The Bulwark: The Putin Wing of the GOP

What is conservatism?

For about 15 years (2001 to 2016), there was a straightforward answer to this question. True Conservatism was right liberalism or conservative liberalism. Conservatism meant preserving the Global American Empire or the “rules-based international order.” It meant championing globalism and the expansion of free trade. It meant conserving liberal internationalism through showering the Pentagon with hundreds of billions of dollars in “defense spending,” supporting our NATO allies, celebrating the CIA and FBI as great American patriots and inciting stupid expensive wars in distant parts of Eurasia.

Among other reasons, this is why I was so hostile to conservatism. This is why I identified as a nationalist. I didn’t support any of this. The conservatives were people like Mona Charen, Jonah Goldberg and Bill Kristol who became the leading figures in the Never Trump movement. Those people, however, have been driven into exile on MSNBC and the composition of the Republican Congress is changing in every election cycle as more and more MAGA Republicans are elected and replace people like Liz Cheney.

Today, the definition of conservatism is up for grabs. There are plenty of MAGA Republicans who agree with my view, which is now mainstream, that we need to stop funding the war in Ukraine, withdraw from NATO, abolish the FBI, purge the Deep State and start firing the Pentagon generals like Mark Milley.

The Bulwark:

“At the moment when freedom-loving people around the world are elated (if on tenterhooks) at the progress of Ukrainian forces in pushing back the Russian invaders, Heritage Action, the political arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation, has joined with other self-styled conservative groups to oppose helping Ukraine fight for its life. I know, I know, the Trumpification of the GOP has been a fact for six years, and yet this heel turn is remarkable. It’s as if People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals announced that they support puppy mills for medical research. Responding to President Biden’s request that Congress appropriate another $13.7 billion to help the Ukrainians cope with energy price hikes and other security needs, Heritage Action urged a no vote, railing that “These funding requests ignore the concerns of the American people.”

The pro-Putin, pro-authoritarian voices in the GOP are not yet a majority—about a quarter of House Republicans and 11 of 50 Senators voted against the $40 billion aid package for Ukraine in May—but they’re not a small minority either, and the wind is at their backs. CPAC has all but canonized Hungary’s strongman Viktor Orban, and in the first hours after Putin rolled into Ukraine, Trump reveled in the murderer’s “savvy” and “genius.” The 2022 election could bring more authoritarian-friendly Republicans to Congress, and meanwhile, hatcheries of conservative orthodoxy like Fox News and The Federalist are doing the spade work of persuading the base that Kremlin propaganda is more trustworthy—pravda, if you will—than the New York Times. …

Now it’s goodbye to all that apparently. J.D. Vance, Trump’s hand-picked candidate for an Ohio Senate seat has said he doesn’t care one way or the other what happens to Ukraine. The Federalist denounces Mitch McConnell (who traveled to Ukraine to show support) and other “swamp creatures” for putting Ukraine’s security needs ahead of America’s. The vapidity of this new “conservatism” is bottomless. They haven’t bothered to consider that brutal aggression by a larger against a smaller state invites a Hobbesian international disorder in which no one is safe.

A number of Republicans have seized on the talking point that Biden is more concerned with Ukraine’s border than with our southern border. Blake Masters, the Thiel-conjured Republican nominee for senate in Arizona, sneered that America’s leaders are “buffoons who hate you so . . . they’ll keep defending Ukraine’s borders while turning their backs on ours.” Rep. Mary Miller and her ilk found this irresistibly witty and repeated it. …

These supposed conservatives are strangers to the most important themes of traditional conservatism. They dishonor the name. Conservatism was a worldview intimately bound up with opposition to tyranny. Of course we fell short of our aspirations from time to time, but love of freedom was in our DNA—or so it seemed. Our hearts were with oppressed peoples from Lithuania to Tibet to Tehran. We cheered the fall of the Berlin Wall because the USSR was a comprehensive, seven-decade assault on human dignity. We hated it for its repression of speech, thought, religion, movement, and enterprise. We hated it for its torrent of lies.

Putin’s Russia differs from the USSR in ideology, but in repression and rapacity, it is comparable. And it’s scarcely believable that the “useful idiots” who make excuses for it today—who actually root for its success—are “conservatives.”

We’re not a majority in the GOP.

We have established a large beachhead though.

There are Republican candidates and sitting members of Congress who are on record in support of defunding Zelensky and Ukraine. This America First faction should have more leverage over Republican leadership in a Republican Congress when Liz Cheney & Co. are gone in 2023.


  1. There are about 5 Congressional Republicans who want to stop funding the Ukraine Catastrophe. Five.

    They have zero power in the GOP/RNC.

    Elect Republicans in November and we’ll get more Ukraine/Israel funding, Gay Marriage laws, and some fake hearings to placate the base.

    Nothing more.

    Nothing will be done to restrain the domestic terrorism of the FBI/DOJ.

    The GOP/RNC fully supports these Soviet style tactics against MAGA Republicans.

    The GOP/RNC seeks to return full control to the Bulwark, National Review, The Atlantic, and Jennifer Rubin.

    It is what it is. There is no way out.

    • Yes the Repuke party will doin’ nothin’ (as usual) about shoveling untold trillions into Dicky-Tricky the Pianoman’s ginormous self-licking ice-cream cone over in 404. The gaslight media is already comparing him to Hannibal as a brilliant military leader. There are apparently tens of thousands of Western mercs there now, chiefly from Poland and Murika.

      Interesting how a crowd of bots and wymyn on twatter are all howling for Murika to go to war, along with the usual suspects. None of them will ever find themselves facing one fo the Russian ‘flame-throwers’ which is truly sad as they all fully deserve it.

  2. Nato allies and Ukraine need to be funded to collapse economy and bankrupt the Empire. Many countries went bust because of military over spending.

  3. Being taxed at confiscatory rates to fund these Forever Wars is NOT authoritarian?!

    Also when it comes to resisting the RNC True Con nexus it should be mentioned that Andrew Torbas socio-political tome ‘Christian Nationalism’ is climbing the charts on Amazon. Radical Localism shall deliver us from the FedGov Leviathan!

  4. It won’t matter if Putin cannot prosecute the war. He benefitted from a disorganized opponent, but no longer.

    If Putin falls, the New World Order runs the table. Then we get the Real End of History, not liberal democracy, but Technocratic Oligarchy and the Abolition of Man.

    • You may well be right. Putin must be eliminated as the biggest perceptible roadblock to One World Government.

      Do I think he’s a saint? No. Very flawed. But he has been maneuvered into this position (as has Ukraine) by a decadent GAE looking to set the capstone on the pyramid.

  5. God Bless Vladimir Putin!!!!!

    For he is good decent Slavic Christian Man

    Who protects the Slavic Infants of Donbas

    Zelensky is a Kharzar Pornographer…who will one day rot in Hell!!!

    God Bless Vladimir Putin!!!!

    • ZVO

      Forward Russia, Glory to Russia

      The US are serving and funding a government that put 13 yr old girls on a kill list!, even by yankee standards this is atrocious

  6. Our elites tell us to hate Putin. But what evil has he ever proposed against Middle America and our values? He doesn’t seem to hate us, but our elites and their puppet “president” certainly do.

  7. I remember when Sam Francis advised Pat Buchanan to call himself anything except a conservative. This was the 1992 “election”.

    It was good advice, and still is. Buchanan wasn’t interested. High up in the Knights of Malta, Buchanan was never what he pretended to be. Sam Francis never understood Buchanan.

    Law and Order is a good choice. Be a Law And Order Republican, not a squish, or a follower of the faggot who runs that “America First” shitshow.

  8. I just heard that there are is a shitton of dead US military niggers littering the ground in the East, apparently the US thought that “negro advisors”???? where a awesome idea

    It´s all over Rus telegram if you want to see it where they make fun of it, and truly none of these are Ukrop and not “Mercs” it´s plain to see these are likely currently serving Melanin SOF instructors, and as usual the niggers in every war show themselves to be horrendous soldiers

    Battle of the Crater Petersburg VA 1865

    “Spare the dutchmen kill the niggers”

    Virginians from the Stonewall Brigade after they turned the yankee atack into the “crater” created by a huge powder mine detonated under the SC and NC line and the blacks ran in panic backwards into the advancing IX yankee corps

  9. What is conservatism?

    Why it’s racism or a resistance to change.
    Resistance to Islam or LGBT or African race replacement.

    Resistance to job replacement by indians or Asians.
    Conservatism is everything the Left don’t want.

  10. What is left to conserve? What is today’s conservatism but yesterday’s liberalism. Give it time and conservatives will extoll the morality of Gay marriage because they are no longer living in sin since their married.

  11. The best thing that could happen to Western Europe is an invasion by Russia. Perhaps that would a least slow down the rampant decandence and anti-White woke insanity. Maybe it would enable native forces to finally emerge without fear of getting crushed by the System. Charles Maurras greeted the Third Reich’s invasion of France as s “divine surprise” that would make possible a wholesale national cleasing and launch a National Revolution to revivify the polity and extirpate Semitic and other negative influences. Alain Soral openly wishes for a Russian invasion of France and his analysis of what’s behind Ukrainian (i.e., Khazaria) support is persuasive.

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