The Dispatch: The Coming GOP Civil War Over Ukraine Funding

American politics has changed.

At some point over the past two years, our politics went mainstream in the populist and nationalist wing of the GOP. It is no longer fringe to oppose globalism, to support the withdrawal of American troops from the Middle East, to oppose NATO expansion, to support withdrawing from NATO, to support cutting military spending, to have a less than reverent attitude toward the Pentagon generals festooned with medals from lost wars and to oppose arming Zelensky and funding this war in Ukraine.

This has always been my position on foreign policy. It is why I opposed George W. Bush for eight years and came to hate the neocons. It is why I refused to vote for John McCain in 2008. It is why I voted for Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012. It was one of the top reasons why I supported Trump in 2016 who ran against the Iraq War. It is why I was so angry with him for his failure to deliver on his campaign promises to withdraw American troops from Syria and Afghanistan. It is why Trump’s legacy looks better in hindsight compared to Joe Biden who has started World War II with Russia. For all of Trump’s fuck ups and failures as president, he was actually impeached by the Democrats for hesitating to arm Ukraine.

Most MAGA Republicans in Congress now agree with my position on Ukraine. I endorsed JD Vance in his Ohio Senate race specifically because he pledged to defund Ukraine. Tommy Tuberville has voted twice in the Senate against funding the war in Ukraine. Katie Britt is being attacked by Mo Brooks for opposing the $40 billion for Ukraine that passed Congress in May. Half of Senate Republicans balked at supporting the latest $12 billion in funding for Ukraine which passed Congress last week.

The fact that Democrats have started this war with Russia and continue to escalate the war in Ukraine to the point where nuclear war is now a real possibility is a compelling enough reason for someone like me to vote against them in the midterms. The best shot we have at defunding Zelensky and Ukraine is with a Republican Congress in which MAGA Republicans have more power and leverage.

The Dispatch:

“Pity poor CPAC, forced to square that circle when pandering. Traditional Republican hawks believe in power projection, fear and loathe Russia after decades of Cold War conditioning, and sympathize with moral arguments for foreign intervention. Modern Republican doves believe America is chronically overextended abroad, view Russia as a distraction from the rising threat from China, and regard intervention as at least as likely to produce immoral outcomes as to prevent them.

Beneath those differences lies a philosophical rift. At the risk of oversimplifying, right-wing hawks tend to be classical liberals, willing and often overeager to make the world safe for democracy. Right-wing doves tend to be populist and post-liberal. It’s not just skepticism about America’s ability to project power effectively that makes them suspicious of foreign adventures. It’s the fact that, when we do project power, unfailingly we do so at the expense of illiberal regimes like Vladimir Putin’s.

Post-liberal Republicans don’t view illiberal regimes as something to be reflexively opposed and contained. In some respects, they’re to be emulated. Why fight Putin, a self-styled warrior against Western decadence, instead of learning from him?

The differences between the two Republican camps on Ukraine have been papered over so far by Democrats’ total control of government. So long as there are 10 traditional GOP hawks in the Senate to help Chuck Schumer beat a filibuster, and there are, U.S. aid to Kyiv will continue to flow. …”


If you believe liberalism is a cancer that rots and destroys traditional cultures, why would you want to spread this disease by force around the world? Why would you want to spend over $80 billion dollars on such a foolish project in Ukraine? Why would you be willing to risk nuclear war with Russia? Why should you care who rules the Donbas? Since when is Donbas worth courting World War III?

Vladimir Putin is correct about the “outright Satanism” of the decadent West. The Cold War is over. It is Gov. Gavin Newsom of California who is on the side of Satanism. Gavin Newsom is far more opposed to Christian nationalism than Vladimir Putin who aspires to be a regional hegemon. The European Union is more than a match for Russia and is capable of balancing Russia and securing its own border with Russia. The only people who have any interest in pushing this war in Ukraine are liberal ideologues.

Republican support for continuing to fund this war in Ukraine is cratering. By the time the next Congress is seated in early January, Europe is going to be crushed by skyrocketing energy prices. The global economy will probably go down with Europe. Even Democrats are souring on funding this endless war in Ukraine. It is hard to see how long this can possibly continue into the early months of 2023.

If the Democrats hold the House and the Senate in the midterms, the firehose of military aid will continue unabated for the next two years. It could bring about regime change in Russia. Destabilizing Russia is the worst case scenario because it is the only scenario in which nuclear war becomes a real possibility. The Russiagaters are hellbent on going down that road and finding out what lies at the end of it.


  1. This proxy war with Russia is the jwz way to punish Russia for supporting Syria and Iran.

    Judaism is a religion of revevge ……… Meir Kahane

  2. Other than fiscal protectionism, the Anglo-populist right is still too neoliberal.
    By contrast Putin made living wages a constitutional right and Hungary has free healthcare, free postsecondary education, benefits and tax breaks for working families.
    The right oughta ditch its addiction to neoliberal materialism.
    That’s the one thing I agree with the left on, tax the 1%.

  3. 80 billion to fund a war of malice, while we have Americans trying to survive -30 below zero in national forests ?

  4. ” only people who have any interest in pushing this war in Ukraine are liberal ideologues.”

    Uh, make that ‘vindictive jwz’.

  5. Somewhat lost in the news last week about the sabotage of Nord Stream 2 (to eliminate any doubt about sabotage, Nord Stream 1, geographically separate from Nord Stream 2, was also damaged; note Wikipedia has an article about it headlined with the word ‘leaks’), is that Russia (Gazprom) owns Nord Stream 2 (link), and hence the attack can, and really should, be seen as an act of war.

  6. Now, the USZOG has given Volodymyr Zelensky blackmail material,

    “You just never know, if American stops funding my war with Russia, some of these sophisticated weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists, you just never know”……..Volodymyr Zelensky

  7. Both reps, and dems changed.
    Populists have more sway over reps and progressives have more sway over dems.
    The social liberal (late 60s and 70s), neoliberal (80s and 90s) and neoconservative (00s and early 10s) era is over.
    This era proceeded the postwar era (1945-1964) and lasted from about 1964 (LBJ’s civil rights act) to 2016 (the election of DJT).
    We’re in a new progressive and populist era now, from 2016-present, somewhat reminiscent of the 1st progressive and populist era of the late 19th and early 20th century, before WW1 broke out.

    As parties continue to radicalize and escalate, in the coming decades we could see a resurgence of totalitarianism in the west reminiscent of the 1st wave of totalitarianism, which lasted from 1917 (rise of the USSR, fascist Italy in 1922 and Nazi Germany in 1933) to 1991 (fall of the USSR).
    History never repeats, but often rhymes, you can hear it rhyme if you listen carefully.
    Liberal republicans go through these cycles.
    Last time we went through it liberalism ultimately triumphed, albeit in a modified form, now for better or worse liberalism is being challenged again both by the left and the right.

    All this is part of a much broader liberal era, you could say it began with the renaissance, protestant reformation or enlightenment.
    Only time will tell how long liberalism can sustain itself, Athenian democracy lasted for a couple centuries and the Roman republic for five, how long can western republics last, and if and when they fall, what sort of authoritarianism(s) will supersede them?
    Or will nuclear winter supersede them?
    All fascinating questions.

  8. Here are some facts from history:

    (1) Ukraine was a region of Tsarist Russia with no hard boundaries with Russia proper. Ukraine was known as “Little Russia”. This is unlike other Tsarist domains such as Georgia and Latvia which did have hard boundaries with Russia proper.
    (2) The Russia-Ukraine boundary was created under Stalin, a Georgian. Stalin was neither Russian nor Ukrainian. The intent of the boundary was to have ethnic Russian regions like Donbass and Crimea within Ukraine in order to weaken Ukrainian nationalism.
    (3) The Russian regions of Abhkazia and South Ossetia were included by Stalin as a part of Georgia (check Wikipedia). However, these have rejoined Russia under the guise of being breakaway republics. Russia and Georgia fought a war over South Ossetia in 2008. The Democrats and Republicans raised a stink but did nothing (which was the right thing to do).
    (4) Putin has indicated that he does not recognize the Stalinist boundary between Ukraine and Russia and the four Russian provinces that got incorporated into Ukraine need to rejoin Russia. Ukraine has never ruled the provinces in any meaningful sense – they have always had the status of “breakaway republics”. In spite of Western propaganda, the Russian claim to these regions (“Eastern Ukraine”) has a rock-solid foundation in international law.

    We would do well to end this conflict by recognizing Russia’s right to Russian Donbass and Russian Crimea – including the right to demand that Ukraine not join NATO. We did not like the idea of Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba, did we?

  9. No matter how many Republicans are elected in November the funding for the War in Ukraine will only escalate.

    Ted Cruz who flirts (hustles) with MAGA/America First loves this War and loves the fact that the Great Satan blew up Nordstream which means more American Natural Gas is sold/shipped to Europe (American natural gas prices will necessarily rise).

    There are a handful of Republicans in Congress who have voted against the funding.

    A significant portion of these votes are to hustle the Base pre-election and these votes will switch back post-election.

    There is no point in electing Republicans. They talk big but when actually holding real power fold like dead lilies.

    They all support the fake CIA/Mossad hijab riots in Iran. That should tell you everything about whom they serve all while the same Deep State is using the FBI to raid their supporters homes.

    Stop getting played……

    Finally, Poland is NOT based it’s extended ZOG. Check out Radek Sikorski and Jewish PM Mateusz Morawiecki.

  10. As the economy tanks the only thing we can cut is the excessive military spending. Yet I was talking to some young person who seemed content to “not get social security” when they get old? So in order to fund the empire they are OK with the government skimping it’s responsibility to take care of old people? Social Security and Medicare are a huge chunk of national spending, I also expect a fit from the welfare leaches about their share so the only thing that really can be cut is defense (or should I say offense.) That Navy for one is ungodly expensive. Concentrate on the nukes, they are your flagship item and start trimming around the edges to get our debt down. Of course in a real world you’d also cut the free ride Black Run America has been getting and cut off the welfare and section 8. They vote against civilization, screw them.

  11. Will Floridians get handed 100+billion dollars like they’ve handed out to the Ukraine…(rhetorical).
    I saw some news show with some nig-sow who represents some insurance giant telling everyone they should’ve had flood (((insurance))) and that if they didn’t its their fault they don’t have a home/job/car/life anymore…
    This was literally the next day after it happened.
    Such compassion our plutocratic overlords have for us…too bad the storm wasn’t homophobic or racist, amirite?

  12. Hunter

    Which Republicans did vote for the $ billions to fund war in Ukraine ?

    Please identify them and we ll publicize , punish them .

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