Joe Biden, Despot

If MAGA are “semi-fascists” and “extremists” who are enemies of Our Democracy, what are we these days? Where do we stand under this regime?

Note: Rod is correct that no one can have illusions about where this is going after watching that speech. The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago was another such moment. The George Floyd riots were another revealing moment.


  1. Tell your MAGA friends they are us now they are welp…. “Nazis”

    And if they don´t trust you now just wait for the evidence to show up at 0500 in the morning through their door shooting their dog at some time in the future

  2. “””..what are we these days?…”””

    Educated leaders who will guide normie masses in the war. With peasant revolts, there was always a problem that peasants did not knew how to fight a war and spent all their resources and energy attacking useless targets. while ignoring important targets.

    Now again some peasants want to fight against 5 billion colored , against professions like journalists or teachers. Our task is make clear that there are 2 enemies, Jews and communists and the rest are irrelevant. Communist is even worse than Jew because Jew is pretty much powerless when you remove communist.

  3. “Our democracy” means maintaining and consolidating the power of the Left. USSA is becoming a reality. Trump isn’t going to save anybody.

  4. Looks like those operating retarded ventriloquist dummy and their loyal step-n-fetchits wearing D and R jerseys are planning on the big steal this November. They’ll probably end up with an absolute majority to ensure the whole totalitarian enchilda is passed. They want civil war now while they are still in a position of strength. Trump will likely be indicted and arrested. The arrest could well be the pretext to start the war in earnest. Joey Shitpants keeps in drooling about F-15s. If they carry off the steal in the fall, they’ll have their IRS army ready to deploy in a few months. The allowed overturn of Roe was clearly part of the plan, as is the whole gaslight media campaign warning of a coming Gilead via the “White Christian Nationalism” bogeyman.

    Will the MAGAtards take the bait? As Juri above notes, some targets are far more important than others. The greater enemy vs. lesser-enemy concept. Even if MAGAtards are smart enough not to take the bait, there could very will be a ‘Reichstag Fire’ type of event to launch a full round-up of designated “terrorists” into gulags. We might very well have a war whether we want to or not. The gang running the Empire of Lies is running of time and they know it.

    • Remember when jew actor Ron Silver looked into the sky after Clinton was elected and said, “those are our F-15’s now!”

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