Joe Biden: Thanks To Me, The World Is Facing Nuclear Armageddon

Yeah, I know.

You’ve finally convinced me that you are worse than Dump. A nuclear war with Russia over the fate of Donbas is objectively worse than anything he ever did as president.


“NEW YORK (AP) — President Joe Biden said Thursday that the risk of nuclear “Armageddon” is at the highest level since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, as Russian officials speak of the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons after suffering massive setbacks in the eight-month invasion of Ukraine.

Biden added, “We have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis.” He suggested the threat from Putin is real “because his military is — you might say — significantly underperforming.” …”

The fruits of liberalism and globalism dominating our foreign policy continue to get worse and worse. This is far worse than any threat like ISIS or the Taliban in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.


  1. Drudge has it that the US Government is stockpiling anti-radiation drugs.

    If that is true, it is a bad sign.


    Because it means that the only way to deescalate, quit the NATO/Ukraine show and the get rid of Vladimir Putin project, is not the policy.

    Continuing chicken games with Armageddon is.

    I feel sorry for young folks.

    They deserve to be given time to flower; to enjoy their lives as souls in human form – in a world that is not physically toxic.

  2. It’s the American people’s fault, they kept electing these neocon and woke chickenhaws for decades, who exclusively represent transnational, criminal oligarchs, and Israel.
    They’re addicted to the blood of women, children and hegemony.
    They would rather see the world (as we know it) come to an end than relinquish hegemony.
    We should’ve figured this out decades ago, that our ruling class was becoming increasingly corrupt, massively, that these people can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes.
    It may be too little, too late, Trump for all his failings was perhaps a bit of a step in the right direction, but you should’ve elected someone like Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan decades ago.
    But the people were asleep, the MSM told them who they must vote for, and they obeyed, instead of having an independent thought, because most people are nitwits.
    I don’t know how anybody with a semi functioning brain can look at everything the Bush and Obama regimes did in the middle east, how they absolutely f’d the place right up, and think yes, we can trust our military to give us accurate intelligence, the vast majority of people must be absolutely retarded, totally incapable of critical, independent thought, democracy has failed, the human race has failed.

  3. Biden can do his part by stfu. James Buchanan has been called the worst US president. He has nothing on Biden, who the worst president, imo.

  4. Give Biden a huge ice cream cone that he has to hold with both hands. That way , he won’t be able to push the nuke button!

  5. Give credit where credit is due. Never forget how much the bitch Hillary Clinton and her cast of clowns contributed in bringing us to this scary point. The sociopathic old witch spent 2016 to 2020 accusing the Russians of interfering in the 2016 election, and thus making the political cost of President Trump and US diplomats engaging in dialogue with them too high. Thereby, valuable opportunities to lessen growing tensions between the US and the West and Russia to find a peaceful solution were lost.

    Lots of villains, buffoons and criminals in this sad affair. Ironically, most of them would be among America’s “best and brightest”.

  6. Putin just kicked Biden in the balls. He got OPEC+ to cut production 2 million bbl/day. Oil and gas prices are surging ahead of the nov election.

    I think Putin knows how to play this politics game.

  7. Why would any investor go long, or even be long over the weekend with the Holy Roman Catholic Biden and his stooge Zelensky threatening nuclear war? That’s the real question. Don’t expect any Jews or their Catholic cheerleaders on Wall Street to put it to you that way.

  8. The jews in Biden’s cabinet are running the show and want a war with Russia by any means necessary. Biden is a parrot that repeats what he’s told.

    • I didn’t know Tikkun Olam would include global nuclear Armaggedon. Naive me. When Zelensky isn’t busy homo-dancing in heels and latex, he tries to drag the whole world into nuclear death. First the no-fly zone, then preemptive strikes on Russia. Looks like Voltaires prophecy about a certain tribe becoming the death of all of humanity might still turn out true in the end…

      And Greg Johnson can be really proud of himself.

  9. Fuck that asshole-eyed pedo scum. And D.C. as a whole. It’s the epicenter of kike/globalist billionaire evil. If Putin could nuke it (and jew Yawk) without also destroying Flyover, I’d be thrilled & grateful.

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