Call It What It Is

This is a good example of why I have changed my views on MAGA.

In the Alt-Right era, I used to look at MAGA as a pure civic nationalist movement. I associated MAGA with trannies like Lady MAGA or homosexuals like Ali Alexander and Jim Hoft. I probably wrote a thousand articles poking fun at how lame MAGA had become by the 2020 election.

Since Trump left office and Joe Biden has been president though, MAGA seems to have become much more radical and shifted into our territory. It is now commonplace to see videos like this about White people and White interests. It is mainstream to talk about anti-Whiteism now. It is mainstream to support a National Divorce and Christian nationalism and to oppose the Great Replacement now.

If the goal is becoming to preserve America as a White Christian country and to defend the racial, ethnic, religious and cultural core of the country, then I see this as an encouraging development. MAGA has gotten better under the Joe Biden presidency while Alt-MSNBC has become a laughingstock.


  1. > It is mainstream to talk about anti-Whiteism now

    Bob Whitaker was right, everyone would have saved a lot of time and trouble if they had just listened to him in the first place.

    Just before his death he released a bunch of “insider emails” from “the movement” to let people know what was going on. Instead of using MAGA to stop white genocide they let MAGA use them.

    “Anti-racist” is a dog whistle for anti-white. EVERYONE knows that now – even the Left who now admit it.

  2. The Left attacked the Maga people like they wereThe KKK or something. Maga finally said ok, I’m going to be called a racist anyway, so I might as well quit apologizing for myself. It was a dumb strategy for the Left. The constant persecution has made the Maga folks feel like a real interest group like other minorities are. This has made them much tougher. They are white, working and lower middle class people primarily, who are hated by their “betters”, and they know it.

  3. Or, as Harold Covington said, “people will finally decide, ‘if I’m gonna do the time, I might as well do the crime.'” We are simply hated, and it’s more open. I don’t care to hear anymore talk of “working together” or “common ground.” They don’t want it, and we shouldn’t. To say we need moderation makes you sound like talk radio, which is controlled opposition.

  4. From ‘The Times’ UK.

    “Great offices of state set to contain no white men

    Liz Truss is preparing to appoint the first cabinet in history in which none of the great offices of state will be held by a white man.

    Though Truss, 47, will not learn if she is to be Britain’s new prime minister until today, her commanding poll leads mean she and her aides have spent weeks discussing the make-up of her cabinet”.

    So apparently in the UK, if this bitch gets elected and becomes PM, she won’t appoint a single white man into office.

    This is how blatantly anti-white and misandrist libtards/shitlibs have become.

    And we know it’s just going to get worse, unimaginably so.

    They’re totalitarians, they want to impose their norms on every aspect of society from top-bottom, race, sex, gender, I mean they even think they can control the weather by radically altering our diet, that’s how insane they are.

    Seems only a matter of time before conservatives, libertarians…and just plain sane people will find living under these people and their great reset/NWO intolerable.

    They’re not going to stop, this is a Mao level cultural and social revolution.

    Balkanization and/or civil war, not just in America but across the west seems inevitable.

    • This permanent breakup of the American Republic, aka, our National Divorce, is taking way too long. I wonder if Americans in 1870 thought the Union was ever really going to properly heal after the War Between the States and that another conflict was inevitable? Perhaps it will be set off by a Blormp victory in ’24?

    • Looks good. I hope UK continues being run by Indians, Nigerians, and women until the end of time. If it were run by White men, they might accidentally get someone competent, just by chance. That would be bad for everyone.

      • @Dart,
        For most of history, the YooKay has been run by white men, including war criminal, Tony Blair. Have they made a positive input?
        I get your sentiment, but women can’t be blamed for what they’ve only played a minor role in. Margaret Thatcher was probably one of Britain’s most conservative leaders in modern times. But the Jews you never see have ultimate control. Until they’re dealt with…..

    • “Seems only a matter of time before conservatives, libertarians…and just plain sane people will find living under these people and their great reset/NWO intolerable.”

      Liz Truss is from the conservative party, and her party will be voted out because of it. When conservatives stop being conservative, there’s no reason to vote for them.

    • Liz Truss and her band of wogs-in-charge will make things go from bad to worse, it’s inevitable. Some of this will be the natural incompetence of wogs to run things, especially their manifold failures to prevent then properly respond to crises. See Pakistan and Ceylon for examples of this gross incompetence and corruption on display now. N.B. Pakistan has a sizeable nuclear arsenal, perhaps 150 nukes which makes their wog neighbor, India, with its own nukes, nervous.

      The other driver of policy in the UK will be the natural antipathy of wogs towards White people. Ultimately, they hate us and want us dead, six feet under. In Great Britain, with its imperial legacy, this spur to anti-White action will be especially strong. Vengeance will be in the minds of the wogs-in-charge, they can’t help themselves.

      A recent example of Third Worlders’ gross incompetence in the U.S. is the absolute failure of the black administration of the overwhelmingly black state capitol of Jackson, Mississippi. The water and sewage system failed because of lack of maintenance and staffing making the water mostly unavailable and unfit when sporadically available. The black mayor since 2017, Chokwe Antar Lumumba (ha!) takes zero responsibility for the problems blaming things on racism, of course.

      When the Third World is in charge, there goes the clean water, sewage, paved roads, electricity, etc. When White people fled Jackson, Ms. for their safety they left behind functioning water/sewer systems but once the blacks were in charge, that was the end. To read the genetically defective white liberals’ tale of woe one would think Whites dug up miles of pipes and took pumps weighing hundreds of pounds on their backs when they left town. Just like Flint, Mich. BTW.

    • “Great offices of state set to contain no white men

      Liz Truss is preparing to appoint the first cabinet in history in which none of the great offices of state will be held by a white man.

      Though Truss, 47, will not learn if she is to be Britain’s new prime minister until today, her commanding poll leads mean she and her aides have spent weeks discussing the make-up of her cabinet”.

      So apparently in the UK, if this bitch gets elected and becomes PM, she won’t appoint a single white man into office.”

      LOL. The denizens of the UK earned this state of affairs with their blood and treasure.

  5. The world only has two races of humans. The Black and Brown races, colored by brown melanin, that comprises the vast majority of the world’s human population. The other one is White, or specifically reddish white, and comprises a very small global minority who are constantly under threat of the genetic dominance of Brown People now and throughout history because Black racial dominance is the very thing that will dilute the non-variable non-Black coloration of White People that is not akin to Black melanin and to prove it here are 3 common myths about blue eyes by anti-whites that have been debunked.

    The most powerful lie by all nonwhites was making whites believe that they are like them.

    • You forgot to mention the Orientals and Aboriginals. The White and Yellow races aren’t too genetically separate, but both races are much further apart from the Negroes, a race that was partially formed by mating with APE-LIKE CREATURES.

    • Blue eyes are becoming less common in the US with each passing day. Europe too. Look at old pictures from the “Civil War”. America was largely a blue-eyed people at that point. I think it will be a tragedy if recessive White traits become so rare and disassociated that they become rarely seen genetic anomalies.

  6. Mark Dice is getting a lot more serious. Didn’t he used to make his video commentaries about trivial stuff like Britney Spears’ public meltdown?

  7. “If the goal is becoming to preserve America as a White Christian country”

    If that’s the goal, then they’re about 4 decades too late. But that isn’t even the goal. The goal seems to be to move back to MLK’s colorblind dream. That is what all of the anti-CRT people like Chris Rufo and the Thiel right are advocating.

  8. Surprised that YouTube allowed that video to stand. How long before the ADL orders it down? He makes a lot of good points and it also buttresses HW’s argument that at least some MAGA folks have been getting much more red-pilled. He’s got one important detail wrong. The term “racism” has not been “redefined” recently by the ADL et al, unless “recently” means anything less than 70 years ago. It’s been defined this way since at least the 1980s, if not back to the late 1960s.

    To take one small example from the actual situation on the ground, whites are a definite minority in the state of California and have been so for at least two decades. Why haven’t we seen any lawsuits under the civil rights act against large firms like Google, et al for anti-white discrimination? or against government agencies – all of whom practice “affirmative action” even if they call it some other name? Is it possibly because the ADL’s definition has been ‘baked into the cake’ so that only whites can be guilty of discrimination? It would not be a surprise at all if this were the case. Perhaps someone who has lived in CA can give more info on the issue.

    • BofA just announced zero down, zero closing costs for colored people getting mortgages. This means one more subsidy amongst the innumerable existing subsidies for colored people paid for by Whites because of: Racism, of course.
      Giving colored people mortgages they were unqualified for to buy houses they couldn’t maintain led to the 2008 financial crisis. No doubt the U.S. Government will bail out BofA and Wall Street (and the rest of The Usual Suspects) again when these loans go tits up.

      This is not a case of stupidity, everyone knows how the story ends. The Usual Suspects will prosper coming and going off of these loans as they fail. I believe that’s what the Big Bidness consultants like Pete Buttplug from the Dept. of Transportation call a “Win/Win” situation.

      • Ah yes, starting up the old mortgage racket again – with a special Church of Woke twist. That will work out incredibly well no doubt. Guess the self-licking ice-cream cone in Country 404 isn’t sucking up the massive supply of fake-money fast enough. It’s like the scene in the Addams Family where Gomez, Uncle Fester and Pugsly have toy trains headed twoardseach other with Uncle Fester on the plunger with the stick of dynamite. It’s Deja-vu all over again!

  9. Most people tend to self segregate by hanging out with people that look like them, share the same culture, etc. Of course, that doesn’t apply to we are all one race the human race crowd. This country was better off for both races during segregation.

    • @John,
      You’re not wrong!
      I drove a laundry truck for three years. In the lunchroom at the depot, I’d walk in there to grab a sandwich before heading off for the day, and there were all the labourers segregated by race at different tables:- Pacific Islanders at that table, Chinese over there and Indians at that other table. Nobody made them segregate. It was all of their making.
      They happily move to white countries. Once there, they continue a preference for their own.

  10. I think its personal now, since they raided his home. Not only did they raid his wife’s personal belongings, they searched his 16 year old son’s room. I also read that Kushner has cancer and his working on his health, so he and Ivanka won’t return to the White House if Trump wins another term. I don’t know about European nationalism, but he will most certainly be going after a lot of people in the government that wronged him.

  11. Trump’s miserable son in law Jared Kushner is (apparently) on the outs with his father in law after sticking him in the ass repeatedly while Trump was Mr. President. Trump won’t campaign with Jared but if he gets elected Jared will be right back in Trump’s cabinet, sticking him in the ass again.

  12. Betcha Trump gets indicted and arrested after the mid-terms, unless those operating the retarded ventriloquist-dummy have the fraud all engineered and are confident that their various schemes will work to mask it to the idiocracy once the gaslight media ‘splains it to them.

  13. Pretty good from Dice, who usually just irritates me.

    But he said that all racism should be denounced: good luck getting the jews & the muds to stop hating Whitey just by pointing out their hypocrisy.

    No: Whites just need to see the attacks of our enemies for what they really are (the aggression of competing species intended to lay the groundwork for ever-increasing dispossession, followed by our eventual extermination) and harden ourselves for battle.

    • Yeah, talk about “monomania”. Whitey’s competitors are far more obsessed with race than he is. Whitey doesn’t even know he’s in a competition for his continued existence. That, or he doesn’t care,

  14. It’s gotten so crazy and out of hand that it’s not impossible someone could win an election in a sufficiently white local district by having a single plank on their campaign platform: It’s OK to be White. This totally innocuous statement has already been labeled as “hate speech” by the ADL. That one platform statement would be sufficient to trigger all of the Church of Woke lunatics to drive the non-woke into your corner just to avoid them.

  15. MAGA is worse than worthless. And none of you will name the enemy. You use gibberish words like “woke” because you are afraid to name the Jew. The whole nation is kiked. And the elections are rigged, you can forget about that.

    But all in all, things are looking up. Americans remain braindead pajama people with no self respect or Christian faith. I am not talking about all, only the 90%. And the good ten percent dont give a rip about the fake elections.

    But still, things are looking up. I am encouraged. The joint Chinese-Russian military drills taking place in the pacific now warm my heart.

    Things are looking up. I see no real awakening at home, just the usual ZOG controlled movements, MAGA, FAGA whatever.

    We have a very few good secessionists, that is all. And in Washington one solitary guy, Thomas Massie. Remember that guy? The one Trump tried to have kicked out of the Republican Party?

    Hunter is getting older and wiser. Not, not Hunter Biden, the other one. He wisely distances himself from the Christian Nationalism fad. The only Christian nation we will ever have is a much smaller Southern rump state. Yankees aren’t going to go for it.

    I have decided to vote straight Democrat this Fall. The whole system is rotten, all of it. Stop supporting it. Our liberation will come from outside, not from Rothschild Red Republicans. End rant.

    • I’m a Christian.

      I’m sympathetic to Christian nationalism. Based on past experience though, I am not jumping on the bandwagon. Just watching

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