Poll Watch: Majority of Americans More Concerned About ‘Socialist Left’ Than ‘MAGA Republicans’

Well, this is something that I haven’t heard in the media.

National Review:

“Fifty-five percent of Americans are more concerned about the “Socialist Left” than they are about “MAGA Republicans,” according to a new Harvard-CAPS Harris poll.

The poll asked respondents: “Are you more concerned about the Socialist left in America and the power they are gaining or more afraid of MAGA Republicans and the power they are getting?”

Just 45 percent of respondents said they are more concerned with “MAGA Republicans.” …”

Personally, I have grown more hostile to socialism.

When I hear the term “socialist,” I don’t think National Socialist. I don’t think of the Soviet Union either. The term “socialist” brings to mind cringe faggot atheist urbanite Millennial coastal libtards like Vaush on YouTube and Twitter whose ideal is being a cultural degenerate who lays around and is supported by welfare. Their mission in life is to drag everyone else in the world down to their level.

Note: In his recent videos, Kyle Kulinksi has insisted that laying around all day and being a loser, doing drugs, playing video games and masturbating to pornography is “based.”


    • Socialism is only a tool it all depend on what state that wheels it!

      Most of these dumbass NPC conservatives want full lifelong benefits for ZOG veterans for instance…not realizing that is “Socialism” and that Hitluuur did that

      I agree fully with Warren Balogh! “Now..Now…Never underestimate American stupidity”

      • Social Security, unemployment insurance, Medicare/Medicaid and the so-called “safety net” programs are all forms of socialism in the early 20th century sense. Most of them, especially Social Security are now an integral part of society. Limited socialism, properly administered, can be a positive good for society by promoting the general welfare, theoretically one of the purposes of the U.S. Government.

        Scandinavian countries were socialist, prosperous and peaceful, all at the same time along with much of Western Europe. All of that has changed since the late 1960’s because of demographic changes i.e. government and business teaming up to flood their countries with wogs. Flooding White countries with wogs drives down wages, diminishes the political power of a potentially troublesome middle class and provides reliable voters for the Left.

        The traitorous business class loves the low wages while the insane Left enjoys the political power. I guess that’s what the scumbag bidness consultants like Pete Buttplug call a “win/win” situation. It wrecks the country their children and grandchildren will inherit but they don’t care about that.

        The takeaway is simple and direct: Demography is Destiny: full stop. A nation can be socialist, capitalist, national socialist, mercantilist, monarchist, possibly even a democracy (just not communist) and be successful if the people are civilized. Once the demographics change and Third World types start replacing Whites then that country is on the road to ruin. Period. To recover, the wogs have to be deported changing the demography back to overwhelmingly White.

        Demography is destiny, that is the issue, all else is just useless chatter.

        • “Social Security, unemployment insurance, Medicare/Medicaid and the so-called ‘safety net’ programs are all forms of socialism in the early 20th century sense. Most of them, especially Social Security are now an integral part of society.”

          They should all be eliminated.

          • @John Bonaccorsi….

            All opinions aside, the reality of the matter is that the 21st century will be unable to act as if the 20th did not exist.

            On the other hand, the 21st century will be ever in the process of reviewing, refining, and rejecting elements of the 20th.

            How this will play out will be according to spiritual dictates of each states.

            In my state, North Carolina, for example, it’s increasing independence from outside interference (either by political evolution and or conflict) will mean that it will return to a country where libertarianism is the law and restraint is urged upon individuals by institutions, such as the local community or local church.

            In such a case we will continue to have things like social security, but, it’s amount will be significantly reduced, if for no other reason than North Carolina is somewhat averse to nanny-governmentalism and even more so to debt.

            Countries like New York, California, or Massachussetts, however, will wind up quite the reverse.

            Diversity will once again reign, and, as a consequence, citizens will have a large choice of different countries where they might reside.

            One way or the other, I expect the immigration which has been a hallmark of this country in recent decades, will only increase to a furor, this as Conservative Blue-Staters come here, just as our Red State Leftist types flee to there.

            This migration, along with demographic change, will be the central themes of what was once termed, ‘The United States of America’, in the 21st century.

            Being an older person, I have come to see that, though there are unusual periods in the life of every entity and individual, in the end it always returns to type.

            North Carolina will never be the Deep South, anymore than it will be Connecticut.

            No one has the power to change that – not even the World Economic Forum, or did I mean to say the United States’ Government?

          • Interesting set of predictions there, Ivan, and good comment re “return to type.”

            You’re lucky to live in a place with aversion to debt. That’s a hallmark of sanity.

        • “The traitorous business class loves the low wages while the insane Left enjoys the political power. I guess that’s what the scumbag bidness consultants like Pete Buttplug call a “win/win” situation.

          “A nation can be socialist, capitalist, national socialist, mercantilist, monarchist, possibly even a democracy (just not communist) and be successful if the people are civilized.

          “Demography is destiny, that is the issue, all else is just useless chatter.”

          Good summation and conclusion. It’s always a pleasure to read low noise responses from OD’s sensible high-mu triode.

        • Merit socialism works wonders.
          NSDAP proved this. Give incentives to the best of people. Free homes to WHITE couples having 4 or more kids, etc.

    • Unrestrained capitalism is a dog-eat-dog environment where merchants prey upon one another and a citizenry who has no recourse. Socialism is government limitation or interference with otherwise unrestrained capitalism. Where a government imposes laws or regulatory agencies to ensure fair business practices, and outlaws predatory fraud, that is socialism in action.

      For example, things like workplace safety, food and drug safety, anti-pollution laws, medical care and a social safety net is provided — that is socialism or reining in the corporations with regulation and enforcement. But since this represents a nightmare scenario to the jews who have taken over our government, they have waged a very successful propaganda that socialism is bad because it equals government control.

      The problem is in limitations. The more socialism, the more you move toward communism. Socialism, in many ways, is a mid-way point between the two extremes of plutocracy, where the rich and powerful trample the common man, and communism at the other extreme, where there is no longer any profit, private property, or entrepreneurialism.

      The ideal is to find a happy medium. A proportionate amount of socialism represents a happy and sensible medium.

  1. “The term “socialist” brings to mind cringe faggot atheist urbanite Millennial coastal libtards like Vaush .

    I think ‘crypto-communist’ is a better term and closer to the facts, but they’ve sullied the term ‘ socialist’ as they have ‘liberal’.

    Corrupting our thinking by corrupting our words.

  2. Socialism should be about improving the lives of working and lower middleclass people, making it easier for them to get ahead and become more independent; living wages, affordable college, housing and transportation, it shouldn’t be about making it easier for degenerates to be degenerate.
    Socialism can be both democratic, and conservative.
    It use to appeal to much of the working class.
    Unfortunately the movement has gone to shit, it’s been completely hijacked by woketards.
    I don’t know if the movement can ever be taken back.
    As you know, there’s been a political realignment, the right has become more populist and working class, relatively, the left more elitist and upperlcass on the one hand, and lumpenproletariat/underclass on the other.
    This is quite a bizarre shift.

  3. The Republicans are conflating SJWism with socialism, because they don’t like taxes. Same old Republicans.

    I think Republican voters views towards government handouts will change, when they see this. This video is from last year.
    Before the end of this month, Elon is going to do a big reveal of what his robots can do.

    From what Elon is saying in the above video, you can tell his robot you want it to pick some things up from the supermarket, and it is smart enough to understand your verbal command, and to carry it out.

    What this means for the economy is no one in business will need to hire human workers. So if we want to eat, we all have to run our own successful businesses. Perhaps there will be robots to advise us on that.

  4. Thankfully I’ve never been into “porn.” Back in the late 80s and early 90s we rented a few on VHS and were “cheering on” TT Boy and Peter North. But at the time it was sort of a guys watching a stag film at a party kind of thing. Now its losers jerking off endlessly to this stuff online…and it’s everywhere and so prevalent young kids are easily exposed to it with this reckless “everyone has a smartphone” no matter how old they are. Back in the day as 10 year olds seeing a playboy was as bad as it could get, now people puking, shitting, wearing drag and all kinds of sick stuff are traumatizing young girls and sending young boys down a sick path. I’m not sure I believe Bundy’s “excuse” that S&M Porn made him do it (why would he seek that obscure stuff out in the 70s?) But if true we can expect a lot more sexual violence in the future with Generation Bastard being raise on a diet of Social Media and Porn since 3rd grade.

    • Yeah, the damage that “smartphones” are doing to people is greatly underestimated, I think.

  5. “Well, this is something that I haven’t heard in the media.”

    Ha ha, do you ever get the feeling that it is ((( controlled )) ? 🙂

  6. Who are these 45% who think “Maga Repulicans” are this huge threat? We already know the PMC on the coasts? But I bet virtually all blacks are part of it too. Letting blacks vote was absolute key for the democrats, notice right after they started voting en mass in the 60s the democrats felt emboldened to show their true face. Without the black vote they never would have won PN, WI, MI, GA, in the last election along with a whole number of other states like IL, VA and even Biden’s DE which is also a ghetto. I was at the car rental place when a typical young black girl was sitting around waiting for a rental and I heard her mouth out something about “Trump” on her cellphone. There’s some good ones, but most of them are loutish, spoiled, dumb children. The universal franchise is insane. May I also note that when I worked at the car rental place 11 years ago, these young blacks frequently returned their cars stinking of weed.

  7. OT

    Pretty funny — short vid at the link:

    linkCNN’s @DonLemon tells royal commentator Hilary Fordwich the royal family should pay reparations — immediately regrets it

    Brit women have more balls than Brit men these days.

    I have not seen CNN in maybe 20 years; even in airports I ignore/avoid it — man it must be awful.

  8. Kyle just created a classic liberal contradiction, about 2 minutes into his vaping and “wow just wow” session.

    First he mocks Ben and Candace for claiming that porn his harming society. I’m no fan of Shapiro, and I’m neutral-to-positive on Owens. I consider her an ally with many converging views that mesh with my own. But I’m not going to lean on her for moral approval.

    Having said that, he mocks them for their belief that society is harmed by porn, THEN he mocks Candace for believing that her husband obstains from social media because it is pornographic. (The cynical “I have news for you, every man looks at porn” claim). But let’s take at face value that he’s correct and that men who don’t look at porn are unicorns. Doesn’t that in itself confirm Candace’s belief that porn is harmful?

    If men feel an irresistible compulsion to look at pornography, one that has the potential of harming relationships with their wives, and if women have to be “lied to” to engage in that compulsion to fool them into trusting their mates, wouldn’t that be “harm”??. I suppose if you are so cynical that healthy human relations aren’t important to you, you might not see this as harmful. But Kyle doesn’t project that idea in his other videos. He tries to come off as a pro-social defender of humanity. It’s a contradiction in his beliefs that he’s too stupid and self unaware to grasp. Like most progressive shitlibs.

    I’d take 100 Ben Shapiros over one Kyle Kylinski any day. And I’m a person who has tried to give Kyle a chance because he at least is capable of criticisms of the left.

    • It’s one thing for men together seeing nude or semi nude women like a vegas burlesque show or something. But for dudes to be married adults in a relationship jerking off to videos of people fucking? That is definitely not good. I remember in high school after we saw a VHS porno we thought the actors were “cool.” But as an adult, I would be so embarrassed to be a porn star…even as a dude. Just nude, fucking, you’re a real lowlife. How on earth could a normal dude possibly have an erection in front of all those people with lights and cameras? I’d suspect most of those dudes doing it are psychopaths with some sort of anti-social personality disorder, how else could you end up doing something like that? I really have no problem understanding how those dudes also have criminal run ins, that is a profession of lowlifes and criminals.

  9. Like every word nowadays being constantly redefined or purposely vaguely defined, even “socialism” doesn’t escape this. Clearly this modern American “socialism” is very loosely affiliated to the socialists of old and is just more consoomer lifestyle fodder (I ordered my Che t-shirt cuz Rage Against the Machine guy has one). To me, modern “socialists” philosophy seems to be a mix of collectivist consumerism, satanism, nihilism, social media attention seeking, with some Peter Pan thrown in. No personal responsibility, all problems, failures, and unhappiness are caused by an external boogeyman. Spoiled children growing physically but mentally remaining largely a child. Do as thou wilt, nothing that was at one time considered degenerate if off the table, if it feels good do it, if you have to exploit, kill, or whatever for your self gratification than fuck it. What apparently is degenerate now is definitely truth seeking and not being a complete piece of shit degenerate, weiiird.

  10. Socialism doesn’t have to take the form of fascism or Nazism to be socially conservative.
    Social democracy used to have socially conservative and centrist wings.

    To me that’s what populism is.
    It’s not merely whatever’s popular, it’s being a fiscal social democrat and a social national conservative.

    And it means raising taxes for the 1%-0.1%, not for the working and middleclass.
    No modern party will advance that, because none of them are populists, they’re different sorts of elitism.

    You either get conservative elitism; neoliberalism and neoconservatism, or progressive elitism; woke corporatism.
    The so called rightwing populists are at best a step in the right direction for the rightwing, only time will tell if the right direction is ultimately where we’re headed.

    If the masses don’t figure out the real dichotomy is populism versus elitism, not left versus right, then we’ll end up with overt oligarchy or dictatorship and no rights and freedoms.
    The right doesn’t even do what it’s supposed to do, you know the government engages in drug and human trafficking of course, they’re totally corrupt, as long as we keep supporting candidates funded by the same corporations and toted by the left and/or rightwing of legacy media, nothing will ever change except to get worse.

  11. “The term “socialist” brings to mind cringe faggot atheist urbanite Millennial coastal libtards like Vaush on YouTube and Twitter whose ideal is being a cultural degenerate who lays around and is supported by welfare.”

    When I think of Vaush or any other Breadtuber, the term “capitalist in red paint” comes to mind. If I remember correctly, Vaush has a family member that works for the State Department and over in the U.K., MI6 funds and supports Philosophy Tube. All of these Breadtubers have support from neoliberal capitalist businesses run by jews like YouTube.

    Regardless, capitalism NEEDS to be abolished and replaced with a system that actually looks out for it’s nation and not a clique of jewish plutocrats.

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