NY Mag: The GOP’s Surrender To The Antisemites

Jonathan Chait is pessimistic on the future of the Jewish Question in the GOP.

New York Magazine:

“Trump’s rise has reshaped the GOP, driving out some of its constituent elements while bringing in previously excluded factions, the ranks of which include virulent antisemites. The lessons of Hitler’s Germany have been badly overapplied, so it is important to contextualize these events carefully. The GOP may not be an antisemitic party. Indeed, it has managed to maintain a big tent that includes both Jewish ultrahawks like Miriam Adelson and their most paranoid enemies. Nevertheless, it has become a party in which antisemitism has gained a foothold. No recent development in American life has done more to throw American Jews’ safety and civic equality into doubt.

In the early-20th century, contempt for Jewish immigrants was an important tributary in the stream of reactionary politics. Antisemitism reached a peak during the Great Depression, when right-wing populists like Charles Lindbergh depicted the Roosevelt administration as beholden to the Jews. The aviator’s “America First” movement characterized Jewish support for hawkish measures against Nazi Germany as evidence of disloyalty. …

Trump resurrected Buchanan’s strain of populist nationalism. He’s always nurtured business relations and personal ties with Jewish people, but his revival of “America First” — both the slogan and the ideas surrounding it — inevitably excited antisemites. In 2016, he tweeted out an image using a Star of David to symbolize Hillary Clinton’s “corruption.” The Trump campaign tweeted an altered version after an outcry but then ran an ad in the campaign’s closing days decrying “a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities” coupled with images of Janet Yellen, George Soros, and Lloyd Blankfein — all of whom are financial figures who happen to be Jewish. …

Whatever misgivings the remaining old-line Republicans may have toward the militant cadres Trump inspired, Republicans fear their political and even terroristic power. They no longer imagine they have the gatekeeping force to exclude the antisemites, less still to steer the party away from the kind of paranoid rhetoric that invites their participation.

The GOP’s overriding goal is to win, and it has decided this means accepting the support of anybody who will provide it. For three-quarters of a century, antisemites were locked out of major American politics or at least had to keep their bigotry quiet. Now the door is open.”

I’m feeling bullish.

In a few years, I think “naming the Jew” will also be mainstream. It won’t be taboo anymore to discuss Jewish power and influence. Jonathan Greenblatt will be shouting into the void on MSNBC.

Here are some things which used to be taboo and which used to only be discussed in our circles that I have watched enter the conservative mainstream over the past decade:

  • Nationalism
  • Populism
  • Neo-Reaction
  • Post-liberalism (rejection of conservative liberalism)
  • “Journalists” are The Enemy of the People
  • Christian nationalism
  • Secession
  • Immigration restriction
  • Abolishing the FBI
  • Withdrawing from NATO
  • Isolationism
  • Trade protectionism
  • Industrial policy
  • Black-on-White crime
  • The Great Replacement
  • Anti-feminism
  • QAnon (Democratic elites are Satan worshipping pedophiles)
  • The term anti-White
  • White advocacy (things like opposing affirmative action, race-based hiring, opposition to CRT)
  • Attacking the SPLC and the ADL

Three years ago, Charlie Kirk was getting bombarded with questions during the Groyper War. Today, Charlie Kirk agrees that Whites are being replaced by non-White immigrants.

Mark my words … when it is no longer taboo to discuss the Jewish Question and even that has been absorbed into the mainstream there will be people on the internet who will insist that nothing has really changed because the GOP hasn’t embraced National Socialism.


  1. Bigotry is hatred without reason. Christ, the Palestinians, the unborn, the Jews persecute and torment the weak and the innocent and fully deserve to be hate by all civilized human beings.

  2. Do as the jew says, not what he does. Antisemitism is a trick these jews use to silence any critism of them or the terrorist state of “Israel”

    When critism of jews becomes mainstream and no longer is punished, that’s when these demons hopefully lose their power over the politicians and govt. I hope I live to see that day.


  3. “Antisemitism reached a peak during the Great Depression, when right-wing populists like Charles Lindbergh depicted the Roosevelt administration as beholden to the Jews.”

    What a crank! Crackpot! This would have never resonated with normies! What a dumbass, whoever this Lindbergh guy is he was probably just an isolated nobody.

    You keep blatantly shilling for the GOP and then acting like “I’m not taking sides and I’m not falling for it again.”

    But you are. How dare some people not forget the decades of treachery and dog-whistles to pro-whites of the GOP, suddenly we should be excited that they can be a little bit more explicit?

    The end goal is still the same: Keep Whites supporting a multi-racial future. Even if it means closing the border and flying a cross. There’s nothing we can do about it after all, atleast the blacks and mexicans that will be trying to marry into our gene pool will be based christians!

    You won’t deny this. You will just say it’s the most realistic outcome and leave it at that.

    • It has always been my understanding that the goal was to “move the Overton Window.” This is a major reason why most of us supported Trump in 2016. Now that this has actually happened and it is possible to engage in politics because so many of our grievances have gone mainstream, why wouldn’t we celebrate this accomplishment?

      • Our issues becoming accepted among a larger portion of the population is good, but why should we expect the GOP to change it’s stripes and be the one to deliver solutions to the problem? They will say whatever to keep us voting, and as this article points out they are still firmly on the side of rich Jews and “uncle tom” Blacks.

        Even if by some miracle the Republicans got ballsy enough to push for breaking up the country, a GOP led secession movement would simply bring all the old problems with us, wrapped in Conservative packaging.

        • If Republican voters embrace our positions on the issues and these issues are no longer taboo and we can engage in regular politics to advance our agenda, why shouldn’t we support politicians who run on our agenda?

          • >why shouldn’t we support politicians who run on our agenda?

            He’s talking about a party (‘Republicans’, ‘GOP’) while you’re talking about individuals.

            Of course you can and should support individual politicians — but the GOP as a party is closer to the Democrats than MTG, and I don’t see that changing.

            But good luck.

          • I hope the GOP takes the House.

            If nothing else, this would get rid of the 1/6 committee, turn Biden into a lame duck for the next two years and should reduce spending on the Ukraine war. Democrats losing the Senate would also block federal court appointments

            Governor races are also important. See the response to COVID and Charlottesville and the Floyd riots.

          • link

            At the link above is a short video of someone confronting the GOP candidate (or sacrificial lamb if you prefer) for governor of MA, asking him if he’ll speak out against ‘Anti-Whitism’ — watch how he visibly squirms while hemming and hawing — just talking about white people as a racial group is kryptonite to these people.

            Like I said: good look ever getting anywhere with the GOP as a party, but go ahead and support individuals, for whatever that will be worth.

          • “turn Biden into a lame duck for the next two years”

            Impeachment ? Criminal inquiry into Garfinkle and Fauci ?

            Oh, I was just daydreaming. First Retardicans would have to grow a spine.

  4. >In a few years, I think “naming the Jew” will also be mainstream.

    I’m not so sure — I’ve heard the same thing before, albeit in a different context:

    David Irving was asked to testify for the defense at the 2nd trial of Ernst Zündel, whose lawyers wanted Irving to confirm that in his extensive study of captured German WWII documents he had seen nothing showing Hitler ordered, or even knew about, the killing of Jews.

    Irving was impressed by the Leuchter Report, which was introduced at the trial — while as he readily admitted he was not a scholar of the ‘Holocaust’, after the trial he was openly skeptical of the general ‘Holocaust’ extermination story, and made speeches where he mentioned this:

    David Irving – Nuremberg War by other means

    Beginning at 7m30s you can hear him say since it’s now widely accepted that stories about soap made from the fat of murdered Jews were false, he advises his Jewish friends to get ready for the rest of the ‘legend’ (i.e. the ‘Holocaust’ extermination story) to be debunked.

    Irving was attacked as a ‘denier’ and Jews essentially ruined his career: he had to self-publish, was barred from entering countries like Canada and Australia where he previously spoke regularly, later jailed in Austria, and lost a libel case against Deborah Lipstadt (who last I heard was a US anti-Semitism envoy).

    So I would be careful not to underestimate the power of organized Jewry, as well as how far society will go to punish those who undermine or challenge Jewish victimhood — the moral reference of Western society is still the ‘Holocaust’.

    • David Irving was wildly overoptimistic. Hunter doesn’t have a crystal ball and he can’t know for sure how his prediction will pan out, but I think it’s fair to say he’s had his ear closer to the ground than Irving – much easier for Hunter, thanks to the internet – and he’s been wrong and (hopefully) learned from many of his mistakes over the last fifteen years. I think he’s probably onto something.

      Also, it’s absurd to pretend the views of the individuals making up the Republican party don’t alter the broad nature of the party. The more “far right” (in MSM la-la land terminology) individuals there are in it, the more “far right” the party becomes. Hence the uproar in the Republican establishment and the migration of RINO shitlibs to the Democrats. You really think, say, a Sununu and a de Santis are the same thing because they’re “Republicans”? Come off it.

  5. “insist that nothing has really changed because the GOP hasn’t embraced National Socialism.”

    “You ain’t as pure as I is?,
    says the keyboard commando.

  6. Greenblatt looks as if he’s a space alien from another galaxy. Couldn’t the Jews have gotten someone who looks more normal?

    • maxsnafu
      SEPTEMBER 14, 2022 AT 10:55 AM
      Greenblatt looks as if he’s a space alien from another galaxy. Couldn’t the Jews have gotten someone who looks more normal?

      I respond:

      Yep. Greenblatt looks like Nosferatru – the Black and White version of the Vampire.

      So many ugly, swarmy ugly Je*s like the old fat phornstar Ron Jeremy and NY Senator Chuck Schumer. I feel like I need to take a shower after seeing and listening to that swarmy New Yawk J*w Chuck Schumer.

      • The Khazar theory makes a lot of sense. These creatures partly originated from a tribe of very ugly and very insidious central Asiatics.

    • Inbreeding and general degeneracy reached it’s last stage. Greenblatt and Greta Thunberg and Half Dead Joe are now their best.

      Soviet Union came down same way. Regime run out of intelligent normal people. Everybody with IQ over room temperature prefferred something else that politics.

  7. “An anti Semite is not someone who necessarily hates Jews. It’s someone the Jews hate”

    (I’m pretty sure this was written by Joe Sobran before the Jews that hate him got him purged from National Review)

    This quote applies to White Gentile American political leaders and the few White Gentile media owners, honest news commentators such as:

    Richard Nixon – the Jewish Media mafia of Woodward and Berstein did a coup against the Nixon Administration. Didn’t matter how much military help Nixon gave to Israel against the Arabs.

    Donald Trump – didn’t matter how much Trump pandered to Israel, moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem even gave his beautiful daughter Ivanka Trump to that horrible, stereotypical New York Nosferatru Vampire J*w Jared Kushner. The Jews hate Trump MAGA supporters who are mostly poor and working class Whites, the same supporters of Nixon, Wallace, Reagan and yeah, Hitler

    Ted Turner – didn’t matter that Ted Turner bent over backwards to be PC Liberal, support Bill Clinton, fund the United Nations, married Hollywood Lib Leftist actress Hanoi Jane Fonda – Ted Turner wasn’t off the J tribe that monopolizes Hollywood and the American mass media. When Ted Turner sold (his soul) CNN, TBS to Gerald Levin’s Time Warner Inc, that was all she wrote – Ted Turner fell off the map and was never heard from again.

    The J**s, especially Neo Conservative war monger Js like Max Boot HATE Vladimir Putin and hate Tucker Carlson because well, Vladimir Putin is some for of a European tough guy nationalists – doesn’t matter that Vladimir Putin has lots of super wealthy J Oligarchs close to him and Putin persecutes real anti Je*ish NS nationalists. The Js hate Putin.

    And of course the Js, the ADL hate Tucker Carlson – have him scheduled to be taken off the air, purged same as all the White Conservatives who opposed the J wars in Iraq, Syria, Serbia.

    It was a rat pack of terrible J Neo Conservatives at National Review, the American Spectator led by the loathsome likes of David Frum (Unpatriotic Conservatives National Review).

    Just read that horrible hate White people screed by “Anti Racist” (hate White people) Time Wise. That hateful Je* Tim Wise even hates the safe, wholesome all White world of the Andy Griffith Mayberry Show.

    So again, the Sobran quote fits perfectly now.

    “An Anti Semite is not someone that necessarily hates Je*s, it’s someone the Je*s hate”

    So just notice what happens to anyone that stands up for the rights of our people to exist in our historic homelands, neighborhoods, that stands up against Pakistani/Afghan/Black Muslim rapists of poor White English girls in Rotherham England. Look what happened to Tommy Robison of the EDL, it didn’t matter how much he praised js. or supported Israel. The Js hated hi/us.

    • “Antisemitism” means anyone who opposes liberalism. The rubes ought to give that food for thought every time someone who never said anything anti-semitic gets the finger pointed at them. Yes jews are liberals, but the real game changer is the realization that liberalism is jewish. They want us to think this gibberish that is maladaptive to our long term survival because it makes them feel “safe.”

  8. The Pillow Guy, Mike Lindell, was raided by the FBI.

    Posobiec is getting nervous and so he is daily posting images of himself in Israel.

    How is supporting Israel going to save you from the FBI?

    Do you think Jews really give a f***?

    That just makes them want to bash you even harder.

    It shows weakness.

    The FBI is evil incarnate and I feel bad for these MAGA people but eventually you have to get your head out of your a**.

  9. What most people dont understand is that jews arent the only problem. You think blacks, other non-whites, and bad women are going to stop their ways if jews disappear? Im not defending them, Im just saying. And keep in mind that many blacks are claiming to be the “real” jews, and are therefore pointing fingers at the jews now that they are both starting to be exposed

    • You are correct.

      Jews are a problem, but far from the only problem or the sole cause our decline. Some people also get obsessed with the subject and take it way too far.

        • “Jews would not be able to infect a healthy society with a strong immune system.”

          That’s totally wrong.
          The healthiest body is vulnerable to a myriad of lethal infections.

          • No, it’s not wrong, dammit. The Egyptian, Roman, Persian and Byzantine Empires existed for centuries with jews living in them, yet they were immune to the jew bacillus. You wignats have such a retarded take on history, everything begins and ends with Hitler.

          • ” Egyptian, Roman, Persian and Byzantine Empires existed for centuries with jews living in them, yet they were immune”

            Egyptian and Romams had terrible problems wi jwz.
            In the Kitos massacres jwz killed millions of Romans and Egyptians.
            The jwz exterminated all the native people of Cyprus, they exterminated all the natives of Lybia, along wi the greeks and Romans living there. The jwz tried to exterminate all the Egyptians in Egypt, but the Roman and Greek garrisons were powerful enough to crush the jwz.
            Who opened the gates of Byzantium, allowing the Moslems to enter and slaughter all the Christians, same at Granada, Toledo, Seville etc.?
            Persians, unknown, the historical record is too sketchy.

      • HW is correct. I’m very glad he doesn’t dwell on the JP.
        There are social ills outside the JP, but they exacerbate most.

    • They enable the worst among us who wouldn’t go far without them. Someone like Kerouc and “Dean Morriarity” were bums, but when our cultural gatekeepers are Jews instead of our own they get promoted into antihero cultural icons. They turn a drunk like Jackson Pollack into a “great artist” same with the black junkie “Baquiate.” Ditto in politics and every other endeavor that they do with art. That’s because their winners and dominant men didn’t identify with the winners and dominant men of the Anglo Elite and join them as cultural gatekeepers. Instead they viewed them as enemies and looked to toss a monkey wrench into the machinery which they did and keep on doing with all this nasty queer gender shit we are currently being served. If you hate someone what better revenge than to see his son cut off his own dick?

  10. ‘If Republican voters embrace our positions on the issues and these issues are no longer taboo and we can engage in regular politics to advance our agenda, why shouldn’t we support politicians who run on our agenda?”

    You have much more faith in politicians and the Republucan party than I do. I’d rather see a peaceful political solution to our problems, but I’m not holding my breath. The enemy is insane and thinks he’s already won, and there are no politicians openly on our side. I hope you are right.

    • I don’t.

      If we have won the argument with the Republican base, I think we should capitalize on that to push our agenda on issues like immigration and Ukraine

    • The key is to go state and local and yes, find real political candidates that do promote our issues and also, more importantly PUNISH those RINOs and J and other Lib, neo Con men who go against us.

      I busted my as* to elect US Congressman Brian Bilbray in San Diego CA who did make a big issue of border control and personally took a bulldozer to sewage coming in from TJ to San Diego. We won, when I wasn’t there to campaign for Rep. Billbray some typical Lib Educrat won the re-match and the campaign didn’t feature the great replacement immigration.

      Just look at the worst RINOs, Neo Conservative war mongers of the last 40 years guys like John McCaine, Lisping Lyndsey Graham, Jack Kemp – to my knowledge no one on our side every punished them personally, made them and their spoiled rich wives and GFs pay any personal price for their immigration treasons. LDS White Mormon voters kept on re-electing their Viet Nam war hero John McCain year, after year after year, same as Irish Americans in S. Boston kept re-electing Sen. Ted Kennedy year after year after year. In the worst days of forced racial busing in South Boston regular folks did confront Ted Kennedy, called him bad names, through some vegetables at him. But that came and went.

      Our side is terrible at Rules for Radicals activism. We keep doing the same failed Conservative tactics “Write your Congressman”, whine about conspiracies, double down on pointless religious or Constitutional obsessions or put all our hopes in stock piling guns that are never used for anything useful.

      Look at successful local guys in our life time – Philly police chief later tough as nails race realist mayor Frank Rizzo or that Italian American toughest sheriff in the USA in Arizona border areas Sheriff Joe A.

      Again, there can and have been populist local heroes – that’s what we need to do not waste all our time and money, hopes and prayers on Presidential saviors riding in on a White horse. Even in landslide victories for us Nixon in 1972, Reagan in 1984 nothing really important changed. The US President is a dictator, doesn’t control the US media or the Federal Reserve Banking cartel or academia.

  11. HW is going to have to EAT HIS HAT when Handsome Truth and the Goyim Defense League become a force to be reckoned with. They are doing a great job raising public awareness of our hostile alien overlords with their legal and nonviolent leafleting campaign, their highway overpass banners and street corner protests.

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