New York Times: The Guardrails

I listened to this podcast.

New York Times:

Dr. Albert Mohler Jr. did a good job describing the conflict.

Progressive activists who are overwhelmingly atheists, agnostics or irreligious want to aggressively impose their own beliefs on Christians. They also want to portray Christians who believe their own values should be reflected in public policy as theocratic and authoritarian “Christian nationalists.”

According to people like Kyle Kulinksi, every state in the country should have gay marriage and interracial marriage. Every state should have legal abortion and birth control on demand. Feminism should be celebrated. PRIDE Month should be loudly celebrated. Pornography is based. Christian bakers and photographers must cater to gay weddings. “Trans healthcare” should also be available to minors. This should all be imposed on the states from the top down without any input from the public because social liberalism is so obviously true it should have unlimited dominion in the United States.

Secular liberal elites want to rid the public square of the influence of Christianity. When Christians are angered and punch back at them, they whine that Christians are authoritarian “Christian nationalists.” They act like Christians are the aggressors when every major flash point of controversy – abortion and “trans” are the top two issues at the moment – are culture war fights that they have started.

Mohler is correct that in the 1950s there was a “Judeo-Christian” religious establishment. Back in the 1950s, Protestant elites were part of the political establishment, but today the ruling class is overwhelmingly Jewish, atheist, agnostic or irreligious and aggressively secular. This is why PRIDE Month is so fervently celebrated. It is like the liberal version of the Christmas season. Homosexuality, “bodily autonomy” and sexual deviancy are sacred in mainstream liberal culture. Monkeypox was not allowed to get in the way of the gay orgies that occurred during PRIDE Month.

Note: Christian leaders like Mohler are being dragged by their base into opposition.


  1. Do these new based Christian Evangelical leaders care about the Great Replacement of our people, mass migration of our nation(s) by the most violent, diseased Haitians, Afghan child rapists? Or are they like the nice, good looking squeaking clean Mitt Romney who somehow was nominate to be GOP Presidential candidate against Obummer?

    When John Derbyshire interviewed Mitt Romney and asked him his views on mass immigration, the great replacement Romney admitted that he just hadn’t really thought about it and then he moved on to some other subject.

    That’s what we’re dealing with so much of the time – nice looking Christians who speak some sensible things about morality, porn, abortion and then we ask them are they at all considered that our people are being replaced, our culture erased and they sort of hem and haw and say, well we’ll probably get to that after we get this other God’s work done – then there’s a new Zionist war for Israel and that’s supposed to bring Jesus back sooner.

  2. The Republican Party is not the answer. The Republican Party is the party of business which by its nature is amoral, profit maximizing (the vice of greed) and knows no loyalty to God, family or nation unless it’s useful for making a buck. The only difference between a drug dealer selling an ounce of cocaine, Microsoft selling its shitty software and Wall Street selling its various rackets, frauds and scams is the nature of what is sold. All are profit maximizing enterprises without a moral compass.

    When that scumbag President Reagan granted amnesty in 1986 to three million illegal aliens against the wishes of Republican voters he was carrying out the demands of business. Business wanted wages driven as close to zero as possible and increasing the labor supply did this. The fact that this policy turned California from solid Republican to solid Democrat and wrecked the state because demography is destiny was of no concern to businessmen; tomorrow be damned, we want the money now is their creed.

    Yes, the Democrats are worse regarding their insane policies but they are on the same page as their lunatic voters most of the time. Republican voters want an end to the GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall Empire’s wars and cultural degeneration. The Republican Party either supported that insanity or was indifferent to it depending upon which way the political winds were blowing.

    Business supports globalism, BLM, diversity, the homo agenda, H1-B visas and immigration. They supported BHO’s nationalized health plan so they could dump worker’s health insurance (like they dumped pensions, except for the CEO class), privatizing Social Security so Wall Street could collect another windfall; the list goes on. All of these make sense from the point of view of business but are detrimental to the average Republican voter.

    The Republican Party, ever the faithful lapdog of business either failed to oppose or openly advocated these policies for their masters, their voters be damned. They have nowhere else to go according to geniuses like Jared Kushner. The last Republican campaign slogan just before voting day is always the same: The Other Guy is Worse! In some ways this is true, in other ways, not so much but it’s a strategy of desperation.

    • @12AX7…

      ‘The Republican Party is not the answer….’

      No, it sure isn’t. It’s the party of New England – always has been, always will be.

      The Democrat Party used to be ours, but, it was slowly stolen from us.

      That, and given that we have been too cowardly and lazy to do anything for ourselves, for at least 7 decades down here, we have drifted, en masse,ed into the New England Party and tried to refashion it for ourselves.

      It has not worked – will never work.

      Yet, you cannot tell Modern Southerners this, they who regard themselves as the ‘true’ guardians of Yankee Doodle Dandy.

    • Both sides of the Uni-Party are controlled opposition vis-a-vis their core constituent voters. Republicans promise social conservatism meant to preserve traditional culture, but instead deliver economic conservatism, or in reality pure libertarianism: profit without regard to consequences. Democrats promise economic liberalism, in the form of material redistribution of socially created wealth, to their economically insecure constituents, but instead deliver social libertine results, benefiting no one but favored groups (affirmative action for the rapacious among those groups).

      A party that cared for their voters would provide modest but consistent and non-exclusionary material support along with enforced normality, so as to limit the financial and social harm that unrestrained libertarianism would entail. That party would be a numerical and functional super-majority, and could control Those Who Rule by withdrawing cooperation as to work and purchase of the output of those same Oligarchs when necessary to show TPTB who is really in control.

      Easier said then done, obviously, but there is your ticket to self-determination. Only vote for candidates who have the life experiences that suggest they would govern as economic liberals and social conservatives, monitor them in office, and withdraw cooperation with the commercial apparatus (Fortune 500 companies and controllers of pooled investment funds) periodically.

      No marches or other public displays of displeasure with the Regime-that only makes you a target. Silent non-cooperation works. That is J. R. Chloupek’s Rule for Dissidents. Use it.

  3. The term Judeo-Christain needs to be retired. It’s absolute nonsense and is akin to saying a society is Judeo-Muslim.

  4. I like Mohlers focus on the abortion issue.

    Back in 2900 I read a Pat Buchanan article in the American Conservative that argued people should vote for Shrub to get good judges.

    Decades later Roe has finally been over turned.

    It was a good podcast as well with both sides representing themselves well. As America polarizes that is getting rarer. The norm is a Jewish shrew like Joy Behar badgering a sweet heart like Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

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