Poll Watch: GOP Tops Democrats In Favorability

The GOP has been hijacked by “extremists.”

Democrats will win the midterms by running on abortion.

MAGA Republicans are “semi-fascist” enemies of Our Democracy.


“WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans’ views of the two major U.S. political parties remain more negative than positive, but the Republican Party’s favorability is now slightly better than the Democratic Party’s. Both parties’ images have shifted slightly since last year, with the GOP’s favorable rating edging up four percentage points to 44% and the Democratic Party’s rating slipping by the same amount, to 39%. …”

Meanwhile, the Socialist Left is perceived more negatively than MAGA Republicans and the GOP is relatively more popular than it has been at almost any point in the past 20 years.

Note: It is the Democrats that have slipped in favorability.


  1. Sep 27, 2022NEW: U.S. Census Bureau data indicates that Hispanic Texans are now the state’s largest demographic group. … Latinos can turn Texas Blue.

    It should be noted that Hispanics are still only about 30% of eligible voters in Texas, and Hispanics in Texas are an older, more established population (‘Tejanos’) when compared to the rest of the country, one that historically votes for Republicans in greater numbers than in the rest of the country generally, where Hispanics typically vote at least 2:1 for Democrats (link) — due to Cubans (who count as ethnic Hispanics), Florida is another exception.

  2. If the Democrats keep the house and the senate then we know beyond any doubt that our elections are rigged. Personally I have no doubt that elections in Dem controlled precincts are rigged. The only question is, how far has it spread.

    • Democrats caterwauled about a rigged election 2016 with some evidence free bullshit about Russia being the perpetrator and memes and really nothing about anything else. Dumper’s and anyone with a brain suspect the 2020 election was rigged because: hundred’s of thousands of the dead rose from the grave to vote by mail, the massive ballot dump operations caught on video, the polls in every swing state (Dump had massive leads in all), all closed mysteriously during the count and still to this day with no explanation, counting votes long after election day, poll workers on video counting votes when the polls where supposed to be closed, polls forcefully removing republican vote counting supervisors and counting votes, suitcases of unfolded ballots in trunks of sportscars showing up at polls in the middle of the night, ballots in the tens of thousands with only brandon being marked and nothing else showing up and being counted, democrat operators ballot harvesting care homes, whole jurisdictions being funded and staffed by an external democrat private entity (Zuckerberg’s Facebook), votes being tabulated on provably hackable software and maintained by engineers who publicly vociferously hate Dump, the voting hardware being illegally connected to external networks, what little forensic bits we get from the machines before they were wiped by democrat operators seem to show votes for democrats getting an increased variable like 2 to 1, alleged vote tabulation “errors” of votes being taken from one candidate and added to the other all exclusively went from Dump to Brandon, and Brandon getting more votes than his far far more popular predecessor Obummer or any president in history. So after all that and your just told to pound sand and “this was safest election in history” I’m sure people are a little suspicious of rigged voting. To be fair I believe republicans rigged past elections when they had the power and support and since they’re the uniparty at the federal level, I’m sure they’re all aware of the vote rigging. In my opinion I think J6 was a trial run of what they’re going to do if evidence of major election fraud was discovered and a real revolt took place (not the “intelligence community” orchestrated event of J6). That’s why they want to make this J6 bullshit synonymous to terrorism because if people revolted because of the election, even if they had proof, the fact they are revolting at all over the election is terrorism and grounds to do all the unlawful shit they did to the innocent Jsixers, maybe even like the Arabs during the “war on terror”.

  3. The Republican Party generally does well in theory, before they are actually in power. From observation, they usually don’t do anything with power when they get it except start pointless wars and give big tax cuts to the ‘producers’. The producers being currency speculators, bond speculators, land speculators, stock speculators, trust fund people living on inherited money. What’s being produced?

    What you cut taxes without cutting spending, you run up debt. So simple even a libertarian can understand it.

  4. The jews at the ADL are claiming she is inciting violence but they never say anything about the actual violence of BLM and antifa.

  5. The Democrats let the mask slip too early.

    There are still some White folks in the USA who have not been swamped by illegal aliens and are not to happy by the radical racial policies of Democrats. See V.P. Harrises comments on equity as an example:


  6. Mike Flynn and his ReAwakening America tour is not going away. We got a guy here, Mike Flynn Irishmen, who plead guilty to a serious crime because he could not afford to pay his lawyers and was flat broke, spending all his time touring the country……for what purpose???

    Barak Obama upon passing the presidency to Donald Trump advised Trump do not trust Kim Jong-un and do not trust Mike Flynn. Why? Because he is Irish? Why would Obama say such a thing?

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