Vladimir Putin Accuses West Of Outright Satanism

No, you really don’t want any of this “progress.”


  1. 200 years from now Russia, China and Iran will still be around but the United Satanists of America, along with the criminal Zionist state in Palestine, will be nothing more than an unpleasant distant memory.

    • I’ll stand with Orthodox Civilization over American Civilization. The American Empire has been a cancer on the world. Its time someone took this country down a notch.

      • I understand your principled position .

        How about using your excellent European Catholic nationalist traditions of Franco , Leon Degrelle to convince similar Europeans to stop fighting our kinsmen the Russians – stop fighting fit that vulgar Yid dual Israeli citizen leader of Ukraine ?

        What the F$&@ is with that ?

  2. Putin (who should not have started this white-on-white slaughter) is spot on. Wokeism IS a form of Satanism.

    How have the tables turned since the Reagan era when we stood for God-fearing Christianity and derided the Soviet Union for being godless, murderous Satanists! It’s they who are the Christians pointing the prophetic “J’accuse” towards us.

    • “Putin (who should not have started this white-on-white slaughter) ”

      But, that’s just it, Dear Thomas – Putin did not start it.

      No, Sir, and, over and over again tried to bring the Ukrainian situation to a civil, lawful, and humane conclusion, but, alas, his ‘partners’ in the West, were the very essence of what they are now accusing him of being – disgraceful, fraudulent, and cruel.

      Minsk I and Minsk 2 were all carefully negotiated, designed to bring stability to all parties, yet, each time, The West acted as if they had not been a party to any of it.

      So, now they, the Western Governments, will get a knuckle sandwich, and more and more of the same, until they experience the very thing they wish to do to him – regime change.

      No amount of weapons shipments to Ukraine will change this – no number of NATO troops will change this.

      Even the entire Pentagon, along with Langley Field, could move over there, and the result will be the same – the Ukraine will be divided up, parceled out to neighouring Eastern European countries, , and that will be that.

      This winter in Europe will be the most historic since that of 1944-45.

      People, even decadent hedonistic Modern Western populaces, will take a lot of things, but, freezing and starving they won’t – not without payback.

      Those of The Great Reset are already being ‘reset’ themselves, and it is only just beginning.

    • @Thomas Martin—Reagan played the Christians like an Irish fiddle. In eight years in office Reagan said very little about abortion and Reagan was pro-gay and pro-gay rights. Reagan was best buds with Rock Hudson and Uncle Ted. Reagan was an Irish Democrat, liberal on social issues conservative on money issues. You think it is okay to kill the innocent for the sake of money? You think money rules? God has something to teach you. You are Irish aren’t you Mick? Outside of Mark Levin,who really gives as fuck about that dead Irish whore?

      • Your characterization of Ronald Ray-gun is correct, RB. He basically sold this country to Wall Street and Big Business but was personally a Hollywood liberal. Turns out he was a better actor than a lot of us thought.

      • The anti-Irish sentiment is about as tiresome as all your other gay-mouth spewing bullshit. You’re never getting an Anglo-America again. Give it up. The Anglo-Saxon-Jew Alliance ruined America. Any liberal Irish are a product of money worshipping Anglo-Saxon capitulation to Jewish dominance.

        You could be pro-White. But I guess you wouldn’t have a petty ax to grind against other Whites.

      • BROWNO! T’only “dead Irish whore” ye should warry about is the rent boy ye infected wi’AIDS in Dublin last year!

  3. Well, the Russian president , accused the west of outright satanism, I am sure he is referencing, the elites, deep state, media whores, banksters,academia lunatics, military industrial, intellegence monsters, I can go on, but we know who he means, it’s not us and who we struggle for, these satanic shitheads that are in charge, should start showing the southern nationslist community some proper respect, truth be told, we are what’s keeping these idiots alive, Mr.Putin knows who we are, the real america, we are the keepers of the flame of liberty, the restoration of our noble Republic, anything else is unacceptable, we desire peace, but as our forbears did, we remain defiant toward satanic tyranny, because we have no King but JESUS…..

  4. Putin would do the world a favor if he nuked this EVIL Yankee Empire off the face of the earth.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

    • C’mon, Dear Banned – there are a lot of good and decent people up yonder.

      They do not deserve to get the treatment that the US Government Azov proxies have been dishing out to Russian civilians for years in what was Eastern Ukraine, but, is now once again Russia..

      I know it’s a tough time, but, let us not forget our humanity, nor that of others.

      All the best to you!

  5. I wonder if a poll was taken of all Americans of who supported biden v Putin in a world war, what the percentage would be? I’m thinking only 60% of everyone in America actually gives a crap about what’s going on, with the other 40% consisting of illegals who don’t give a F about this country, along with strung out druggies and people who are just too ignorant and stupid. So of that remaining 60%, who would support biden and who putin. And also, when would biden and his communists introduce work camps for the people who support putin should America actually be led into another world war by these evil souls presently in charge?

  6. He is not wrong!

    Problem is Russians confuse “Nazis” with satanism only because so many of AZOV actually are satanist pagan Larpers and have conducted real human sacrifice and satanic rituals!

    The most notable case being burning a Donbass civilian alive nailed to a cross

  7. he said it

    >the United States, together with the British, turned Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne and many other German cities into ruins without any military necessity during World War II

    • “German cities into ruins without any military necessity during World War II”

      As the Germans said, it was ‘terror bombing’.

      Secret truth, the allied bomber crews were too scared to attack the industrial parks, too much flak and Luftwaffe fighters. Easier too bomb women , children and old folks. If aircrews were assigned an industrial park, they would dump their bombs in some field and return , saying fighter cover was too intense.

      The ‘test cities’ at Dugway proving grounds were set up specifically to test fire bombing of German cities, right down to typical German toys.

  8. I’m sure De Santis Is going to buy himself some boots, so he can shake in them. Santis is Likely to come out of this disaster rather stronger, since whatever you think about him, he very organized and was prepared for the Hurricane. Newsom just looks gay and silly trolling him. Silly playboy up against a serious man.

    • I still think it would be interesting if the 2024 race came down to a choice between Newsom and Desantis. Two handsome white men from two major sunbelt states, one of whom is a villainous liberal scoundrel and the other a wholesome conservative family man. The female vote would be of the utmost importance in such a contest.

    • “female vote would be of the utmost importance in such a contest”

      A major flaw in our republic, accounting for much of the social decline since the 1920’s. Female emotions are too easily manipulated.

      • Most women would probably vote for DeSantis. He did a lot of good stuff during the Covid events in the Florida schools and he has a family.

  9. Whatever you think of Putin he is right in his quote. He is wrong in calling the US and Europe “Nazis.” More like Bolsheviks/ communists. The “Nazis” were against everything the jews in the Wiemar Republic pushed on Germany.

    “The West denies moral standards, religion, family. Do we really want Russia to have “parent number one, two, three” instead of “mom and dad” and that perversions that lead to degradation and extinction are imposed on children in schools, supposedly there are some genders, except for women and men? For us, this is unacceptable.”

    • @John…

      Yes, Dear John, I certainly take your point on Judeo-Bolsheviks seeming like a better analogy here.

      For the Russians, however, their experience compels them to think of ‘Nazis’ ,when they think of Humanity gone wrong.

      The behavior of the Azov battalion, (really a division in actual strength before the shooting began) mostly Galician Banderites, is a case in point – shooting and torturing civilians solely for the crime of having been born.

      It reminds Russians of the behavior of the SS in occupied Russia in the 1940s.

    • I guess the Russians have a somewhat different conception of what being a “Nazi” is. For us they were the good guys who were trying to liberate the West from jewish control. But for Russians Nazis pose a threat to the safety and security of the Motherland.

      • “But for Russians Nazis pose a threat to the safety and security of the Motherland”

        Correct Spahn

        “Nazi” is the latest moniker for enemy of the motherland, before WW1 it had been synonemous with “The French” and before that “The Swedes” and so on

        Russia always remember the latest “great patriotic war” and call upon the strenght of the nation from that, it´s the specter of invasion and subjugation

        • @Confederate Holdout…

          “Nazi” is the latest moniker for enemy of the motherland, before WW1 it had been synonymous with “The French” and before that “The Swedes” and so on’

          Very true, and a very good point to make.

          That said, Russians never regarded ‘The Swedes’ or ‘Les Francais’ in the light that they do the Nazis.

          In the Russian mind, ‘A Nazi’ is someone who has completely lost his humanity, and, as such, ‘the Nazi’, in the modern Russian mind’ is something even way beyond what medieval Russians would have considered the Mongols.

  10. I agree with Vladimir Putin – The West is Satanic.

    Unfortunately, it is not just the leadership class, but, this sensibility permeates every level of society.

    I agree with Pope John Paul II who, in his last major address, at the turn of the last millenium, noted that, though the 20th century was promised to be a great advancement for Humanity, it turned out to be quite the opposite – one filled full of not only unChristian things, but, in inhuman things, as well.

    Sadly,. in the western part of The West, I see little abatement of this trend, but, in fact, an acceleration of what is inhumane, ungodly, and evil.

    It is why I cannot help but think that the situation in this country is not likely to be sorted out, because the issues are not just merely political, but, all-encompassing down to it’s foundations.

    Though I believe in Mankind, I do not know if we will, as a whole, recover from this last century, or from the path taken by ‘The Enlightenment’, a few centuries ago. .

    That said, I still know many good and honourable people, who, every day, try their best to do right and lift others up.

    The question is, however, : as they die, are they being replaced by like kind?

    • “I agree with Vladimir Putin – The West is Satanic.”

      ((Those)) who control the west are satanic, the rest are sheep, going to be fleeced, then slaughtered.

      • @Arrian…

        I agree with you that those who are controlling The West are satanic, and that there are too many sheep to count.

        I do not agree that the sheep will be fleeced, because you cannot fleece what has already been continually fleeced.

        I also disagree that the slaughter is off in the future somewhere, as the process already began with the pandemic, lockdowns, and now the endless rounds of perilous vaccines.

        Moreover, we are at the precipice of World War and nuclear conflagration.

        The future is here and now.

        Those who cannot wake up enough to come back to their basic senses are in great peril.

        That said, even those who are awake are in peril, because, back to your first point – those in control are Satanists, if not consciously so then unwittingly.

        You know it has to be bad when Henry Kissinger, one who has shunned the spotlight for decades in favour of curryng influence quietly within the halls of power, comes out and very publically says that, ‘Ukraine in NATO is not a wise idea’.

  11. He also said Russia is a civilization built on “Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and buddhism” and he accused the west of war crimes in Germany. He’s essentially globohomo minus the rainbow flag. Call me when he’s raised his tone and gotten some more spunk to his speech a la that last German dictator.

  12. Did you see Putin gave a speech and said, Anglo Saxons sabotaged his pipeline, and all but declared a race war on them?

    Biden is Irish and his entire cabinet is Jewish.

    It was the Anglo Saxons!

      • That’s because in those days Russia was ruled by the Tsars, HW. There was nothing for Americans to be concerned about.

    • @Jay…

      For Putin, the term ‘Anglo-Saxons’ (a common term in modern Russian thinkers) includes those Jews in their midst.

      When he talks of ‘Anglo-Saxons’, he is talking about that part of the world which, from the Russian point of view, seems to feel it that it is God’s gift to Man, and, thus, as a matter of course, feels that it has the obligation to tell everyone else in the world how to be – down to the very last detail of their societal organization

      When Russians think of Anglo-Saxons, they think not only of Hitler, and those who followed him on his crusade to The East, but, as well, those who destroyed the Soviet Union, those who farmed out Russian resources in the wake of that, (incurring a collapse of the social welfare system that led to the misery and deaths of millions of Russians in the 1990s)and who have continually tried to destroy Russia since it began to try and crawl out from under the collapse of The Soviet Union.

      ‘Nazi’ for Putin, is a code word for a human black plague.

  13. “Nazis” were against everything the jews in the Wiemar Republic pushed ”

    Jwz are the fungus of civilization. AH

    Ergot is a deadly fungus that drives people insane before it kills them. We are in the insanity phase of our ergotism, judaism.

  14. Putin is fully correct on international law re the regions he just accepted into Russia – tho he himself violated that law in suppressing the Chechnya rebels.

    The West as well is guilty of the same hypocrisy, depending on which side they temporarily support.

    Applying as well to USA separatists ready for national divorce –

    Key law from Hague International Court in 2010, Kosovo-Serbia case, following United Nations Charter Article 1:
    – People’s right to self-determination SUPERSEDES territorial integrity and ‘sovereign borders’
    – Unilateral declarations of independence are not illegal under international law

    Russian TV Host Reads List of ‘Disloyal Jews’ on Live TV:

    “Vladimir Solovyov listed on air the names of Jews whom he faulted for lacking patriotism. Many of the people on the list were later arrested or murdered in mysterious unsolved crimes.

    Now, as Russia’s war effort in Ukraine founders, openly anti-Jewish rhetoric is entering the country’s mainstream media, with a popular talk show host naming Jews on air as being insufficiently patriotic and a think tank accusing a prominent Jewish philosopher of siding with Ukraine out of greed.

    In a Sept. 18 article in Moskovskij Komsomolets, a highbrow Russian daily, a senior and veteran writer named Dmitry Popov compiled a list of well-known Jews whom he called ‘foreign agents’, a term that the Russian government frequently applies to its perceived enemies.”


    • @Balticus…

      @Vladimir Solovyov listed on air the names of Jews whom he faulted for lacking patriotism…”

      Yes, and I would like to point out that not only is Vladimir Solovyov one of Russia’s most respected and successful journalists, he is both a Putin supporter and a full-blooded Jew.

  15. Jews are leaving Russia in huge numbers, where Christ rises he will leave

    Say what you want about Putin and the “De-Nazifying” but this is happening right now as we speak!

    Russia is not the champion we wanted but it just may be the one we got

  16. It´s sad that we get this kind of a speech delivered while jews flee Russia! Still people still say “He haven´t raised the swastika yet”
    This speech is Wallace tier and clearly Pro-White also clearly pro-Christian calling out both degeneracy and the great replacement of Europe
    He even nails it by marking the US as the root of all evil in the world and likely also human history

    Even going as far as calling Dresden and Hamburg a war crime and calling the perps out! that is a huge step for any Russian leader to take

    So fucking sad hearing all these sperges!! I don´t usually agree with Mark Collete but this time i do, the sigificance of these words by Putin should no be underestimated and they set a whole new course for Russia and by that the world

  17. >Satanism

    Keep in mind Putin speaks Russian and a Russian speaker might understand his words somewhat differently — but this term probably conveys the gist of what he means, including in a secular sense, to an English speaking audience.

    A noteworthy thread on Putin’s speech here — link

    It starts off this way:

    I wish every single person in the West would listen to Putin’s speech. Obviously, that won’t happen so let me summarise as a professional translator for 10+ years. He states, as he has done from the outset, what his intentions and complaints are in the plainest terms possible.

  18. I posted a link to a translator’s Twitter thread about Putin’s speech — it contains this passage:

    Eventually, they managed to “get their hands on our riches” at the end of the 20th century. They called us friends and partners while pumping out trillions of dollars (his irony game is strong today). We remember this. We didn’t forget.

    This is more or less what I said a few days ago in a comment on the Unz site (link):

    The plundering (‘privatization’) of Russia (and Russians, who as Orthodox Christians had just endured decades of tyranny instigated by Jewish Bolsheviks) after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, mostly by Jews and their mercenary fellow travelers, is perhaps the most underreported scandal of the 20th century. … It set the tone for the West’s bullying of Russia (e.g. militarily pointless NATO expansion), which guaranteed a nationalist reaction by patriotic Russians — in this sense, perhaps it is not an exaggeration to see it as analogous to the Treaty of Versailles after WWI.

    Remember: in the years after the breakup of the Soviet Union, Russia was plunged into poverty — the average lifespan of a Russian man was less than 60 years.

    As I said before: the West is (mis)ruled by beta manlets, women (aka dumb cunts), outright fags, and Jews, all people who apparently never learned a basic rule of life between men: if you pick on enough guys, or someone long enough, eventually they are going to fight back — every normal male learns or sees this growing up, and so starts to behave accordingly: don’t bully others unless you are prepared for a fight.

    Personally, I’m glad to see Putin fighting back, and not holding back rhetorically — sadly, I think his words will be lost on the mostly NPC West.

  19. ,”Even going as far as calling Dresden and Hamburg a war crime and calling the perps out! that is a huge step for any Russian leader to take”

    Winston Churchill refused to take part in some of the sham war crime trials at the end of WW 2 because he was worried that the British War Crimes committed at Dresden would come to light.

    The Russkies are still sore that the Brits didn’t take part in that and the it is part of a long history of the Russkies and Anglia not getting along ( back to the Charge Of The Light Brigade)

  20. I admired Putin’s speech. I remember on the Duran it was said the Ukraine crisis marks a complete new era in world history.
    Satanism in the West? We think of demons and horrible crimes…maybe we just aren’t there yet. But remember the devil is the Lord of Misrule. He enjoys seeing confusion, disruption, the acting out of primal urges. In the black mass, the Lord’s words are said backwards. Everything on the altar is reversed, and music is wild, distorted…well, in that respect, we certainly sound Satanic, don’t we? it almost seems like madness and perversion have been allowed to break loose. Almost sanctioned by the authorities in the West, so it would seem. Men becoming pregnant? Young boys thinking they are girls, etc? Everything backwards.

    Women in control. I’m reminded of Aristophane’s play Lysistrata, always performed as a great piece on women’;s liberation, where women stage a sex trike to bring peace. But people forget Artistophane’s subtext: if the men are going to pursue stupid, pointless policies and wars that have no cause, then they might as well turn things over to the women…who seem to see things only in terms of sex.

    Arrian and Radicalized Jeff on Dresden: I’m glad Putin referred to this. Interestingly, in the British Journalist Paul Johnson’s Modern Times, he argues Dresden was necessary. Also, he claims the Russians insisted it be bombed. Perhaps, but Johnson was always a big conservative and backed the official version. Americans did drop bombs anywhere, one pilot confessed they couldn’t return to base with full bomb loads. Also, civilians were deliberately bombed. This was policy.
    For all the talk of Churchill sickened by bombing, he actually liked it, and was an active proponent of hitting civilians. At times the RAF had to cool him down on choosing targets for terrorizing instead of a military purpose.
    Indeed, a pattern of western governments is that bombing is always a popular act. In Vietnam, the public was all for bombing anything. For many people, if you opposed bombing Hanoi, you were a leftist kook. Same with the Iraq war. Bombing is good PR.

    Arthur Harris, head of the RAF bombing command, ‘Bomber” Harris, was enthusiastic in killing civilians. After the war area bombing was severely criticized. In 1992, a statue of Harris was unveiled, but the defense minister nor any of the cabinet attended for fear of offending the Germans. A crowd of demonstrators booed and jeered the ceremony.

    I think how in Dresden demonstrators calling to remember the victims are opposed by reds, and the police control any large outpouring of support for the bombing victims, while the reds get to do their bit. One pro-communist woman had a sign reading (in English) “Thank you Bomber Harris.” who would in any kind of sane moment carry a placard reading that? Probably a jew.

    I remember Michael Savage, on his radio show, talked of seeing newsreels of the Nazi rallies…all those blonde-haired children giving the nazi salute, he went on. “Then,” he said, “I like to watch film showing the bombing of Hamburg, Dresden, all of it…and see the Germans get theirs.” Savage really dwelled on those last two words. Creepy.

    I turned off when he said that. it’s better to read Kurt Vonnegut on Dresden. He was a POW and was there, and is hardly sanguine about the allied bombing.

  21. It might be a good time to rent “Spinning Boris” about how political operatives from the United States went to Russia and ran Boris Yeltsin’s presidential campaign. Now what was that the system said about Russian collusion in our elections?

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