Secular Talk: Republicans Fully Embrace Christian Nationalism

I’m sympathetic to Christian nationalism.

I’m not ready to jump on the bandwagon, but I understand where Christian nationalists are coming from. Kyle Kulinski, however, does not grasp why Christian nationalism is surging.

We already live under dominionism and authoritarianism. PMCs who are atheists or irreligious are incapable of separating their religious views from their politics. Politics is their religion. They have no inhibitions whatsoever about using the government to impose their moral and cultural views on Christians. It is a hate crime, an act of blasphemy against LGBTQ ideology, to burn a PRIDE flag. In the UK, people are arrested for homophobic tweets by police officers who show up in PRIDE colored police cars.

If it were up to secular progressives like Kyle Kulinski, every Christian baker or photographer in America would be forced to cater to homosexual weddings. “Trans” ideology would be imposed on every school district in the country. There is no place in America for any state to deviate from gay marriage or interracial marriage or to outlaw abortion. It is not really “authoritarianism” when the FBI is weaponized to investigate and prosecute your own political opponents. Social media has been turned into a safe space for progressives. These people deplatformed Trump from the internet and accused him of authoritarianism. The sacred hasn’t gone away. Secular progressives believe that Blacks are sacred beings and that homosexuality is sacred. They also still believe in Original Sin which has been relabeled whiteness. They believe in penance and other religious concepts. They have their own saints like George Floyd. How else do you explain the secular Whites who grovel and debase themselves before sacred Blacks?

Progressives prescribe liberalism and a hard “separation of church and state” for Christianity while reserving dominionism for themselves. They see no contradiction between using concentrated government and corporate power to impose their own moral and cultural convictions on Christians and expecting Christians to continue believing in the fiction of the separation of church and state as they aggressively push their own views on race, sex, culture and gender down the throats of Christians in every institution in which they capture where they purge, silence and blacklist their opposition.

Kyle acts like there is a choice here where religion is kept out of politics. It is his side that refuses to keep their religion out of politics. It is his religion which thrives and where orthodoxy is enforced by mobs in the universities. Churches, for example, were shutdown by the government in the name of protecting public health over COVID. The same governments in states like California refused to allow Monkeypox to get in the way of the gay orgies after PRIDE parades because homosexuality is sacred.

Note: The California state legislature is trying to pass a bill which would make California a sanctuary state for “trans kids” which would strip parents in other states of their rights. These people would empower California state courts to seize control of children while accusing us of authoritarianism!


  1. Far from embracing CN, Repubs are nervous Abortion specifically and CN generally could cost them in November.

    Not enough people are C, and the % seems to be shrinking, though I wonder how up to date these numbers are.

    Most people accept materialism and see religion as comforting / useful rather than strictly true.

    Only the new can fight the new.

      • >We saw what happened to it.

        That was more due to the personalities involved, as well as to the Machiavellianism of ‘the powers that be’, not necessarily the ideas of the Alt-Right — why is it so difficult for you to see and acknowledge that? — weird.

        >Republicans Fully Embrace Christian Nationalism

        Maybe they ought to define it first — you know, so people don’t see it as more or less a national, multiracial Bible study group — which doesn’t particularly appeal to me.

        Some time ago I said that not long ago, being American was practically synonymous with being white — similarly, for nearly its entire history, Western Civilization has been synonymous with Christianity — it is hard to overstate its influence.

        While Christians are good people and make good fellow citizens, and I have great reverence for Christianity and what it has meant to Western Civilization, I think Christianity is a little long in the tooth for Christian Nationalism to ever have mass appeal — however it is eventually defined or manifests itself.

        • Go look at Richard Spencer’s Twitter feed or Radix on Substack.

          Once again, we tried the Alt-Right and got involved with it and have seen where it ended up.

          • It’s easy to criticize secular, pagan, atheist etc. pro-Whites when you keep using lisping closeted Homosexual Richard Spencer as the representative of that faction.

            I for one have never liked Spencer, he got the spotlight because he was rich. That was all.

            Some of the brightest and most influential minds in pro-White history have been non-Christian or former Christians: Willis Carto, Revilo Oliver, William Gayley Simpson, William Luther Pierce…

          • Specifically, the Spencer faction devolved into a bizarre personality cult centered on anti-Christian Apollonianism and neoliberalism. There were other factions. The Anglin faction devolved into a MGTOW cult. I look back on it now and ask myself what the hell was I thinking associating with that label.

          • >Go look at Richard Spencer’s Twitter feed or Radix on Substack.

            I don’t need or want to do that — I’m familiar with Spencer and what he puts out these days — I’m also familiar with your feelings about him and what happened to and within what was known as the Alt-Right.

            But as I said, ‘that had more to do with the personalities involved’.

            That’s why I mentioned the ideas that motivated the Alt-Right rather than any organization or individuals and their failings.

            As I think I have probably made clear: nothing about the political circumstances in the US that motivated those involved in the Alt-Right has changed; in fact, it has all gotten worse since then.

            So for me ‘the ideas of the Alt-Right’ remain relevant, and I am still a White Nationalist — and that is not going to change: my beliefs about the unworkability of a multiracial polity with no clear controlling supermajority have been formed over decades, and could never be affected by the failings of the s.g. Alt-Right.

        • I think Christianity is a little long in the tooth for Christian Nationalism to ever have mass appeal — however it is eventually defined or manifests itself.

          I don’t know about that. I am no true-believing Christian at all, but CN does strike me as an effective vehicle for fighting back against woke globohomo filth, and Christianity is culturally familiar enough that I’m willing to look past the stupidity of its religious contents. Even if worst came to worst and Christian theocrats completely took over, it’s easy enough to fake being a true believer, so life would still be pretty liveable. And if you get caught redhanded violating some Christian tenet, just stage a tearful, Jimmy Swaggart-like “I have sinned” confession, and you can reasonably expect to be forgiven (and even be considered more of a “true man of God” than you were before the sin/confession). So I figure if someone like me can get behind CN, maybe it’s got legs.

          All that said, the fact that Christianity has an inherent tendency towards cucking cannot be responsibly overlooked. While Hunter is almost certainly correct that people who refuse to stand up for their ancestral faith cannot be relied upon to stand up for their racial and cultural heritage either (and conversely, the people who do the former most reliably do the latter), it must be recognized that Christians in the past who stood up for their racial interests did so in spite of Christian teachings, not because of them. The chances the average Christian will draw ethnonationalistic conclusions from his bible before he draws cuckservative conclusions are slim to none (especially in today’s world). Not saying it’s impossible, just that if you think you can rely on it to happen, you are sorely mistaken. Sorry Hunter, that’s just the way it is.

          • How can you know what the average Christian thinks?
            Christianity is sort of moderate and a bit leftist. They want you to adopt a dark baby. Don’t forget the collection plate for Africa and Haiti.

          • I was not a believer, but I used to watch Swaggart for entertainment. He was quite a showman. Almost nothing could kindle the fire and brimstone like “sexual sin”. After he got caught (twice!) with trailer whores, one of the ladies said (I’m going to be delicate) the only time he used the word God was at a certain point during their business transaction.

    • “If you dip into any college, or school, or parish, or family- anything you like- at a given point in its history, you always find that there was a time before that point when there is even less room for indecision and choices are even more momentous. Good is always getter better and bad is always getting worse: the possibilities of even apparent neutrality are always diminishing. The whole thing is sorting itself out all the time, coming to a point, getting sharper and harder.” – C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength, p. 283, quoted in Gary North’s Political Polytheism, p 226-7.

      “Nothing new under the sun”- Ecclesiastes

      It’s either this, or chaos. Y’all seem to prefer pagan chaos. I choose Christ.
      Josh. 24:!5

  2. This Christian Nationalism will transform into wewantyougoneism soon.

    This seems to be the major cause of panic. Their weasel words and crowd control stunts becoming more ineffective with every passing day. Probably the last thing they roll out will be the most holiest cow, The Holocaust. When we manage to slaughter their last false god, their power is over.

    In the Cuck Island, some folk openly say that Queen was the last person who had power to call serfs calm down and go back into submission. So they do not mourn the Queen but their own vanishing power.

  3. The number of “true Christian’s” historically has always been a modest part of western societies. Medieval religious leaders often complained about the numbers of people who actually came to worship, compared to how many there actually were. I grew up near Tombstone Arizona. Place of gunfighters, miners, Saloons, ranchers, Chinese laundries, Apache Indians, army soldiers, a lot of whores, etc, etc. does this sound like a place of great spiritual reverence? There were some churches, but does history remember any ministers from Tombstone, or Rawhide. Remember mark twains comment about Virginia City? “Virginia (City) had grown to be the ‘livest’ town, for its age and population, that America had ever produced. The sidewalks swarmed with people. …There were military companies, fire companies, brass bands, banks hotels, theaters, ‘hurdy gurdy houses’ …a whiskey mill every fifteen steps …and there was some talk of building a church.” Well, you get the idea. Virginia City was a wicked western mining town in the middle of the 19th century.
    What matters is that Christian’s create a cultural environment that works for them. Then that will influence the rest of society. That’s all Christian Nationalism is.

    • The number of “true Christian’s” historically has always been a modest part of western societies.

      Historically, even true believer Christians weren’t really true believers in the sense of actually understanding very much about what they professed to believe in. They would have been much like my parents, who if asked would undoubtedly claim to be deeply religious, but all this means to them is going to church, performing the rituals, celebrating saints days, that sort of thing. I don’t recall them ever reading the bible or taking an interest in theology. And why would they? Probably nobody in their milieu ever did much of that, much less considered it necessary; that could all be left to the priests. That’s surely the way it was for the vast majority of Christians throughout history. It wasn’t until that punk Luther – Hunter’s hero – came along that people got the idea into their heads that being a good Christian required reading your bible. No point crying over spilled milk and all that, but sheesh, what was already a dumb enough religion when it was left up to the priesthood to officiate was certainly made a great deal dumber when the average Christian started reading his bible.

  4. The mainstream left doesn’t believe in moral and ethical relativism or subjectivism anymore.
    They don’t believe in left-libertarianism or left-liberalism, where government intervenes in the economy to some degree (social democracy), and maybe the environment, but not much socially and culturally.
    They don’t believe in centrism, in compromising and collaborating with those on the right.
    Instead they believe oligarchs and technocrats can solve all our economic and environmental, and ethical and moral dilemmas.
    The same thing is happening on the right in its own way, both sides are turning away from social ambiguity, nuance and compromise.

    The post-war social order is breaking down.
    The mainstream left and right appear to be going in quite different directions.
    Classical liberals and traditional conservatives on the right want to turn back the clock to a time before the 30s new deal and the 60s rights revolution.
    Some want to go even further back, to a time before Lincoln, where the states were dominant and the federal government subservient, wehre the left was nearly nonexistent, relegated to the coastal fringes.
    By contrast the left wants to fast-forward, to bring the new deal and rights revolution to its logical conclusion, where the right has been completely neutered, or destroyed, and technocrats have imposed strict limits on what can and can’t be said and thought, where constitutional democracy is mostly, if not wholly ceremonial.

    Neoliberals and neocons on the one hand, and libertarians and actual liberals like Glenn Greenwald and Naomi Wolf on the other are caught somewhere in the middle, some of them will pick a side between an increasingly radicalized left and right, others will refuse to.

    What we can’t say for sure is how all this will conclude.
    Perhaps left and right can be reconciled, perhaps in the face of some greater threat like say a neo-imperialist China or Russia (not saying China or Russia has or will have imperialist ambitions, but it’s a possibility).
    On the other hand, secession or civil war may be inevitable, and then there’s all the socioeconomic, political (and environmental) fallout of such a seismic event, regardless of which side, if any side at all, wins/loses.

    Sometimes what happens during a cold or hot civil war is neither side wins, instead a strongman, perhaps a military leader comes to power who may not be strongly affiliated with either side and crushes all dissent.
    He’d be a charismatic pragmatist, not an ideologue.
    Perhaps only someone like that can save America, a Caesar or Napoleon of sorts, but what would America become with a dictator like that in charge?
    America may become an overt empire.
    Perhaps only someone like that could save America, but at the cost of much of its former identity.
    Order, pragmatism and efficiency would become a big part of its new identity.
    On the other hand this military dictatorship could be ideological in nature, albeit far-right or far-left, no compromise.
    A Christian dictatorship, or a progressive dictatorship.
    And how would the rest of the world react to such an America?
    But the entire western world appears just as conflicted over its identity as America, a breakdown of the European union, perhaps even of hitherto safe and stable Canada and Australia also appears in the cards.

    This is a new historical era we’re entering, beginning in 2016.
    There is a fork in the road, we are having a massive societal identity crisis, the stability of the postwar era seems gone.
    Opportunities for great transformation, and great destruction.

  5. I’d be more sympathetic if Vatican II Catholicism and mainstream Protestantism wasn’t as decadent and weak as the rest of modern institutions. You can be a “Christian Nationalist” but what does it mean when your own Church denounces you? German National Socialists tried something called “Positive Christianity” and had to deal with blow back from open cantankerous traitors like Niemoller. AH promised a “reckoning” wtih the mainstream Churches after the war. It’s safe to say that he would’ve insalled his people at all leadership levels. Until you do that, it’s not possible to get traction culture-wise. The current Pope is an immigrationist POS, the mainstream Lutheran Church or Episcopalians are pro gay marriage and abortion.

    • > You can be a “Christian Nationalist” but what does it mean when your own Church denounces you?

      You can be a “National Socialist” but what does it mean when your own Nation denounces you?

      > German

      Oh I thought this was about Dixie …

      > AH

      … in THIS century.

  6. Seems like every ten years a new “theocracy is around the corner” craze hits the progressives:
    Michelle Bachmann in the early 2010s
    Bush and the Christian right in the 2000s
    Moral Majority in the 1990s

    I’m not thinking my post is very insightful but maybe someone can draw something from my noticing.

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