  4. I think the Confederates were duped and the entire thing was engineered as a bloodbath and a Jewish takeover of Southern business interests. There was no winning that conflict.

      • Well they actually did

        Jews was already building the north and the union to serve them as their new global empire that would replace England to do their bidding

        Still jews were working both sides of the conflict for their own benefit, but never for the Southern cause
        Why they needed slavery abolished had one reason and that was to destroy the Southern economy it had nothing to do “with human rights”
        Lincoln himself admitted to that emancipation was to raise and forment a nigger internal uprising in the South although this never came fully to materialize because of the nature of the animal itself

        There is a reason JP Benjamins statue was never toppeled

        The war between the states is the second uprising against modern liberal globalism ie progressive marxism

        Every war since the dawn of man had jews conducting their own buissness inside it to their advancement and our detriment

        • Judah Benjamin was no different than anyone else in the Confederate government. Southern Jews weren’t challenging and trying to overthrow the social order back then. Jews had little to do with abolitionism.

          The sort of revolutionary Jew that we are all familiar with came from Germany, Poland and the ghettos of eastern Europe amd mostly in the Great Wave after the war. The Sephardic Jews who settled in the South, Caribbean and Latin America were generally not troublemakers.

          Why was this the case? I don’t know. There wasn’t much interest in the Jewish Question back then. When people thought of dangerous radicals, they thought of zealots like John Brown

          • https://www.jewworldorder.org/jews-caused-civil-war/

            But it is good to know that jews were such nice people, and that that it’s been only recently that the jews decided to undermine and fuck up all White nations.

            “Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest: The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.” — Rabbi Reichorn, speaking at the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, 1869

            “Wars are the Jews’ harvest, for with them we wipe out the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100 million of them and the end is not yet.” — from the very same Rabbi Reichhorn which Henry Ford was to add later, “And no harvest is as rich as civil wars.”

          • “Why was this the case? I don’t know. There wasn’t much interest in the Jewish Question back then. When people thought of dangerous radicals, they thought of zealots like John Brown”

            Good point Hunter!

            There is indeed a historical separation beween yankee puritan liberalism(John Brown) and jewish self interest but very often these two seem to find common ground and wrecks everything in it´s way

          • Hunter Wallace,”Do you actually believe this?”

            I do. The reason is simple. It’s genetic. People have talked about the Jews fomenting war and destruction against anyone not Jewish for thousands of years. In the Roman Empire writers, I forget which one, talked about not upsetting the Jews lest they were attacked by them.

            Way back

            “Exodus 12
            35And the children of Israel did according to the word of Moses; and they borrowed of the Egyptians jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment: 36And the LORD gave the people favour in the sight of the Egyptians, so that they lent unto them such things as they required. And they spoiled the Egyptians.”

            The Jews say they were slaves but do you give your slaves all your gold and silver?

            I believe the Jews purposely brought Blacks to the New World to ferment long term dysfunction by race mixing and ethnic friction. They appear to me to do the exact same thing over and over and over.

          • “The Sephardic Jews who settled in the South, Caribbean and Latin America were generally not troublemakers”:

            Of course. Why would they trouble their own system?

            Regarding the distinction between good, solid, southern, Sephardic Jews and bad, revolutionary, northern Ashkenazis – “The sort of revolutionary Jew that we are all familiar with came from Germany, Poland and the ghettos of eastern Europe and mostly in the Great Wave after the war” – it seems stretched and artificial.

            The original centre of Judaism in the U.S. was Charleston, SC. When the slave plantation system (centered in SC, which was originally the “Santa Elena” Spanish papist colony with slavery and Sephardic merchants) collapsed during and after the war (the system actually began to collapse before the war as well) New York City became new the centre of Judaism in the U.S., including BOTH earlier Sephardic immigrants (always present in the northern states as well as southern states) and newer Sephardic and Ashkenazic immigrants.

            Re: “Judah Benjamin was no different than anyone else in the Confederate government”:

            He was not much different from the de jure President in the Confederate government, being (said to be) the de facto President of the Confederate government.

          • It is true.

            The Sephardic Jews who moved to the South, the Caribbean and Latin America generally were not troublemakers. They didn’t have a reputation for trying to blow up the social order. This is why Southerners didn’t have much to say about Jews until well into the 20th century. In contrast, the Ashkenazi Jewish experience in Germany, Poland and the ghettos of Russia led to a deep immersion in Marxism and revolutionary leftwing politics.

          • “they borrowed of the Egyptians jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment:”

            Yeh ‘borrowed’, BORROWED ??? …..sure.
            What a pretty euphemism for. .. STOLE !

          • “He was not much different from the de jure President in the Confederate government,”

            I wonder if that is the reason Davis ordered Beauregard not to take Washington DC, when he had the opportunity ?

          • @Hunter Wallace I would be surprised at any Southerner who believes that the War Between the States was fought over slavery. If you believe that, you need to do some reading. Schools teach the slavery line, because it fits their leftist narrative.

          • Slavery was incidental to the war.

            The cause was irreconcilable differences over the nature of the Constitution- specifically, the sovereign right of secession – which were rooted in much deeper cultural and religious differences which trace back to the founding of the colonies

          • “the Ashkenazi Jewish experience in Germany, Poland and the ghettos of Russia led to a deep immersion in Marxism and revolutionary leftwing politics”:

            However some of that “bad experience” was due to being merchants, employers and financial usurers.

            Usurers are never “immersed” or baptised in the “blood” of real ethno-socialism – with freedom, equality and fraternity for all of a people or nation, not just some elites. Rather they use socialism as a weapon or tool when it suits their purpose.

            “trying to blow up the social order”:

            There is a difference between (1) opposing the existing “social order” (usury system) to re-establish the natural order of human society and (2) blowing up some of the existing order to gain control of the rest of it.

          • @HW I was taught the reason for the War was tariffs, taxation, and the antebellum South was about agriculture.
            Mechanization was just around the corner, so no one would have slaves when they could have machinery do the job.
            The South was a different culture than the North, also, so there were several things leading to secession.

    • Who were the Reds? The Bolsheviks and the USSR, of course….before Hitler ever came along.

      • “Who were the Reds? ….before Hitler ever came along”:

        Much older than that. The red flag flew for the first time in Merthyr Tydfil.

  5. These days calling someone Hitler means that person wants to commit genocide against a certain race of people. Hitler wanted the Jews gone. Biden wants American Whites gone. See you in Biden’s gas chambers!

    • Interesting that Biden’s administration is probably the most jewish one in history, don’t you think? Think there might be some connection between the two instances? Also might be some connection with the mentality of the people who claim the Old Testament as their tribal history?

  6. You can tell a lot about what a politician thinks by his tie. Biden is wearing the blue tie which in Egyptian mythology and freemasonry blue is the war color. Also note in his jacket he has his hanky revealing three triangles which represent the three pyramids showing his allegiance to who really runs this world.

    These psychopaths really do believe in this esoteric religion, ask any freemason if they’re willing to tell you.

  7. Notice the military and the red background as if he’s sending a message? Biden must be reading the communist manifesto.

    • “Biden must be reading the communist manifesto”:

      Surely you jest! Biden HATES communism, and calls it “a universally failed system.” Like Pelosi says, “we’re capitalists to the bone.” Bernie the Bomber (F-35) and The Squad also serve the system. AOC doesn’t even know what socialism is. The System wants you to be confused and fearful.

        • I don’t waste my time arguing with Merthyr Rising, 1831 or any one like him or her. They live in their own reality, not the present. Biden clearly is a communist.

          • @John One has to wonder why they are on this site. But then, there are several on this site that wreak of surveillance.

            I hope the people backing communism are reincarnated someday into a Gulag or other communist scenario.

  8. Which half? There is no MAGA half. I am no math Wizard, but half of 30% that identify as republicans who are even 90& of MAGAs is a lot short of half. If we are counting the “Alt-Left”, add 1%.

    Most boomers did not even watch the speech because it wasn’t on ABC, NBC and CBS.

    Most young people were watching some finale of a reality show online or gaming. 10% of them have cable, and think ABC, NBC & CBS are Alphabet agencies.

    This is bordering on insanity. Someone had better tell “Us” to look out for ourselves and it isn’t the bravado of Guns.

    We all have them, we all keep them clean and our ammo dry. Let’s stop being chest-thumping idiots. I saw a post today: “But we have the Guns!” Some guy said “Then Start Shooting”…

    He said… No, I’ll wait for the revolution.

    Sweet Jesus. The Gig is Up. We are not scaring anybody and in truth, we have no right nor agency to scare anyone.

    • These people are morons. They think just by having some rifle in a gun cabinet, it means there’s some revolution. Like these guys are going to come out of their homes and start shooting at the clouds or something. They don’t even know their neighbor’s name, let alone how they feel about the state of the union.
      This IS what the enemy wants…for whites to turn on other whites and finish most of us off.

  9. That asshole-eyed son of a whore has finally declared war on sane White America. GOOD. But let him, his kike butt puppeteers, globohomoshlomo billionaires & media race traitors like that scum Scarborough take the next step: let them stir up the shitlib loons like Hoskinson, Reinoehl & the antifags to violent action. They will, you can bank on it.

    In the coming chaos they’ll create, the deadly enemy usurpers who have always been protected will suddenly become vulnerable.

    • Yes, things need to get really bad because most Americans think nothing’s wrong.
      People are still going on vacations, eating out, gambling, buying homes and cars, drinking it up, so the inflation hasn’t really affected them. Just like the mass immigration hasn’t affected them.

      • This is true because things really are not that bad. We hear about this recession & the darkest days in history & wonder for who. We are better off financially and there are more jobs than people. It’s all political.

        I kind of like Biden TBH, he’s old school.

  10. Note: The Confederates were the good guys in that war.-HW

    Germans were the ‘ Whaite hats ‘in both World Wars, whereas descendants of the Confederates fought for their ancestor’s federal Unionist enemies in both of them.

    • November,

      My time is short.. I return to Mexico tomorrow morning but I wonder if you have ever heard this beautiful German song.

      • “My time is short”

        Oh no, Cristina is going to evaporate.
        Send us some comments on how things are in Mexico.
        Are you headed for Guadalajara ?

        • Arrian,

          No. I will be back here and there on some weekends and vacations. I begin the university either January or late August 2023. I may have to attend school in Durango for a semester before being allowed to Guadalajara.

          The feeling in my family is that I have been sheltered my whole life and that i need some safe seasoning before the big league that is Guadalajara.

        • Spahnranch1970,

          Nice to hear from you again. I have to leave in an hour so this is a rush comment. I only thought November might have heard of it since it was in German and the song charted nicely in los estados unidos.

          By the way you are still the only one to have guessed my last name and you did this 2 years ago. Congratulations.

      • @Cristina,


        That song and accompanying scene was very reminiscent of Doris Day and her movies.

        Beware the scorpion”s sting in Mexico. Hopefully, no cartel violence in your school’s vicinity

        Enjoy your last semester. It will be short and bittersweet.

        • November,

          Sorry. I could not resist. I had heard that there were 200,000 stings per year. Perhaps things are getting better. Anyway i went with the lower yahoo figures. Many stings are not reported. Mine was not.

          Mexicans generally refer to the people of Durango as Alacrán de Durango (Scorpions from Durango). The slang term for the natives of Durango is Duranguense.

          Scorpion stings represent a major public health problem in Mexico. Their annual incidence is estimated at 150,000 cases; 800-1,000 people die from them each year, 72.5% of whom are children younger than 5 years old. The states most affected are Aguascalientes, Colima, Durango, Guanajuato, Guerrero, …


  11. R.E. Lee was only 54 when he resigned from the US Army to become commander of the Army of Northern Virginia. But he is portrayed as being much older in that movie clip.

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