National Review: Biden’s Catastrophic Speech

Joe Biden even managed to repulse conservative liberals like Charles C.W. Cooke with that ridiculous speech he gave last night. He looked like a dictator out of 1984 or V for Vendetta.

National Review:

“Really, who thought that was a good idea?

Leave aside the diabolical staging, which managed somehow to turn Independence Hall’s timeless Leveler aesthetic into a Riefenstahl-esque nightmare. Leave aside the presence of the two carefully placed U.S. Marines — which, had the president in front of them had an (R) after his name, would have launched a thousand Atlantic thinkpieces. Leave aside Biden’s clenched fists and his shouting and his wholly unwarranted overconfidence. …”

Who thought that was a good idea?

Obviously, the audience was Libs on Twitter who are sharing the Dark Brandon meme.


      • Over the years, the Democrats have named Whites as the group they want to get rid of. Its exactly like Hitler named the Jews. So Whites are to be the next Jews, but typical of Whites, they are oblivious, and won’t listen to warnings. Genocides in history happen as a matter of routine.

        • Most Jews came here, but we have nowhere else to go.
          Things are not bad enough for whites yet. They are still living it up. No one is stopped from going on vacations or resorts. They can still buy homes and new cars. It’s only a few people who can’t. Even the higher prices of gasoline haven’t stopped them from traveling.
          Until most whites are limited from having a good time, they won’t care.

  1. It’s obvious that Biden sees himself as an infallible Roman Catholic leader like a Pope.

    We have never had this in American politics before! I’m sure we can all agree, that there was logic to Lincoln’s thought, even if we don’t agree with it! But, there is no rationale to Biden’s thought. Just crazy Catholic accusations of half or more of the population of the world is flat variety or the earth is the center of the universe.

    The dangerous thing is that his African woman VP, and the Italian Roman Catholic Speaker of the House are just as crazy and stupid as the Holy Roman Catholic El Supremo.

    • The pic in another thread with him at the podium in front of the Lincoln painting is picture perfect

      Same self-righteous politics, Same bombastic liberal bullshit true “heal the world” and kill anyone who disagree!
      A perfect avatar of “Honest Abe” if i ever saw one

      And to anyone who say “Hitttluuurrr”! Adolf Hitler actually fought these guys

      It can clearly not be said enough that AH tried to stop what would have resulted in what we have today much much earlier!

  2. Or like Charlie Chaplin in “The Great Dictator”.

    Cooke obviously hasn’t seen Leni Riefenstahl’s “Triumph of the Will”. That film is a masterpiece.

    • Leni Riefenstahl was a great innovator in film techniques. She pioneered most all of modern cinematography. Her methods made billions for Hollywood.

    • >That film is a masterpiece.

      Have you watched it? — oder versucht den Film durchzuhalten? — I found it rather boring and tough to sit through; sort of Nazi kitsch, although I appreciate the screenplay (so to speak), as well as the effort it took to conceive and produce — like all film of that era, I find myself wondering what happened in the coming years to all the people you see in it …

      Due to its assumed political significance (it had no military importance), Nürnberg was deliberately targeted and heavily bombed during the war — the beautiful medieval city center was almost completely obliterated.

      The remains of the Reichsparteitagsgelände, including some of the structures, are still there and can be visited:

      Third Reich in Ruins — Nürnberg

      A rock music festival called Rock am Ring is held there every year — in a bit of bad timing, it was happening the weekend I visited.

      • Yes. I own it.

        As for Nürnberg I’ve been to it and am familiar with the historical markers placed in the old city about the bombing campaign and the combat in late April of ’45 in the city.

      • “I find myself wondering what happened in the coming years to all the people you see in it …”

        I always have the exact same thought when I see footage or pictures from 30’s and 40’s Germany. Oh what could have been.

  3. “Cooke obviously hasn’t seen Leni Riefenstahl’s “Triumph of the Will”. That film is a masterpiece.”

    The last scene is Star Wars (1977) is basically a rip off of Triumph of the Will.

    Jewish Hollyweird was mad that George Lucas used that film as inspiration and have locked him out getting any major Oscars ever since.

  4. “””…“Really, who thought that was a good idea?…””

    In Soviet Union they called themselves State Committee for the State of Emergency


    “”..Compatriots! Citizens of the Soviet Union!
    In a difficult, critical hour for the fate of the Fatherland and our peoples, we turn to you!..”””

    “”…Before our eyes, all democratic institutions created by the people’s will are losing weight and effectiveness. This is the result of purposeful actions of those who, grossly violating the Fundamental Law of the USSR, actually carry out an unconstitutional coup and are drawn to unbridled personal dictatorship. prefectures…””

    Sounds familiar ? Democratic institutions are under attack by unconstitutional coup commanded by wannabe dictator … 😀 😀

    “””..There is an attack on workers’ rights. The rights to work, education, health care, housing, recreation are called into question…”””

    As much I heard, there is also attack in the US to people rights. Right to choose, right to marry and so on.

    “”..Even the basic personal safety of people is increasingly being threatened. Crime is growing rapidly, organized and politicized. The country is plunging into an abyss of violence and lawlessness….””

    The State Committee for the State of Emergency in the USSR is fully aware of the depth of the crisis that has struck our country, it assumes responsibility for the fate of the Motherland and is determined to take the most serious measures to bring the state and society out of the crisis as soon as possible. To be inactive at this critical hour for the fate of the Fatherland means to take on a heavy responsibility for the tragic, truly unpredictable consequences. We call on all citizens of the Soviet Union to realize their duty to the Motherland and to provide all possible support to the State Committee for the State of Emergency in the USSR

    State Committee
    for the State of Emergency in the USSR.
    August 18 , 1991 .

  5. This shit is bullshit and it’s bad for you. I’d say the fed is so obviously willing to do anything for international oligarchy at this point it’s becoming impossible to hide. I love this country despite it’s problems, which are clearly being incited from abroad and liberty over any of these technocratic, treat you like dirt, piece of shit police states. It’s really insane to me that American’s would want some fucking dictatorship, I love being American precisely because of the history of being very opposed to it. Once they convince enough fuckin tards this country is pure evil then the Constitutions got to go and then we’re really fucked. There is truth to the race stuff but this is intentionally promoted from the top down and most likely dreamed up abroad to fuck our country up. I’d say put CIVIL WAR! Part deux on hold until we can fix this rogue enclave in DC serving oligarchs and Israel(who backs Russia and Ukraine? and Chiner? Probably more than their host er I mean greatest ally they sucked enough blood out of. weeeeiiird….

    • Jews created, promoted, and enabled, the multiculturalism that has been destroying America since the end of WW2. They manipulated the immigration system to enable the invasion of tens of millions of culturally unassimilable third world peoples. They declared these unassimilable peoples, who refuse to assimilate, as protected classes White Americans are not allowed to criticize no matter their shortcomings or their refusals to assimilate. They allowed these minorities to run wild and empowered them by protecting them in the media and with jew contrived political correctness.

      Jews set about a plan to hijack American schools, churches, the US government, and the news media. They now control all of these entities and any and all institutions critical to the survival of America. Jews have deliberately orchestrated the agenda of dumbing down our educational system to render stupid Americans that can’t evaluate what has happened to America. As with education, they have lowered America’s formerly high standards in employment by introducing affirmative action. They use the MSM to continue brainwashing dumbed down Americans 24/7. If it were not for these evil subversives, this clandestine fifth column, America would still be the free and powerful country that it has been.

      • I don’t want the Third Worlders to assimilate (a fool’s errand anyway), I want them deported, all of them, fuck ’em. The “charities” that support them, religious or otherwise should have their assets seized and the money used for deportation expenses. George Soros’ assets alone should be sufficient. If not, Bill Gates is ready and waiting to contribute, like it or not.

        • They are assimilating, though, across all social-economic classes. By the second generation, brown immigrants become gay and retarded just like White Americans.

  6. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, age 79, expresses genuine fear of US leftist dictatorship assembling now:

    “Nothing, you know, tells you anything about how corrupt and how sick this is going to get. Because you have fanatics who represent a secular religion, who are determined to destroy not just Trump but Trump’s followers. They could do almost anything. We have no way of knowing what the next six months or two years are going to bring.”

  7. I didn’t watch the speech and have no plans to do so — but from reports I’ve seen, I suppose the teeth-gnashing about it is understandable.

    Still it seems to me only incrementally worse than what’s been happening for some time now, e.g. DHS has centered the threat of non-existent ‘white supremacist’ terrorism — if you want to see/hear something even creepier than Biden’s speech in Philadelphia, look up that clip of him saying terrorism from ‘white supremacy’ is the greatest threat facing the country — note the brief, uncomfortable silence that immediately follows — then a few people start clapping — then a few more, etc — I would still like to know: who was clapping? — why were they clapping? — I mean what the fuck.

    I’ve considered myself a White Nationalist since the late 1990s (growing up in California had something to do with it), meaning I made up my mind back then that I didn’t want Whites to become a minority in the US — it wasn’t until the media ominously insisted on labeling George Zimmerman a ‘white Hispanic’ that I became a hardcore WN, and that is now never going to change.

    Since then it has been a steady, incremental escalation — ‘deplorables’ etc etc.

    I just hope white men are paying attention.

    • They are. We are. Bootstraps are non-existant without a community. We seem incapale of doing it because Rush Limbaugh taught us “rugged individualism”.

      Easy to be rugged as a billionaire. Where is Rush’s widow these days?

      Marrying JB was the best thing I’ve ever done.

  8. Remember how Spencer used to claim that MAGA types irrespective of the “Alt light” were meaningless, goofy, ineffectual, incompetent, and foolish clowns? Remember how he said all of white America beyond the coast is such? How Christians are dysgenic morons spiraling the dustbin of history and are all just slave morality peddlers, incapable of grasping real power? Now apparently we are all a diabolical threat to the soul of Democracy.

    Again, the types like Spencer deserve every ounce of the punishment they received so far because of their past affiliations and will certainly receive for the rest of their lives. I am glad Charlottesville ruined his life. Charlottesville and everything that happened afterwards was all worth it if not only because of the fact that it ruined Spencer’s life.

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