David Corn: How The Republican Party Came To Embrace Conspiracy

Just off the top of my head, I can name at least five recent outlandish “conspiracy theories” which have been embraced by conservatives which turned out to be true.

1. The Great Replacement – Liberal Democrats who tend to be urban cosmopolitan PMCs who live on the coasts despise White working class conservative voters. These people are in a hurry to change the racial demographics of the country because of their belief that reducing the relative size of the White population is the key to tipping swing states like Georgia and Arizona toward the Democrats in the Electoral College. Thus, if Joe Biden were elected president, he would refuse to enforce our immigration laws and millions of illegal aliens would be allowed to invade our country.

2. Russiagaters Will Start a War With Russia – According to this conspiracy theory, Russia-obsessed Liberal Democrats want to start a war with Russia. Thus, if Joe Biden were elected president, he would defer to these people and escalate tensions in eastern Europe which would eventually result in a war with Russia. To my regret, I didn’t take this conspiracy theory seriously enough in 2019 and 2020.

3. COVID Policy Isn’t Really Based On The Science – Are liberal Democrats cynical enough to use a pandemic as a cloak to nakedly push their own political agenda? Contrast the draconian response to COVID with the tepid response to Monkeypox. The same people who didn’t hesitate to push vaccine mandates and to bully anti-vaxxers and get them fired from their jobs over COVID are afraid of stigmatizing HIV-infected homosexuals who are spreading Monkeypox through gay orgies. COVID was also used as an excuse by a secret cabal to change election laws with mail in ballots in order to defeat Trump in the swing states. These people would later boast about calling off their coordinated riots in Time magazine. So yes, there was a conspiracy against Trump by a shadowy cabal of liberal elites.

4. Democrats Want To Erase The Founding Fathers – Liberal Democrats hate the American past and won’t stop with Confederate statues and symbols. They will eventually condemn the U.S. Constitution as structurally racist and start toppling monuments of the Founding Fathers.

5. Democrats Are Pedophiles Who Want To Groom Children – According to this conspiracy theory, LGBTQ activists won’t stop at “marriage equality.” They will go further and embrace and push transgenderism. It won’t stop with Drag Queen Story Hour in public libraries. Instead, young children will be indoctrinated in “trans” ideology and will essentially start to be groomed by homosexuals. Thus, if Joe Biden were elected president, “trans” ideology will be pushed into the public schools.


  1. Trump lost the election because of the post-1965 racial transformation of America via the 1965 Immigration Reform Act…..nonwhite legal immigrants and their US born nonwhite geneline.

    Proof:Why was the election so close in the first place?

    • Plus,
      the widespread practice of black voters voting multiple times. Plus a deluge of fake ballots coming in via organized crime. Demoncrats are past masters at this, the Daily machine in Chicago.

  2. Well, well … wow:

    “COVID was also used as an excuse by a secret cabal to change election laws with mail in ballots in order to defeat Trump in the swing states.”
    – Hunter Wallace (!)

    Had to double-check to confirm that Hunter was the author. Welcome to the 2020 Election Outcome Doubters Club, Hunter! We are glad to have you on board.

    It is, after all, a now long-running American tradition, formerly a lefty one:

    Non-zoomers will remember ‘Al Gore really won’ after 2000, when the courts stopped the close-call re-counting and gave the win to Bush. I suspect Gore did win – He was well-liked, not yet laughable as a climate idiot, the economy seemed strong, and ‘G W Bush reminded women of husbands they had divorced’.

    In 2004, famous liberal journo Keith Olbermann, then at MSNBC, and actually somewhat edgy in those days, Olbermann publicly joined with widespread grass-roots allegations of pro-Bush vote fraud, and even suggested a 1-in-8 chance the Bush re-election might be overturned in courts / Congress! You can still read on the web about ‘Keith Olbermann hallucinating about vote fraud’.

    And in 2016 no less than Biden’s current press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, said Trump and the Russians stole the win from Hillary … tho now of course she says 2020 election doubters are ‘extremists’.

    • There is a difference between the fact that COVID was used as an excuse to change election laws in swing states around mail in ballots months before the 2020 election and some of the stuff that people like Sidney Powell was claiming.

  3. The above are not conspiracies, they’re the truth. When you hear conspiracy used, it usually means it’s the truth and that truth comes out over time.

  4. “Contrast the draconian response to COVID with the tepid response to Monkeypox”:

    The capitalist response to Covid was big business and big bank friendly, mostly unscientific and ineffective – not serious ENOUGH! But the type of Monkeypox that is circulatng is much milder and less contagious than Covid, so the tepid response may be all that’s needed. The U.sury S.ystem (U.S.) doesn’t really care about public health, bcause it has plenty of excess, expendable “human resources.”

  5. Why didn’t t we use COVID as an excuse to curtail the actions of our enemies and traitors ?

    The Lib Left BLM did it to us – wouldn’t let healthy White Conservatives go to church.

    We should have stopped every migrant illegal alien , crazy homeless POC or BlacKLiesMatter rioter let s see your proof of COVID vac proof.

    American Right Wing Conservatives will never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity .

    • use COVID as an excuse to curtail the actions of our enemies and traitors ?

      You know why.
      The game is rigged.

      You’re so goyish, thinking that the rules apply to both sides, goyishe kop !

  6. Actually Trump delayed the war with Russia by beating the seahag , she was the one selected to kick it off! took a few more years but hey here we are, the bank always win huh

    • If only they were crazy, that would be an improvement. Instead, they know exactly what they are doing and things are going according to plan regarding Russia. As the commenter above noted, these plans were delayed by four years because the “seahag” didn’t get her turn in 2016. Thank you Herr Trump.

      Perhaps the four year delay combined with economic troubles, Europe freezing in the dark and the general incompetence of Dementia Joe and his controllers will be sufficient to avoid war. Russia’s patience regarding repeated provocations from the GloboHomo Shopping Mall and its lap dogs is really quite remarkable.

      The fundamental driving force behind the Ukraine war is The Usual Suspects’ desire for vengeance against Russia. This was the same animating force behind the (so-called) “Russian” Revolution which Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn has extensively written about. The GloboHomo Shopping Mall has rebuffed repeated chances to negotiate peace, they prefer war and besides, peace is not good for MIC bidness, ya know.

      The Usual Suspects’ control of money allows them to buy and sell U.S. (and other) politicians like the ten dollar whores they truly are. Combined with their control of the Lügenpresse they have been running the show in Washington for a long time.

      Perhaps as their endless financial frauds and usury rackets unwind combined with the internet’s de-centralized nature (such as Hunter’s fine blog) their control will come to an end, it has happened before. That is what will make the world a vastly more peaceful place.

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