Ukraine’s Successful Counteroffensive

I apologize for my relative absence here.

I’ve spent the last few days working outside on my yard and was too exhausted to write anything last night. The big story in the news has been Ukraine’s successful counteroffensive against Russia near Kharkiv. Liberals / neocons are ecstatic about the good news on the Russian front.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — The strategy behind Ukraine’s rapid military gains in recent days began to take shape months ago during a series of intense conversations between Ukrainian and U.S. officials about the way forward in the war against Russia, according to American officials.

The counteroffensive — revised this summer from its original form after urgent discussions between senior U.S. and Ukrainian officials — has succeeded beyond most predictions. Ukrainian forces have devastated Russian command and control, and appear poised to capitalize on their advances in the northeast of the country and in another campaign in the south. …”

Anne Applebaum is so excited in The Atlantic that she is telling us that it is time for the world to prepare for a Ukrainian victory over Russia.

The Atlantic:

“Over the past six days, Ukraine’s armed forces have broken through the Russian lines in the northeastern corner of the country, swept eastward, and liberated town after town in what had been occupied territory. First Balakliya, then Kupyansk, then Izium, a city that sits on major supply routes. These names won’t mean much to a foreign audience, but they are places that have been beyond reach, impossible for Ukrainians to contact for months. Now they have fallen in hours. As I write this, Ukrainian forces are said to be fighting on the outskirts of Donetsk, a city that Russia has occupied since 2014.

Many things about this advance are unexpected, especially the location: For many weeks, the Ukrainians loudly telegraphed their intention to launch a major offensive farther south. The biggest shock is not Ukraine’s tactics but Russia’s response. “What really surprises us,” Lieutenant General Yevhen Moisiuk, the deputy commander in chief of the Ukrainian armed forces, told me in Kyiv yesterday morning, “is that the Russian troops are not fighting back.” …”

Charlie Sykes is worried that a Republican Congress with a stronger MAGA contingent could pressure Republican leadership to cut off Ukraine. I endorsed JD Vance over Ukraine.

The Bulwark:

“A Ukrainian victory would, arguably, be the most significant U.S. foreign policy triumph in decades. Despite some initial hesitations, the Biden Administration has forged and led a remarkable international coalition, and has supplied many of the arms that now appear to be turning the tide.

So this may seem like an odd time to raise the question: How reliable an ally are we, really? Is is possible that the United States could bail on Ukraine if the war drags on?

Vladimir Putin certainly thinks so. He may be counting on it.

Of course, this may be another one of his epic miscalculations, but his hope is not baseless. …”

The offensive was made possible by the unfathomable amount of military aid and new weapon systems that have poured into Ukraine from the United States in recent months. The Biden administration has poured a couple billion dollars of new military spending into Ukraine every week for months.

National Review:

“Ukraine’s cause hasn’t gotten any more just or inspiring over the last couple of months; it’s gotten better armed.

Ukraine couldn’t win a straight-up artillery fight with the Russians, and in fact it was losing one in a grinding war of attrition. A HIMARS, or high-mobility artillery rocket system, versus artillery fight, though, is a different matter.

The Ukrainians have used these long-range, precision systems provided by the U.S. to hit Russian artillery parks, ammunition dumps, and logistical hubs. The strikes have caused breakdowns in Russia’s fuel and ammunition supplies as well as in the cohesion of its troops and command-and-control. …”

The “intelligence community” is also basically directing the war against Russia.

When these people aren’t accusing you of “semi-fascism,” it is worth remembering that they are arming Zelensky’s dictatorship and fighting an all out land war against Russia on the Eastern Front like Germany in World War II. Oddly enough, they are the ones who are bent on world domination.

If you are a small-r republican who supports the classic American foreign policy of minding our own business and no entangling alliances in the world and refusing to support vindictive crusades to slay various monsters in Eurasia, you are an enemy of “Our Democracy.” There is nothing more “fascist” than opposing militarism and imperialism and wanting to abolish the FBI, CIA and the Pentagon.

Note: Southern Republic or Global American Empire? It is an easy choice for me.


  1. It looks like the Russians will let this war drag on until they bankrupt the US. That maybe the overall Russian strategy. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

    • ” will let this war drag on until they bankrupt the US.”

      No, the US will just ‘INFLATE’ it’s way through the war, as it did vietnam.
      YOU will pay for this, by seeing your money go down in value.

      • The Ukies will just ask the US for more money until we are bled dry, and unable to provide more for them. In some ways inflation is an admission of defeat and bankruptcy.

        • “The Ukies will just ask the US for more money”:

          “Nudelman’s Nazis” are proxy-robots that don”t REALLY ask. They are told what to ask.

          The Russo-Khazarkrainian war is a U.S. war – Russo-American! It is a very long-running war, waged over many decades, since 1945, by the U.sury S.ystem (U.S.) using Khazarkrainian fake nationalist proxies to destroy and subjugate Russia.

  2. May be a little premature to announce Russian defeat, but there are a few points to bear in mind:

    1) Ukraine is definitely NOT a democracy (Zelensky is an authoritarian, banning opposition), and it is how the West would like Russia to look in the event of Putin being deposed and the Russian military defeated: a subject client state, suitable for money-laundering, corruption and exploitation of natural resources.

    2) Assassination of Daria Dugin and atrocities committed by genuine Nazis in Ukraine elite units begs the question, “Why are we supporting these people?” Most unsavory, to say the least.

    3) Endgame is clearly destruction of Russia, bringing her to her knees as in the early nineties, subjugation to GAE and Globohomo. Love or hate Putin, but he is one of the few roadblocks to the New World Order?One World Government. This project – Russia embroiled in an exhausting war – has been planned and prepared for by Washington since at least 2014. Trump escalated arms to Ukraine; he did not deport from this objective.

    4) How would a desperate Putin on the brink of defeat lash out? Would he strike America or Europe with nukes? Or would he quietly accept his brutal mob execution as a Slavic Gaddafi?

    5) If this counter-offensive were indeed a turning point, could a victorious Ukrainian army be prevented from marching on Moscow? And now that we have created this monster, what then? Washington expects that it will continue to obey its masters. Or maybe Washington’s hope & plan is to march into Russia itself and depose Putin by force. Finish the work Hitler started.

    • “If this counter-offensive were indeed a turning point, could a victorious Ukrainian army be prevented from marching on Moscow?”

      Fucking lol! What have you been smoking?

    • Mr. Bongstreet asks: “How would a desperate Putin on the brink of defeat lash out? Would he strike America or Europe with nukes? Or would he quietly accept his brutal mob execution as a Slavic Gaddafi?”

      Indeed. As the U.S. Empire backs Putin into a corner, the risk of all-out nuclear war increases. Our satanic overlords don’t seem to care. Maybe they think they can survive in their well-provisioned underground bunkers. The deaths of billions of human beings, for them, is a small price to pay for their “rules based” New World Order. May God grant us the strength to resist these evil monsters.

      • “would he (Putin) quietly accept his brutal mob execution as a Slavic Gaddafi? (…) as the U.S. Empire backs Putin into a corner….”

        Putin and the Russian people are always being backed into a corner by the Zionist U.S. Empire, and they are also being backed into a corner by the Khazarian Oligarchs who still remain in Russia. Imperialst war is endless because the elite parasites must feed constantly or die.

  3. I think that what will happen is the same thing that happened the last time the Ukrainians had an offensive. The Russians retreated like they were loosing. Enveloped them and then blew them to pieces. No doubt the long range stuff helps but the Ukrainian railroads are run by electricity from centralized stations. The Russians wait til they load these trains and move them into vulnerable positions, then blast the power stations to stop them and then blow everything to hell.

    I personally believe, and I really believe this, that the sole purpose of the latest advances by Ukraine is to kill off as many Ukrainians as they can. Look at their plan. Attack across a mostly open plain with no or little air support into areas covered with artillery. The limited long range rockets they have can not support a large, wide offensive of troops. If something doesn’t make any sense at all then you have come up with some sort of motive that does.

    It appears to me the take-over of Ukraine has followed a pattern of trying to create as many Ukrainian casualties as they possibly can. Depopulate the whole area.

    There’s a logical reason for this. Due to the loss of the Jews to Hezbollah in the last war, they are becoming paranoid. They could not invade on land at all in Lebanon or the Gaza Strip. Every single time they did, they had their tanks destroyed and their troops asses shot off. Anti-tank weapons have become much better. The Jews had active anti-tank protection(explosive armor) on their tanks but these only work for one shot. Usually you have troops with the tanks to protect the tanks but you can’t do that with explosive armor. So Hezbollah would fire lots of anti-tank weapons and destroy the tanks, backed up by lots of machine gunners in spider holes to keep the troops back. The Jews made zero headway on the ground. The only thing they could do is attack Lebanon from the air and Gaza with artillery. Leveling the whole place. They lost. And you know Jew mentality if they are not totally dominate they go nuts and get frantic.

    Shortly after, they overthrew the Ukrainian government and shortly after that they started shelling eastern Ukraine.

    I believe that the sole purpose of these wars are to harass Russia and to kill off as many Ukrainians as they possibly can so that if they need a “plan B” country to retreat, they can move to Ukraine.

    There was, I believe, plans to move to China but that seems to have been a huge failure. Since then the Jews have been attacking the Chinese as much as they can. They have nowhere to go, and Israel is not safe. The whole entire Hezbollah-Israel war Hezbollah was firing rockets continuously at them. They could not stop them. These rockets were weak, but they are being resupplied with far longer range and more powerful warhead rockets. If they start firing again from Lebanon it could cause huge casualties. It could ruin them and they could even possibly be overrun. They need a new home. The one they have has ceased to be safe.

  4. >Ukrainian forces have devastated Russian command and control

    I don’t think this is true — from what I’ve seen, the counteroffensive was most successful around Kharkiv, where the Russians had largely irregular troops stationed to hold the territory — since they were not equipped to handle an assault by infantry and armor, they were withdrawn — I’ve also seen reports that Ukraine is suffering large losses in material and troops (Russian airpower and artillery are still very effective), but that they don’t care because of the support from the West and their numerical superiority.

    I saw it said that the Russian military does not normally act rashly or out of revenge, but I think the decision to strike the power plant in Kharkiv (reportedly hit by a dozen cruise missiles) was probably in part motivated by that — the Russians had previously stated it was not their aim to destroy civilian infrastructure.

    Personally I think Russia should target the runways at the airport in Rzeszow, Poland, which is not far from the border with Ukraine — it seems most of the Western military aid to Ukraine arrives there — link

    • “should target the runways at the airport in Rzeszow, Poland”

      That would pull NATO into the conflict, exactly the thing Russia doesn’t want.

      • >That would pull NATO into the conflict, exactly the thing Russia doesn’t want.

        Maybe, maybe not.

        As I say at the link: ‘ … I don’t see how the political and military leadership of Russia can allow this massive, unimpeded flow of weapons to go on indefinitely’ — I am sympathetic to ordinary soldiers (on both sides), and Russian military and political leadership ought to take action to limit casualties and (it is hoped) shorten the war — they owe this to the soldiers they are sending to fight and die.

        I give the rationale in another comment (link): … if I were Putin I would have said that while Russia was ready to negotiate (and has been since 2014), I would also have given the West an ultimatum about helping Ukraine militarily, and then hit western supply chain targets if it did not stop, saying if the West then retaliated, Russia would use nuclear weapons in response, since in the view of Russia the strikes on western targets were defensive. … Make the West, in front of the whole world, especially people in Western countries, choose war or negotiation and deescalation.

        The West has been playing brinkmanship with Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union (the West has continued to wage the Cold War) — it’s time for Russia to do the same.

        I think the West could back down.

        • >I think the West could back down.
          would back down

          You’re not considering the ((crazies)) that are in control. You’re not aware of judaism’s insane concepts.

          Judaism teaches that a massive war will annihilate the gentiles and Jews will be untouched, left to rule the world from jewslum.

          You don’t know the insanity we are subject to.

          • >You’re not considering the ((crazies)) that are in control.

            Yes I am — while they’re used to bullying militarily incompetent nations full of brown people, they’re not crazy enough to want nuclear war with Russia over Ukraine.

            >You’re not aware of judaism’s insane concepts.

            Resist ‘monomania’.

          • “they’re not crazy enough to want nuclear war with Russia ”

            Haha Haha,
            Yes, they are that incompetent.
            Just as they are incompetent enough to synthesize ‘ enhanced functionality ‘ of a flu virus.

    • What you mention there is the big story obscured by media – After the Ukrainian advance, Russia knocked out the power for nearly a quarter of Ukraine’s remaining population:

      “Russia responded Sunday with a missile attack on Kharkiv’s TEC-5 power and heat plant, Ukraine’s second-largest, cutting electricity to an estimated nine million people in Kharkiv and Donetsk provinces and parts of Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, and Sumy.”

      This was a warning to Ukraine-Nato-USA, that Putin is ready to escalate. Much of the power has been allowed to come back online without further Russian strikes, but likely everyone got the message.

      Next big war phase is probably just waiting to see what happens to the EU over the winter with the energy shortage disaster, whilst the ugly slow war, the deaths and wasting of billions goes on.

      • Today Russia used cruise missiles to damage a large dam in Ukraine near Krivoy Rog, and water is rising downstream.

        I think attacking civilian infrastructure is a mistake and will only generate more adverse publicity for Russia when, everything considered, especially the timeline stretching back to 2014, the SMO can be fairly easily justified (even if some will never concede that war was necessary to solve the problem in eastern Ukraine).

        It would be better overall to challenge the brinkmanship by confronting the West and exposing the West’s involvement as direct parties in the conflict; to do this, Russia should attempt to interdict Western weapons shipments — this could also be fairly easily justified as a defensive measure needed to protect Russian troops.

        At the same time Russia should again emphasize it is ready to negotiate, but only within a framework guaranteeing future security for ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine.

        Also Gonzalo Lira, who lived in Kharkiv and does YouTube streams about the conflict, was suspended from Twitter — Twitter/GonzaloLira1968.

  5. Retired US generals haver been wearing the Ukraine flag sine this started.
    Russian troops occupy a nuclear plant then Ukraine shells it so they can accuse the Russians of doing so.
    Suddenly this story line erupts that Ukraine is routing the Russians.
    It’s all very coordinated and you can connect the dots for yourself.
    What exactly is our national interest here?

  6. There were no regular Russian trroops defending the line in that area, only LDPR militia. Russian and Wagner troops have been moved there since, manning the new line along the river. The pull-back was planned and orderly with few , and the MSM stories of equipment left behind are all fabridated.

    The Khazarkrainian’s big push was no surprise. It was expected, and Russian ethnic civilians in the area were warned and mostly evacuated to protect them from being terrrorised by the U.S.’s proxy army.

    The big push in Kharkov oblast was U.S.-planned and U.S.-commanded, and included not only tens of thousands of Khazarkrainians, but also hundreds of English-speaking U.S. and UK special forces and other NATO soldiers, Israeli forces, and private mercenariies. As usual, the U.S. handled the battlefield communications and gave targetting directions.

  7. “”””.. Ukraine’s successful counteroffensive…””””

    How successful it is, this remains to see. Abandoning cover and moving into open ground when enemy has heavy artilley doesnt look good.

    I think ukros emptying their last reserves in desperate hope like Hitler infamous Battle of Bulge.

  8. If even this nut is wringing his hands over this in public, its hard to imagine it not being as bad as it sounds.

    Russia has made huge strategic miscalculations from the start of this invasion and its gonna cost them.

    1) Portraying the Ukrainian regime as “Nazis” is the worst way to make a case that people here in the US can point to for why we shouldn’t be involved. Its the height of cringe.

    2) Assuming that this show of force would discourage European countries from looking at NATO to secure their interests has not only solidified what was a fracturing alliance even 5 years ago with a fresh new raison d’etre but its now pushed Sweden and Finland off the fence to join NATO as full members, a truly unprecedented coup for NATO in recent times.

    3) Real damage is being done to the Russian military that is going to put that regime increasingly in a defensive posture internally as the chickens come home to roost that their blood and treasure has been squandered. A strategic rival against a unipolar hegemon like the GAE can’t afford such a weakness if it wants to maintain relevance.

    4) Europe, which was gradually realigning itself with Russia and away from the US has now been pushed directly into the arms of the US as their only real alternative. This is bad for us, and terrible for Russia.

    5) Russia is now largely dependent on China, a historical rival against whom wars for regional dominance have also been fought. China is an unreliable partner to any country precisely because they believe themselves to be a superior race and culture to everyone else. They will screw Russia over if it benefits them.

    6) Using an army of Muslim Mercenaries to invade another Orthodox Christian Country…. is collossaly degenerate. It should give even the most brain dead Russia fanboys on here at least some pause.

    7) Failure to accomplish a fast resolution as planned to this perceived threat on their doorstep has risked their being stuck in a quagmire they can’t afford to withdraw from (unlike Afghanistan when we caught their leg in a bear trap there too). The longer it goes on the worse it is for them.

    At this point I want both sides to lose bad and fast so it can be over with. I didn’t care before. Now I want them all to go to hell asap. Hopefully these muslims are bearing the brunt of the casualties.

    • Hopefully, Ukraine will get cut off after the midterms. At the very least, it shouldn’t get nearly as much support with a GOP House

    • Good points, and a GAE-planned and provoked disaster for Russia is exactly what has been in the offing since 2014. I would rather see Russia and Ukraine at the negotiating table, at peace and saving lives. But the usurper Biden regime wants war and death – deaths of European manhood in particular.

    • 4) Most importantly, it is bad for Europe. Pushing it back into the arms of ZOG was the primary goal of this war.

  9. “If you are a small-r republican who supports the classic American foreign policy of minding our own business and no entangling alliances in the world and refusing to support vindictive crusades to slay various monsters”:

    The real classic history of the U.S. foreign policy is imperialism, from the beginning to the present. First it was intra-continentlal, then Western hemispheric, and finally, as soon as it was big and strong enough, full global-universal imperialism.

    • Expansion isn’t imperialism.

      Imperialism is when one state dominates another like British rule in Ireland or India. Expansion is when settlers from Georgia moved to Alabama and created a new state that was admitted to the Union as an equal member of the polity with the same rights and liberties as the parent state. Alabamians aren’t subjects of Georgians.

      The U.S. does have an imperial foreign policy these days though.

      • “Expansion isn’t imperialism”

        …We wouldn’t have America if it weren’t for the British Empire, and we wouldn’t have been able to expand without ruthlessly destroying the Indians as we went. Manifest Destiny was even more brutal than British Colonialism.

        I’m not hand-wringing over that, I’m glad we won. But right-wingers tend to have weird double-standards in order to paint themselves as victims and good guys who always wanted to just be left alone, rather than the descendants of brutal conquerers that we are. Just own it!

      • “Expansion isn’t imperialism”:

        Well, the westward expansion adding French and Spanish colonial territories and other Indian lands was at least “proto-imperialist,” setting the stage, getting big enough and strong enough for full-scale, hemispheric and global imperialism. The nature of the system requires it.

        On a smaller scale, Pennsylvania began with Penn’s Holy Experiment, but the experiment soon ended with the “Walking Purchase” (theft) expansion scheme, and Indian lands were taken by force across the Susquehanna and Alleghany regions.

  10. They don’t let Ukranians anywhere near a HIMARS. It takes a few months to learn it well, if the trainee is smart. But Ukranians are dumb as a rock.

    The Soviet Mordor Orcvasion is over. Putin is on the edge of losing power because he made a mess of this.

    Whover comes next, possibly Rogogov or Borisov, will hopefully pack away permanently all those embarrassing Soviet flags and begin flying the Imperial Eagle, and fight a serious war.

  11. Early reports indicated that hundreds (at least) of English-speaking American and British soldiers in non-Khazarkrainian uniforms were involved in the big push. We now know about ONE THIRD of the attacking forces are American, British and other NATO soldiers! The empire is no longer trying to hide its direct involvement but beginning to brag about it now! The U.S. is rapidly escalating and the Russian pull-back, in the face of this escalation, was rational and necessary.

  12. As long as the govt and media support the war in Ukraine, they are always going to spin it in their favor otherwise the goyim might realize the billions coming out of their pockets are going into the coffers of the Ukrainian govt and others.

  13. People have been screaming at Putin to fight the war properly since week 1. He just isn’t having it.

    Monarchy and Christianity on trial.

    • Putin’s whole career has been spent dealing with western-instigated threats (Chechnya, ISIS, Libya, color revolutions, Navalny, Ukraine…). Surely he saw this one coming and prepared?

  14. I think the Russians pulled out the Ukrainians in a very known Red Army tactic, by making the Ukrop leave their fortified positions and roll out into the open and also maybe overpenetrating into RUAF terrirory Now they can be cut off from their logistics and reinforcements and then be destroyed by the substantial regular army reinforcements that are on the way right now from their staging areas to the new fromtline on the Oskol river

    The area left by the Russian whitdrawl where defended by “occupation zone troops” MPs and lightly armed National Guard units

    Anyone who have follow the Russian internal discuss and twitter in general know this offensive was coming and of course so did the Russians!

    It changes nothing but i was surprised this was the first Ukrop counter offensive this late in the war! Odd that it came now and not when the Russian build up and force multiplication was still ongoing

    • Getting the cutting edge NATO weaponry and “volunteers” took time. Plus they needed Russia to expend ordinance on legions of Ukrainian conscript cannon fodder…they needed to study Russian weaknesses, etc. like how well they would perform against western hardware.

      • Alejandro Mayorkas is Russia’s Secret Weapon. The Mexican border is “our” Maginot Line and Achilles Heal. Don’t think that the Kremlin is so strategically blind as to not use our open border with Mexico to send in saboteurs and terrorists who can bring the war to the “homeland.” Germany and the UK are equally vulnerable with their inability to stop “migrants” from sneaking into Europe who can blow up LNG facilities and nuclear powerplants. This is World War III, not some proxy war that will remain confined to Ukraine.

        • You’re right that World War III appears to have started; I always felt that the Syrian Civil War is equivalent to the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939 as a dress rehearsal for the main event (ISIS/Al-Qaeda/Saudi/Qatar/UK/Israel/USA/Turkey vs Syria/Russia/Iran/Hezbollah). God help us all!

          • Yes it have started

            people generaly think that the war of northern agression started in 1861 when it actually started 1857-58 on the Kansas plains and in the Missouri borderlands

            likewise they think WW2 started in 1939 in Poland when it started in 1937 in Spain or even in a railroad car 1918

            It´s always the small raindrops that feed the flood

  15. “A Ukrainian victory would, arguably, be the most significant U.S. foreign policy triumph in decades.”

    Not U.S. policy. The policy of a bunch of vindictive and malicious Jews, with an ax to grind with Russia. Before that, the policies of a bunch of Yankee plutocrats, in the Great White North.

    “If you are a small-r republican who supports the classic American foreign policy of minding our own business and no entangling alliances in the world and refusing to support vindictive crusades to slay various monsters in Eurasia, you are an enemy of “Our Democracy.”

    The triumph of the North, in 1865, was the defeat of the real, true, and old American republic, which was Southern by birth, culture, and nature. The United States of America have already fallen. We’re living in the United States of New England, under the dictatorship of Massachusetts, and Jewish manipulation.

    Wait till you see the Russian Counteroffensive. It won’t be reported in the U.S. media, of course. The Russians have said now, that their newest objective is the total destruction of the Zelensky government.

    “Note: Southern Republic or Global American Empire? It is an easy choice for me.”

    Southern Nationalist Party.

    There’s no real opposition to Southern Nationalism. The Yankees aren’t even aware of it, blinded as they are, by their vanity, arrogance, and decades of Plutocratic and Communist lies. It resides in the hearts and minds of all Southrons, just below the surface. It’s not an ideology, it’s organic, it’s who we are. The Southern People just haf to be reminded of it.


    For Russia, and for Dixie.

    End Reconstruction. End the War(s).

    • Judging by my travels around the rural US, most of America’s Heartland is now Southron, whether it’s Texas or Montana.

  16. The counter offensive was not successful. Ukraine continues to get obliterated.

    Russia is successfully using Iranian drones to defeat the GAE.

    Hope survives!

    The world is being remade and the GAE will not come out on top.

    The Great Satan will be defeated in time.

  17. Instead of attacking the points of entry & supply lines in the west of Ukraine, Putin & the Russians just farted around as the billions in jewS military hardware kept pouring in for 6 months. So now they’re paying the price for their half-assed stupidity.

    Well, now they have to go all-in with a maximum effort, and depose filthy kike Zelensky.

    This ain’t no “special operation” now; no “police action”, as Truman tried to soft-pedal Korea: it’s a WAR that must be conclusively WON if Russia isn’t to become just another jewS golobohomoshlomo poodle like Germany & the rest.

    • Interesting you mention Truman, as there are definite parallels here with regard to Korea. McArthur wanted to crush China as well – he basically said if you’re going to wage war, go in 100% or don’t do it at all. Truman and his administration were aiming for a limited war with no clear goals – which led to criticism from commanders in the field. What was the motivation for their men?

      • “Truman and his administration were aiming for a limited war”:

        The U.S.’s war on Korea was limited alright. It was limited by the total number of cities, towns, villages and buildings, bridges, dams, railroads and other infrastructure in the country. When all of the infrastructure in the entire country had been destroyed y bombing, the U.S. was limited to bombing bicyclists, and farmers and farm animals in fields.

        “if you’re going to wage war, go in 100%”:

        The U.S. didn’t use nuclear, but it did use biological.weapons in Korea so give it a 90% for that.

  18. Simply put……….

    The Russians made a orderly (A fact not even disputed by NATO) whitdrawl of police units(SOBR) to avoid having them being rolled over by a armoured spearhead

    Painly they saved 150 SWAT cops from the punch of 200 Main Battle Tanks

    pretty sensible as decisions come i would say

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