Tucker Carlson: The Martha’s Vineyard Airlift

This is good politics.

It has shifted the national conversation back to immigration.

It is also reminding ordinary White people why they hate the rich, sanctimonious, hypocritical assholes who dominate the Democratic Party and who live back East and spend their summers on the coast on that island.

It is human trafficking” and a “crime against humanity” on par with Auschwitz for illegal aliens to establish permanent residence on Martha’s Vineyard. It is nothing to worry about though when Barack Obama and Joe Biden spend over a decade strategically busing these people into Red States and flying them into Red States and dropping them off in the middle of the night.


  1. So as I stated in my last comment where they shipped them off to Hyannis Cape Cod as I was told, they’ll fit right in. Cape Cod, Hyannis and Falmouth are full of shit skins mostly Brazilian, lots of American pavement ape negros and Mexicans. If you were on Cape Cod 20-25 years ago and haven’t returned until today, you wouldn’t recognize the place especially the two towns mentioned. That’s why many believe they built the new prison at the old air force base, Otis 25 or so years ago, to accommodate the shit skin criminal replacement they had planned years ago. When hurricane Katrina wiped out New Orleans, they shipped many thousands of American pavement ape negros to Cape Cod at Otis when it was in operation and most stayed. It’s disgusting what they did to Cape Cod, the crime is out of control and fentanyl overdose rampart especially among our young White race. They had White replacement planned for this once quaint community a long time ago. Here is your once free White America on jews and their sayinam goyim traitors.

    PS. I fuk’n hate DeSantis, he’s a monster in sheeps clothing just like Trump. In fact I hate all forms of ZOG, they’re coming after us with 87,000 armed machine gunned IRS agents. How do you like those rotten apples America?

    • Yep….so now we have both scumbag parties in this country shipping brown people into White living space for different reasons, which will end up with the same result. Greatest country on Earth, and don’t you forget it!!!!

  2. It’s rhetoric like this that causes me worry. Either the opposition is just that stupid, or else it’s a feint to get people to shift for some nefarious reason. My paranoia is acting up after the hyperbolic Holocaust claims.

  3. They already removed the tacos of course. Still it is was good campaign stunt. That’s all it was. Abbott has spent the last 20 years siding with the invaders against Americans. And now DeSantis, in a close race, is for the first time worried about the invasion, and flies some invaders to Marthas Vineyard. Not back where they came from? That’s right.

    When DeSantis was in Congress he couldn’t have cared less. He was weak on immigration. But 2 months before the election, in a tight race, suddenly he pretends to care.

    Both the cripple and the fat boy want to be president. Two open border liberals hoping to fool the goyim. It seems to be working.

  4. >National Guard removes illegal aliens from Martha’s Vineyard

    You know, assuming you are interested in doing so, you could distinguish yourself from the ‘conservatard’ Right (I’m being kind here) by referring to them as asylum-seekers, rather than ‘illegal aliens’ — because they are asylum-seekers, not ‘illegal aliens’ — and any attempt to handle them as ‘illegal aliens’ will be blocked by the courts — here is a fairly recent example:

    Austin judge tosses migrant’s trespassing charge, a blow to Gov. Abbott’s border enforcement plan

    Via something called Operation Lonestar, Texes governor Abbott (yes, he’s a ‘conservatard’) tried to have asylum-seekers charged with state crimes like trespassing — but that was never going to work — I leave it as an exercise for the reader to discover the NGO behind the lawsuit on behalf of the migrants in Texas.

    Instead, it’s much better to identify the problem correctly as well as push the correct and only solution, and then pressure politicians to publicly do the same.

    A big problem today is that politicians like DeSantis and Abbott pull stunts like this, which their even more retarded followers celebrate as some kind of big gotcha, and then demand no further action — when in reality, it is all fucking meaningless ‘conservatard’ political theater — the migrants will just be settled somewhere else in America; later they will be free to go anywhere in the country they want, and after them more will come — in the end there will be no progress whatsoever on the main problem: asylum.

    I look at politicians like executives or managers in a company — and no company could exist for long with such grandstanding, incompetent management.

    The problem of ever growing numbers of asylum-seekers, as well the ever-expanding list of grounds they use to (increasingly successfully) claim asylum, must be responsibly addressed.

      • >Is it even illegal to cross an open border?

        Generally yes, depending on the law: you’re supposed to enter only via an authorized ‘port of entry’ where e.g. your passport can be checked.

        But technically not if you are applying for asylum and the country whose border you crossed is a signatory to the 1951 refugee convention treaty.

        However if you arrive in country B from country A, intending to apply for asylum in country B, but country B has a ‘safe third country’ agreement with country A, then country B has the right to send you back to country A, telling you to apply for asylum there (effectively making your transit into B from A for asylum purposes illegal) — Canada makes this explicit on the government website describing their ‘safe third country’ agreement with the US (link):

        Individuals entering Canada at a land port of entry continue to be ineligible to make a refugee claim, and will be returned to the U.S. unless they meet one of the relevant exceptions under the STCA.

        The US desperately needs the same with Mexico.

  5. Never trust Republicans. They should have never allowed illegals to be dispersed anywhere in the Yankee Empire to begin with and should have deported/should deport the tens of millions we have absorbed with no exceptions. But no, the Republicans want cheap labor and they don’t care if they ruin White communities in Red states to get their bottom line where they want it. The Republicans want the cheap labor so they can make billions and in the mean time ruin the lives of poor Whites to make them even poorer to join the ranks of non-White laborers to make the elite Republicans even richer. THEY DO NOT CARE!!! I repeat, THEY DO NOT CARE!!! DeSantis is just a passing aberration in their overall Republican scheme of things. Haven’t you ever wondered why it took this long for a DeSantis to stand up and do what is so logically obvious that has needed to have been done for years? This Empire is totally corrupt self-serving trash from the top to the bottom!

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

    • Banned for life, Excellent post, you hit the nail, right on the head, I don’t trust the party of LINCOLN, but they can be useful too us, if we handle them right…..

    • The only reasonable solution for us is an independent, self-governing South. Long live Dixie! And confusion to her enemies!

      • >The only reasonable solution for us is an independent, self-governing South.

        This isn’t the ‘only reasonable solution’; but while some may question how ‘reasonable’ it is, it would definitely be a solution — because as an independent nation you could repudiate the 1951 refugee treaty (link, the US is a signatory) which obligates you to consider asylum applications under conditions and standards set by decades of asylum law practice and precedent.

        The other big problem with the asylum system is that it is always subject to arbitrary bleeding heart court decisions.

    • @Banned for Life They aren’t allowed to. Once illegals get in, they aren’t allowed to remove or deport them. That’s why they are always trying to figure out what to do with them, such as put them up in expensive hotels.

    • Have you ever heard of rich Republicans rounding up all the illegals that they found working for them or some of their sub contractors and having them deported? I haven’t. It would be like elite Lefties rounding up some of the NON-Whites associated with them and destroying their careers with accusations of their make believe sin/crime of “racism”. I don’t think I would ever, ever hear of something like that — that is practically impossible. Their inherent hypocrisy almost absolutely ensures it!

      Secede now!

      May God Save the South!

  6. This is the sort of stuff that Republicans should do constantly. Monkey wrench attacks on these hypocrites.

    If they get in power they should have a House vote on the statement,”Diversity is our greatest value”, and “…immigrants legal or illegal are wanted”. Those whose Representatives vote affirmative to these statements, we should mass produce fifty story low cost housing high rise apartments and pile every single section 8 and illegal immigrant we possibly can in their faces. Put a couple of these in Beverly Hills. Several in Martha’s Vineyard. Especially pack the North as they seem to vote for this sort of thing.

    This is not a crazy idea that can’t technically be done. There’s a Chinese construction company called the Broad group. They are throwing up 30 story buildings in 15 days or so. They mass produce everything in warehouses. Pile every single thing needed in an apartment on trucks, stand the walls up and bolt the whole together very fast. It’s low cost too because they design without a lot of waste. Everything is prewired, pre-plumbed, etc in the factory. Lower cost saves LOTS of time. Very impressive. If they did it in concrete, I bet they could cut cost to extreme low levels.


    Innovative stainless steel tubular building construction.

  7. If the Republicans keep doing it, the rich liberals will shoot down the immigrant transport planes using fighter jets. lol

  8. The pristine Bush family estate in Crawford Texas is pretty much the same/identical as the Obama estate on Martha’s Vineyard MA. It’s also closer to the invasion.

    GOP Texas Governor Abbot should send ~ 12,000 diseased MS13 Illegal alien migrants to the Bush Estate instead of to Martha’s Vineyard.

    RINO, immigration GOP traitors have gotten a free pass for so so long. Time to end that.

    Here’s Oprah’s glowing review of the Bush Family estate in Crawford Texas, not a blade out of grass and less than say 1 of dangerous illegal alien migrants.


  9. Sure, it was hilarious how fast these rich liberal pricks were to offload those Third World interlopers, so the libs got pwned.

    But the interlopers are still here, and moreover, they’ll likely be transferred to some working class or rural town. The end result is more robberies, more rapes, maybe a homicide or two in some decent little place.

    DeSantis shoulda just deported them, flown them to the Bahamas or something. If all red states would do this it couldn’t be stopped; in fact, it would accelerate things markedly.

    • They could send them to Africa. but they’re not allowed to send them to Mexico, because Mexico doesn’t want them back.

  10. The Repubs sent them in, and the Dems shipped them out. A political stunt that will be forgotten next week. I’ll take Repubs seriously when they build Section 8 housing in Martha’s Vinyard, and fill it with 10,000 blacks.

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