1. I don’t think there will be another war with North vs South but It might come down to a racial revolution if the Whites ever get their heads out of their ass and face reality. One side is already engaged.

  2. The left and center right coalition would win easily because they dominate the military, police, tech, finance, intelligence, agriculture, big business, and international trade. They could also bring in military from UK, Australia, Canada, and Europe. MAGAs don’t control anything and don’t even have any international allies they could call on for support.

  3. It’s not just a matter of the polarization between the sexes, or of the races. Americans are old. Old men don’t fight, and sterile, childless women of any age never will. Instead what we will have is the same ol sex war, race war, and the class war all grinding out until this dung hill of a Yankeefied excuse of a nation finally seizes up.

  4. Good video, but the military doesn’t side with the right anymore. We have a serious stasi problem right now between the lefts suits (feds) and boots (antifa) That and big corpo overshadowing everything makes a 2nd Bolshevik revolution seem likely. They’ve already started the political arrests.

  5. I don’t think there will be any resistance from the american white men no matter what new abuse the federal government directs against them. You have been pussified, not pacified but pussified, and that is the reason why the dumbest and the lowest of the leftist freaks openly express desire to eliminate you. They have no fear of you.

    • Evidently you haven’t spent any time in rural America, but have ingested a bunch of our urban Leftist media.

  6. The race war will be Non-White. It will be “guerrilla warfare” primarily led by the Mestizos and supported by working class Whites, Asians, and dot Indians who will unofficially and officially organize into gangs after the military is co-opted by the woke and only the police who are also co-opted by the left are not defunded.

    IOW, like Soros prosecutors, the police chiefs and sheriffs will be paid more to look the other way and not do their jobs. The true law and order types will be purged.

    Here is where the demand and pay for private security that is armed will skyrocket and be paid to varying degrees by housing associations in hated communities. I can foresee more modest neighborhood associations erecting hated and guard shacks and paying them as well.

    The poor areas that cannot form neighborhood associations that hire private security will affiliate racially along the lines of convicts in prison. That’s how the Hispanics purged Blacks out of the Watts and Compton neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

    That’s why the Black mayors of Chicago and Washington, and New York City are losing their minds. That’s also why cities that still have White majority city councils but Black majority populations like Saint Louis are rolling out the welcome mat to Hispanic migrants pouring over the border.

    So, poor Whites will unofficially affiliate with Aryan Nations which will ally with the Mexican Mafia (which was co-founded by a White ethnic Croat. Just like gangs in prison.

    This also reflects the high intermarriage between Whites and Hispanics of both sexes. Usually the race mixing which is more celebrated is BM-WF and WM-AF but far less prevalent than the commercials would have you believe.

    It’s a matter of when, not if, we see One Party Rule by the Democrats. The more money you make in both the public and private sectors which seem to be merging more and more due to the private sector wanting those public grants, the more being a leftist will be a job requirement.

    The reason I say this is that the leftist Democrats have gotten too successful at waging lawfare against milquetoast conservative Republicans who will never have the Will to Power that the Democrats do, bleating about Muh Constitution.

    The Radical Right Whites will increasingly leave the Republican Party after they figure out that Christian Nationalism is just as astro-turfed as the Tea Party Movement by Kosher Nationalists wanting cannon fodder for Israel.

    That’s not the tragedy one would think it is. The Radical Right will join the Democrats too and will simply be another racial group vying for government perks. The Usual Suspects will want to paint them as the new Dixiecrats, but the Radical Right will be more along the lines of Le Pen.

    The best way to define them would be Social Populists and, if they can officially keep their platform organized along bread and butter issues, they can construct a bigger tent than Equity Socialists represented by the Woke oligarchs.

    In the meantime, the leftist Democrats will be too busy with its own increasingly bloody civil war between young Antifa type leftists and the Democrat gerontocracy which refuses to retire. Many of them never want to leave power while they draw breath.

    It’s only a matter of when the young Antifa types figure this out and term limit them by assassination. The gerontocrats have already anticipated this development which is why the MAGA Republican Domestic Threat to Our Democracy Rant by Joe Biden happened.

    So any secession is going to end up de facto more than de jure. The anarcho tyranny will escalate to the point of no real rule of law that is respected, Bribing the officials to look the other way while paying protection to gangs will be the way business is conducted.

    There will also be de facto but not de jure segregation imposed by ethnic mafias. And encouraged by White shitlibs who will continue to encourage Black student unions, etc as “safe places” for Blacks. Ultimately, there will be a big push back to the ultimate “safe spaces” of historic Negro Colleges. That will be heavily funded by taxes and grants.

    The best analogy is a political Hunger Games scenario for young Whites who have become accustomed to living in a panoptic society with no expectation of privacy because they know all their smart devices are deciding their every word whether they turn them off or not.

    That may scare the snot out of us White Dinosaurs, but the smarter young White race realists emerging from the Great Culling will be very adept at navigating the Kali Yuga. White Taquiyah will be second nature to them. They will talk the talk and appear to walk the walk but figure out how to go their own way. The incompetent corruption of increasingly Bidenesque regimes will make this easy for them.

    We saw the beginnings of this with the OK Cupid reports of the actual dating habits of young “Woke” Whites who say they approve of interracial mixing by a margin of more than ninety five percent.

  7. I think after defeat in Europe and Asia all trust in the fedgov will just go away and like the soviet union federal control will just fade into nothing

    There will not be a “organized” civil war! the US will simply turn into the middle east over time with costant “small king wars” between faith,race different states and politics

  8. What the video misses is, the right and left aren’t monolithic.
    The right isn’t homogenous, but neither is the left.
    The majority of the military and police lean right, but not necessarily Maga/Christian nationalist right, many lean neocon/neolib right.
    And the neocon/neolib right considers Maga/Christian nationalism to be a far greater threat than the woke left.

    That being said, the left isn’t united either.
    It’s difficult to unite the left on identity politics, and climate, alone.
    By its very nature, intersectionality divides.
    If the left made class primary and intersectionality and climate secondary, it would help unify them and bring in working class, and even rural support, altho switching its focus to class means they may lose some middleclass and urban support, still they would have more balanced support.

    Another thing the video misses is civil war wouldn’t be between say fascism/Nazism, and Marxism.
    The English speaking world has never gone for either.
    Instead it could be between a purified right, a right that’s dumped neocons/neolibs and RINOs for Maga/Christian nationalism versus a center-left coalition of neocons/neolibs, liberals and progressives.

  9. Yeah this video is a bit silly, if civil war comes to the United States, it won’t be between Marxist on the one hand and fascists or Nazis on the other, it will be between an increasingly purified right completely dominated by MAGA and Christian nationalists on the one hand and a coalition of neolibs, neocons, liberals and progressives. Such a coalition would draw a lot of support from the military, foreign Nations and even some rural Americans.

    • Men aren’t going to fight women in a civil war. It just isn’t a realistic possibility. The “war” would be Antifa making noise in urban centers and men reasserting control over women

      • Correct me if I’m wrong, but a majority of men voted for Biden in blue states.
        They don’t have to agree with everything woke progressives push on race, sex, gender and climate, they just have to be conditioned to believe woke progressives are far less of a threat to ‘democracy’ than the ‘fascists’ and ‘Nazis’ on the right.
        These politically moderate men along with upper middleclass and overeducated woke white women, Jews, blacks, Antifa and BLM may form a coalition to terminate the republican party, which they believe has been taken over by ‘far right extremists’.

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