Thomas Main and American Democracy

Thomas Main obviously missed my dry Anglo sense of humor.

When I said I was voting for MAGA Republicans and against American Democracy, I was obviously ridiculing Joe Biden who said the other day that “democracy is on the ballot” in this election and who is portraying his political opposition as enemies of democracy. It was a gigantic eyeroll.

I have said specifically that the reason that I am voting in the 2022 midterms against Democrats is because Joe Biden is acting like a Third World dictator. I was on the fence about voting until the Dark Brandon speech. Biden has already weaponized the DOJ and FBI against his political opposition and has trampled on civil liberties. He wants to extend these authoritarian tactics beyond Trump and his inner circle and the January 6 protesters to crush anyone who he considers a “semi-fascist” and “MAGA Republican.”

As for “American Democracy,” it is Thomas Main who wants to change the Constitution in order to get rid of the Electoral College and other republican features of our government which were designed by the Founders to place limits on Our Democracy. We don’t have a pure democracy. This is by design. The president isn’t elected by the popular vote, but by electoral votes certified by the states. Actually, it is Main who wants to get rid of American Democracy which is filtered through the states. There is no such thing as the will of the American people. There is only the will of the people of the states.

For the record, I don’t have any objection to democracy per se. Democracy isn’t synonymous with liberal democracy. Americans have always argued about what kind and how much democracy works best. This is a legitimate policy debate. Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson championed Herrenvolk Democracy. The Confederacy was a Herrenvolk Democracy. Voting rights were restricted to White men. In some states like South Carolina and Rhode Island, voting rights were restricted to White men who owned a minimum amount of property or to property owners until well into the antebellum era.

If the Supreme Court were to strike down the Voting Rights Act and the 15th and 19th Amendments were overturned, America would still be a democracy. We would still have elections. It is liberal democracy that would be rolled back which isn’t synonymous with American Democracy. Voting is a privilege. Political rights are not natural rights. The Founders didn’t believe in the political equality of all races and both sexes which was championed by 19th and 20th century liberals. They created a conservative republic in which the states were equals and the states defined citizenship and had full control over their own elections, not a bastardized national liberal democracy in which all people have equal voting rights.

Note: Conservatives like Matt Walsh and Viktor Orbán now agree that Christian democracy is preferable to liberal democracy.


  1. Brad! As a Southerner are you really surprised that the Federals are acting like this?

    If any we as historically aware of this behaviour should just be sayin “yeah Lincoln here we go again” Antifa and the rest of the lot is nothing more that a 21st century John Brown or the insanity of New England puritan society or German and Scandnavian “Wide Awakes”in the Midwest

    History may not repeat but it sure rhymes

      • “In some states like South Carolina and Rhode Island, voting rights were restricted to White men who owned a minimum amount of property . . . “

        The poll tax wasn’t abolished in Massachusetts until 1965 and that was because of so-called “Civil Rights” legislation. The state also had a literacy test in the 1960’s. I guess they were opposed to sacred “democracy” too.

  2. Has liberalism, progressivism and Marxism peaked?
    You could say the discovery of the new world made new world orders possible.
    Liberalism, progressivism and Marxism would’ve never been possible without the discovery of the new world and the sociopolitical and economic disruption it caused, or as possible.
    I think liberalism, and progressivism have some value, but we went way too far to the left, it’s time to come back to the right.
    It shouldn’t be Academically or socially acceptable to identify as a Marxist, or the opposite sex for that matter.
    Our institutions need to be purged of Marxists, and the woke, anti-white, misandrist and pro-trans left.
    We need an order that’s socially conservative, politically republican and fiscally populist.

    • Marxism peaked?

      Marxism evolved into pathocracy. This wasn’t the plan and this is also reason why current world order collapses.

      Soviet Union had similar problem. They demoralized us to avoid resistance. But they over demoralized, so people quit working and started drinking, so entire infrastructure and economy and society degraded and collapsed. You cant run the country where nobody gives a shit.


      The jws want to push this ‘democracy’ nonsense because they have so ‘dumbed down’ most of the electorate that they will repeal most articles in the Bill of Rights, if put to a general vote.

      Democracy is a polite term for mob rule, a mob is easily manipulated, especially if one group controls all media.
      A mob can feel, but it can’t think.

  3. Amazing that anyone on the right believes we live in a democracy. Any good laws are struck down by unelected judges.

    At any rate, the elections are rigged, and have been systematically rigged since the bipartisan agreement of 1986. Everything from 1986 on is a fraud.

    The little hats rule, and only one single blessed thing in this world threatens their dictatorship, and that is the combined armed forces of Russia, China, Iran, and possibly Brazil.

  4. Conservatives like Matt Walsh and Viktor Orbán now agree that Christian democracy is preferable to liberal democracy.

    Not exactly high praise at the end of the day. Just about anything – including Islamic theocracy – is preferable than the wildly oxymoronic (with emphasis on moronic) “liberal democracy”. If anyone believes the retarded ventriloquist dummy Joey Shitpants is in charge of anything – even his bowels, they also believe that Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself. Such morons get to “vote” too.

  5. The idiots in the video is proof the education system in the US is a complete failure. The “educators” are too busy teaching Johnny has two mommies, two daddies and johnny can be a girl if he wants instead of history, math and science.

    I bet they all know about the holocaust though.

  6. Thomas.J.Main, I cannot tell you how much, we are pleased too know, that you visit this Southern intellectual site, that is well and good for you, give it a little time and we will, have you thinking right, in more ways than one, the host of this site, speaks as intellegently, sensibly, informed and honestly as much as any public voice of this generation, now being heard and what makes him, such a rarity, unlike you and your crowd, he isn’t owned, so welcome aboard, Mr.Main, don’t be a stranger, you come back now, ya hear……….

  7. “Herrenvolk” doesn’t translate to “master race”. That would be Meister Rasse, which doesn’t even exist in German as a word. One of my first red pill moments on the crude nature of the Yankee Empire’s blatant propaganda.

    “Herr”, plural “Herren” means Mister, Sir, or Lord, his Lordship and so on. “Volk” is the people of a nation, nation and ethnos was always interchangeable before post WW-2 GAE world order. So the particularist application of “Herrenvolk” for Founder America would have been WASP primacy. You’re not wrong, but “master race” Wikipedia is.

  8. Yep, I remember that one gem of a scene in Starship Troopers where Michael Ironside dissed 20th century liberal democracy to his high school students that very much describes reality and I’m surprised it made it through as any smart person could see the truth in it. That was the 90s, I’m sure nowadays even hints like this are scrubbed out for a black female superhero to save the world or whatever the new narrative Hollywood seems content on. The failure of democracy:

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