Brion McClanahan: What Is The Greatest Threat to American “Democracy”?

Jack Cashill is calling out the AWFLs of the world.

American Thinker:

“When last Thursday night Joe Biden told America, “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans” threaten “the very foundations of our republic,” he missed the mark.  The real threat comes from the unlikeliest of suspects: educated liberal females, or “ELFs” for short.

These are the women who will proudly vote Democrat regardless of soaring inflation, rising gas prices, rampant crime in the streets, the unchecked flood of illegal aliens, and oppressive COVID policies that have irreparably damaged all children, the poor most notably.

If NBC’s polling from April is to be believed, this is the only demographic cohort more favorably inclined to Democrats in 2022 than in 2018.  Unable to sell these women on his accomplishments — there are none — Biden last week appealed to their paranoia.  What made this pitch strategic is his target audience’s proven susceptibility to fear-based propaganda. …

Historically, married women have tended to vote more conservatively than their unmarried peers.  Spousal influence plays a role in their voting, but so does the added awareness of real issues that comes with raising a family and owning a home.

Today, however, more than a third of college-educated women are childless.  Then, too, marriage rates among the educated continue to decline as they have over the past 40 years while the age of first marriage continues to increase.  In 2021, the average age for a female’s first marriage was 28.6, roughly nine years more than 60 years prior. …”

These people are the base of the Democratic Party now.

The Dobbs decision and the 2022 midterms will accelerate the trend as the single, childless, college educated feminist White woman who is irreligious and has modernist values and who lives in a large metro and soaks up mainstream media narratives becomes the typical Democratic voter.

Note: You have probably seen their yard signs. It is always these people. I never see these yard signs in black neighborhoods.


  1. It’s people like yourself who are a threat, re-read the title of your post the word Democracy is not mentioned in either the Constitution nor the DoI, no your history before your assumptions

  2. Slightly off topic but I think an excellent meme I found. I was reading this totally spastic chan that has a lot of girls on it. Kind of like watching car crashes. You don’t want anyone to get hurt but you can’t help but slow down and look.

    Anyway one commented about some strange gender confused blob, whatever, and they called them “Genderspecial”, I think that’s great. I hope it catches on. We should call all the gender confused whatevers…”Genderspecials”.

    If this resonates with you, as it does with me, then spread it around.

  3. I think White Women have a glitch. It’s not like they don’t have caring Mother qualities but at the same time they have this overwhelming desire not to be dominated. In a general way having several kids, taking care of them and having the Father provide does require a bit of submissiveness on the wives part to make it work successfully. She has to subordinate her wishes to the family. Women don’t want that, so they grow resentful at White Men that are a close common target, while idealizing some “other” race somewhere else and fetishizing their motherly instincts on them. It’s really whacked and likely the only way to get rid of it is to breed it out of them which is what happens every time our civilization collapses. Those Women no longer breed and during the collapse are likely to be treated brutally.

    There’s precedent for this idea. You can see it has happened at least two times in history I know of.

    In Sparta the Men fought to the very end. They continued their grueling tests and frankly awful lifestyle to the end but…they ran out of Spartans. Their population crashed. The only real job the Women had to do was have some kids and…they didn’t. There were only a few thousand left and they were defeated by the Thebians. That brought about the freedom of most of the Helots so they were screwed. No way to get back on top. Hundreds of years thrown away.

    In Rome the exact same type of no fault divorce got passed as we have now. Men started refusing to get married. After all, it’s a raw deal legally for Men to get married under the laws then and now. You can only hope your wife doesn’t divorce you, drag you into Female controlled special “divorce courts” and ruin your life. The only control you really have is to not get married at all. In Rome so few Men got married that they started taxing them for not being married. I suspect that when the Vandals came down to attack Rome the Men with no wives and no real future because of the divorce laws said no way am I going to get my ass killed for the greedy Senators of Rome and took off. Rome fell.

    I believe the same thing happened in Persia but I’m not as sure about that.

    I think Women forget just how necessary Men are to keeping a civilization going. Especially the average, normal, much criticized beta Man who dutifully does all the things needed to keep things going while he suffers for it.

    • As per usual, the misogynist rant contains nothing whatsoever in the way of documented fact.

      White women do not have a glitch. We are perfectly normal human beings who, like every other human being on the face of the Earth, want dignity and respect, in their own damned house if nowhere else. Nor does motherhood with a sole-breadwinner husband “require a bit of submissiveness on the wives part to make it work properly.” It works just fine with no submissiveness whatsoever. (I should know.)

      I think White men have a glitch. They want to tell women that our childbearing and child-rearing work is indispensable to the continuity of our civilization. Then, they want to turn around and claim that paid employment is the only kind that confers any right to the respect due to a fully-fledged, functioning grown-up member of society.

      You are not entitled to a risk-free life. That you believe some sort of Fatherhood strike is justified by your exaggerated fear of divorce tells us whom exactly is “modernist” (i.e. individualist) here. Your chief concern is your pocketbook, as is the case with almost all White men today. So long as that continues, nothing can be done.

      • “I think White men have a glitch. ?

        Absolutely !
        Allowing race mixing and a tidal wave of POC immigration. WHITE men have become so spinelessly compliant that they are more weak willed than women.

        Men have a duty to guard territory, ie race, which they have totally failed.

        • “…Allowing race mixing and a tidal wave of POC immigration…”

          Without Women’s votes, this would not be happening. Do not blame Men for what Women are making happen. It’s evil.

      • “…misogynist rant contains nothing whatsoever in the way of documented fact….”

        Saying that certain societal trends are bad, noticing that Women have a large part to play in these traits, noticing that this has happened before and what the consequences are of this is not hate[misogynist]. In fact this sort of “bend over and kiss Women’s asses no matter what goes on” is the very problem I’m talking about. What s wrong with you that any criticism immediately you cry “…misogynist…”. Can you not do better?

        I said, “I think”, I added facts which led to conclusions I made. Which do you dispute? Some of my conclusions you are supposed to be able to understand are covered under “I think”. Reasonable people would be able to do this.

        “… Nor does motherhood with a sole-breadwinner husband “require a bit of submissiveness on the wives part to make it work properly.” It works just fine with no submissiveness whatsoever. (I should know.) …”

        I think you’re wrong. If I said the same about a Woman being the sole breadwinner, I bet no one would argue with me. I’m willing to bet that when a Woman is the sole breadwinner, the Man is more submissive than he normally would be if he were the sole breadwinner. I think to argue against this would likely draw disbelief from most people. And I am saying it is the same case for both Men and Women in that circumstance.

        “…I think White men have a glitch. They want to tell women that our childbearing and child-rearing work is indispensable to the continuity of our civilization…”

        I believe this.

        “…Then, they want to turn around and claim that paid employment is the only kind that confers any right to the respect due to a fully-fledged, functioning grown-up member of society….”

        I do not believe this and do not put words in my mouth or try to paste attitudes on me that I do not have.

        “…You are not entitled to a risk-free life….”

        Fine then let’s change the custody rights back to what they were before the modern era where the children went with the primary breadwinner. I mean Women shouldn’t live a “risk free” life right?
        I bet you wouldn’t like that, would you? And don’t blow this off, would you be for or against this? A non answer will of course be an answer and we know what that answer is.

        Why should Men settle for a 50/50 chance on getting divorced? I don’t think that it’s far from the truth that divorce can ruin a Man’s life and that when he gets divorced he loses most of his rights. He has to work under conditions that he did not really sign up for. It is in essence a form of slavery. If the economy turns down and he can not maintain the same amount of pay he can be jailed for not producing enough. Why should Men only be able to settle divorce issues in Female run “family courts”? If family courts were based on “equal” rights then there would be a 50/50 ration of the children staying with Men/Women.

        It’s too much to ask, and you WILL see this. It’s already started. Marriage is falling off a cliff in rates and will continue to plummet. Maybe you are fine with that if you are already married, but it might not make girls wanting to get married happy or be good for the health of the country.

        Arrian,”…Men have a duty to guard territory, ie race, which they have totally failed.”

        Like the Romans, Men do not really control this country or not White Men. We’re not going to step up and be jailed because of Women voting in Democrats that use the legal system as a weapon to punish Whites. Without the White Women Democratic vote the Democrats would not be in office. All your criticism of me and Men fall apart when you look at the facts on the ground. You are trying to tell Men what to do, well we already know what to do. We don’t need you to tell us what to do. We’re already trying but are being thwarted by Women. What will you do about the White Women? Men can not be blamed for the state of the country IF we are going to keep a broad based Democratically elected government because Women vote for the people ruining us. Stop blaming Men for this, it’s immoral, a factual lie and evil to do so.

        This really infuriates me more than most anything. Women have this huge reality distortion field where no matter what they do, it’s always Men’s fault. It’s insufferable and wrong for Women to vote in these traitors, then blame Men for their actions. It’s pure evil.

        Look at how any factual criticism that draws conclusions Women don’t like brings on “emotive” attacks while avoiding the actual facts. You can “emote” all you want but that will not change the people who were jailed in Charlottesville, Washington, attacks on Whites all over the country and on and on. It takes votes for that, and White Men don’t have them. We are left with only violence if White Women keep doing as they are. I have many times put forth ideas to avoid this and I’m NOT for a huge violent catharsis. It would be a big mistake but if things go on like they are then eventually young Men, as they always have, will see no other option and it will happen. I think civil wars are always extremely brutal and if you think Women have it bad now wait til we have a good blood soaking civil war. Then you’ll really have something to complain about.

      • @lexi: Imagine a life where you have never been great at anything, never felt the urge to be great at anything, never felt that magnetic admiration to someone who was great at something, wanted to imitate and ultimately defeat him. Just nothing. Literally all you do in life is exist. Occupy space. pass the time. You’re a chick.

        You’re bored, tweeting about your fucking hair and not even feeling any kind of happiness from it, just soothing your constant need to be bitter and cunty and petty toward other women. Every single thing you’ve done in the past year was mundane, shallow, and boring. You spent the last six hours reading kinda-interesting Reddit stories about people who made interesting Halloween hats for their kids or some stupid bullshit that you think is interesting and you may say is interesting but you’re not really sure if it’s really interesting. You’re just fucking sitting there, gestating, fermenting, with a moist hole between your legs that guarantees you’ll at least never have to get up and move around and work to support yourself.

        And then you see men, over in some corner, having fun. You’ve never seen this before. What are they even doing? Instead of their consciousnesses merely sitting in their thick skull and revolving around itself, they are imbuing their conscious energy and intentionality into external objects, crafts, goals, projects. All the bitterness and cuntiness you feel nonstop seems to be absent, as they congratulate each other for being victorious, and happily learn from someone who defeated them. These creatures are truly content to be alive. They have found purpose in a purposeless universe.

        And your gaze turns back on itself, on your self, and you realize you’ve never had that. You can never have it. You’re just a stupid cunt.

        So you get up, you walk over there, and you fucking ruin everything. Just ruin the whole fucking thing. The five seconds of attention you get will be worth destroying it. Because you’re a woman.

      • Lexi, I’m not going to get involved in this discussion, but I read your comments and I find you intelligent: you express yourself well, and definitely have something to add.

        But instead of reflexively/defensively trying to deflect blame from women, or rhetorically turning the discussion 180 by trying to blame men (who do deserve some blame), I also think you ought to at least acknowledge the validity of the data and some of the arguments put forth attempting to show(maybe not convincingly in your view) the harmful role women play, in aggregate — I’m not sure if I have ever seen you do that — ?

  4. Brad, you posted the photo of this yard sign in another article and i repeat my comment about it: It’s ridiculous that leftists write “science is real” when they are the first who deny science and biology to accomplish LGBTQ whims. Secondly is ridiculous that is written “kindness is everything” when they endorse antifa violence (i always remember their comments of joy for the death of Aaron Jay Danielson), censorship against opposition, and ban of all people who disagree with their views.

    • I’ve grown much more skeptical of The Science for three reasons: the climate change doomsday cult, COVID policy and “trans.”

      • And String Theory…big time scam in theoretical physics….up next:quantum computers….Steven Hawkings…big time bullshit…..

        The cutting edge of physics is quantum entanglement…because it’s very real physics…

      • I agree that none of that is real science. “Trans” is even anti-scientific. Real science has discovered a warming trend especially in the Arctic and Antarctic, and recognises that the SARS CoV2 virus really exists and has already killed milions of (mostly old and weak) people, and causes long-term or permanent harm to millions of survivors.

        • My understanding is that there is no real change, and certainly none even close to their predictions that they are using for CO2 being able to destroy the planet. I’ve read that when the Arctic gets warmer, the Antarctic gets colder. It’s a fact that they have been caught cooking the books and adjusting temperature data with “corrections” to show it getting hotter.

          There’s some dispute about the temperature collection stations. Cities have grown and there’s a heat island effect near them. I know this for a fact, just as anyone who as owned a motorcycle and rode at night away from the city. The temperature drops dramatically outside the city. Not just little. Many of these stations were outside the cites but over time have had cities move to them.

          Of course, I could be wrong but there’s so much lying that it’s difficult to tell exactly what the truth is. Common sense would tell you that if it gets warmer there is more moisture above the Oceans which makes more clouds, which cools things down. There’s also the fact we’ve had things growing on earth for a really long time, so there must be some stabilizing temperature feedback system or we would not be here at all.

      • >COVID policy

        What do you mean? — that because you now think ‘The Science’ got some things wrong about COVID, that ‘COVID policy’, or some aspects of it, was wrong?

        The objectionable thing about ‘COVID policy’ was that it included lots of coercion, including and especially directly by government, e.g. people were robbed of their personal freedom by lockdowns, subjected to mandates, etc — all of that was obviously wrong, regardless of ‘The Science’ — many of us saw it that way from the beginning; not you apparently, since it seems you approved of ‘COVID policy’ as long as you had confidence in ‘The Science’ — is that more or less correct?

        The highest responsibility of government is to preserve freedom.

        The government could have provided public health info, including e.g. recommended best practices, or strongly recommended best practices, and let people and organizations, including businesses, decide for themselves which measures to adopt and how much risk to take.

        Once government arrogates power, it is never relinquished — you should have known that.

  5. There are two broad categories of women: “feminine” and “feminist”. A feminine feminist is a rarity.

    There is a silver lining – the feminist types are almost always barren while, the more feminine a woman is, the greater the chances of prolific reproduction.

    So God, the pilot of evolution, is weeding out any genetic pre-disposition to feminine and is breeding more feminine types. Hallelujah!

    • I got this line from somewhere and saved it.

      ” Feminism is the idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands.”

  6. > more than a third of college-educated women are childless.

    Well there you go, you know what to do. Find a college educated white woman, knock her up, and she’ll become more conservative and vote right.

    Just tell your wife you don’t really want to but you have to take one for the team, 14 words and all that.

    • White men nowadays aren’t interested in taking one for the team. All they want to do is ask women to take one for the team while refusing to do so themselves.

      I don’t know if it is true or not that more than a third of all college-educated women are childless. (I rather suspect that is a half-truth at best.) I do know this: The more educated a woman is, the more likely she is to get married and stay married for the rest of her life, and the less likely she is to have children out of wedlock.

      Higher birthrates among less-educated women are driven by unplanned pregnancies, not more traditional values. Working-class women are more anti-male than middle-class women will ever be. After all, they’re the ones who have to bear the brunt of male dysfunction on the left tail of the bell curve. Getting and keeping a minimally-functional man among this set is so hard now that these women just throw in the towel, especially now with the opioid crisis.

      Childlessness is falling among educated women and has been for some time. The misogynists ignore this fact because they’re not really interested in solutions and they’re not interested in White well-being. They want a housekeeper and a sex partner, and they don’t want to have to put in any serious effort or take any risks to get these.

      • It’s not misogynistic to be aware that certain tends are bad for Men and leave them at the mercy of their wives. If Women are voting in bad things it’s NOT hate to point it out. That Men can hate what Women keep pushing on Men does not equate to Men hating Women. I repeat, would you be willing to go back to a earlier time when the children during a divorce went with the primary breadwinner? If not then all this blaming of Men for wanting to not take risk is so much blather.

        “…not really interested in solutions and they’re not interested in White well-being…”

        Pot calling the kettle black. Is that not hate to say such nonsensical things. I repeat, over and over, what the hell are you going to do about the Women voting to destroy the country? This is a fact. It’s not based on some fake Man hating Women thing.

        Republicans and Democrats are equally bad on trade which is the prime reason less wealthy Men are being dumped from jubs, and getting divorced. Men voted overwhelmingly for Trump which opposed present trade policies but even if the vote was stolen, and I believe it was, it would have been far more difficult if not impossible if Women had not voted in such numbers for Democrats. In fact maybe the vote stealing would have not occurred at all if the Democrats were not in such power in so many places. Stop blaming Men for things we do not control and that Women are making our country insufferable.

        Saying all Men “hate” Women because they disagree with them and the policies they keep pushing on us is like children saying someone has cooties. It doesn’t help anything, solves nothing, and shows that the criticisms Women have of Men are weak and childish.

        You can pretend the reason I say what I say is that, I hate Women but the real facts are that Women are driving the destruction with their votes and you can not say different. You can not blame Men, even though you try, for voting patterns of Women.

      • Females in positions of power in any government, is indicative of the vegetative state of men. ANY country where women have been emancipated, Jews have complete power, and the men have lost their authority, lacking any means to assert themselves.
        When women are let loose to do as they please, away from the influence of men, they have not come up with a cornucopia of great inventions and discoveries. Instead they have aborted tens of millions of infants, blamed all of their problems on men, voted leftists into office, become excesseively promiscuous, gotten worthless college degrees and demanded equally worthless make-work jobs, believed that wealth falls like manna from heaven, come to believe marriage is temporary, destroyed children’s lives through easy divorce and single parenthood … and rationalized every bit of it.

    • “Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.” — Josef Stalin

      Old Koba the Dread could be very insightful now and again. This is a completely true statement. One of the many reasons we’re in the place we are is that education is 100% in the hands of our enemies. Most whites are utterly unaware of the target on their backs, like the deer in the Farside cartoon. The universities you mention are much like the Biblical depiction given of the Pharisees, who would travel over land and sea to make a convert who would end up as twice the disciple of hell that they themselves were. Defund it all. From the local indoctrination camp for toddlers all the way up to places like the various state-funded universities.

  7. OT (not entirely)

    >College educated liberal women are the greatest threat to American democracy

    Some college educated men are too:


    At the link above is an amazing video — it shows two middle-aged Whites, a man and a woman, trying top off the tires on their Tesla using a propane tank, which they apparently mistook for compressed air — as the guy making the video approaches them, you can see they are having trouble getting the propane nozzle to fit the (Schrader) valve on their tire.

    Now imagine they count as college educated and liberal, i.e. an AWFL and an AWML, both members of the PMC — then contemplate how stupid they are about day-to-day practical matters, and how they probably vote.

    • “…how stupid they are about day-to-day practical matters…”

      So true, and the kicker is they do not know that they do not know. They think that their views are rational and well-thought-out on many liberal policies but they’re not. Trade policies, immigration, racial truths, belief in sexual fluidity and telling kids all about this. Kids don’t need to really know about sex in kindergarten. It’s not necessary.

    • OT

      Bizarre story:

      I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller — A growing number of men are undergoing a radical and expensive surgery to grow anywhere from three to six inches. The catch: It requires having both your femurs broken. GQ goes inside the booming world of leg lengthening

      John is in his mid-40s and stands five feet eleven and a half. … That John is on his feet at all is impressive—and probably foolish—considering that only eight months prior, he was five feet eight and a half. Back in September, he paid $75,000 for the agonizing privilege of having his legs surgically lengthened. That entailed having both his femurs broken, and adjustable metal nails inserted down their centers. …

      It says he’s ‘a father to three’, but not whether he’s married — probably not, since he’s black — an affirmative action Black who works as a ‘network engineer’ for the government.

      Why would someone like John—handsome, confident, funny, a father to three—shell out for a procedure that costs more than a Tesla and results in months of agony for a couple of extra inches?

      The question is answered above: he’s a dumb nigger.

      This is the kind of shit white people pay for with their taxes.

  8. >College educated liberal women are the greatest threat to American democracy


    Who are the people who see “equity and climate change” and think “that sounds like someone who will make my community a better place to live”? … Well, frankly, it’s white women. No one else responds to those buzzwords.

    I would add tolerance to ‘equity and climate change’ — whenever you hear the word tolerance, you should ask what specifically> you are being asked to tolerate.

    Of course ‘no one else’ is not true, but I think the data does show that, compared to other groups, a larger fraction of white women will support destructive, über-liberal policies if you package and sell them as promoting ‘equity’ (or tolerance) and/or doing something to combat ‘climate change’.

    Given the nature of 24/7, always-on media, and the way so many women, especially young women, consume it to the point of saturation, what used to be called pathological altruism is perhaps better seen as the hijacking and redirection of the natural empathy of women.

  9. I work for a railroad company at the northern end of the Black Belt, and it’s mostly like you’d expect (regular white guys in the office and regular black guys in the plants), but the only one who rides around with the pictured confession of faith on her Mini Cooper (along with a Biden-Harris sticker, some of the most unpopular people in the country) is a middle-aged unmarried irreligious woman with a Jewish last name and a butch haircut, who has cats, loves going to craft breweries, is a vegetarian, just got solar panels installed on her house, and is still wearing a mask. And of course, her preferences are law in the workplace. But, to the point, you would’ve known all that about her just by that one bumper sticker.

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