1. Considering that in the last 500 years, there was no serious opposition to Jew power, now is really biblical scale revolution.

  2. Josh Hawley can’t be the Anti-Christ himself because he’s not a Jew but you know he’s working for the Anti-Christ and getting Zionist money. They probably have videos of him at Epstein parties in Tel Aviv.

    Don’t take the mark!

  3. That was a difficult speech to listen to. I had to keep reminding myself that these people have the right enemies therefore they’re worth supporting on that basis alone. But I really doubt I could keep a straight face while repeating their fabulations about muh bible being the essential source of everything good about American (or more broadly, western) civilization.

    Now, even though I’ve been pretty negative about Christianity, I do indeed find a great many things to like about it. The bible, unfortunately, is not one of them. In fact, the bible – the OT in particular – is the single worst thing about Christianity. The notion that the values I cherish owe anything to that steaming pile of crap is faintly offensive to me.

    But my own personal feelings about that are unimportant. Much more important is that when you make the bible the centrepiece of your political effort, you unnecessarily make yourself a sitting duck for relentless mockery. “Christian culture” or “Christian heritage” are far more defensible than muh bible, and they don’t needlessly alienate potential supporters.

    I’d like to believe that cultural rather than religious support for Christian nationalism exists and I’d like to think that Christian nationalism will need it to ever make serious political inroads. That, however, remains to be seen.

  4. The media and political establishments will not let this go — they will use fear-mongering about Christian Nationalism and access to abortion in an attempt to motivate voters for the midterms, and trot out all kinds of ‘experts’ and freaks to do it — and as usual, race will be front and center:

    Lauren Boebert is part of a dangerous religious movement that threatens democracy, experts say

    Those ideals threaten the rights of non-Christian — and typically non-white — Americans but also endanger the foundation of the country’s democratic process, those experts say. … The movement gains momentum through fears of white Americans who believe they’re losing ground in the country, according to Butler, whose 2021 book “White Evangelical Racism” focuses on the history of evangelical racism. … “This is a very white movement, I don’t think you can get away from that,” Butler said.

    Butler is Anthea Butler, a primitive looking midwit black woman who somehow managed to get a faculty position at Penn, an Ivy League school — link

    • Intelligent Whites who value their lives SHOULD fear “losing ground”. Very bad things have been known to happen to White minority groups throughout history.

  5. Twitter/Josh HawleyThis is unconscionable. A Catholic man arrested at gunpoint in a SWAT-style raid for protesting at an abortion clinic. Meanwhile, not a single arrest for the firebombings of pregnancy care centers. This is a deeply corrupt DOJ

    He’s talking about the arrest of Mark Houck — link

    Now watch closely as Hawley does absolutely nothing about it.

    • He’s great at talking and scolding, as seen in those hearings. There’s a whole bunch of ’em, Hawley, Taylor Green, Cruz, Paul, and more. That’s why the leftists and Biden appointees just don’t even care, because they know they will never be demoted or fired, fined, or even arrested.
      But the MAGA people love it. They just love the Republicans ranting and yelling at them. Just like Bump did.

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