Recipes: Bulgarian Bean Soup

I’ve been enjoying the fall weather and cooking a bunch of delicious soups. I’m eating a bowl of this Bulgarian soup for lunch. I added a dash of heavy whipping cream to mine.

Note: When I banned from YouTube, I mainly spent my time watching these recipe videos. I wasn’t even producing content.


  1. I spoke to an older Bulgarian gentleman who was working checkout at Home Depot a couple of of months ago. He seemed delighted that I knew what Sofia was.

  2. I’ve been eating sauerkraut a lot lately. It’s very healthy with a probiotic benefit. Regulating gut biome is the key to feeling physically good. I have been adding some to cheeseburgers instead of lettuce. Good stuff with some avocado as well.

  3. Well, I’ve seen some of the garden videos growing “The Bulgarian Carrot” sort of an orange, pointy Jalapeño like pepper that is supposed to be quite potent. Put some of those in there and that soup would really warm you up.

  4. looks like a great ,healthy fall meal!
    Maybe at OD someone can post some fitness stuff too?
    I think its important and vital that our people , of all ages groups, learn to incorporate exercise into their daily routine.
    Getting in shape was one of the best decisions i ever made in my life!

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