Clint Watts: Rise In Far Right Extremism Could “Break Up The Country”

We’re taking our country back … the Confederacy.

I envision an illiberal White Christian Republic based on the South and other Heartland states who share our traditional values that has broken away from the degenerate liberals who dominate the Acela Corridor and West Coast states. This isn’t “fascism” because we want a more decentralized government and we would get rid of the FBI and the Global American Empire.


  1. It won’t be a “White” racial state though. There’s no such thing. Other than that I can embrace the other elements 100%. Christianity cannot be blended with racist based societies.

      • You are wrong because we are not in the 1800’s anymore. All contemporary Confederate/ Southern Nationalist organizations all reject racism and separatism with the only exception being the LOS. So you, Brad and all the rest here are in the minority.

        • Why are you here, nigger lover? This is a Southern nationalist site. The Daily wire would be a better place for a Orthodox jew such as yourself. Stop spreading your diversity is a strength lie.

          • Yes John agreed Sir This IS a Southern Nationalist site

            yankee or jew GTFO “Slumlord”

            Most here are indeed Southern Nationalists or Copperheads and there are also some National Socialists! Rod Dreher would be to radical for you!

            Take your “majority” and your “united states” of nigger worship all it´s trappings symbols and acolytes and hit the breeze

        • Orthodox Slumlord, According to you, Whites will not be allowed to fight for their survival, which is natural, and must submit to their destruction. Every other race will be able to have a homeland to survive except Whites.

          Separatism is necessary for survival.

        • And all the rest here are in the minority, yes ortho doodle poodle, a pure and unadulterated remnant, authentic, genuine, southern soldiers, who don’t need ortho doodle, can stretch a noodle, around anyhow, bye, bye little slumster, go back too your dumpster……….

  2. “This isn’t “fascism” because we want a more decentralized government and we would get rid of the FBI and the Global American Empire.”

    Which would last about a week before the decentralized government was completely subverted, bought off, and puppetized by the stronger and wealthier libtard America, leaving you right back in the same position.

    • A decentralized Confederacy won’t work, and would end up being overtaken. Jefferson Davis realized that and he was always at odd with the other states over states rights. We need an absolute Monarchy with established churches in symphonia just like the Byzantine Empire was.

    • I have to agree with Dart. Fascism is (so far) the only thing that has worked against Judeo-Satanism. Ban “circumcision”and prosecute ala Hadrian.

      • I don’t like being dark and pessimistic, but the only thing i can foresee is America becoming another Venezuela or worse, a mass of slums filled with muds of variable darkness. Those with wealth or luck fleeing to another country.

  3. It’s OUR country. Let’s expel THEM from our confederation like the Malaysians expelled Singapore in 1965.

    > Seeing no alternative to avoid further bloodshed, the Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman decided to expel Singapore from the federation. The Parliament of Malaysia voted 126–0, with all Singaporean MPs boycotting the vote, in favour of the expulsion on 9 August 1965. On that day, a tearful Lee Kuan Yew announced on a televised press conference that Singapore was a sovereign, independent nation. In a widely remembered quote, he uttered that: “For me, it would be a moment of anguish. I mean for me, it is a moment of anguish because all my life … you see the whole of my adult life … I have believed in Merger and the unity of these two territories.”

    Expel Acela and four California city-states, problem solved.

  4. “Christianity cannot be blended with racist based societies” – Well, I suppose it depends on what you mean by “racist based societies.” If you mean that Christians cannot live in societies where preserving one’s cultural and racial identity is the general assumption of the citizenry, this is not true. There were many devout Christians who lived in various countries throughout Europe who would have cringed at the thought of their nation being filled with Africans and Muslims. These same Christians would have rightly opposed having their daughters intermarry with Africans or any other non-White racial group.

    There were also many Christians throughout Germany with the rise of the Austrian Corporal who were totally supportive of his efforts to restore Germany’s greatness. Most Americans think all Christians were like Dietrich Bonhoffer who opposed Hitler. I have not found this to be the case.

    On the other hand, if you mean Christians living in societies where other racial groups are persecuted, harmed, and mistreated, the answer is NO. As much as I may oppose White nations inviting third-world people to our White lands via mass immigration, there is no warrant for harming them. Our battles against open immigration must be fought on another level that is much deeper. Our leaders who permit this sort of thing must be dealt with.

    The assumption behind your reasoning is that Christianity is inherently opposed to all forms of racialism. It isn’t. There’s not a line or sentence in the New Testament that opposes any ethnic or racial group of people wanting to preserve their racial and cultural heritage. The apostles never asked Jews and Greeks to abandon that which was unique or culturally distinctive of them as a people except in those realms that conflicted with the Gospel message (idolatry, food sacrificed to idols, etc.). Although the Gospel is to be proclaimed to all the nations – and salvation is never limited to White people alone – this is not to be interpreted as God wanting all the nations to morph into a multi-national and multi-racial stew in which all differences are to be erased.

    That will come one day when Christ returns, but that day has not yet arrived.

    • “racist based societies”:

      Ethnocentrism is a natural tendency, force or law, like gravity.

      Racialism, including racial pride, fear, hatred and violence, is an artificial divide-and-rule method.

      The population of the U.sury S.ystem’s homeland is so thoroughly artificially mixed that natural ethnocentrism would take a long time to undo the mixing where sorting out is still possible.

  5. They got big plans for that Sean Patrick Maloney. The guy is like JFK. He is 6’7″. Repealing gay marriage would screw those plans up. All the threats and tough talk, Joe’s speech even, is to influence the Supreme court judges over gay marriage, make them think about the right course of action. The Jews want us to be rule over by a faggot so bad they can taste it. Poor gay Pete, he is being kicked to the curb.

  6. Yep…that would be just tragical…..pure tragedy indeed

    How we have waited…since the dark days of 1865 we have waited as Europe have since 1945

    “The soil of Europe, rendered sacred by the streams of blood which have made it spiritually fertile for a millennium, will once again stream with blood until the barbarians and distorters have been driven out and the Western banner waves on its home soil from Gibraltar to North Cape, from the rocky promontories of Galway to the Urals”

    Francis Parker Yockey

  7. Jefferson Davis abandoned states rights ideology during the War between the States to successfully mobilize the population. He governed through a vast administrative apparatus and repeatedly overruled the wishes of state executives. The Georgia Governor, Joseph Brown, sought for his state to resist the Confederate draft which Davis made possible by centralizing power into the federal government for the war effort. The Confederate draft depleted Georgia of farmers which caused foot shortages. Davis knew that he had to centralize power in the federal government to stand a chance at winning the war. Davis did not err in this respect. States rights has always been invoked by Southerners when we did not wish to be slaves to the revolutionaries from the Northern states. We have always lacked numbers, industrial might, and diplomatic connections in comparison with the North and its progeny, and we struggle to win elections and to control the federal apparatus. Interposition or nullification was a legal rationalization to avoid bending the knee. It has long been rejected by Northern elites because it decreases their power over us.

    A new civil war is highly unlikely for structural factors. There is no counter-elite capable of leading a modern war against the largest military in the world. The Federal government will not allow states to secede peacefully. Secession will be won through blood alone. The guardians of Our Democracy will not allow for us to go our own way for they believe that we exist for them to exploit and control. Would Ron DeSantis, Brian Kemp, Glenn Youngkin, and Greg Abbott seriously conspire to engage in a war to break up the Union? No. Would top “conservative” or Republican military leaders like H.R. McMasters, Michael Flynn, and John Kelly conspire together in a Franco style coup? No. Anyone who proposes that Republican or Christian conservative elites at this juncture would be willing to wage war against the federal government to create a new state is delusional. Anyone who proposes that the Guardians of Our Democracy will allow states to peacefully secede, or a national divorce, is equally delusional.

    It is far more likely that lone wolf style terrorism will increase as many proles have been radicalized across the U.S without any leadership. These sporadic peasant rebellions will come to naught. This will justify greater state repression which will increase said terrorism. This is a vicious cycle. The counter-elite must be formed for the proles to be properly equipped and mobilized. The counter-elite has not been formed or radicalized.

    HW, how is secession possible under these circumstances? This seems like wishful thinking which can be dangerous.

    • @anon…

      Did you listen to the video analysis Mr. Griffin posted here?

      The man who gave it, Mr Watts – is spot on –

      What did he say?

      That states will slowly choose laws very different from each other which will, and, indeed, is leading to, a breakdown in federalism.

      This process is already well underway, and, by the way, it’s not Southern States that initiated it, but, Northern States with their nullification sanctuary laws.

      Though your analysis is very well thought out – it’s basis, that this whole process has to be undertaken as it was in 1860 or 1776, is flawed.

      Moreover, it will not be Southern States that leave, for, ironically enough, Southerners regard themselves as the caretakers of the true Yankee Doddle Dandy.

      No, it is Northern States which will leave, not just informally, as they have already done, but, formally, as they will do.

      They will do this because they will find the general direction of Southern/Red states unbearable.

      You can see this, right? : Blue States have little to no tolerance in them.

  8. I started reading Occidental Dissent on a regular basis a couple years ago largely because it’s creator, Brad Griffin, devoted so much space to the possibility of some kind of secession or separation. Due to people like him, secession is now looked upon as at least a topic of conversation by virtually everybody I know. As recently as 3 years ago it was considered only as a fantasy for southern die-hards or kooks.

    If you don’t think secession is a possibility, fine. Then keep your mouth shut, and listen to “Nearer My God to Thee” while what’s left of this country sinks into the abyss.

  9. At around six minutes into the last video, the crowd including the women are singing: “kill that Yankee soldier…kill that Yankee soldier!” This is a crowd that is celebrating war, that enjoys re-enacting bloody scenes of war, including Robert E. Lee’s disastrous, certain-to-fail counteroffensive invasion of Pennsylvania. It would not be hard to stir up these people to kill “Yankees” in reality. A little civil war might serve the purposes of the U.sury S.ystem very well right now, distracting people from thinking about what is the real problem, during the worst depression in capitalist history that is about to come. “They” know that the vast majority of the nominally “Christian” population of the homeland really likes war, because war has been successful, profitable, up to now.

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