Reactionary, Rightwing Rot

This is more or less the view from the coastal libtards who I am always writing about.

Democracy is capitalized. In the progressive mind, there is no room for legitimate debate about the extent of democracy or equality. There is no room either for the people of the states to be left alone to govern themselves. They are Democracy and the rest of us are here to be lorded over by them.

Santa Barbara Independent:


  1. All these so called peaceniks and tolerant leftists were silent when blm and antifa were burning, looting and destroying entire towns and cities.

    • “tolerant leftists were silent when blm and antifa were burning”

      They are always hypocrites.
      That’s what makes them so disgusting, they never live by the rules they force on us.

      They project all their faults onto us.

    • This sudden outburst of “MAGA evil” articles has the smell of fear, demoncrats are afraid of a electoral slaughter in November.

  2. It’s a fact most billionaires and corporations are giving their money to dems, not to republicans.
    In fact the more republicans turn away from neoconservatism to Trumpism, Christian nationalism, national populism and paleoconservatism, the more billionaires tend to shy away from republicans and support dems instead.
    That’s just a fact, but these people continually cherry pick facts, mislead and lie.
    Increasingly dems are the party of both the upperclass, and heavily educated, or indoctrinated rather, reps are, relatively, the party of the working class now.
    Hence dems do practically nothing for the working class, fiscally, culturally or socially.
    Dems are the party of the current thing and woke, not living wages, healthcare and ending wars, not holding wallstreet accountable, but slaughtering mainstreet and small businesses with their vicious covid and climate tyranny.

  3. All these retards have is buzzwords like ‘fascist’, ‘misogynist’, ‘racist’, and on, and on, they never get tired of deploying them.
    Terms they never bother to rigorously and accurately define for their viewers, if they define them at all, they rarely do.
    Terms that could just as easily be applied to themselves.
    They’re meaningless.
    Fascism just means some ideas and people we don’t like, ideas and people often loosely connected if at all.
    But still these terms work on infantile minds, and unfortunately there’s millions of them out there.

    They refuse to sit down and have a sincere conversation with actual white nationalists like David Duke and Jared Taylor, paleocons like Pat Buchanan or right-libertarians like Rand Paul, because it’ll introduce millions of Americans to rich and diverse thought they’ve never been exposed to before, instead they want to keep it at the cartoon level.
    ‘Those are the bad guys over there, literally worse than Hitler, undermining democracy’.
    No room for opinion, nuance, perspective or subjectivity, no keep it simple for the simpletons so they can be lead.
    ‘They’re evildoers, like in the comic books and on the film screens, that’s all you need to know’.
    We define the parameters of respectable thought and discourse, legacy journos and politicians, not the people, who elected Ron DeSantis, and who may elect Doug Mastriano.

    That’s all they have, again and again, the same playbook.
    And it worked for decades, all the way up till 2016.
    Thanks to the plight of the common man getting worse by the decade, now by the year, and alternative and social media they haven’t been able to censor, they’ve lost a lot of ground.
    I don’t know, I wouldn’t underestimate the stupidity of common people, they may recover all that ground and then some, only time will tell for sure, on the other hand they may be toppled like so many before them, we shall see.

    Smears, and baseless accusation, Russian collusion this, stolen documents that, but no serious charges, let alone convictions, it’s so comical one wonders whether they’re doing it on purpose for whatever reasons.
    Are they really this desperate?
    Or is it all smoke and mirrors, political theatre?

  4. Always these hordes of lying hook-schnoot kike & commie race traitor “experts” running their goddamned liver-lipped mouths on televitz and in jewspaper columns.

    I yearn to see them impaled ass-to-mouth Vlad Tepes style.

  5. I’m going to form a new political party called the White Anglo-Saxon Southern Union Party, or WASSUP for short. But I’ll let HW take the credit for it. This new Party will be headquartered in Bonita Springs, Florida, near the I-75 truck stop.

  6. Yes. Joe Biden “put all his cards on the table” in his speech with staged lighting in blood tones, and the next morning had already forgotten every bit of it. Awesome!

    And by the way, if Christopher Keate really wants to see “reactionary rightwing rot,” I’ll be happy to punch his face inside out.

  7. Look for a lot of Democrats to get the “cold shoulder” and worse, a lot worse when they show up for Labor Day events today. I doubt the press will report it.

  8. Joe is out there today campaigning for Mandela Barnes and John Fetterman. It seems Joe is trying to hold the Senate. He is going to need the black vote. What is he offering? Gender transitioning kids? It is a tough sell.

  9. An interesting article. Have never seen anything like it.

    My grandfather was, as were most, conscripted and served against his will. Most of his time was spent in post war Berlin as a military policeman trying to restore some order in the aftermath.

    Nobody saw us as liberators. Nobody was grateful for us being there. Everyone hated American GI’s, but weren’t afraid of them like they were of the Russians who were just vicious animals as he described them.

    Movies like Kelly’s Heros, a favorite of mine, are much closer to reality than people want to admit.

  10. @Arrian – They’re not hypocrite, they’re extremely consistent ideologically. Their program is Die, Whitey, Die, and supporting antifa’s actions while condemning milquetoast Republican dissent is perfectly in line with that program. There’s no double standard, there’s only one standard: Die, Whitey, Die.

  11. “What is he offering? Gender transitioning kids? It is a tough sell.”

    Many of the Blacks are conservative Christians are not going to go along with the wacky Left on many issues.

    Take a look at Kamala Harrises poll numbers. As soon as the Blacks learn she is married to a Jew they will not vote for her in a primary. Farrahkan fills stadiums with Blacks when he goes out and do they do not approve of Hymie-town!

  12. “They are Democracy and the rest of us are here to be lorded over by them”:

    Lording-over, by anyone, is the opposite of true democracy and equality. No liberty and fraternity for a people without equality, and without democracy. No republic without the peasants.

    “There is no room either for the people of the states to be left alone to govern themselves”:

    Leaving nothing alone is what an empire does, regionally at first, until it is strong enough to leave nothing alone globally. But states or countries can resist the power of global imperialism by forming federations with each other. An empire and a federation (or confederacy) of sovereign states or countries are very different things.

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