Real Clear Politics: How Blatant Anti-White Racism Won Acceptance in Elite America

American elites hate White people.

Why complicate such a persuasive, compelling and unifying populist message? The polls show that millions of White people are angry about anti-White hate and discrimination.

Real Clear Investigations:

“In a 2021 lecture at Yale University titled “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind,” psychiatrist Aruna Khilanani described her “fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step, like I did the world a favor.”

Around the same time, a scholarly article in a peer-reviewed academic journal described “whiteness” as “a malignant, parasitic-like condition to which ‘white’ people have a particular susceptibility.” The author, Donald Moss, had also presented his paper as a continuing education course for licensed therapists who would presumably treat patients with this condition. The paper advises: “There is not yet a permanent cure.”

This is a sampling of the new racism that is gaining purchase in American society even as its advocates relentlessly punish speech they deem harmful and threatening to people of color. It parallels the acceptance of anti-male rhetoric that casts masculinity as “predatory” and “toxic,” or just casually demeans males as oafish and clueless, which allows the Washington Post to give a megaphone to Northeastern University professor Suzanna Danuta Walters to ask: “Why can’t we hate men?” (Her conclusion: We can and we should.)

The escalation of this inflammatory rhetoric is reaching the highest levels of American society, as when President Biden insinuated in a fiery campaign speech last week that Donald Trump supporters are “white supremacists” and when he maligned conservative mask skeptics last year for “Neanderthal thinking.” …”

Just wait for it.

This is usually when a retard whose mind has been warped by monomania due to being siloed away in an internet ghetto will show up to drop a comment like … yeah, White people might be angry about all these vicious racial attacks and violent crime, but they go to church and watch football.

White Advocacy is mainstream now … just being pro-White and focusing on issues like affirmative action, the Great Replacement, anti-Whiteism in the media and universities, black-on-white crime, etc. All of this stuff used to be taboo, but now people like Mark Dice and Tucker Carlson have normalized discussing these issues.

Note: The image above is from the NJP rally in Waukesha. Focusing on brutal anti-White crimes which are covered up by the media while looking and sounding normal is about right as far as activism goes.


  1. When I was growing up it was chic to be anti-White and now it’s reaching it’s logical conclusion and going out of style and I don’t believe there will be any kind of race war. On the contrary Whites, especially White men, should see all this a badge of honor because now it’s chic to be White, the of colors racial mysticism make Whites seem superhuman which is similar to how Whites exalted blacks as being super cool compared to dorky Whites. It’s definitely awesome being White but now it’s going to be cool as well for a long time to come. Women of colors who are the most virulent anti-Whiters always have a White spouse, weird that.

  2. Here’s the university bio page for Donald Moss, MD who described “whiteness” as “a malignant, parasitic-like condition to which ‘white’ people have a particular susceptibility.” He doesn’t look like one the tribe but his last name could indicate he’s of them. Why is this quack allowed to practice medicine? Jews explicitly identify them as non-white, except when they’re running the (((hello fellow white person))) scam.

    • Chances are he’s a Roman Catholic with two post graduate degrees from Duquesne University, and his undergrad from Georgetown.

      • I’d bet he’s WASP if he’s not Jewish. Negrophilia and racemixing is far more of a problem among WASPS than it is among us White Catholics.

        • Lol, not at all true. Papists have been commanded by their pope to race mix for centuries. That’s why Latin America is a mestizo garbage dump.

          • Places like Argentina, Uruguay, and Southern Brazil are whiter than most of America. The most ethnocentric whites in the US are White Ethnics by far. Pure cope on your part.

          • But you must admit that those Catholic Mediterranean types are a lot more racially conscious of their European heritage than Northern Protestant Europeans tend to be.

    • Aruna Khilanani… about camel faced.
      Her tribe was doing more than F….ing goats.

      (Her hate filled genocidal comments give us a glimpse into their savage character.)

  3. >Why complicate such a persuasive, compelling and unifying populist message?

    You mean why accurately identify the problem as being more complex than sentiments and “public opinion”? Obviously simple and clear messages have their value but are not themselves a solution to anything. Real solutions will necessarily take Americans (and I guess you too) outside of their comfort zone. I agree it’s useless and counter productive to confront ignorant Americans with ideas they don’t understand and immediately despise (hating what you don’t understand being a very American trait), but there is a very real need for ppl capable of thinking and imagining something different to do so. Otherwise the jewish cowboys will continue to ride herd on the American cattle.

    • Exactly.

      Way to miss the point.

      We’ve only spent the last 30 years trying to push these issues into the mainstream when it wasn’t comfortable to talk about them. We spent 10 years doing that on this website alone.

      Now that this seems to have finally happened though, some people don’t see this as a major accomplishment or something worth following up on through political action now that the taboos have finally been eroded away. Instead, they would prefer to dwell on things like, say, the fact that normal people who might be upset about things like black-on-white crime go to church or watch football or don’t think about Jews all day and make that the issue in order to forever remain a marginalized subculture.

      Now that it is no longer taboo to talk about black-on-white crime or lunatic anti-white professors indoctrinating their students, it would make more sense to try to light a fire under politicians and get some movement on the issue

      • “Now that this seems to have finally happened though, some people don’t see this as a major accomplishment or something”

        It is not a major accomplishment because it happened too late. This realization should have happened decades ago. Its like a person who stubbornly ignored the mole on his skin and only accepted his peril when the tumor metastasized to the rest of his body.

        Even more extreme measures are required now to fix thing than what would have been necessary even 20 years ago.

        Yet these people who are suddenly “waking up” are still not ready to do anything about it, so conditions will further slide into the abyss.

      • “spent the last 30 years trying to push these issues into the mainstream”

        WHITES are really SLLLLOOOOOWWWW.

        (not to mention, lax, inconsiderate, uncaring to their own kind.)

      • HW,

        I hate to say it, but getting to this point was the easy part. What comes after this will be significantly harder, and that is undoing everything that’s been done to promote White Genocide and that includes mass immigration. Then you have to fix the system so this can never happen again. If we don’t do that, the next generation will be refighting the exact same battles again.

      • Thank you thank you thank you.

        But alas, we will still be seeing people complain about Tucker Carlson being a controlled opposition gatekeeper ad infinitum, and Jared Taylor will never be good enough, and Marjorie Taylor Greene will be called a Jew worshipper and never given credit for one single thing. Because complaining is all some people know how to do.

        • The fact that Tucker Carlson and Mark Dice are talking about these issues means that they are resonating with a much larger audience now. It also creates an opening for activists to pressure politicians

          • “It also creates an opening for activists to pressure politicians”

            You will not have to pressure them, Mr Griffin, because the new politicians, anxious to bypass the old in power and influence, will step up to the plate and due so, as a matter of course.

            This, above all other political methods, has been the political process in this country and I see no reason to doubt that it will continue.

            The trouble is that it can be difficult to separate those who are actually championing something, and those who are falsely doing so to misdirect those energies they purport to represent, for those who are actually against that.

            Sorting through these two classes of pro-White politicians, soon to appear en masse, will be the avocation of the majority of White voters, soon enough.

          • In response to Ivan: The younger aspiring politicians have a much easier to research “cybertrail” and that will facilitate the process you have described– assuming no scrubbing by the PTB.

          • @FLAXEN…

            “The younger aspiring politicians have a much easier to research “cybertrail” and that will facilitate the process you have described– assuming no scrubbing by the PTB.”

            Very true.

            And, yes, scrubbing can be so good it is practically impossible to find anything about someone, if they do not want it.

            Case in point?

            Maya Sandu – the western-appointed leader of Moldova.

            Though she is a western-educated lesbian, good luck finding anything to confirm the latter online.

            Much of her life simply cannot be found.

            It’s as if she never had a social life, even though she is approximately 50 years of age.

        • I agree. They’re not given enough credit. They’re doing what they can within the confines of the overton window which is starting to move right. It’s not realistic to expect prominent figures in the media to start just talking about Jews when until now you couldn’t even lamely talk about black-on-white crime. I agree with others on the urgency of talking about Jewish issues (especially considering that Jews are on the move & have been banning antisemitism in universities across America) but that doesn’t erase the fact that this process requires baby steps. And while the American Right are late to the game in terms of meeting the challenges before them, I don’t think they’re doomed. And at the rate we’re now going, I don’t think America’s situation will be as dire as South Africa’s. If you asked me two years ago if we’re doomed, I would say yes. As of now, I don’t think that’s the case (even though things have clearly worsened since then).

          Put yourselves in the positions of people like Tucker. Would you seriously start publicly ranting about Jews? If so, I don’t think you’re stable & that’s probably why you’d never be in their shoes to begin with. Leave politics to unhinged people who can actually meet the public half way & affect change.

          • This is a fair point. Normies have to walk out of the swamp they’re in step by step – we all do really. Once the fact of the Great Replacement is established, then questions will start to arise over who is doing this and why. Then the revelation of who and why unfolds likewise – step by step. Carlson and Taylor have been helpful in opening the door.

      • >light a fire under politicians and get some movement on the issue

        What kind of ‘movement’ would you suggest? — maybe more laws?

        Also (somewhat cynically), with the white population fraction already under 60% nationally (less in some locales) and steadily eroding, why should ‘politicians’, who depend on votes and favorable media coverage, do anything? — do ‘politicians’ today impress you as being especially principled? — one reason I want term limits is that most of them seem more self-interested and rather unprincipled.

        What about when Whites are a minority? — what will be possible ‘politically’ then?

        I’ve asked before (not entirely rhetorically): where is the evidence of good will toward Whites? — good will toward Whites would seem to be a prerequisite for ‘movement on the issue’ — but I see little good will expressed toward Whites among elites and non-whites.

        These questions are probably uncomfortable for you, which is one reason you very rarely answer — then again, what can you say?

        While you acknowledge racial differences and claim to be ‘pro-White’, I think you are naive about the nature and solvability of the anti-white problem.

        I guess here I could coin a new meme phrase: muh political solution.

        • Yes, I support a “muh political solution.”

          For decades, a “muh political solution” wasn’t feasible because 1.) our views were too far outside the mainstream and 2.) there simply wasn’t enough political support for radical positions and 3.) it was too dangerous for any politician to touch these issues because of purges. See Steve King or Tom Tancredo. There were any number of social issues like abortion or affirmative action which were also in limbo for decades because of the Supreme Court.

          As the conservative base has radicalized and the federal courts have changed, the old taboos have begun to erode. It is now mainstream to be a “nationalist” and a “populist.” It is now mainstream to be an isolationist on foreign policy. It is now mainstream to want to cut legal and illegal immigration to zero. It is now mainstream to want to abolish the FBI. It is now mainstream to support secession. It is now mainstream to talk about black-on-white crime. It is mainstream to oppose the Great Replacement. It is now mainstream to talk about White people and White interests like opposing anti-Whiteism in the public schools and universities. It is mainstream to advocate for Christian nationalism now. It is mainstream to attack the SPLC and the ADL. There are dozens of things which used to be firmly outside of the conservative mainstream and which were kept out by Conservatism, Inc. and which are now on the table. It is an opportunity to engage in politics.

          So yes, our people should take advantage of the situation. We should try to put pressure on politicians like progressive activists. Just because this didn’t work in the past because our views were unpopular doesn’t mean that will always be the case. Nothing is going to be lost from taking a break from the perennial debates which go in circles for decades on the internet.

          • I think you are largely correct, however, there are too few Whites in power saying anything about the main anti White institution in our nation: Offices of DEI. They are far more dangerous than abstract CRT. They are the institutionalization of CRT. Academics and administrators can always insist they don’t teach CRT, but as long as they have Offices of DEI, they can indoctrinate employees, students, etc. in anti White ideology. EVERY SEC school now has a neo-Marxist Office of DEI. It is beyond absurd.

      • Monomania.

        Imagine being these guys right now. In what world was this worth the futures these guys just threw away?

        This is not just an issue of WN’s with no common sense. This entire online culture of dissidence breeds a detachment from reality that is purely toxic to personal development, corrosive of real virtue. If these guys had put their autism into creating jobs for other White guys to build families on salaries from, real outreach to White people where they are, like maybe helping with cleanup efforts and rebuilding in Eastern Kentucky after the flooding, literally anything, they would have made a meaningful impact for White interests.

        Why would you travel to Poland for this? Why would you ruin your life for bad memes?

        This shit boggles my mind. All that was missing was tiki torches.

        • It is not simply a movement problem.

          It is specifically an internet problem of people getting sorted and siloed away from reality in internet ghettos like 8chan. While there have always been cranks and kooks and sociopaths on the political fringe, there is a difference between people who grew up on the internet and those who grew up before it. I quit writing that Tales From The Movement series before I got a chance to get around to writing about the older people who I have encountered who didn’t have this problem. My father-in-law, for example, was just a normal White American from St. Louis who saw his city get destroyed and turned into a ghetto. But yes, there is a lot of stuff that happens that makes no sense outside of internet culture like mass shooter manifestos which are full of memes.

        • >Why would you travel to Poland for this?

          It’s a reasonable question — some people are idealistic to the point they have more courage than good sense — personally, I’m glad David Cole traveled to Poland to make his video about Auschwitz; it would not have been nearly so effective had he not gone there.

          >Why would you ruin your life for bad memes?

          It’s unlikely their lives will be ruined — that is, unlikely unless organized Jewry sets out to ruin them, as it did with e.g. Ernst Zündel, David Irving, and Fred Leuchter.

          It’s understandable that the signs are seen as tasteless — it would also be understandable were they to be escorted off the premises and barred from ever returning — but what they did would not be seen as so serious, and maybe not be a crime at all, if the West had not adopted the ‘Holocaust’ as its moral reference point — the latter, along with an absurd obeisance to Jews and Jewish sensitivities, to the point Jews can attack Whites with impunity, is the real problem.

      • I don’t think WNs can take much credit for this shift in the overton window, which seems real enough. This appears to be mostly of a result of Church of Woke over-reach. The one thing which some WNs might have done is to trigger the Church of Woke with various slogans and memes to enrage them. The more the enemy responds emotionally the more errors they make. The deeper problem, chiefly with normies, lies in continuing to play by the enemy’s rules.

        In PA, looks like the alleged “opposition” party is playing the old DR3 card to get votes for the leftoid foreigner they’re running for senate, as if the groids of Pennsylvania will be voting for anyone but Fetterman. The GOP: Deliberately doing the same thing over and over while telling the zeks there will a different result this time around.

  4. If any other race was being targeted like Whites, it would be called a civil rights violation.

    What they’re saying by constantly attacking and falsely demonizing Whites is you have no rights.

    • If any other race was being targeted like our race is they’d be calling it Genocide because that’s exactly what it is.

    • Whites may not exhibit racial megalomania while other folks (such as Africans, Hindus, Mestizos, Arabs, Mulattos can). Whites may not be “racist” towards non-whites, but non-whites may be racist towards non-white.

      All in all, this means that whites are held to higher moral standard than non-whites because whites are “super-human”. Of course, this is a subtle form of racism – requiring “noblesse oblige” of whites, affirming white superiority.

      True non-racism would allow whites to be as tribal and as self-focused as non-whites are allowed to be!

      The inherent illogic of the liberal position! They (not us) are asserting white (moral) supremacy – that whites must give more, must behave better, and must practice self-abnegation while non-whites practice self-aggradindizement.

      Someone should write a book “Who are the real racists? The left or the right?”

      • The Repuke Party has been trying a simplification of this argument for decades, even to the point where there is an abbreviation for it: DR3 = Dems aRe Real Racists. The fundamental flaw here is agreeing with their premise of white racism – which is a lie. The Church of Woke, whose chief magisterium is the ADL, an organization whose chief purpose is to ensure no Jew pedophile ever faces justice (thus revealing themselves as Jew supremacists), have defined “racism” as an activity exclusive to Whites.

        All people are naturally suspicious of those outside their own ethnic group to a degree. Whites are the least so, to the point of actual harm. I traveled through Japan with a Chinese guy and you should have seen the stink-eye he got. They were polite but distant to YT here but verging on outright hostility to him. He even told me in advance to expect it.

  5. In my mind, things got as crazy as they have gotten because there has not been any push back from conservatives. The Republicans want to say things like they are the actual heirs to Dr. King’s vision.

    Well, Dr. King’s vision was a mixture of warmed over communism, and a peculiar American kind of busy body know it all. The kind of people who claim they mean well, so it doesn’t make any difference how many people they hurt or how many things they destroy..

    So, the Republicans declare their ever everlasting devotion to failed policies from sixty to seventy years ago. The liberal leftists got what they wanted, which was black empowerment, what hardly ever gets pointed out in polite society, is what this has led to; major cities being turned into garbage dumps. The black underclass has brought violent crime, trash, and social disorder to every place they have run.

    Our host has pointed out what happened to Selma over the last fifty years or so. The civil rights establishment shows up every year, still spouting the same rhetoric .from the 1960’s. They got what they wanted, they seem unable to accept or even see what the end result is.

    This looks like a classic definition of arrested development.

  6. >This is usually when a retard …

    I rarely see anyone knock Whites for going to church.

    As I said before (link), the stuff about ‘sportsball’ is a metaphor for what is perceived as a kind of head-in-the-sand attitude of Whites about their demographic replacement and the risk it poses to them and their descendants — as such, i.e. as a metaphor, it is not inappropriate, and I have occasionally used it myself in the past — when used in this sense, I don’t see anything ‘retarded’ about it.

    • The reason it is “retarded” is because it turns off people who don’t have their head in the sand, who are paying attention and noticing problems, but who don’t want to be a part of a political scene that sounds like it is against people having a normal life with normal activities.

      Our metaphors shouldn’t alienate us from people who otherwise would be our allies.

      • >Our metaphors shouldn’t alienate us from people who otherwise would be our allies.

        And how do you know which memes/metaphors will do that beforehand? — who is to make the determination, using what criteria, of which of them are doing more harm than good? — should I take your or HW’s word for it?

        Powerful memes/metaphors are going to cause offense.

        >The reason it is “retarded” is because it turns off people

        It doesn’t ‘turn off’ anyone except women prone to hysterics and effeminate men who probably ought to seek out a ‘safe space’ and stay there.

        Whether you want to admit it or not, the metaphor has a lot of truth in it: almost all sports went full BLM, and they have been promoting ‘anti-racism’ (the main psyop for the racial subjugation of Whites) for a long time — attending or watching sports on TV provides the financial means they need to continue doing that — being offended or ‘alienated’ by someone pointing out this obvious fact via a metaphor is what is ‘retarded’ — such people are called snowflakes.

        It is worth asking: is someone who would be ‘alienated’ by that really worth having as an ally? — what’s the next thing that’s going to offend or ‘alienate’ them? — if you keep appeasing the offended and ‘alienated’ long enough, pretty soon you’ll have the equivalent of the Republican Party.

        But as I said before (link): I don’t make a big deal of it, and I don’t begrudge people consuming sports — pro sports is a product; I hope stating that doesn’t ‘alienate’ anyone.

    • I’m going to be like Moe by smacking “eah” and Bonoponti across their faces, gouging their eyes out and clonking their heads together. Then I’m going to call one of them a lame-brain and the other one a porcupine and threaten to “tear their tonsils out”.

  7. “All of this stuff used to be taboo”

    No, it didn’t. Whining about “reverse racism” has been a mainstream Republican talking point used for race baiting for decades.

  8. Only a very few breeds can be racist. Whites, the Japanese, maybe one or two others. Racism is born of a sense of distinction. Non-white anti-whites aren’t racist; they’re resentful. To call their attitude racism is to elevate it.

  9. “show up to drop a comment like … yeah, White people might be angry about all these vicious racial attacks and violent crime, but they go to church and watch football”:

    I go to church, but I don’t watch football and car races. In this part of Appalachia, church attendance that used to be normal is lagging, but it’s still normal for workers (who are still over 95% White here) to go to local ball games, car races and motorcycle races. Local sports and athletics may be the real religion or “opiate” of these nominally Christian people who seldom attend church. I agree that sports can be physically healthy, for the athletes (unlike alcohol and other recreational drugs) and that the mass entertainment experience builds or maintains a sort of community or social cohesion, so it’s not all bad.

  10. Leftists inform us that whites can never be the victims of “racism” because they enjoy systemic “white privilege.”

    I would agree that white privilege exists, but it mainly exists among white leftist elites who control the major institutions of our society. They use that power to the detriment of middle class, working class, and poor whites. Then they have the gall to lecture these marginalized whites on their “privilege.”

  11. People still think the Germans were the bad guys rather than heroes fighting for their very existence. There is much room to go.

    • “think the Germans were the bad guys”

      Brainwashed TV addicts.
      ” thinkin hurts too much, I’ll jus let TB tell me what to think. They won’t lie to me.”

      Lazy, lax, gullible goys.

  12. As newly radicalized by the Mar A Lago RaidvI will say the Race stuff is a lil hard to get a handle on.. Feminism is a big problem. I do not want to be aligned with the White female Marxist lesbo who is running for governor in this state.

    Christian Nationalists like Marjorie Taylor Greene & Lauren Boebert are alright tho Just want nothing to do with the ones wearing pink hats and their Godless socialism.

  13. Nonwhite racism was defined as racial discrimination that was based on the fact or idea that White People were culturally and racially superior to Nonwhites and integrating them into White society would lead to the decline of White cultural and racial superiority. After all that was destroyed by nonwhite Civil Rights; there has been a revenge campaign against White people who Nonwhites now permanently associate with racial supremacy and domination, and White People have been made to accept this viewpoint through empathetic education set up by Jews.

    But White People are not defined by racial superiority, which many White Nationalists believe, but in fact White people are based on an exceptional non-variable racial difference which Nonwhites clearly don’t have because these differences are evolutionally advantageous or related to Nonwhite characteristics, these differences and the evidence for their unrelatedness with Nonwhites are explained here.

    These differences are actually the unconscious reason why White people have segregated themselves, both historically and currently, from Nonwhites who are all the same biologically and as far as I know separating races dont harm anyone and if they don’t like it, they can split off and form their own country.

  14. Study: Testosterone Administration Induces A Red Shift in Democrats‘Our findings provide evidence that neuroactive hormones affect political preferences.’

    ‘That means a 25 year old in 2021 has about 50% lower testosterone levels, on average, than a 25 year old man from a generation ago.’link

    Testosterone declines (largely unexplained) in Western men have been enormous over the last half century — so from the standpoint of behavioral and evolutionary psychology, the conforming herd (‘blue’) behavior of so many men today could in part have an endocrinologic explanation, making the phenomenon much harder to counteract.

  15. The UK has just announced a new PM, Liz Truss. She is a complete psycho bitch who will have us in a nuclear confrontation with Russia.

    At the same time she announces the most diverse government cabinet in history, with not one single White male in it.

    Given the UK military is made up of mainly White males, why should anyone fight for this jew destroyed country that is steadily erasing our presence.

    Death to ZOG

    • Tom, I’m assuming you are indeed English. To what do you attribute the fall of the National Front? Back in the late 70’s, at their height, they threw a bit of a scare into the Establishment I believe. An American news show did a story on them. They interviewed John Tyndall. He was every bit as well spoken as Jared Taylor. The UK race situation wasn’t nearly as bad then. What happened to them?

  16. >It is specifically an internet problem of people getting sorted and siloed away from reality in internet ghettos like 8chan.

    Yes there is widespread alienation and a lot of mental illness on display in internet groups (and it’s hardly unique to political spaces), but the above description applies to mainstream (jew) media consumption and much more so considering it’s ability to shape the greater masses. 9/11 anniversary is a few days away and the only reflections based in reality are going to come from small corners of the net.

  17. “White Advocacy is mainstream now…” It’s about time!

    But why awaken the masses before the project is complete? They could have just kept the subtle version going a bit longer, until we were an absolute minority. Why the rush to murderous, open hatred?

  18. Never say “antiwhite racism” unless you would similarly say “antisemitic racism”. Antiwhite itself is powerful and should never have “racism” added onto it.

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