Jimmy Dore: Chris Hayes’ Audience Turns On Him For Telling Truth About Ukraine

Democrats are united behind the war with Russia.

Every single Democrat in Congress voted for the $40 billion in aid for Ukraine in May and the $12 billion for Ukraine last week.


    • Let’s see what happens after the November elections. The fiscal year just ended (Sept. 30) and the military didn’t meet its recruiting quotas. They also have a big problem retaining guys after their first enlistment, especially technical people in the Navy and Air Force. The sacred diversity isn’t good at fixing phased array radars, jet engines or running nuclear propulsion reactors, they need White guys to do those things properly and they are leaving the military.

      Will the scumbags in Congress pass a bill of conscription after November? If so, will White guys be foolish enough to comply? Without conscription the military won’t have the manpower to wage wars for long. If conscription is tried and fails because of civil disobedience the military won’t have the manpower to wage wars for long either.

      It looks like the Government is headed for a manpower crisis with no good solutions. Maybe the U.S. Government should try minding its own damn business and stay out of other countries’ affairs. That would alleviate the manpower crisis immediately but the MIC isn’t having any of it.

      BTW, I wonder if Cackling Kamala has White pilots and staff when she flies on Air Force Two. She would be horrified to see colored pilots and staff actually flying her fat ass around. No doubt she has some diversity in the cockpit for publicity photos but not for driving the airplane around. Dementia Joe is so far gone he doesn’t know if he is on Air Force One or a Greyhound bus.

  1. Did you hear when they said Trump was 100% better about the warmongering than biden has been?

    Flash back to the nonstop complaining by the dissident right when we shot some missles into syria and bombed muh brown hero general.

    Just an annual reminder of how out of touch with reality fringe activists on both sides are.

    At least we don’t have a president who is rude on twitter tho.

    • You were right on this issue.

      He lost a lot of credibility though by refusing to deliver on his campaign promises to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

    • There is that of course. Trump did his best not to turn the Ukie Russia thing into a war. He should be credited with that.

      • >He should be credited with that.

        Trump went along with the status quo, i.e. he did nothing to solve the festering problem there — in fact, the US supplied weapons to Ukraine throughout his administration:

        Trump gives green light to selling lethal arms to Ukraine

        Ukraine, supported by the West, made no real effort to resolve the crisis (created by both sides), despite the Minsk agreements (signed in 2014) — and then used Western weapons to kill ethnic Russians — how long was Putin supposed to put up with that situation right on his border? — it’s surprising he waited 8 years to act.

    • >… how out of touch with reality fringe activists on both sides are.

      Sure dude, tell me about it.

      Actually, some of us just have higher standards than you, e.g. we don’t tolerate and will not support a fucking hypocrite and liar: after campaigning on non-intervention, not to mention his similar posts on social media going back years, he was in office literally only a few weeks before lobbing cruise missiles into Syria because of yet another obviously phony as hell report about Assad ‘gassing his own people’, an insult to one’s intelligence (maybe not yours).

      We voted for MAGA but got MIGA plus monitoring.

      And this: Sep 5 2020 — Twitter/The Hill — Trump admin to label white supremacists as the “most persistent and lethal threat” to the US: report

      How unfortunate that Trump lost (however that happened) and we were deprived of the Platinum Plan™ to benefit our beloved and valuable Platinum Americans™ — damn, that was disappointing.

      Trump was the greatest political bait & switch in history.

      You’re free to support the Orange Man and his 6th grade intellect if you want; maybe you’ll even get a chance to vote for that buffoon in a couple of years — but you can fuck right off with the rhetoric about those of us who choose not to do so being ‘fringe’.

      • > Trump was the greatest political bait & switch in history.

        You certainly hit that one on the head. He is an unusually talented grifter – truly the God-Emperor of grift. He’s still at it too. Have a relative who gets his emails and messages sent from Troof Social (itself yet another grift). Constant demands for money from a supposedly self-made billionaire. The relative is getting seriously pissed about it and has repeatedly demanded the be removed from the list, which is never done.

      • . . . And the dumb bastard, following his master’s voice like the little dog on the RCA records attacked and killed Qasem Soleimani on Jan. 3, 2020. This may have pleased Trump’s owners but came within inches of starting a war with Iran. This action, like the attack on Syria for supposedly using poison gas showed how easily he was duped or else, he just didn’t care what the truth was and lashed out anyway.

        At a minimum this showed extraordinarily bad judgement on Trump’s part and how much he was in bondage to America’s Greatest Ally. Like recent American presidents and most politicians he is an empty suit, devoid of worldly knowledge outside his limited experience in business. This, combined with his extraordinary susceptibility to flattery and his bombastic nature led him to make poor choices repeatedly, ultimately leading to his defeat regardless of any Democrat tampering with the 2020 voting.

        He never should have been in such a vulnerable position in the Autumn of 2020 leading to such a close race with a non-entity like Dementia Joe. His poor judgement combined with his lack of action when required led to this failure.

        Had Trump simply ordered the U.S. Army to secure the southern border with a concertina wire fence, 12 feet tall, 25 yards deep, as was his duty under the Constitution, he would be in the White House now. He would be presiding over an economic meltdown instead of The Village Idiot & Chiseler of Delaware, Dementia Joe, presiding over the economic meltdown.

        • >Had Trump simply ordered the U.S. Army to secure the southern border …

          As commander-in-chief he could probably do that, yes — conceivably it would greatly reduce or stop the flow of illegal migrants.

          But to the extent migrants (‘illegals’) are seeking asylum (increasingly the case), this would do no good — these people are showing up at normal ports of entry in large and growing numbers, asking for asylum — anything that prevents aliens from applying for asylum will be deemed illegal by a court — given that right now asylum-seekers are typically admitted to the US while their applications are considered, often being released after receiving a court date, there is no reason for a migrant to cross illegally.

          Joshua Philipp of Epoch Times did a recent video about what is happening on the southern border — I recommend everyone watch it:

          Border Deception: How the US and UN Are Quietly Running the Border Crisis

          Unfortunately it is behind a paywall; I heard it as a podcast (audio only) on Speak Free Radio.

          Unless something is done, the ‘right’ to asylum and the expanding reasons for granting asylum will alone demographically decimate white countries in the coming decades, since migrants do not want to go anywhere else — to allow this to happen to European peoples will be the greatest generational betrayal in history.

  2. “At least we don’t have a president who is rude on twitter, tho.”
    Reminds me when Trump ran for president, my brother was annoyed by his openness, and when we talked about who we wanted to be president, he said John Kasich.
    “What?” I said. “Kasich? Him? Why?”
    “Because he’s nice,” my brother said. “Trump isn’t nice to people, and I want a president who is NICE.”
    “Do you even know what Kasich stands for?”
    My brother went into a rant against Fox News for being ‘biased’ in their reporting. I asked him who he listened to.
    “NPR,” he said, “because they’re so balanced.”

    You understand my brother is a vet, a retired cop, and a gun-owning conservative.
    We come from the midwest, and midwesterners have this obsession with being nice and dignified, mannerly, and waiting your turn, etc.
    It can be civilized and commendable, but you also can be played for a sap. Sort of like what Alex Linder said about Germans (and German Americans); they make good soldiers and workers, are intelligent and clever innovators, but tend to take politics at face value.

    But, gee, isn’t Biden “nice?”

    • As Al Capone said: “You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.”

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