Why the FBI denied there was a Mafia

Link. We at OD and elsewhere in the Dissident Right, pro life movement, immigration patriots have started to “notice” that the Biden administration has politicized the FBI and other Federal Law enforcement organizations. The FBI doesn’t seem to be going after violent drug gangs that are murdering folks in our cities. Instead the FBI is doing armed, dawn raids on pro life activists. What’s with that?

Is the FBI no longer fighting organized crime?

We’d like to introduce our readers to the excellent commentary by ex Italian Mafia made guy Michael Franzese. This link is presented under the “fair comment” clause of the American 1st Amendment protecting free speech.

The original head of the FBI – J Edgar Hoover insisted (all evidence to the contrary) that there was no such thing as an Italian Mafia or “organized crime”. Why did J Edgar Hoover say such nonsense and why didn’t the FBI really go after the Mafia?

Michael Franzese states in this video (link) that the Mafia knew J Edgar Hoover was a homosexual pervert and also a cross dresser. The Mafia blackmailed J Edgar Hoover never to bother the Italian Mafia and the Blackmail worked. This great Michael Franzese interview also references one of my favorite real events in 1970s New York City: the time the Joe Colombo Italian mafia led 50,000 + Italian Americans to protest Hollywood depictions of Italian Americans as Mafia gangster. Another Italian Mafia gangster had Joe Columbo assassinated at this protest. Ha ha.

Here’s a link to the write up of the time the Mafia protested Hollywood for depicting Italian Americans as Mafia gangsters.


  1. The FBI is just like a pistol or a blade, it’s only as good or bad, as the man, whose control it is under, if it was under OUR control, federal agents, would conduct themselves, like officer Friday and officer Gannon, like on that tv show “Dragnet”……

  2. ” Mafia knew J Edgar Hoover was a homosexual pervert and also a cross dresser.”

    Ryan Dawson goes into this , extensively.
    He also goes on to explain how the blackmailers were able to access all the extensive intelligence of the FBI to further blackmail other people, most notably politicians.

    • Yet, if Hoover was so blackmailable why couldn’t all his haters and critics in Congress and elsewhere ever drive him out?

      • J Edgar Hoover was also blackmailing other prominent political leaders especially John F Kennedy. Hoover had details of JFK’s affairs and also the Kennedy connections to the mob.

        J Edgar Hoover though a homosexual, cross dresser pervert was anti Communist and oppose Black crime, Black revolutionaries, the Reds. Let’s face some unpleasant facts. The National Socialist street army the SA was led by a/some homosexuals the leader Ernst Rohm. He was effective at contesting the streets against Reds. Nice, well dressed, super clean Conservative Christian Germans were not good at this sort of thing then and now.

      • “Yet, if Hoover was so blackmailable why couldn’t all his haters and critics in Congress and elsewhere ever drive him out?”

        Because they weren’t the ones with the blackmail material on Hoover.
        He had blackmail material on major politicians and would ruin them.
        Once the mobsters had the blackmail material , they wanted to keep Hoover in office because he was useful.

        If a mobster had a string of ‘girlfriends’, who cares.
        If a key senator is having an affair it ruins his career.

  3. This has been known for decades. Clint Eastwood produced a movie called J Edgar staring Leonardo DeCaprio as Hoover that implied this was the case. Hoover lived with his boyfriend who was also a top FBI official. In the first God Father movie a NV Senator is blackmailed in a whore house, a fictionalized version of the mafia blackmail of Hoover.

  4. There is no greater BS artist than a “mafia made man.” Hoover was regularly attacked in the press and by liberal politicians circa 1970. There were constant calls for his firing or resignation.

    If Hoover was a cross dresser, etc. the establishment press and politicians would have destroyed him.

    Hoover was a lifelong self-promoter/publicity hound who was thin-skinned about being criticized. In his later years, he said stupid things to the press and got involved in useless arguments.

    Hoover always believed Communists were a greater threat than organized crime. He did pay some attention to it. Eisenhower ordered Hoover to go after the mafia in the late 50s.

    Finally, the FBI was vastly different 60 years ago from what it is now. Per Mr. Bonnaccorsi, people who weren’t around in the 60s and 70s repeatedly get it wrong.

  5. Apparently it was Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky who got the incriminating photo of Hoover cross-dressing.

    Lansky was re-cast as ‘Hyman Roth’ in the Godfather films, but unlike in the movies, lived on in Florida, a free man, not successfully prosecuted, ‘no evidence just insinuations’ said the judges, perhaps correctly. Lansky was famously one of the few actual very-Jewish-Jews ever denied residence in Israel on ‘moral grounds’, like Roth in the film.

    Lansky is widely held to have been the initial money-man for Donald Trump in the early 80s. New Jersey was being set up as the new gambling haven, legislators bought to enact that. Lansky needed a ‘front’ for the new project, as they couldn’t call it ‘Lansky Casino’. But Lansky’s friend Roy Cohn knew the perfect front-man, telegenic Donald J. Trump, who was suddenly launched in media as the ‘great deal-maker’. And the rest is history.

    It’s often said that the Hollywood surge in movies and TV about the Italian mafia, and the FBI ‘anti-mafia’ activity post-Hoover, was put out to distract from the mafia that pushed aside the Italians, the big waves of Russian-Jewish underworld, tied to the ‘neo-cons’, that started arriving 1970s onwards.

  6. The Jewish and Italian Mafia did more than just “blackmail” Hoover – Hoover was himself an active collaborator with organized crime, who catered to his illegal gambling habit and provided the rent boys for his monkeypox orgies.

    J. Edgar Hoover was himself a Mafioso, he was a manager of organized crime, their asset on the inside, protecting them from FBI investigations. A typical double agent.

    “Blackmailed” is understating the case.

  7. [Please do not post this, Mr. W. I’m just wondering why my earlier comment, about J. Edgar Hoover, McCarthyism, etc. has disappeared. No posted comment of mine has ever before disappeared from Occidental Dissent.]

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      I moderate comments on my blogs.

      This interview with ex Italian Mafia made guy Michael Franceze was excellent. I would like to have OD readers see this video and his other videos commentary and learn from them. Michael is a good man and on our side, he’s led the life.

      I don’t want OD readers he to just shout out:

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      • You should be censored, according to the rules. But you probably are a contributer, so you can say anything you want to the other posters, from what I’ve seen. Money trumps integrity.

  8. The Mafia has more honor amd decency than the FBI. I’ll take rule by the Italian Mob over our current ruling class.

  9. The Mafia ended itself way more than the Feds ended it. And the main reason the Mafia ended itself was the main reason why it existed so long: Close cousin consanguinity. Which is what always tends to fuel these blood and family feuds and vendettas that last for a long time. When Sicilians, especially in America, started marrying “out,” it was only a matter of time.

  10. Gore Vidal wrote very good stuff on Hoover. I think the Italian Mafia got dumped on because it was a way to talk about the mob without mentioning the Jewish control of much of it. In many ways Capone was just a lieutenant for the Jews running things in the east.
    The HBO series Boardwalk, which I didn’t like much, does show this.

    A woman I know is a writer and she loves writing about the mob, but I notice everyone is Italian. But then, all her friends are jews. Funny because a lot of Jews brag about their mob connections. John Podhoretz, a big ‘conservative’ voice on the defunct Weekly Standard, was very proud of his grandfather being a bootlegger, running booze into America via Canada.

    The President’s Analyst is one of my favorite movies, and is a satire that is genuinely funny, something you don’t see in American film, and shows things that seemed ridiculous in 1967, but is very commonplace now. I wrote an extended review of it in Countercurrents, August 5, 2021. All of you should read it.

  11. I’m pretty sure I saw a fairly recent interview with Franzese on another Youtube channel. He was a perfect gentleman. Soft spoken. But always with a “you know what happens if you fuck with me” aura.

  12. Yes, Vidal was a very good writer who was knowledgeable on many different subjects. I guess he was what you could call a public intellectual. And The President’s Analyst was a funny, quirky 1960s spy comedy starring James Coburn that I still enjoy watching.

    Hoover was often accompanied by FBI Asst Director Clyde Tolson, especially when betting on ponies at the racetrack. There were rumors about him and Tolson but nothing was ever proven. Some believe his gambling also got him entangled with the Mob. Maybe all of the stories about Tolson, crossdressing, gambling and Mob connections were true but he had more than enough dirt on his enemies if they ever tried to expose him, ie, mutually assured destruction.

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