1. Sounds like much of Europe are finally ready to have adults back in charge.
    I’m happy to allow Georgia Meloni to prove herself before condemning or praising her. Give her time. She’s rather cute, is saying great things, and upsetting the right people……that’s a good start.
    I’m cautiously optimistic.

  2. Personally, I like to see action and not just promises. We have seen too many of those over the decades so I will hold judgement on her until she delivers for her country.

    The cons is she is pro Israel and has bought into the lie that Russia is the evil enemy and Ukraine is the victim.

    • @John,
      Yeah I know what you mean, but she doesn’t run Israel or Russia. Let’s see what she does for Italy. Any support she gives to anything could be strategic. Geopolitical relationships can be complex to navigate.

  3. Nb4 the inevitable purity spiraling argument about her not being anti Joo enuff.

    If you actually believe, as I do, that there is a concerted effort by jooz to undermine White demographics by assaulting the family, degrading the Church/Christian Faith and eliminating sovereign nations, then you cannot in any seriousness or good faith think that somebody running explicitly on the integrity of those three issues (God, Family and the Fatherland) is not diametrically opposed to Jewish interests by definition, and therefore doesn’t need to goose step across a stage for you with their arm raised high and right with tikitorch in left hand before you can understand their intentions.

    Stop being obtuse.

    Judge her on her actions with regard to the three points above. She’s already done something to help that, by openly and loudly declaring it her focus. Give her credit for that at least.

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