Giorgia Meloni Set To Become Italy’s New Prime Minister

All is lost.

Giorgia Meloni is about to become Italy’s new prime minister.

The Sweden Democrats had a major breakthrough in Sweden two weeks ago.

Marine Le Pen came closer than ever to winning in France and Éric Zemmour ran to her Right on opposing the Great Replacement. Over 60% of French voters believe the Great Replacement is happening.

Viktor Orbán decisively won reelection in Hungary and gave a speech in which he condemned race mixing. Orbán is now giving speeches at CPAC and is seen as a role model.


“ROME (AP) — A party with neo-fascist roots, the Brothers of Italy, won the most votes in Italy’s national elections, looking set to deliver the country’s first far-right-led government since World War II and make its leader, Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s first woman premier, near-final results showed Monday.

Italy’s lurch to the far right immediately shifted Europe’s geopolitical reality, placing a euroskeptic party in position to lead a founding member of the European Union and its third-largest economy. Right-wing leaders across Europe immediately hailed Meloni’s victory and her party’s meteoric rise as sending a historic message to Brussels.

Near-final results showed the center-right coalition netting some 44% of the parliamentary vote, with Meloni’s Brothers of Italy snatching some 26%. Her coalition partners divided up the remainder, with the anti-immigrant League of Matteo Salvini winning nearly 9% and the more moderate Forza Italia of ex-Premier Silvio Berlusconi taking around 8%. …”

Meloni ran as a Christian, a conservative and a patriot.

As in France, mainstream conservatives are willing to vote for Meloni and Le Pen now. Nationalists have become the dominant force on the Right in France, Italy, Sweden, Hungary and the U.S.

France 24:

Giorgia Meloni has successfully rebranded her Brothers of Italy party as the country’s dominant conservative force, without fully expunging its post-fascist roots. Her right-wing coalition was on course to win a majority of seats after Sunday’s general election, making her the favourite to become Italy’s first female prime minister – and its first far-right premier of the postwar era.

“I am Giorgia, I am a woman, I am a mother, I am Italian, I am Christian,” a fired-up Meloni told supporters in central Rome. “No one will take that away from me.”  …”

In this country, it is now mainstream on the Right to oppose legal and illegal immigration and support isolationism and trade protectionism. It is mainstream now to be a nationalist and a populist. It is mainstream now to oppose anti-Whiteism and the Great Replacement. It is even mainstream to be a “Christian nationalist” and to loudly defend White people and their interests.

There are two ways to look at this:

  • Nothing has changed and the system is completely corrupt and all is lost and there is nothing we can do but complain on the internet.
  • Public opinion is rapidly changing, our politics are becoming more mainstream, we are not excluded from mainstream politics anymore and we should capitalize on the inroads we have made.

I’m in the optimistic camp.

There isn’t anything that Meloni or Le Pen ran on which is unique to Italy or France. Orbán is widely admired here now. We aren’t nearly as shut out of politics as we were a decade ago.

Rod chimes in on Meloni’s victory.


“If this is fascism, let’s have more of it!

Of course it’s not in any way fascism — a slur that the US media apply to Meloni to avoid having to take her ideas seriously.

Do we have a single American politician capable of speaking words like that with such force, and such conviction? I can’t think of one. Giorgia Meloni has more balls than a Congress full of Republicans. She is going to wipe the floor with Ursula von der Leyen, Mark Rutte, and the Brussels gang. Last year, via our mutual friend Francesco Giubilei, she sent me a nice gift, which I pulled off a storage unit shelf today to admire …”

I also want to see more “fascism.”

Here in Alabama, we have banned abortion and have already passed “anti-trans” laws.

“During the final hours of their legislative session, Alabama lawmakers passed a sweeping package of anti-transgender legislation. Governor Kay Ivey quickly signed this discriminatory slate of bills into law, and in doing so stripped transgender youth of life-saving resources and further isolated them from their peers and communities. The laws feature some of the most anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-transgender legislation, creating an untenable environment for our community in Alabama.

SB 184: This law makes it a felony — punishable by up to ten years in prison — to provide gender-affirming care. Arkansas passed the only other gender-affirming care ban into law last year and it was immediately challenged and blocked in court. SB 184 also forces educators to “out” children to their parents.

HB 322: This law bans K-12 students from using bathrooms and school facilities consistent with their gender identity. Additionally, the law bans conversations about sexual orientation and gender identity in classrooms for grades K-5, similar to Florida’s recent “Don’t Say Gay or Trans” bill. …”

If you are angry with federal, state and local Republicans, you should first check to see what they have been doing rather than assuming that state level Republicans are as bad as the national Republican Party.


  1. A video (with English subtitles, which I will take to be accurate) of her speaking is making the rounds on social media — watch it here.

    When you watch this video, you’ll quickly realize why the establishment is afraid of her.

    • She is saying things about “trans” which have already become the law here in Alabama and bunch of other Southern states. This is why I am not really angry with Alabama Republicans. They actually have moved on a lot of these issues. As for protecting the family, we just banned abortion.

      • “She is saying things about trans”:

        Of course right-populism and other far right movements are not completely wrong about everything. On some moral issues their rhetoric is very good-sounding. But they still work to conserve the system that is based on the evil inclination in man, so their moralizing is hypocritical and moral reform legislation really amounts to cultivation (weeding, pruning, training) of the “human resources” for more successful exploitation.

        • “…But they still work to conserve the system that is based on the evil inclination in man,..”

          What’s your solution?

  2. Obviously friends, yesterday i voted for her and i’m happy that my country has become a right-wing republic. In the 2018’s election i voted for Salvini but yesteday i voted for her.
    What to say friends…….. let’s toast together virtually!!!!!

      • Thank you Brad! The Democratic Party of Italy kept saying in the last month that fascist dictatorship was around the corner, ironic if you think that the “italian Democrats” with the Zan law wanted to imprison those who were against gender in schools and kept telling their European friends in Brussels (like Von der Leyen) to propagandize against Meloni and Fratelli d’Italia (Brother of Italy). We are tired of antifa controlling the streets, of imposed gender, of bans on displaying cultural symbols because they offend African immigrant guests.

    • Congratulazioni, fratello mio!

      God bless you and your new government! May Meloni, Salvini et al succeed in cleaning up your nation and restoring her to her rightful glory!

    • >man who wants mass cleansings of immigrants

      Sounds like a plan.

      I don’t speak Italian and don’t follow Italian politics (who can?), but hopefully one of the top priorities will be to confront the asylum industrial complex and stop the Camp of the Saints-like flow of migrants, especially from Africa — Orban has shown it is possible to refuse migrants and then ignore EU court decisions about this (link) — nothing is more important for the future of Italy.

      A suggestion for OD: if possible, use a ‘more’ tag to hide most of the Tweets from all the fags, Jews, and hyperventilating harpies (note sometimes more than one category applies to the same person) — these reactions are all rather predictable and uninteresting.

  3. Bad news. But then, all of the capitalist parties that “represent the Italian people” (serve the elites) are bad news. Italians cannot vote their way out. Voting for right-populism is useless struggling in the capitalist quicksand.

    The U.S. (CIA) went all out to prevent Italy and Greece from becoming socialist countries after WW2. “Operation Gladio” hammered Italian communism (the Italian people’s choice) out of existence and the U.S. will never let it come back.

  4. That Ruth Ben-Ghiat Twitter account reads like a parody of Ezra Pound’s infamous Democracy quote. I haven’t seen a better example in 8 years of culture war.

  5. Beautiful speech by this beautiful Italian mother. This is a big key – never ever have a White woman leader that doesn’t have any children, doesn’t have a stake in her/our people’s future.

    I like how she’s finessing the JQ – just names financial speculators.

  6. This woman is unimportant

    However just like Trump, what is important is the radicalization she will bring forward when she fail to impliment what she was promising!, the voting base is always more radical than the politicians!

  7. New York Times describes the fascist Meloni as “a full-throated supporter of Ukraine.” So don’t worry, you conservatives, and liberals! Nothing will really change. A populist-led Italy will continue to stand with Khazarkraine (Nudelmanland), and with NATO (the U.S.), Israel, and the global Bankers.

    • She’s all in with the EU, NATO, and the same “speculators” she aims her empty rhetoric at. The right wing is completely worthless in every way because they cannot help but fall for these controlled opposition scams over and over again. Give conservatives a few platitudes about family values or whatever and they won’t even pay attention to their nation being sold out from under them.

    • Re: “full-throated”:

      Indeed. Female politicians are the opposite of St. Paul’s example of the godly woman who does not speak in church and learns in silence.

  8. Also in Czechia, in recent municipal elections the nativist (and Russophilic) SPD advanced while right-wing populists in general have now made the traditional Czech Left almost EXTINCT – which means that from now on, working-class discontent and protest vote in Czechia will go almost entirely to nationalists:

    “All the “protest votes” went to ANO and the Freedom and Direct Democracy Party – what is happening to the Czech left?

    “The Czech left has suffered a decline that is long-term. It is not the first time that the Communist Party and the Social Democrats have suffered an election defeat – the decline has been for around 10 years. This time it seems that the Communist Party was definitely erased from the political map and there is nothing to indicate that the Social Democrats are returning to the political mainstream. It is a sad story, but it seems that leftist voters simply believe Mr. Babiš who has positioned his movement as leftist-populist and has basically cannibalized most of the voters of the Communists and the Social Democrats.”

      • It is nice that the SPD is Russophillic, and its rhetoric of moral conservatism is nice too, but remember, it is a capitalist party.

        The Czechs are too deluded after forty years of capitalist miseducation and corruption to notice that every step they take toward the Right (including this right populism) away from socialism coincides with increasing inequality, more austerity, decreasing lifespan and quality of life, and ramping up of global imperialist war leading toward nuclear apocalypse.

  9. Thanks for sharing these “10 Pillars of Fascism”. They call it “Fascism” , I call it practical propaganda. Our side has tended to really suck at effective propaganda since ~ the 1930s.

    GL Rockwell talked about how bad our side was on propaganda trying to sell economic conservatism to poor and working class White Americans who’ve solidly rejected this for over 100 years.

    Read Rockwell’s 100 years of failure.

    Hunter could I lead a study session here and elsewhere about the dos and don’ts of effective propaganda?

  10. Things are beginning to go our way. I wouldn’t worry about the “Jewish Question “, they spent the last several decades working to get their preferred mindset into western society, now you are starting to see cracks appearing in the narrative. Just give it time. They can’t put it back in the hole

      • This is a step in the right direction for Italy. Hopefully they will align with Hungary and Poland on matters related to immigration and Christian values. There is also a chance the new government won’t support such harsh sanctions on Russia. Meloni is pro Ukraine but others in her coalition have spoken out against these economic measures that have been disastrous for Europe.

        • “others in her coalition have spoken out against these economic measures that have been disastrous”:

          That has nothing to do with real opposition to imperialist war, a moral conviction that fascists lack as much as liberals do. These bourgeois Italian fascists love a successful imperialist war, and they will not leave the bulwark of the Empire (NATO, EU, etc.) that protects them, and the elites, from socialism.

    • JQ is (supposedly) being discussed more, and yet the awareness of and resistance to the Zionist occupation and genocide of the indigenous people of Palestine is DECREASING everywhere in the West.

      “you are starting to see cracks appearing in the narrative”:

      I’m seeing LESS cracks, the disappearance of effective dissent, not more of it, in the West, where everyone is worshipping the Almighty Dollar, or shekel, and facts and truth don’t matter anymore.

  11. Well we are only a few weeks away from the 100th anniversary of Mussolini’s famous October 1922 ‘March on Rome’ that brought him to power

    Sometimes there seems a bit of cosmic timing at work

    Possibly it will be the currency-money issues and the bond markets that will shortly take centre stage

    A decade ago the European Central Bank forced Berlusconi out of power with a bond-market squeeze … Berlusconi is getting his revenge now, his party part of the new government, which is ready to fight the EU right to hell now if they try that again

    • We are also approaching the 100th anniversary of the Weimar German hyperinflation.
      It started in 1922, and exploded in 1923.

  12. JQ is like military operation. First you prepare your army, prepare the battlefield and only then when all odds on your side hit.

    Let other things become normal, then take next things. And at the very end, JQ. Until then, improve your Holocaust denial skills. Final Denial is definitely central part of the battle.

  13. Back in the 90’s, no less a person than Mussolini’s granddaughter was a flash in the pan as the leader of the Italian Right. I’ll give this woman the benefit of the doubt until I see her official actions.

    • “Mussolini’s granddaughter was a flash in the pan as the leader”:

      Britain is being led by a Conservative woman now too (Liz Truss) – like Italy might be led by this conservative mother, who is on the same intellectual level as Liz Truss and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

    • >I’ll give this woman the benefit of the doubt until I see her official actions.

      Some caution is warranted — not even 5 years before opening the floodgates to literally millions of worse than useless, unassimilable third world migrants, Merkel (in)famously said ‘Multikulti ist gescheitert’ (link) — ‘multiculturalism has failed’.

  14. I hope she turns out to be the real deal for the Italians but she her support for Israel is disappointing. Time will tell if she is the real deal or just another tell you what you want to hear politician.

  15. Another American-style neocon faux populist, completely unnatural for Europe. Most likely trained by Israel. Nothing to get excited about.

  16. Credere! Obbedire! Combattere!
    Let’s see if we get at least two out of three, although I think in the end, that last one’s going to have to be thought of more and more. But her election is two and half cheers, anyway. let’s hope for a kind of wave, maybe another 1848 for Europe without it being stamped down.
    Geez, what happened to my Germans? I used to root for them. Now…

  17. Where voting could make a difference:

    This is the beginning of the fourth day of the people’s referendum to leave Khazarkraine and re-unite with Russia. Sadly, they are re-entering a degraded Russia that lost almost all of its socialist institutions forty years ago. Ethnic fraternity is not complete without equality.

  18. This is great!

    Looked at from a long enough time line the rise of Modi, Abe, & Trump was the start of a renewed populism.

    It seems this has been sidetracked by Trump’s loss & Abe’s assassination** and the Populist wave is starting to pick up steam once again.

    “” Conspiracy theorists like Big Mike the Pillow Man think the election was stolen from God Emperor Trump and there are other tin foil hatters who think Abe was purposely killed to try and derail the Populist uprising

    • @Spahn…

      Meloni will not have a choice.

      The EU will tell her how it is to be.

      If she balks, they will cut off the money -immediately.

      At that point she will have to start reprinting the Lira, which will mean, declaration or no, that Italy will become an EU cusp member – riding the fence, just like Poland and Hungary.

      Where it goes from there is unclear to me.

      • >If she balks, they will cut off the money -immediately.

        No, I don’t think that will happen.

        Ursula von der Leyen is stupid, that’s why she said what she did — she has the EU job not because she’s smart and competent, but because 1) she’s a CDU colleague and personal friend of Merkel, and 2) Merkel wanted to save face politically after what was von der Leyen’s failed tenure as German Defense Minister, a job she was also given by Merkel.

        Look at all the money the EU threw at Greece in order to keep Greece in the eurozone, against all reason — Greece is a corrupt, second world country with a very small industrial economy (can you name a world class Greek company?) — it does not belong in the eurozone, and should have been kicked out — that would have been better for the eurozone, and a LOT better for the Greeks, who could have reintroduced their own devalued currency, which would have attracted foreign investment — instead Greece still uses the euro, and is still stuck with most of its huge debt denominated in euros.

        Italy is not Poland or Hungary; neither is in the eurozone.

        Italy is too important to the EU, and the euro is already under pressure in the financial markets: this summer it fell to parity with the USD, a level not seen in over 20 years (at one time it took $1.40 to buy a euro).

        There’s an aphorism that goes like this: ‘If I owe you $100, I have a problem — if I owe you $10k, you have a problem‘ — so regarding Italy and the euro, the EU has a problem, not Italy.

        Hopefully Italy’s new government understands this.

        • @eah…

          Good reply.

          Thank you for that.

          Listen, the EU has already cut the money off to other countries before, last time when recently stepped-down Italian prime minister Draghi was it’s head.

          So, it is not without a precedent.

          That said, because Berlusconi will be advising and partnering with Meloni, and because he is both very experienced at fencing with the EU, plus is one of Western Europe’s two best political friends of Vladimir Putin, (the other being erstwhile German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder) it may be that the EU does not go down that track.

          Why not?

          Because if they do, Berlusconi will call up Vlad and ask him to help shore up the fledgling new Lira, something which Russia would be willing to contribute a little too, because of the overall political implications.

          More significant, in such a situation, however, would be that Russia will encourage China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and the Arab Emirates to do the same, the result being that a new Lira might not be so easy to crash.

          I get your point, however, that the EU might be reluctant to crash one of it’s primary economies.

          I disagree ,with you, however, for 2 reasons.

          #1. The powers that be have showed ever willingness to crash everyone’s economies in the last few years, IF they feel it helps them garner power.

          #2. The powers that be are getting desperate. They would be willing to wreck Italy’s already wrecked economy some more, IF, it would frighten the rest.

          As the Hungarian expert on the Anglo-Jewish World Order, Dr. Janos Drabik, recently said, ‘You feel they are beginning to slip.’.

  19. I do not think that the Populist right will be well served by constantly denying that it has things in common with movements regarded as ‘Fascist’.


    Instead, it should just allow the reporters who work for the other side to draw their own conclusions – something they have already done.

    If I were Meloni I would give the reporter permission to thinks what he wants and ask for the next question.

    If he stayed on the same theme, I would simply remain silent, until he moved the agenda with a different question.

  20. For The Left anyone who believes in race, tribe, or even a civick nationalist identity, not to mention, Christianity, tradition, or Mother Nature, is ‘a Fascist’.

    In such a case it is best to let them whirl with all their epithets, for one thing is sure – you will never allay their concerns nor will you ever convince that that, unless you accept their agenda, that you are not a bogeyman.

    Sometimes fate casts you as someone’s bogeyman and, like it or not, that just has to be okay.

  21. Well, exactly as I had foretold. Whether she is the savior of Italy, or a neocon controlled opposition puppet-shill of ZOG, or simply a conservative populist we will find out soon enough. You can both make arguments for her being good or bad, you can make arguments that the nativist, conservative right is gaining in-roads or its falling for controlled opposition again. Lots of people know of her connections to Bannon, Likud, GOP and her stances on NATO, EU and Ukraine now.

    At the end of the day, what matters is the demographic future of Europe, it is a question of civilizational life and death. And whoever aids it, shall be my brother and will I elect. If Meloni and FdI can and will deliver, we shall see in the next 18-24 months. On their results depends much of the future of the right in Europe.

  22. I was in Rome over the weekend, where of course I met her and shook her hand.

    I have found that there is a “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” quality to most European women, including my wife. In that they look much better IRL than the photos and videos suggest, that they have something of an elegance that can only be understood IRL.

    Giorgia Meloni and I are the same age, 45. So there’s only so much you can do with a 45-year old woman, well past The Wall. So I knew to keep my expectations at bay for that reason alone.

    Yet and still, she takes good care of herself, and, while the differential between IRL and photos is not that big in her case, she does come across way more elegantly IRL than in photos and vids. But she’s not like MMLP, who, as I saw firsthand back in April, is way better IRL than in photos and vids.

    Now, as for the politics. Italian politics are well known for their instability and volatility. If you’re on top of the world, does it mean that you climbed Everest? Or does there just so happen to be a 29,031 foot high tsunami under your dinghy? Italian politics are much more tsunami than dinghy. And it remains to be seen how much of what happened Sunday is tsunami and how much is Everest. Just don’t be disappointed and jump off a bridge if the next time there are elections in Italy that this all comes undone, that’s all I’m saying. I think if she does a good enough job, she’ll get herself and/or her party in a position to be in the mix in the future cycle of Italian political volatility, but by the same token, this is probably not the start of a very long run for her or it.

    It’s why I say, in spite of the difference in the binary outcome between Italy and France this year, that France was the most important election cycle this year for our sector and our movement. Because, to go back to the metaphor, MLP/RN/etc. are climbing Everest. France gave us a whole lot in terms of lessons, morals of the story, instructive guideposts, answering what were unanswered and unresolved questions, relating to what we need to do in the near future.

    All other things equal, if you’re focused on the long term, bet on someone who is halfway up a mountain over someone on top of a tsunami, eight days out of seven every week.

  23. If she manages to stop the tidal wave of subhumans into Italy, she will be a heroine worthy of all praise; it not, she’ll be just another big-talking zero like Dump. I’ll be watching, but based on her repulsive embrace of the Ejew, the Ukraine proxy war, etc., it’ll be with the very dim hope of being pleasantly surprised.

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