Damon Linker: To Purify The Polity

We all have dreams.

What’s wrong with dreaming about independence from coastal libtards? Everything really would be great without them.

Eyes on The Right:

“Whether the enemy is defined as Biden voters, women, or “Third World foreigners,” all such approaches to political argument are guilty of indulging in a destructive fantasy. This fantasy can be distilled into the following statement: Everything would be great if only we didn’t have to share the country with THEM.

Politics is how the members of a diverse and pluralistic community seek to reach accommodation with one another, despite their differences. Populism, in this respect, must be understood as a form of anti-politics that encourages people to place their hopes in a pipe dream of uniformity and unanimity.

That pipe dream can only end in one of two ways: either disappointment when the demonized faction of the country fails to disappear—or civil violence when one side actively attempts to purify the polity by eliminating, expelling, or otherwise forcibly separating itself from the other.

Civil violence may well lie in our future. Recognizing that possibility is one thing. Actively courting it is something else entirely. Glenn Ellmers has unfortunately placed himself firmly in the latter camp”

Imagine waking up and being free from the yoke of these people forever.

Joe Biden could linger on as the senile progressive tinpot dictator of the Acela Corridor. Brian Stelter could take over as White House Press Secretary. Jim Acosta could host Face The Nation with the nation being reduced from the present Global American Empire to the coastal strip between Boston and NOVA.


  1. This guy is talking about the tyranny of the majority. Decentralize power away from Washington and towards the local governments and we all can live in peace as we see fit. Can Washington surrender power and live with in its constitutional limitations?

      • @Scot Irish—- You wanna call me a hater, boy? Have at it. And I do mean boy. I have tried to reason with your kind like a man, and all I get is snide remarks, and a whole lotta shucking and jiving. When are you going to grow up and be a man, boy? Tell me again you are just like us boy, tell us boy. I need to hear it, boy.

        • Well since you insist, yes I am a full grown “boy”. Full grown “girls” like it that way.
          That would be men like and want women and vice versa.
          I never said you were a “hater”, but usually your post insult the Irish for no logical reason. Usually your insults are very vulgar and try to tie all the evils in the world to the Irish.
          A Country Boy can survive you. It just takes distance and practice.
          I’m sorry some guy with an Irish surname beat your ass and stole your girlfriend. Get over it. Simp

  2. I only listened to a few minutes of your video selection, up to the point where a crowd of otherwise normal-looking people – but they enjoy re-enacting war, and especially Lee’s “great” (disastrous) counteroffensive invasion of Pennsylvania – are singing, or chanting the following words:

    “KILL that Yankee soldier, march away to the firing squad, AND KILL that Yankee soldier….”

    The System needs a cold civil war, or maybe even a hot civil war, and at least strong hate developed, between “Southrons” and “Yankees” to drain their excess energy and distract (prevent) them from thinking about what is the real problem: the System itself.

    • That is exactly true. People on the right better realize that these leftists want us all dead. They didn’t hold back in 1917 and if they were to again to achieve the power they had then, they will murder all of us. They refuse to co-exist with anyone who disagrees with them. There is no intelligent discussion to be had with them because their brains are in a constant state of cognitive dissonance.

      Liberals are at war with reality. They live in a world that’s not real, a fantasy world that empowers those who would destroy order. Look at this country. It has gone from reasonable and law abiding to absolutely insane — worshiping niggers run wild — with these jew and liberal assholes running things. They spread their craziness and no one is allowed to question it.

      Genetic White liberals are communists who are a cancer and we can not co-exist with them. They’ve locked up honest, patriotic, people who believe in the US Constitution for years for merely demonstrating, or life sentences for self defense, while they applaud and enrich — at our expense, do-nothing niggers for robbing, murdering, raping, and looting.

      • @DiCarlo I agree.

        I think people these days do not feel anything that happened in the past, can happen to them now. They think they are immune to it, due to technology and the military. They have little concept of being conquered from within.

        I’d guess that most Americans don’t believe there would be any kind of mass culling, forced famine, or anything else to get rid of us. Most Americans feel that nonwhites are STILL part of the whole American thing.

        Have noticed how Fox News keeps promoting stories by “new Latino citizens” who are favoring GOP agendas. Funny how most of them have no accent, but Fox is falling all over itself, with nonwhite adoration of these people.

        • Well, of course FOXjews are part of the whole jewish agenda, so I agree. I don’t watch it at all, except I may play a Tucker youtube video of his most recent show if I think he’ll have anything interesting to say. I use a “firestick” so I can pick and choose what I watch. I like to say, no niggers and no commercials, though not entirely true, but I get to choose what I watch.

  3. Ever wondered why the Acela corridor liberals don’t want separation? You’d think they’d be happy to rid themselves of all the fascists ao that they can build their utopian dream project.

    The problem is that they actually need PEOPLE to build things. And mine things. And grow things. And fix things. And on and on. These people usually have very different ideas about how the world is supposed to be. So the quandary really is, how do you tame the servant class so that they happily do all of the dirty work while the elites live in their ivory towers. Truly, let them eat cake.

    They can’t survive without us, and they know it. This is all about mentally breaking us so that we get back down into our Plato’s Cave and happily watch the dancing pictures on the cave wall.

    • Don’t forget the niggerball fans right here. They know just how much niggers hate them, but doesn’t seem to extend to watching these apes running around on the niggerball field. The jews parade these niggers in front of our women to further promote the already rampant racemixing that is going on in our formerly White countries.

      It doesn’t matter if Whites enjoyed the televised football in the past. Today, all Whites must avoid it, but most certainly Whites who claim to be pro-White. Whites still watching niggerball are supporting their own displacement and demise. The professional niggerball teams are made up of 80% black players because the jews have actively and purposefully discriminated against Whites to achieve this disproportion. How can any self-respecting racially aware White watch this?

  4. This anti-white fool Jelani Cobb thinks Oklahoma City bombing was an act of white supremacy??? I thought it was understood by everyone that the OKC bombing was in response by Timothy McVeigh to the Waco massacre by the Clinton administration.

  5. I think there was a different video up when the post first appeared and I made the above comment. The video up now is How do civil wars start? My response to this video is that many civil wars are started by outsider manipulators who stand to profit and gain power by stirring up hate, creating two sides and pitting them against each other – psychological operations designed to divide, destroy and rule. Red states versus the blue states, or Southrons versus Yankees conflict could be such a psyop. Note that the system never really pits workers against elites but uses any other kind of division and conflict to keep that from happening.

  6. The left is more infatuated with the idea of civil war than the right. The media and president both goading conservatives into a corner. Do not take the bait.

  7. If the enemy was not constantly provoking and insulting us we might have gradually and imperceptibly become the minority in a few more decades without having put up any resistance. But now they are going to have a fight on their hands. And it’s a fight they might lose.

  8. HW asks: What’s wrong with dreaming about independence from coastal libtards? Everything really would be great without them.

    Nothing is wrong with the dream. Few here want to live in the same country with these bastards. They aren’t going to let us go or let us alone. They will come for you, your kids and anyone who does not express endorsement of their bottomless evil loudly enough to suit them. They’ll come for the Amish too (pacifists, as I recall). The Church of Woke’s immediate ancestor is Pol-Pot. They’ll do exactly the same – and worse – when they are confident there will be no serious resistance to them. I expect we’re way past the point where any kind of deal or peaceful divorce can be accomplished. Hope I’m wrong but the parallels are all there.

    Orwell, who was with them at one point, sickened of their endless evil eventually. He had their number, so to speak:

    There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always—do not forget this, Winston—always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever. — George Orwell: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Part III, Chapter III

    • There may be something wrong with it, as I am not sure the conservatives have what it takes to fully reverse the decay in their separate realms. Their next generations will continue to form blue enclaves that threaten to eventually destroy any hypothetical MAGA nation as well. Look how brutal Charlemagne had to be to force Roman Christianity onto his realm, it took generations of totalitarianism and basically waiting for the old ideas to die off with old people being ever vigilant to strike down with deadly force any reemergence of paganism lest it contaminate the younger generations. In the 80s only scumbag druggie girls and fat cows messed around with blacks, they had Silent Generation fathers who for the most part kept their daughters in line. Now the parents…if there even is a father, grew up on a diet of wonderful black characters on TV and MLK worship in the schools and can’t explain to their daughter why that is a bad idea even if their gut instinct tells them so. I see Advanced Placement respectable looking white girls going around Walmart now with a black boyfriend, never saw this in 1992, they were all with them for drugs or because they were super fat that was all they could get. The left forced maladaptive liberal philosophies on the nation same as Charlemagne forced Roman Christianity on Northern Europe, a patient multigenerational project ever vigilant to enforce the philosophical line. Republicans still are too quick to say “its a free country” about crap like the shameful legacy Bruce Jenner has chosen that he would have kept in the darkest recesses of his troubled mind a few decades back. No you can’t chop your dick of or have that black boyfriend…some things simply have to be haram.

  9. I am glad you chose to write about this because when I saw it on Youtube the same day as watching the CNN produced miniseries about right wing terror and January 6th. My mind was trying to figure out if these people actually believe this garbage or if they know they are lying just using it to fire up both the blue haired activist freaks and terrified housewives who still watch cable news

  10. White Nationalists believe truth is a paramount and fundamental value. Liberals are at war with the truth. They cannot see truth. They are anti-truth. The only truth they see are lies they make up constantly to justify their insane programs and points of view. Leftist Whites are, in fact, genetically defective. They are a plague on their own race, including their own families, and a plague on humanity.These people are truly insane, I mean, transgender? Come on! If we are to survive, these insane, vindictive and violent nutcases need to be removed from our societies. Just like the jews, they cannot be brought to reason or reprogrammed. If they were to achieve total power, it would be like 1917 Russia all over again.

    • There was a college football game here last night.

      As usual, I saw thousands of White people here tailgating, drinking, going to the restaurants and relaxing and having a good time. The college girls were all dressed in white and were going to and from the game with their boyfriends. Everyone seemed happy and in a good mood and supporting their team.

      Your idea of having a good time is being miserable all day on the internet and thinking about race 24/7 and being angry at normal people. That’s why so many people would rather watch football games than be surrounded all the time by cranky and miserable people in a marginalized internet subculture

      One more thing … I don’t even watch the games. I was at work. I just don’t hate sports like you do. I understand why people would rather go to a football game than be miserable 24/7 online

      • The many Whites you saw watch the game are not racially aware and don’t want to be. They are stupid fucking normies too stupid and selfish to wake up. All they care about is having a good time — bread and circus — but the good time they’re having at niggerball games is supports the niggers who hate them and the jews who want them dead. I very much enjoyed watching football games 15 years ago and many years before that, but coming to understand the predicament Whites find themselves in, it’s a matter of self respect to no longer watch. Football is just another pleasurable facet of our lives that Whites created, but that jews have stolen from us and made into a weapon to use against Whites.

        • Yes, these normal people are too stupid to miss the appeal of being cranky and miserable ALL DAY on the internet EVERY DAY and interacting with anonymous people who are just as miserable and obsessed with race.

          By obsessed with race, I mean monomania, which is by far the biggest reason why White Nationalism is so toxic and has so little political traction. This is not the same thing as being proud to be White or acknowledging the existence of racial differences.

          Most White people in the South who watch football games are not self hating liberals. They are just not so obsessed with race that it makes them miserable and unable to relate to others in their community

          • Excuses, excuses, excuses. I could understand normies making excuses for worshipping niggers, but racially aware Whites? That’s pretty funny. White Nationalists are obsessed with race because they understand an activity almost exclusively occupied by the niggers who hate all Whites, isn’t something that Whites should participate in. Unfortunately, most White people in the North, South, or anywhere else are just tragically stupid, race-blind, normies.

          • If a White person is racially aware, what is he then? A White supremacist? Privileged? A racist? A Nazi? A hater? I don’t agree with your assertion. I think you must be confusing racially aware Whites with White normies or just saying anything, no matter how obtuse, to “win” the point. But if what you say were the actually the case, that racially aware Whites don’t identify as White Nationalists, maybe they should just MAN UP and grow some balls and admit they are, instead of bending over to prove to niggers they’re not raycist by going to niggerball games.

          • That’s right.

            Racially aware Whites and White Nationalists are not synonymous. The former is a large group of people. The latter is a small group of probably a few hundred thousand. Neo-Nazis are a much tinier group.

            There is a difference in degree. It is like the difference between it being 70 degrees outside and 110 degrees. Millions of White people who would be offended if they were attacked for being White and who believe in the Great Replacement watch football. Those people are the norm. They are just not as intensely interested in race as White Nationalists

          • Almost all of those sportsball watchers will have brown grandkids. They are irrelevant for the future of the White race in north America because their descendants won’t belong to it. What they like or don’t like, what appeals to them or not, none of that matters because they are normies who go along with the degenerated mass culture, and they will go along with it wherever it happens to take them.

            Whites who survive to the future will be the ones who have made a hard break from mass Jewish culture, not sportsball and Hollywood movie obsessed Jewish mind-slaves.

          • I disagree.

            I don’t think sports has any real connection to politics. I see it as just a leisure activity that people who want to decompress and have a good time enjoy. But anyway, White Nationalists insist on dying on that hill, so be it.

            It is same way with Christianity. Attacking Christianity is one of the most self marginalizing things that White Nationalists do.

          • Those people are the norm.

            Yeah, they’re the norm. White normies. The only thing they know about race is that they happen to be White. It’s not a priority. That’s the norm. Too cowardly to face up to the, oh so obvious fact, that all their nonwhite enemies who hate them, they’re the ones who are and always have been obsessed with race. The jews, the niggers? Tell me it isn’t so. Even White Nationalists can’t compare with nonwhites in terms of hatred for the other or obsessing with race. And these normies you speak of who go to the niggerball games, you’re right — they don’t obsess. They’re too stupid to even acknowledge what’s going on. They have no clue, and if attacked for being White, would they even be offended? I think they would simply be bewildered and confused, and maybe just kneel and beg the niggers for their forgiveness.

          • @HW I think you are just trying to dissociate from the real pro-white movement, and pretend you’re just some football loving, church-going, tail-gate partying, “normal” person. I don’t know where that even puts you, because anyone who is “pro-white” and is aware of the anti-white agenda, isn’t like that at all.

            These people you advocate probably have never heard of your weblog here. Probably most of them would think you are outrageous, for even your less than moderate views.

            Either you’ve suffered some pathology, or you’re scared, so you’re taking the low road to stay online.

            I also think your job isn’t stressful at all, and your need to “decompress” doesn’t align with any of us with real professional jobs that work under stress, and we don’t feel any need to watch football games.

          • I’ve been around for 20 years and have seen and know all the flaws of White Nationalism and the Alt-Right.

            I don’t identify with either of those labels anymore because of those flaws and due to my own negative experiences. I was pro-White before I ever heard of the movement because that is just our traditional culture in the rural Deep South.

            I have no interest whatsoever in Neo-Nazism or fascism and especially in the atheist or pagan variety of anti-Christian White Nationalism. I don’t believe in it. It has no appeal to me. It is also a self marginalizing road to nowhere and a proven failure

            Who want to be miserable and cranky ALL THE TIME? Who wants to talk about race and Jews and nothing else ALL THE TIME? Certainly not me. It is no wonder why millions of White people would rather watch sports and go get drunk and relax than listen to endless whining ALL THE TIME.

          • You somehow have a disturbed view.

            Maybe it’s the pro-whites you hang with. You know the ones who don’t need to work for a living, and sit around and yak on radio shows?

            If you think not liking the anti-white agenda is “being cranky”, that’s a really odd conclusion.

            You wrote: “It is no wonder why millions of White people would rather watch sports and go get drunk and relax than listen to endless whining ALL THE TIME.”

            If you think the concern of pro-whites is “whining”, maybe you should put on a suit and tie, and go out and get a real job. Being at home all of the time, and watching TV, is being sheltered. Perhaps some time in the real trenches will persuade you to wake up. There’s nothing like real life, to bring your world view into a clear focus.

          • Actually, it’s not.

            The people who I hang out with in real life are not like this. Jared Taylor doesn’t sound miserable. Neither does James Edwards. Both of them are excellent communicators. It is people on the internet who sound this way and who repulse outsiders who might be sympathetic to our concerns.

          • @ Hunter Wallace SEPTEMBER 4, 2022 AT 6:33 PM

            Not to belabor this, but:

            I’ve been around for 20 years and have seen and know all the flaws of White Nationalism and the Alt-Right.

            Disregarding the ‘flaws’ of the Alt-Right, its personalities and misfortunes (e.g. UTR), what specifically do you think are the ‘flaws’ of White Nationalism? — what is wrong with WN as a political ideology? — what is wrong with the goal of trying to secure a homeland for Whites, where they will have and maintain the racial hegemony needed for them to survive as a coherent, self-governing ethno-cultural group?

            One caveat: please don’t mention its apparent general political infeasibility today, which is something I think we all acknowledge — it’s an uphill battle, to say the least.

          • “It is no wonder why millions of White people would rather watch sports and go get drunk”

            You do realize that is the perfect illustration of why Whites are getting their asses kicked and why they are on the path to annihilation? Sure, they are having fun now, but their future is bleak, or non-existent.

          • In my view, people who come across as cranky and miserable scolds who have extremely weird and foreign views aren’t doing us any favors. They are just creating an image and an atmosphere that repulses people who might otherwise be sympathetic

          • Hunter, it’s not about political opinions. Whites will soon be the minority. Can you think of any minority that has continued to exist as a distinct group while assimilating into the dominant societal culture? It doesn’t happen. Minorities that assimilate go extinct. In near-future brown USA, Jewish garbage culture like sportball represents the dominant culture of integration. Whites who adhere to that culture are pretty much destined for assimilation and extinction. That’s why I say their grandchildren will be brown, because the probability is high that they will be.

            It was one thing to adhere to dominant culture when Whites were a firm majority, but a completely different situation when Whites are the minority. The dominant culture can no longer be taken as “implicitly White” after Whites are the minority.

          • You would think that White Nationalists would be happy or excited that the Great Replacement has gone mainstream and that it is becoming more acceptable and common to talk about anti-White discrimination and see this as a major progress. But no, they would much rather bash normal people for watching football or going to church and obsessively and obnoxiously dwell on that.

          • Hunter, I do not believe “great replacement” has gone mainstream. Republican propagandists like Tucker Carlson have just redefined the great replacement to take emphasis away from race and to shift blame away from conservative capitalists who are primarily responsible for the replacement. Furthermore, White conservatives don’t seem to be becoming pro-White (not the same as being anti-anti-White). They just want MLK back (which I believe is actually worse for Whites than CRT is- give me Kendi over King any day). Complaining about “reverse racism” and double standards and so on isnt anything new for conservatives. They do it periodically every few years, the Republican party dials up the race baiting, and then it all disappears again next time they get a Republican elected. I still remember Rush Limbaugh calling Obama “magical negro” and stuff like that, so even that degree of race baiting is not outside of the norm for republicans. I also remember in the Bush years, it was not uncommon to hear people saying things like “sandniggers,” with tacit endorsement from the establishment. Every time this happens, pro-White people get excited that others are “waking up,” but it never sticks. Unless there is a fundamental change in outlook, like acceptance of race realism and rejection of Jewish garbage culture, then it really doesn’t indicate much of anything. Without that, it’s just normies taking another spin on the conservative carousel. That is why I am not buying into hype of “White Christian nationalism” or whatever is supposedly happening now, because we have seen it before.

      • Your idea of having a good time is being miserable all day on the internet and thinking about race 24/7 and being angry at normal people.

        I don’t know what his ‘idea of having a good time’ is, and you probably don’t either.

        Of course he was trying to goad you, so you replied in kind.

        But to the extent ‘normal people’, and here I think we are implicitly talking about white people (right?), are foolishly and blindly acquiescing in the demographic surrender of their country, perhaps there is some reason to be frustrated with them, if not angry, because the future of Whites as a minority in America seems fraught with risk.

        Since, as you have said, you used to be, but are no longer, a White Nationalist, some time ago I asked you specifically what had changed in the US since you first became a WN — do you recall that? — a link to the comment:

        Question: What has changed in the US since then? — how is White Nationalism any less desirable, or the predicament of Whites any less threatening, even ominous, today than it was back then?

        I suggest you go back and read your answer — if you do, you’ll see that you didn’t answer the question I asked, which I noticed (but decided not to pursue) — you know, I chose the question carefully.

        Anyway, it was more or less a rhetorical question — because the only possible answer is that, regarding the predicament of Whites, the situation has only gotten worse.

        The dig about attending or watching football is meant as a metaphor for the burying-their-heads-in-the-sand behavior which is today characteristic of too many Whites — I don’t begrudge people their sportsball, even though I myself no longer watch; in fact, I find TV entirely unwatchable, in part due to the avalanche of insipid ads, which are often full of gratuitous Blacks, which I find even more offensive — however I think the metaphor is appropriate.

        • I DON’T identify as a White Nationalist.

          I’ve explained at length why I don’t identify with that label anymore. We’re seeing it again in the discussion about football in the comments. It is not because I watch football or have said anything about football, but instead because some people are just miserable about the fact White people aren’t obsessing about race or Jews and spending every minute of the day thinking about those subjects because they don’t share their pathological level of monomania

          • >I DON’T identify as a White Nationalist.

            I know you don’t today — I concede/state this above:

            Since, as you have said, you used to be, but are no longer, a White Nationalist, …

            However you did previously, right?

            I don’t understand why you seem to have difficulty understanding my comments, and occasionally giving a straight answer to a straight question.


          • I used to identify as a White Nationalist.

            The thing that convinced me that I no longer identified with the label was spending a decade (2001 to 2011) posting on online forums.

            White people don’t share the same identity, culture, beliefs and values. This is particularly true in the White Nationalist movement. It simply got old after a decade of watching anonymous people who don’t share the same identity and culture and thus who aren’t cohesive enough to do anything or accomplish anything and who would prefer to argue endlessly on the internet over all their other differences. I got tired of all the vicious fights. The idea that these people are a “nation” just seemed less and less plausible after a decade of observing them going in circles. It illustrated why basing nationalism on nothing but biological race is an inherently flawed project.

            I’ve since watched another decade and another incarnation of the movement pass and end up in the same place. It just doesn’t work because of the lack of common identity, culture and morality.

          • Truth. I used to identify as a White Nationalist too. What we did during Covid lockdowns taught me something. This is a never ending road to unhappiness. Not doing it.

            Y’all stay miserable. We are enjoying our grandchildren.

          • @ Hunter Wallace SEPTEMBER 4, 2022 AT 7:26 PM

            I know you have your reasons for not identifying as a WN today — I find your reasons wishy-washy and prosaic, but, OK, they’re your reasons.

            But I didn’t ask why you no longer identify as a WN — I’ll repeat the question:

            What has changed in the US since then? — how is White Nationalism any less desirable, or the predicament of Whites any less threatening, even ominous, today than it was back then?

            I admitted that it was in some respects a rhetorical question, one designed to show that what (I assume) caused you to be a WN earlier, namely the peril of Whites becoming a scapegoated racial minority, along with the incremental destruction of the historical and cultural patrimony bequeathed to them by their forebears, is every bit as valid today as it was back then — however despite the rhetorical nature of the question, it still would have been appropriate for you to somehow address it directly, which you again failed to do.


          • Obviously, I haven’t changed my views about racial and cultural decline. It is the dysfunctional behavior in the movement that I got tired of and ultimately rejected

  11. OMG …

    There is someone out there who is taking his girlfriend out on a date and is having good time instead of thinking about how miserable he is on the internet because Adolf Hitler lost World War 2.

    • He isn’t taking his date out to the local niggerball game, and he isn’t miserable that the Germans lost WW2. It’s just a fact, and the significance of that loss is lost on White normies. They should be informed, if possible. And as far as attacking Christians, no it’s attacking the ridiculous idea of Christian Nationalism being any sort of tactic used to defeat the jews. It’s absurd. I don’t attack Christians, but rank and file Christians would certainly attack me and worse for daring to expose their jewish darlings.

  12. This is different from living with Muslims. Muslims at least have a bedrock for civilization. Leftists are diametrically opposed to everything that makes civilization possible. There is no coexisting with them without the prospect of us completely subjugating them. It’s either that or national divorce. Take your pick, libs.

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