1. You cannot defeat ideas on a field of battle.

    The essential argument of “liberalism” vis a vis the Civil War and especially WW2 has been might makes right.

    It’s the opposite.

  2. Ruth Ben-Giat? Sorry goyim, only OUR opinions matter.

    So far I haven’t heard too much oy-veying about the election results, so I guess Uncle Shmuli isn’t overly concerned about it. Another case of “The best way to control the opposition…..” perhaps?

  3. Italy’s fascism is morally superior to Israel’s jewish nationalism which jails tortures and murders Palestinian men, women and children.

  4. About Ben-Ghiat, a PhD of Jewish Brandeis University, from Haaretz news in Israel:

    “Ben-Ghiat grew up in the Jewish community of the upscale Westside Los Angeles neighborhood of Pacific Palisades. ‘My father, Raphael Benghiat, was born in Jerusalem in 1928 to a Sephardi family, and in 1944 he joined the Haganah Jewish militia,’ she relates. ‘My Protestant mother from Edinburgh met my father in London and converted to Judaism for him. They married and moved to Israel, before immigrating to California.'”

    • And Fratelli d’Italia have nothing to do with actual fascism. They are a Likud-Bannon-Yoram Harzony project. Since some years ago Bannon was scouting and grooming willing contenders, parties and politicians, in Europe for his Zionist Populism. He had no success with the AfD or Le Pen, but Fratelli, due to them being a 4% meme party, obviously took his offer.

      Oh how quickly your star rises when the star of Zion shines ahead for you! Mazel Tov!


      Q: How would you define your party, The Brothers of Italy (Fdl)?

      (Meloni:) “FdI is the party of the Italian conservatives; we support individual freedom, the centrality of the family, the preservation of the Western, European, and Italian cultural identities, as well as self-reliance and private economic initiative and social cohesion. We are a modern European and Western right-wing government, a pillar of the European Conservatives and Reformists Party of which the prime ministers of Poland and Czech Republic are members and which I have the honor of chairing. We also have strong ties to Likud, the British Tories, and the American Republicans.”


      • Let’s see if some of her coalition partners keep her busy addressing critical domestic issues there like the ongoing African invasion instead of sending weapons and white Italians to fight Russia. Harzony is a fake-nationalist, a Zionist (aka Jew supremacist). Otherwise their true identity as Fratella d’Israel will be revealed in short order. Pulling out of both the EUSSR and NATO would be a good move, as would expelling the Globo-Pedo military, which has several bases there.

  5. It’s weird how hysterical the American Press is over this election(English speaking press is in general). Even though the European press is liberal/left, they are much more measured in their commentary.

    Also, why is Ms. Ben-Ghiat so animated about mass immigration into Italy of all places? Is she this passionate about immigration into Israel? I presume she must have sharply criticized Likud immigration policy over the past few decades. But who knows..

  6. Was Robert Heinlein a Fascist? The novel Star Ship Troopers certainly describes a Fascist future. Indeed, I read a lot of science fiction and it seem’s their projected state of the future is some type of benevolent Fascism

  7. A good sign? I’ll concede that, despite the obvious red flags of being pro-Israel…

    The real measure of change will be if ALL migrants start getting shipped back, and they begin to Make Italy Italian Again.

  8. How can Giorgia Meloni, Jair Bolsonaro, Viktor Orban and so on be fascists when they’re non-interventionists?

    a supporter of the principle of not becoming involved in the affairs of other countries.
    “a nation of war-weary noninterventionists”

    How can they be fascists when they respect the rule of law, haven’t suspended the constitution and elections, called for mob violence or been convicted of a serious crime?

    How can they be fascists when they’re largely deregulating the economy and lowering taxes, with the exception of tariffs and a bit of help for working class families who’re struggling?
    Fascism, among other things, is state corporatism, a form of big government, similar in many respects to state socialism and communism.

    They can’t be, they lack too many essential features of fascism, they are all way too soft to be fascists.
    What did Mussolini and Hitler, actual fascists, do with queers?
    They either executed or imprisoned them for years or decades.
    Hell they even executed and imprisoned artists and writers they didn’t like.
    What’s Giorgia Meloni want to do with queers?
    Just not recognize their marriages, and prioritize straight couples who want to adopt over queer couples, whoopty-doo, big deal!
    Reduce immigration, again big deal, Israel and Japan only want Jews and Japanese.

    What’s really happening with Giorgia Meloni and so on is some western countries are moving a bit further to the right on social issues, that’s all.
    Fascism has become nothing more than a smear for the MSM, just like racist, sexist, transphobe and so on, total nonsense.

    Abortion is arguably a form of murder, and eugenics, since it’s the poor aborting their kids, not the rich.
    How anti-feminist could this movement be if many of its leaders, like Giorgia Meloni and Marine Le Pen are women?

    Anyway, I’m preaching to the choir, we all know the MSM are woke activists, not journalists.

  9. The only ones complaining are the usual suspects. Rootless cosmopolites. Why don’t they make their precious aliyah and join their go-ethnics

  10. Fascism is another word that’s lost any meaning it had thanks political correctness/woke.
    Today to call someone a fascist is equivalent to calling them an asshole, jerk, or poopyface.
    The MSM is a complete joke, only ignoramuses take it seriously.

  11. “It’s important to know who she is.”

    Oh what a surprise. This uppity Jew York professor of history that resembles a tranny sounds upset.

    On another note, how do heebs happen to be so hideous? Inquiring minds want to know.

  12. “Was Robert Heinlein a Fascist?”

    Most think Heinlein was a Libertarian.

    Starship Troopers is an allegory about Chinese Communists (bugs) invading The West and how a Libertarian society would need to militarize to counter a communistic yellow menace.

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