The Bulwark: How The Second Civil War Could Start

Civil War 2 appears to be the topic of the day.

This is an excerpt from the new Major Garrett book on a possible scenario in which the Union is slowly dissolved after the 2022 midterms because House Democrats who style themselves as “democracy defenders” refuse to seat the Texas delegation due to “voter suppression” concerns.

The Bulwark:

“Under the Constitution, Congress is the judge of its own membership. There are limits, but Congress can, in theory and practice, refuse to seat or expel a member. As law professor Nicholas Stephanopoulos of Harvard University points out, the “choice to seat or oust is a nonjusticiable political question. No court can second-guess a chamber’s judgment as to whether an election was free and fair or which candidate won a race.” Congress has delayed or refused to seat a member whose victory has been certified. A dispute in 1984 over a House seat in Indiana initially won by a Republican but awarded to a Democrat convulsed the chamber for months. Slowing certification would gum up the process of creating a new House, even with an incoming GOP majority. An idea took hold: Refuse to seat the full Texas delegation and hold off recognition of disputed races in other states. …

Democratic concern about GOP tactics in Texas and obstructionism of favored voting reforms put unrelenting pressure on Pelosi. Even if institutionalists initially resisted refusing to seat the Texas delegation, vociferous lobbying from the party’s progressive Democratic base proved too much to resist, particularly if it meant holding on to the House, preserving the House January 6th Committee, and shielding Biden from impeachment. Pelosi, though reluctant, could consider refusing to seat the Texas delegation, knowing her party would support her. Such an action, whether successful or not, would be another descent into norm-breaking oblivion. Pelosi could justify her actions by claiming she was preserving democracy. Republicans, some of whom backed the Big Lie, would then accuse Pelosi of destroying democracy. Whether the Texas delegation was seated or not could ultimately be irrelevant.

That process of vanishing could begin, and look something like this.

Provoked by the denial, successful or not, of congressional representation, Texas, which had just reelected Republican governor Greg Abbott by a fairly wide margin, announced it was prepared to take unprecedented action to halt this usurpation of power. Republican-led states, where some certifications were being held up, vowed to join Texas in whatever protest it deemed necessary. Republicans resurrected the words of Texas GOP chair Allen West after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Texas’s lawsuit to invalidate election results in six states, thereby overturning the 2020 election: “Perhaps law-abiding states should band together and form a Union of states that will abide by the Constitution.”

After a brief debate, Republicans worked with Abbott to enact a resolution of refusal. The terms were simple. The Republic of Texas (as it still calls itself) would no longer compel individuals or businesses within Texas to pay federal tax revenue and, further, would block any efforts by federal officials to collect said revenue. Texas said the grant of immunity from paying federal taxes would last until Pelosi seated the full Texas delegation, halted all election litigation, and delivered unto Republicans majority control in the House of Representatives. …

Armed borders kept things in and kept things out, as armed borders almost always do. States for a time appeared satisfied, especially because Washington seemed stupefied. Federal courts, as it turned out, could not force states to do much of anything. There was no national military force large enough or motivated enough to storm Texas or any other state for revenue earmarked for Washington. National Guard forces became true militarized arms of the state—each state.

With legal disputes now separating one state from the other, America began to slowly disappear. Stock prices fell. More worrisome, America’s bond rating suffered, and interest rates rose—destabilizing the Federal Reserve. Texas said it might create its own currency. Simple transactions became complicated and confusing. Naturally, there were, for a time, regional winners, but the overall trajectory, reflected in bond markets and declines in foreign investment, was of an increasingly sluggish national economy. America was no longer a sure bet, the dollar less reliable as the safest global currency. States acted as small nations and transacted business for their nation and against other nations—places that used to exist as white stars on the same field of blue but now flew their own reimagined economic and cultural flags. …”

The premise of the book is that the current bullshit – things like the 1/6 Committee, dire warnings about the impending death of “Our Democracy,” Ron DeSantis sending illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard and California banning travel to half the country – escalates to the point of disunion.

The Daily Beast:

“The idea was to outline the worst-case scenarios in each of those contexts by referencing what had already happened, particularly as Texas had enacted laws directly in response to the Big Lie. Garrett said his first attempts at writing the chapters were even more climactic, requiring Becker to rein him in. “We didn’t want to terrify people,” Garrett said.

However, both conceded that the written accounts were not too far off from reality.

“We wanted to show people that what we’re talking about is just incremental steps from where we already are,” Garrett said. “I don’t think anyone reading that first chapter can honestly say, ‘Oh, that could never happen.’ They have to say, ‘Holy crap, we’re 85 percent there.’”

The book does cover some well-worn territory, featuring interviews with outspoken Jan. 6 committee members Jamie Raskin (D-MD), Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), and Liz Cheney (R-WY), along with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. …”

The federal government just vanishing like this without a fight with the South ending up in a Texas-centered Confederacy would be a dream come true. It is the best case scenario.

Note: Mehdi Hasan had Major Garrett on his show tonight.


  1. Separation of the races is the only way we can survive. The diversity experiment was never going to work. You can’t force different cultures and races to live together in harmony. There’s just too many differences. Animals in the wild know to stick with their own kind.

    • Not only separation from the races (which is correct), but also separation from the illness part of our race like antifa, faggot, woke, pro drugs, pro cancel culture….. All these people are also white but they have to stay away from the potential future state. It’ s not enough and doesn’t matter to be white if you then endorse certain illness theories and also if you’re undemocrat (like all leftists people today around the western world).

      • but also separation from the illness part of our race like antifa, faggot, woke, pro drugs, pro cancel culture

        No country can survive its own leftards. Both history and contemporary events make that very clear.

      • Marcel- You must have a Whites-only Ethnostate. You must also mandate a Christian one, to boot- using the anti-miscegenation clauses and Scripture quotes, that were held by the Antebellum South, prior to Reconstruction. The Unitarian/Universalist post-Calvinist North are godless bastards, who have also been judaized. I say this, as a Yankee. There is NOTHING of any theological veracity left in the North, among the Protestants- even the SBC, the PCA/OPC have started preaching against the [sic] ‘sin’ of racism. Trouble is, it’s not a sin, ANYWHERE in the Bible. As Dr. Matthew Rafael Johnson notes with dripping sarcasm, “As for the ‘sins’ of racism, anti-[sic] semitism, and xenophobia]…”The Orthodox church has never in its history concerned itself with these media-driven issues and fashionable phrases.”

        He has also rightly pointed out that “Christ possesses two natures, the divine and the human. The nation, like the economy, literature, language or the political order, is part of the human. There is no reason to leave these things out of Christ’s saving plan merely because it is politically incorrect.”

        Trouble is with the Prot IMpastors, there is no neutrality. NONE. God’s Law (Theonomy- what Greg Bahnsen wrote about over forty years ago, and avoided scrupulously by god-damned antinomian CINOS -Christians in name only) was noted by the late Dr. Gary North in his book, ‘Political Polytheism.’ He was quite clear:

        “And so, there was ‘from the beginning’ [ I John 1:1] an inevitable civil war between Christ and Caesar. Church and State. This war was eventually won by the earthly representatives of the ascended Christ. Christians finally replaced pagans in the offices of civil authority.

        This ‘Constantinian settlement’ still outrages and embarrasses political polytheists in the modern Church: fundamentalists, pietists, neo-evangelical liberals, and Christian college professors, everywhere. They much prefer to see pagans occupy the seats of civil authority, so the example of Constantine offends them.

        They prefer a contemporary political polytheism analogous to that of the Roman Pantheon, either because they secretly worship the messianic monotheism of the State (political liberals, humanists, and some neo-evangelicals) or because they refuse to acknowledge that statism is always the political manifestation of polytheism (fundamentalists, Lutherans, most Calvinists, and any remaining neo-evangelicals). Like the Hebrew slaves in Egypt, they prefer rule by polytheistic taskmasters in the service of a [sic] divine State…”… It is time to begin making plans for the conquest of Canaan.” – Gary North, PhD, “Political Polytheism,” (1989) p. 536-7.

        You can have a Christian White Ethnostate, but only at the eternal ire of the Jews, the Fags, the Abortwhores and the Feminizis.

        All in all, it sounds like a fair trade. The latter are all going to die, anyway.

    • The American right are the enforcers of anti-racism now. We are permanently locked in to proposition nation insanity. Brazil or less is the future.

  2. And brain dead Ron Paul and his Amren traitor of the year 2013 son Ayn Rand Paul will mouth BS about supporting some secession under strict race denying Constitutionalist grounds because the Federal Government has too much border controls, too much restrictions on businesses being able to hire and fire whomever they want and letting “The Market” determine wages.

    Yeah idiot, race denying Libertarian cultist Ron Paul said that.

    And Ayn Rand Paul took the knee for BLM BlackLiesMatter and sponsored the “Justice for Breonna Taylor act” and after an Antifa, BLM Mob nearly beat him and his beautiful White wife to death in a BLM Riot in DC he tried to “Reach Out” to the Antifa BLM mob that it was all an misunderstanding because he was on their side….


    You folks in the South want Civil War II, maybe start with our worst traitors, especially those in the race denying Constitutionalist, Libertarian cult – don’t need to kill them, how about stripping them naked, spraying the testicles with pepper spray and then dropping them off naked in the worst Black ‘Hoods” in Baltimore -very close to DC?

    • The whole “judge everyone by their merits” sounds good, but is ultimately impractical when you get a large number of blacks. Liberals really think whites never ever tried to be fair to blacks as fellow Englishman? I’m sure they quickly found that when blacks are around, too many of them engage in impulsive, dumb, antisocial behavior that ultimately the only solution is to have them away from your community. I’m sure there are some Tigers in Joe Exotic’s zoo that were gentle and friendly, but the fact is Tigers in general are very dangerous and have to be kept away in cages, not free to roam about in your living space. The worst thing about modern America is we are not even empowering the sensible blacks to maintain control of their community in the way they see fit, i.e. the principal going around with the baseball bat necessary to keep the young thugs in line. Instead they embrace the worst criminal element to rein free and engage in anti-family living patterns recruiting most of the young bastard boys into this lifestyle at puberty. A real snafu.

      • I’m sure they quickly found that when blacks are around, too many of them engage in impulsive, dumb, antisocial behavior that ultimately the only solution is to have them away from your community.

        Numbers, numbers, numbers. Numbers are of the essence. You can’t talk race unless you talk numbers.

        Libtards can’t seem to grasp this. You talk race with them and they picture the smiling nice black man down the street – and what’s so bad about him? They don’t picture street after street, block after block, of nothing but nigger – a horror scene that no one in his right mind would ever deliberately expose himself to.

  3. Eventually, it’s going to become apparent to many red state governors that the federal government is rather like a thin piñata full of air, and little else. “If thou Summons spirits from the vasty deep, will they come” both Abbot to a degree, and especially DeSantis seemed to have begun to figure this out. Both are tweaking the nose of the Biden administration, and showing little fear of any repercussions. I expect them to get even more brazen about it. This is going to be fun to watch.

    • “If thou Summons spirits from the vasty deep, will they come” both Abbot to a degree, and especially DeSantis seemed to have begun to figure this out.

      Haha, nice. Just to make it a little clearer:

      Pelosi – I can summon armies from the vasty deeps of federal enforcement agencies!

      DeSantis – Why so can I, and so can any politician – but will they come when you do call for them?

  4. While fantasizing about a second Civil War, let’s not miss Putin’s and Shoigu’s speeches coming up in a few hours, that pertain to a real war that is really happening, and may include a formal declaration of war against the U.S. and NATO.

  5. This is the most plausible scenario, but still not likely.

    Southerners and right wingers in general put a lot of stake in state sovereignty (and decentralization and locality in general) and while I have the same inclinations myself, there are two big reasons it’s a fantasy.

    States do not control their own borders and they do not control their own currency.

    There are ways states could get some sort of sovereign money power, a state bank like North Dakota’s and a combination of gold and silver, paired with crypto, a state could be running a serious financial system quite quickly.

    But keeping people from entering your state would require physical force which very well could spark something.

    I hope the Culture War gets so intense it peacefully accelerates the Great Sort, e.g., running baby killers out of red states like Oklahoma and normal white Christians out of San Jose, California. (They are fine with Latinx being Catholic, not “non-Hispanic whites” being Catholic, much less like a Baptist or a Presbyterian, unless they are LGBT.)

    Then peacefully devolve things to the states and even the whack job “NS” LARPer theater crowd can get their own quasi-independent state in the North West. (Where they will immediately start fights with everyone else for not loving Hitler enough.)

    It’s all probably inevitable unless they start a nuclear war, which is just as likely I guess.

    The most likely scenario is Republicans win Congress, then President Desantis backs off on Russia and starts a war with Iran like his Israeli bosses told him to. Meanwhile have fun with expensive groceries and gasoline.

    • Something we should be concerned about:

      We don’t really have a unifying idea, we are like the White Army in the Russian civil war who had a jumble of ideas, vs. the Ideologically unified Red Army. Just like now we have little girls like Banned Hipster who must’ve been bullied by a skinhead or something bitching about Nazis in a story that has nothing to do with them.

      And of course Nazis are not allowed to defend themselves thanks to the new comment policy. We are riddled with divisions as is…

      Without „Muh Union“ the Constitution, the American Flag etc. lose their unifying factor and we will be squabbling amongst ourselves while our enemies will be numerous and on the same page in terms of being anti-White and Leftist.

      • Faggots pretending they are National Socialists online are fake, and gay. The National Socialist Movement was run by an FBI informant, Hal Turner, and George Lincoln Rockwell himself was an FBI informant whose script was written by a Jew, Dan Burros.

        Of course I wasn’t beaten up by a “skinhead” there was like one in my high school, a faggot of course. He didn’t beat up anyone.

        I hate Nazi cosplayers because they are feds, faggots, and mostly just annoying little bitches than whine about Hitler and other stupid shit that doesn’t matter.

        They exist to stop white people from organizing in their own interests by shitting up anything ewhite people try to do – like your leader, Fatt Heimbach, or Richard “Hail Trump” Spencer or Mike “Jew wife and Heilgate for the Jew media” Enoch.

        Giant faggots who do nothing but annoy everyone with their faggotry. It doesn’t even rise to the level of a cult.

  6. “Civil war,” aka the left’s current coping mechanism to explain away Brandon being a total flop.

    Like CN/WCN, no real there here.

    (Unless I’m missing something because I’m far away)

  7. A podcaster I listen to and who knows his stuff has said this is WW3 but it just looks different from the previous two.
    A professor whom I heard on podcasts from time to time said that we have entered into a new cold war which is more dangerous than the original.
    Another professor whom I heard form time to time on podcasts said that we are essentially in a new civil war.
    We cannot fight WW3 and a civil war at the same time. Nor should we. But things will get ugly. Find peace with God.

  8. If C.W. 2 does pop off I wonder how the Northwest Imperative region will fair.

    I can see Idaho & Montana forming a CN state, but it would be land locked. Will have to try a land grab into Blue Washington State. I think a ‘Danzigs Corridor’ to Grays Harbor might work and may potentially be recognized as a sovereign nation by the Russian Far East.

  9. If it wasn’t for the pernicious influence of social media and cable news we might have had cadres of modern-day Blackshirts marching into Washington to seize power by now.

    • Armchair fantasizing. You guys want everyone else to do the work.
      “Oh, I really wish someone else would DO something!”

  10. I think it’s getting to point where people in Massachusetts and Alabama just cannot be part of the same country anymore. There may not be an all-out Civil War 2, it could be a situation where different regions of the country just gradually separate and start seeing other people.

    • Seems to me that America’s collapse will come from natural forces of economic then technical failure. Turd people cannot maintain an advanced technical society.

      I still insist, America’s most skillful will flee the country.

      • Millenials and younger of all races do not want to do the real work required for producing things and maintaining things. Not enough of them anyway. Hard times are coming.

  11. @Hunter Wallace.”A Texas based Confederacy is a dream come true.” In 2021, Texas was 39.2% White, 40.2% Hispanic and the rest other. Almost half of all Texans under 18 are now Hispanic. Will Dixie be sung in Spanish?

    • 1.) A lot of those Hispanics are Tejanos who have always been there.

      2.) There are millions of Hispanics in Texas who are also illegal aliens who don’t vote.

      3.) An independent Texas would finally be able to control its own borders and expel invaders.

      4.) Texas is unable to expel these people because of the ferocious opposition of liberal Whites on the West Coast and places like Martha’s Vineyard. They are the ones who have allowed over three million illegal aliens to come across the border since 2020.

      5.) “Muh White brothers” who are fanatical supporters of illegal immigration are the reason the problem exists in the first place. Were it for them, the problem would have been solved decades ago.

      • >1.) A lot of those Hispanics are Tejanos who have always been there.

        So what? — they’re still ethnically Hispanic; that’s what matters — so an independent and increasingly Hispanic Texas would be Mexico de Nord, or become that after white flight, which is inevitable.

        Large numbers of Hispanics are in America because they fled the second and third world countries (‘shitholes’) created by people like them — they and their ‘communities’ (also called barrios, which is a euphemism for a suburban Hispanic slum) benefit from being integrated into the wider US tax base, which is still largely white, as well as from the magical USD money machine (which will break down eventually).

        Often it seems you don’t recognize that racial differences have concrete, real world consequences — or you seem to downplay their significance.

        • As with all Southern states, the problem in Texas isn’t Tejanos who are largely hostile to the massive wave of illegal immigration that is pouring across the border. The problem is specifically the millions of White libtards who support open borders and who live in other parts of the country and who have made it happen. I would much rather get rid of those people.

          You seem incapable of recognizing this because you cling to the myth that all White people are somehow on the same side. In reality, Whites are sharply divided and the border crisis exists, not because of Tejanos, but because of stupid liberal Whites in Blue States who want this to happen

          • >who are largely hostile to the massive wave of illegal immigration

            What the heck is wrong with you man?! — can you not read? — please try not to be so dishonest.

            I don’t really care if they are opposed to illegal immigration or not; I concede it’s marginally better if they are — but I said nothing about that, and ultimately I don’t think it will matter much: illegal immigration is only a small part of the problem — THE MAIN PROBLEM IS DEMOGRAPHICS.

            They are ethnically Hispanic, which means incapable of creating and sustaining a modern, first world technocratic society — if they were able to do that, THEY WOULD HAVE DONE IT BACK WHERE THEY CAME FROM — instead they came to the US so the racist white man could provide that for them — here they are integrated into the wider tax base (still largely white), and can benefit from the opportunities and wealth created by Whites — it’s as simple as that.

            LoTT featured this school district in Lewisville TX today due to some degenerate woke bullshit about aberrant sexuality:

            Twitter/Lewisville ISD

            Look at the foto in their pinned tweet: 50,000 students. 6,500 staff members. 127 square miles. 13 municipalities

            Note the demographics — this is the dirty little secret most normal data about demographics does not reveal: the lower the age cohort, the worse it gets, i.e. the fewer Whites there are.

            You cannot have a first world society with such low quality human capital, whether they oppose illegal immigration or not.

            Make a note of this.

          • I disagree.

            The biggest problem is not Tejanos who have always lived in Texas. It is the toxic cultural politics of White leftists who are determined to tear our civilization down. Those people are the active agent in our destruction

            This is a key sticking point where we disagree. I refuse to believe that all White people are somehow on the same side because they are White. I don’t think you attach enough importance to the malice of these people. Having the capacity to build a civilization in no way implies that is what these people want

          • Tejanos were counted as ‘white’ in Texas until around 1930. A significant portion of those who fought against the Mexican army in the mid-1830’s were Spanish-speaking, alongside Houston, Crockett and other whites from the south. The same is somewhat true for the old-settlers in New Mexico and Arizona. I can’t say whether these old settlers were largely white (Spanish origin) or mestizo but my general impression from those I know is that they tend to be mostly white – but of the Spanish Catholic culture rather than the Anglo-Protestant one.

            I don’t think eah clings to the myth about whites all being somehow on the same side. The problem within our own ranks – whether Christian, agnostic, pagan or atheist – is more of a failure in deciding how to react to the large percentage of shitib whites, concentrated in Blue states, cities and suburbs. One of the more important things is to follow the Jews’ own self-description as non-whites and explicitly regard them as such. That still leaves a significant number of actual whites, including self-described Christians who are in the enemy camp working for our extermination. Yes we sure and hell need a nationwide divorce from such as these. Christians also need to get on the stick about defining who is in the house and who is not. Vox Day, despite his support of the grifter Trump for too long, has done a fine job of providing a useful definition of what a genuine Christian nationalism looks like.

          • >I can’t say whether these old settlers were largely white (Spanish origin) …

            When compared to e.g. mestizos, there would only be a marginal difference:

            List of sovereign states in Europe by GDP (nominal) per capita

            Look at the list — using the IMF estimate, Germany has a per capita GDP that is 75% greater than Spain; if you removed tourism, which is very important to Spain (lots of warm weather and beaches), the difference would be even larger, since tourism is much less important to Germany’s economy — what is the cause of this? — it is primarily ethnic differences in IQ; probably also some cultural aspects.

            So call them Tejanos or whatever you want, but I think there is NO WAY their economic contribution could come anywhere near that of Whites whose genetic origins are more in northern and central Europe.

            >I disagree

            I have no idea what you disagree with — honestly.

          • The idea that Tejanos who have always lived in Texas are a bigger problem than White leftists who drag the country down on all issues. Conflating race with politics and sidestepping the fact that these people are hostile to their own race. That’s the issue.

          • @Brad HL Mencken claimed the Jews in the US didn’t become a problem until the huge influx of Jews from Eastern Europe gave the Jews in America some numbers and political power.

            It also reminds me of Orientals who claim their Father was an America serviceman. LOL.

            Although, I do believe there are Mexicans, some of Spanish origin whose ancestors have lived in Texas since Washington was a boy. They are “White” Protestants like thier neighbors. Just don’t call them colored. LOL.

          • Hunter, agree with you. The amount of Mexicans in Texas is appalling, and the liberal whites are pushing for more. It’s not the old mixed ones who are the problem.

      • >4.) Texas is unable to expel these people because …

        I already explained to you (link) about asylum and that asylum-seekers, no matter how bogus, cannot just be ‘expelled’ unless you are prepared to ignore court decisions (as Hungary does) — as a practical matter, I do not think Abbott and Texas are prepared to ignore court decisions — why adopt and repeat dumb conservatard rhetoric about this? — again: this is why ‘conservatives’ never solve problems.

        Immigration law and its enforcement is normally viewed as a federal matter — I’m not a lawyer so I cannot comment about the legality of Texas attempting to secure its border by ‘expelling’ illegal immigrants, should they manage to distinguish them from asylum-seekers — personally, I’d like to see them try; it would be interesting to see what the federal government would do about it.

        • As I said, Texas can’t do anything because of the federal government. The federal government is the way it is because millions of dumb White libtards are constantly pulling in the other direction on issues like immigration. Were it solely up to Texas, the problem would have been dealt with a long time ago

      • FY 2021 Refugee Resettlement Roundup

        Only CA takes in more refugees than TX; has Abbott ever seriously pushed back against that? — I once saw someone who lives near Dallas say online that within a 20 mile or so radius of his house you could probably hear 50 different languages being spoken.

        (And imagine taking the dregs of the third world and sending them to live in CA.)

        • ” within a 20 mile or so radius of his house you could probably hear 50 different languages being spoken.”

          Death of a nation .

          • The nation is already dead. Now the political entity that killed it is strutting toward death as well.

          • They want to bring more and more Hispanics in. Some areas of Central America are ghost towns, because they came here.
            They get included as white, but they really are not white. They are Native Americans. The goal is to repopulate the American continents with the Native Americans. Meanwhile, they destroy our nations, so we have no homelands in Europe to go to.
            The boomers will go down in history as the generation who talked this thing to death.

  12. “Muh White brothers” who are fanatical supporters of illegal immigration are the reason the problem exists in the first place. Were it for them, the problem would have been solved decades ago.

    Yes but the typical Chamber of Commerce conservatard white usually dances to the tune of the (((banksteins))) who own his soul because he owes them lots of fake money. The Great Replacement is Jewish in origin but Jews could not accomplish it sans the help of many white sellouts. The simplest solution to illegals would be to arrest and seize the assets of business owners who hire them. There are a lot fewer business owners than invaders – many of whom would self-deport in short order, especially if coupled with legislative initiatives denying welfare to non-citizens. That’s something of an oversimplification as there are other things that need to be dealt with like treaties and the like but the point is that it is not impossible to address the issue if anyone were actually serious about doing so.

  13. The very first Mexican I ever saw in the flesh was a graduate student who taught my freshman college economics class in 1978. The “Walmart Mexicans” we see everywhere today were simply not a thing in the South. The white frog continues to boil.

    • Like any country, Mexico has a smart fraction — but given the IQ distribution of its population, it just isn’t big enough to pull Mexico into the first world — the drag of the low IQ masses is too great.

      • Mexico City has more people than the whole LA and Orange counties combined. That’s what’s coming here, the low IQs. They want us to support and take care of them.

  14. Sigh.

    If real people under the age of 65 do believe this is coming, they better study and practice revolutionary, cell structure insurgencies like the IRA and all those anti White colonial revolutionary movements where our side eventually gave up and turned everything over to the Arabs, Blacks, Asians, Muds.

    It’s not going to be a gentlemen’s breakup with honorable Christian noble men leading Christian soldiers in grey uniforms with bugle boys and an officer corp on both sides who’s officer corp both went to West Point.

    A good start is to see the surprisingly fair move “The Battle of Algiers” about the FLN Arab terrorist race war, clash of civilizations against European French in French Algeria.

    Covington’s books about a hoped for North West war of Independence is excellent and it’s an IRA cell structured/terrorist rebellion which our people except for the IRA Irish have never attempted.

    • It’s nice to see the old guys really getting involved and doing something positive about things, rather than leaving the next generation on its own, and just talking big about it.

  15. Since Texas is a topic here, take a look at this from Reuters:

    Twitter/Reuters Legal — How Texas’ abortion ban hurts Big Oil’s effort to transform its workforce link to story here

    Note it features a MARRIED COUPLE, and we are supposed to believe they felt compelled to leave Texas due to restrictions on abortion — why would a married couple care about restrictions on abortion? — are they planning to conceive and abort babies inside of wedlock?!

    If you go follow the link and read the story on the Reuters website, you’ll see it was written by two women, and edited by two other women: it took four women to produce this garbage — ‘women in the workforce’.

    I’d like to think the media was not always this sick and depraved — the same for women — but maybe I’m wrong.

  16. The federal government will just collapse. Thia is why we need to maintain our state governments.

    There won’t be a civil war. Wars, plural, are more likely. Within regions. Rather than interregional.

    Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America, by Thomas W. Chittum, is the book to read on the subject. All the others are fanciful nonsense.

    Chittum assumes a complete breakdown of the federal government, and the collapse of some of the state governments, as well. Which will precipitate wars in those particular states. Ilinois vs Chicago, for example.

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