Meet The Press: Christian Nationalism On The Rise

Wow. Just wow.

According to NBC News, Christian nationalists in Idaho …

  • Oppose abortion
  • Oppose gay marriage
  • Oppose homosexuality
  • Oppose feminism
  • Support traditional gender roles
  • Dislike liberal women who drink, cuss, wear pants and have short hair and tattoos and who boss their husbands around

In other words, they share a lot of beliefs with most Baptists.

Note: countenance is right that the focus on the boogeyman of “Christofascism” or “Christian nationalism” is just the media trying to stir up the progressive base ahead of the midterms by demonizing Christians. Christians might wield government power to shut down the annual PRIDE festivals.


      • 50% of Federal monies going to sanctuary cities, states and towns should be re-directed to the state government of Texas to pay for concertina wire fencing across every inch, every foot, every yard, every mile of the southern border.

        Martha’s Vineyard is wealthy enough to have %50 of Federal money they get go down to Texas without them missing it. Massachusetts, NY, and other sanctuary states are also wealthy, they don’t need the Federal money, Texas does.

    • Racial replacement is okay as long as it’s slower paced, legal immigration, and they all convert to Christianity.

      Get with the times, Tikkum!

  1. The media now has this ploy to try to dampen the Christian Nationalist surge, claiming that Christianity is on the decline, will be a minority in the USA in a few decades, trying to signal that it is a ‘loser’, going-out-of-fashion identity:

    « In a newly commissioned study, Pew Research Center found that Christians accounted for 90% of the US population 50 years ago but plunged to just 64% in 2020.

    “If recent trends hold, we projected that Christians could make up between 35% and 46% of the US population in 2070,” said Stephanie Kramer. »
    [Kramer is a common Jewish name …]

    • In the Soviet Union they also predicted disappearance of Christianity. Few more years, last backward old people die and voila, communism has won. So nothing new in this world.

  2. I personally do not want a Theocracy controlled government but have no argument with all the things listed that Christian Nationalist want. That is different from having a “legally” enforced Christian government.

    No matter what Christians want, as I said earlier, marriage will fall off a cliff under the gynocracy we have now that constantly tries to make all Men some sort of poison fruit. I noticed before the elections they have cranked out a new season of “The Handmaid’s Tale” to fire the Women up and pretend Men want to enslave Women.

    Here’s a graph I saw linked on of marriage rates.
    Ouch. This is way worse than I thought.

    • I agree, I think CN is okay, but…if some of them got into power, you might be forced to go to church on Sundays, forced to get the vaccine, and forced to contribute to charities for nonwhites.

  3. The pervert festivals are no longer annual, just last week one of these took place in Boise- complete with Bacha Bazi. Despite a lot of complaining and calls for useless boycotts from “Christian nationalists”, the libtards/groomers/jews press on stacking up W’s. These sentiments are nothing new, it would be a positive development and meaningful radicalization if these “Christian nationalists” showed evidence of having learned any real political lessons (sadly most of them are ppl with limited capacity of learning and critical thinking). When Patriot Front was arrested in Coeur d’Alene for daring to actually disrupt one of these pervert festivals “Christian Nationalists” showed no support and many went so far as to attack them.

    The biggest problem with these ppl is they are uninterested in forming coalitions and believe they represent some kind of coherent “patriotism”. They have been given very bad political educations (on purpose). When alot of us supported the Orange Man it was because we thought some of the *issues* he campaigned on were worth it and that he might cause problems for the right ppl, but for these types it became the Orange Idea itself. We have learned lessons from the past few years and they haven’t.

  4. “It’s the economy stupid” that slogan is pretty good advice for the GOP and I fear they are taking the bait and going to blow it if they keep doubling down on this Christian Nationalist stuff as it turns off that swing vote of ding-a-lings the country so desperately needs to wake up and punish the democrats for the horrible things they’ve done to our quality of life.

  5. >have short hair

    If a woman has an elegant neck, and a head with a nice feminine shape and profile, short hair can be quite attractive — just sayin’.

    Think Audrey Hepburn.

  6. You got the coronation of Irishmen Mike Flynn as leader of the Christian Nationalism movement come October 18, with the frontline documentary “Michael Flynn’s Holy War,”.

  7. “Dislike liberal women who drink, cuss, wear pants and have short hair and tattoos and who boss their husbands around”

    There are a lot of people in this category who aren’t Christian.

  8. I figured it out when I started seeing (here and elsewhere) that the official paranoia about Christian nationalism or white Christian nationalism started right after the leak of the draft of the Dobbs decision.

    I still think that there’s no there there to CN/WCN, and that any pretense that it exists is nothing more than “our” side’s trolls larping to mess with libs’ heads. But if it does actually come into existence and become A Thing, the left will have nobody to blame but themselves.

    • That’s very perceptive. That is indeed when gaslight media starting beating the warning drums about “White Christian Nationalism” – whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.

  9. One of my biggest beefs with the Alt-Right was that it attracted mostly malignant narcissists who cared about and believed in nothing but themselves and their own niche personality cult, as well as a crap-ton of homosexuals – with significant overlap between the two. It’s honestly insane how many homos, bisexuals and “metrosexuals” populate the Anglosphere right. And I don’t care, if Richard Spencer masturbates to seeing his name in the press, I want my country back and our children growing up in a better world than the hell we have now.
    Christian Nationalism on the other hand, for all the tummy ache you may have with it, attracts mostly families, moms and dads with children. If this movement will at least stop the great Satan exporting gender ideology into my country and I won’t have to see a pride flag on every supermarket, I am happy.

    Also for all you NS guys out there: you may want to look into your roots and so called Christo-Fascism and “Die Deutschen Christen” in particular. Furthermore, Frattelli d’Italia went from a 2% meme party to now potentially appointing Girogia Meloni as Prime Minister with Christian nationalism and the actual grand-daughter of Mussolini won her election in Roma in a landslide. Of course it was only possible thanks to all right leaning parties cooperating with each other, but if it proofs successful in Italia and even in Sweden, the cuckservatives won’t have any excuses anymore, not even the GOP which already embraced Orban anyway.

    Politics is the art of the possible, take what you get, instead of boxing yourself in with absolutist and totalitarian demands.

    • That is because ANYONE who is attracted to so-called “activism” that includes themselves getting attention is obviously going to attract narcissists, and in such a crowd you will have a huge number of sexual exhibitionists and other sexual misfits.

      Plus the whole “NS” costume culture is literally, not figuratively, a big thing among white homosexuals, it’s a sexual fetish. Read the infamous exchange between the VNN guy and the CC guy from 2008 or so.

      This psychological type is well known, John Gittinger, the famous CIA psychologist, noted activists had a “theatrical personality” and could easily switch from one “cause” to another.

      See Heimbach. Nazi, Commie, Orthodox, Mormon, he is just switching costumes and script.

      The “cause” doesn’t matter because the real point is to get on TV and draw attention to oneself.

      Notice how MAGA attracted so many cross dressers and exhibitionists like Milo?

  10. This is why American liberals who used to urge accommodation with the Soviet Union, now hate Putin’s Russia. Because he’s an Orthodox Christian Nationalist, Putin prohibits poofter pride parades in Petrograd.

    • Anti-Russia sentiments were behind the (so-called) “Russian” Revolution of 1917 fomented by The Usual Suspects. Once they had control of the USSR they turned on a dime and whole heartedly supported the USSR in the West which they controlled through control of money.

      Now that the Communists are gone and a Russian patriot is in charge, even worse, one who supports the Russian Orthodox Church, it’s back to Russia hating again.

      At least they are consistent.

  11. As a Gen Xers who is starting to have thoughts about retirement my original plan to move to Montana may be changed to go to Moscow Idaho and join up with the Christian Nationalists there.

    It is ironic as a life long anti-Comminist I may end up living in Moscow! (The Big Sort is continuing!)

  12. Hmmm, i never hear a condemnation of ‘theocracy’ in isahell, which our tax dollars support. I never hear this argument when tax dollars go to yeshivas.

  13. “[ In I Timothy 1:5-111] …Paul then moves from a discussion of the commandment to a discussion of God’s law. Timothy must enforce theological orthodoxy. This is Paul’s command to Timothy. Paul here links biblical law to theological orthodoxy. This epistle is Paul’s premier exposition on the ecclesiastical enforcement of theological orthodoxy. Paul teaches in this epistle that theological orthodoxy mandates theonomy: biblical law. According to this epistle, biblical law is not a temporary intrusion into the historical development of the kingdom of God. On the contrary, it is at the heart of this development, not as a means of redemption, but as a tool of dominion.” p. 29, -G. North, “Hierarchy and Dominion- An Economic Commentary on I Timothy,” 2012, Point Five Press.

    “Theonomy is explicitly opposed to the natural law tradition, which had its origin in pagan Stoic thought, and was imported into the church mainly by medieval scholastic theologians.” p. 38,-G. North, “Hierarchy and Dominion- An Economic Commentary on I Timothy,” 2012, Point Five Press.

    “The civil law’s goal is not the transformation of human nature. Civil law does not make righteous men out of unrighteous men. It makes unrighteous men behave more like righteous men. There is a difference: the difference between the doctrine of salvation by law and the doctrine of salvation by grace.” p. 42, -G. North, “Hierarchy and Dominion- An Economic Commentary on I Timothy,” 2012, Point Five Press.

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