Tucker Carlson Interviews Kanye West On White Lives Matter Controversy

I’m ready for the Alt-MSNBC talking points:

  • We should be extremely upset that all this is being pumped directly into the mainstream
  • Joe Biden is the best president of our lifetimes when he denounces white supremacy and vows to crush semi-fascists
  • It is better for our fringe internet scene to be politically toxic and to stay stigmatized and marginalized forever
  • Christians are our worst political enemy
  • It is not a win for us when the term anti-White goes mainstream or when opposing the Great Replacement is mainstream
  • ADL censorship is actually based

UPDATE: I see that Kanye named (((them))) and described how they operate on national television tonight.


  1. The jews tolerate their black WMD as long as they don’t stray from the narrative or the jew plantation. I only wish Carlson said, “you’re right White lives do matter. “

    • If you read the comments on the Twitter feeds you have blacks and many sellout Whites condemning him. I would expect that from the niggers but Whites, it makes me sick how many White race traitors there are today.

  2. A wise person takes allies where he or she can. A bigot rejects allies on the basis of appearance, then complains when they never win. Can you guess which personage best describes the mass of OD commenters? With a few exceptions, of course.

    • You are either a gullible White person who is easily taken in or a nigger trying to play us. Niggers are murdering thousands of Whites and all that most White normies need is just one spook to say something they like, and suddenly, niggers are good people and Whites are bigots. You’re an ass. Normies are listening very closely to West, but dysfunctional, violent, niggers, the destroyers, could care less about anything he says.

      • Ah yes, my observation answered immediately and unapologetically. Bravo! I knew you all would not fail me (DiCarlo undoubtedly speaks for the majority who peruse this blog).
        I also see reading comprehension is a lost art. I said above that one should accept ALLIES when assistance is offered. Obviously, any AA committing any crime against anyone else is an ally of no one. If you are sub silentio claiming all blacks are criminals, that is empirically untrue, as anyone breathing could tell you by simple observation.
        But then, you have proven my point precisely. A bigot judges by his eyes, not his brain, and thus is left to fend for himself. The AA problem, such as it is, can be cured by holding them to minimum standards of behavior, with punishment for violations of those standards.
        As was the case for any and all citizens, white and otherwise, in earlier times. If that is no longer so, is the fault of people with selfish materialist values who use appearance differentiations to divide and conquer. Congratulations for falling for it.

        • First of all, I don’t see these two clowns as allies at all. Allies? That’s ridiculous! So there’s that. And the fact that I know what you people are and your shortcomings, has almost nothing to do with the color of your skin, so I’m not judging by eyesight, but by the “content of their character”. But allow me to get to the crux of it JR.

          The history of the world is the history of the White race, There is no history of the black race and that society, such that it is, is exactly the same now, as it was at the dawn of time. Every historical record shows him in the same social standing as he is now, needing the White man to clothe and feed him.

          Blacks would go extinct if Whites had not been so stupid as to still be feeding, clothing and housing him, but without expecting him to do any work for it. Blacks have done nothing whatsoever to contribute to our civilization other than to provide menial labor. Nations were only ever intended to apply to people of the same race for it to succeed. America isn’t and it ain’t succeeding. The idea that a creature who had never assimilated or contributed to developing a system of governance should then have a say in how a White country should be run, just by virtue of his being born there is absurd

          The White man has built and rebuilt for tar creatures since colonial times and continuing to do so is largely due to “white man’s burden, a duty formerly asserted by white people to manage the affairs of nonwhite people whom they believed to be less developed.”

          • I think it is an error to characterize them as “allies”, though perhaps a better (though clumsy) term is “enemies of our enemies”. It’s a subtle, but important, difference. Owens in particular has been a longstanding grifter. She voted for Obama twice and suddenly changed her view with the arrival of the God-Emperor of Grift, Zion-Don. I’m leaving her out of the discussion because grifters are all about the grift.

            West is a different case in that he does actually touch upon the JQ. He’s not a grifter but a real possible case of a black who understands who the Synagogue of Satan is and is thus potentially the case described above (enemy of our enemy). He’s also getting serious fire from both other blacks and from white shitlibs who parrot every Jew talking point without fail.

            There are greater enemies and lesser enemies. At the end of the day, the vast majority blacks are the useful golem of our greater enemies. So those blacks who lead others away from this Jew-directed mission from hell fall into the category of enemies of our worst enemy. Not the same as a true ally but one worth establishing a working truce with in order to destroy the greater threat.

        • @ JR Chloupek

          If you are sub silentio claiming all blacks are criminals, that is empirically untrue

          I never said that, but apparently you needed to. But what I do want to say is that, actually, all blacks are whiners and complainers and for Whites to listen sympathetically in silence while they lay the blame for all their failures, shortcomings and dysfunction on Whites. As soon as someone puts the real facts out there, blacks can’t begin to defend the violent, outrageous, and criminal behavior their own people engage in. Instead, they project, obfuscate, and divert, call you a racist for noticing or a bigot and make the claim, it isn’t all of them. That is, if they accept any responsibility at all for their people’s ubiquitous criminal behavior and the suffering it causes not only Whites, but their own people. Whites are just supposed to disregard black anti-social and uncivilized behavior and keep their mouths shut, and when they don’t, they’re just racists and White supremacists. When the outrageous uncivilized behavior and alleged black victimhood is articulately exposed, the nigga gots to go!

          It certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that blacks are extremely aggressive and lack basic impulse control, are prone to violence and, statistically, commit the overwhelming majority of violent acts. It is in every way logical for Whites to treat blacks with apprehension, in the same way that other potentially dangerous animals are treated with apprehension. This extreme aggression causes Whites to act differently toward blacks than they would other racial groups, however blacks arrogantly expect Whites to ignore their ubiquitous bad behavior, and single out Whites who know better as “bigots” and “racists”.

          In this politically correct, jew controlled society, Whites are expected to silently put up with an overtly violent race of people who are extremely loud, unbearable, intolerable, rude, and dangerous and overall obnoxious. And that blacks have a problem with being policed, as we all must be if we break the law, as all of us have seen in hundreds of recent news stories, and have demands pertaining to that policing is exhibit A, of their extremely overinflated assessment of their own importance. Blacks also exhibit an inflated assessment of their own intelligence (sub silentio LOL!). The absurdity of it is, these “people” actually believe their own bullshit, and it is reinforced by the antiWhite positions of the jewsmedia and the leftist, antiwhite US gov.

          • Hello Cyclops and DiCarlo. To Mr. Clops, we can exchange debates about precise terminology to describe those AA who are not unalterably opposed to American traditional culture of responsibility if we choose. In the end, I think we basically agree that a successful person accepts help in reaching life goals wherever he can. One can thank CO and Kanye for making White Lives Matter the latest catchphrase to offend the Establishment without in addition breaking bread with their dysfunctional families.
            To Di-C, you are pretending to reasonableness by denying what you literally said, that all blacks are criminals, by saying while not so they are prone to deflection vis-a-vis accepting responsibility. As if we all are not subject to this vice. But once again, you paint all AAs as children in adult bodies, while once more anyone with eyes to see can discern that is not so. Many AA citizens are perfectly fine neighbors and cohorts, albeit imperfect human beings, as no doubt you are as well.

            So once again, I say you and others of similar thought are leaving the possibility of creating strategic but limited alliances with dissimilar in appearance and thought potential allies in the fight against GloboHomo. That is your choice as an adult. Let others who want to win against our civilizational enemies choose otherwise.

          • As if we all are not subject to this vice

            Oh please! No, we’re not the same. You’re position is pathetic, wigger. You’re in denial and cognitive dissonance is your mantra. If you choose to live around dangerous creatures who hate pale skin, and all view everyone through a racial lens and skin color, that’s your problem. The endless drumbeat of whining, bitching and complaining about the discrimination which is a figment of the black demented mind, the rioting and looting with which they assuage their contrived and imagined grievances, their utter and total rejection of personal responsibility by blaming all of their failures and shortcomings on Whites are the limits of their thought processes.

            Blacks have little regard for their responsibilities in society, and are ever vigilant for an opportunity to gain at his neighbor’s expense. Conversely, Whites operate according to the social contract, whereby each citizen surrenders some of the natural rights he would possess in a Mad Max dystopia to live in a civilized society governed by restrictions, responsibilities and 1000 little common courtesies. This is why blacks turn to crime so readily when mingled into White civilization.

            White society entails certain responsibilities on it’s citizenry, recognition of what is expected, accepting the roles assigned to us, and knowing our place. By their actions, not their appearance, such complexities seem to be light years beyond the capacity of blacks. Do we not observe them everywhere disregarding laws, behaving as if rules don’t apply to them, recognizing no responsibility, always on the lookout for personal gain or advantage, and generally behaving how they please?

            Blacks are more susceptible to the emotional overrides of fear/anger/lust. They conjure up myths and magic to explain the unknown and is content to let it go at that. Whites are driven to discover the truth about the unknown. This is why science and all facets of modern technical civilization are our White heritage. The black mind has a weak grip on itself, and is always on the verge of violent outburst, while Whites have a firm grip on themselves, and are capable of self-discipline, self-control, foreseeing consequences of actions, delayed gratification. The natural consequence of our being farther evolved from animals.

            The knowledge that there are differences in intelligence between the races has been made into a taboo topic and totally suppressed by the fucking jews, turning commonsense on its head and forcing people to believe nonsense about “racial equality”. One of the main purposes why organized jewry pushes the “equality of races” lie is to remove objections from White people to the flooding of their society with masses of low IQ blacks and browns. There are visual similarities but we’re not the same, as there are more and bigger differences beyond appearance. Behavior, aptitudes, capacity, and even what we desire is blatantly different to anyone who isn’t closing their eyes.

          • The Blacks could have never gotten as far as they did without Non-Black allies like the Jews and their self-loathing White Liberal Fellow Travelers. They have an Anti-White Working Class coalition, but it is already hanging by the thinnest of threads.

            The Blacks have allowed themselves to get so whipped up by Anti-White rhetoric and paranoia that they ended up as knee-jerk useful idiots who ended up supporting everything that Whitey is against.

            Like illegal aliens from Mexico and Central and South America and India and Asia and the Middle East. All people who not only have shouldered no guilt over African slavery even if they were heavily involved, like the Arabs, but they dislike the Blacks and discriminate against them even more than the most bigoted White Americans do.

            Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington DC is freaking out along with the mayors two blue cities who will be shortly facing a majority Hispanic population. I am talking about HIzonner, Mayor Eric Adams of NYC, and the bug-eyed lesbian, Lori Lightfood of Chicago – you’d be surprised how many Mexicans live there – can already see the writing on the wall.

            Even if Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. didn’t blurt it out, more than once,


            Telling the Hispanics that “y’all are gonna own the country, man.”

            and telling Blacks that, like Whites, they will be a minority who will have to “work with” (defer to) the Hispanics who are on-line to be the majority by 2040:


            There was some havey-cavey business about no one being allowed to record this meeting, but someone got suspicious and taped Biden.

            Abbott and DeSantis sending Hispanic border-jumpers to these cities, as well as Martha’s Vineyard was literally the semi-visible hand writing an ominous future for Blacketty-Blacketty-Blackness on the wall.

            That’s why Blacks are belatedly sporting White Lives Matter apparel. Hispanics move into their territory, Blacks find themselves violently purged from their own homes like they were in Watts and Compton in the Los Angeles area. They were banished to Oakland. Soon, they will be purged out of California.

            There will be a race war, but it’s going to be the Browns against the Blacks.

          • @J.R. Chloupek

            > To Mr. Clops, we can exchange debates about precise terminology to describe those AA who are not unalterably opposed to American traditional culture of responsibility if we choose. In the end, I think we basically agree that a successful person accepts help in reaching life goals wherever he can. One can thank CO and Kanye for making White Lives Matter the latest catchphrase to offend the Establishment without in addition breaking bread with their dysfunctional families.

            No disagreement. As you say later on, there is nothing wrong with “strategic but limited alliances with dissimilar in appearance and thought potential allies in the fight against GloboHomo”. Even Owens (though a grifter) is a kind of “useful idiot” for our purposes in this fight. It’s important to keep in mind at all times who is the greater enemy and the lesser enemy.

          • @Clytemnestra — great comment as always, but I have a question. Understanding and knowing the unpleasant and unproductive nature of many, many, blacks as I have described above, how can Whites be smeared as bigots or otherwise insulted if they don’t want to associate with them or want blacks near them? Where do these ungrateful, extremely violent, stupid, thieving, murdering, raping, monkeys get off calling Whites bigots for merely pointing out the truth of their evil deeds?

          • Dicarlo, you sir are straight up a bigot. If you truly believe all black people are as you so eloquently describe then you are every bit a delusional racist. But then, social Psychology 101 says life will reflect back on you what you reflect out towards others. Run into a group of 18 year old african americans and watch what happens.

            And the truth is, if you are as hateful as you profess towards one group of people you will be the same with all others. When the shooting starts you will be the first to know. As in karma says there is an AA bullet with your name on it in your future. Pleasant dreams.

          • “Dicarlo, you sir are straight up a bigot….. a delusional racist. ”

            “Nubians (blacks), the destroyers of civilization”
            Hieroglyphic inscription at abu simbel egypt

          • @jr. Chloupek — Well, thanks for finally saying something that people here could actually understand what the hell you’re saying. White Nationalists and pro-Whites who must say the truth, tell the truth have heard all of this namecalling before. The truth is of primary importance to us. It is as important to us as lying and hypocrisy is to the left. We don’t stutter to protect the fragile feelings of the genetic aliens brought to our shores in kosher chains and unleashed on us by the same merchant as a biological weapon.

            Evidently you have no valid argument and like all leftists, you resort to namecalling. When it comes to describing the general nature of blacks, if one cares for their safety, only a fool wouldn’t avoid them. If you think informing those Whites who are unaware of this danger, due to ubiquitous brainwashing by leftists and jews, is something untoward, then you’re beyond help. Of course, wiggers are beyond help, I suppose. And of course, it is because I am racially aware, a racist indeed! — A ‘racist’, after all, is the opposite of being a self-loathing race traitor. No person who isn’t racially conscious can love his own race. To deny your blood is to deny yourself. Certainly, all Whites should embrace racial consciousness, just like the blacks do — just like the browns do, as opposed to wilfull blindness, delusion, and a rejection of human nature and the Natural Order.

  3. I sure do admire that Kanye fella. This just goes to show that there are some great Black folks out there. We can all coexist just fine if we put the identity politics behind us. Democrats are the real racists, and all they do is divide us. I’d be honored if my daughter married a good Christian Black man. After all, we are all Children of God.

  4. Ah yes, alt-MSNBC. “Karens” in liberal meltdown are actually crying out for a strong white male protector, gelding your son is eugenic, as is cutting the tits off your daughter, and Democrats are actually white supremacists. Wokeness will accidentally create the Ubermensch.

    I see Kayne’s point. It is a bit bizarre to see a black guy telling me my life matters, and that was Kayne’s point – why do I need white liberals to tell me I matter? It’s probably how most normal people respond to the signaling. Normality though is eminently mysterious to the alt-MSNBC crowd. In their world Zionism will rebirth the blonde beast.

    • If you would have said “black lives matter” in the 90s or 2000s before this marxist entity came into being you would have thought it was referring to the way young blacks kill each other in gang violence. Or moreover just the total degeneracy in the black community that has such tragic outcomes like the typical story of a junkie mom leaving her fatherless spawn to freeze and starve to death while the boyfriend didn’t lift a finger to help. Now thought this truth we all knew a dozen years back has been altered in the mind of these young white idiots to thinking the real threat to blacks is white police officers hunting them down like deer. Probably why they green lighted a big Jeffery Dahmer documentary, a man bites dog story about white on black crime that also criticized the police department for helping him. Nobody ever suggests every time there is failed policing in the hood it is probably the inevitable result of ghetto fatigue among the cops who day in and day out deal with more degeneracy than would happen in a lifetime in the Brady Bunch’s suburban neighborhood. Well, yes the cops did ignore Jeffery Dahmer the way the boy who cried wolf was ignored because the words “wolf” are screamed in the hood every 60 seconds day in day out. By the way, at work all the brothers are watching this thing about Jeffery Dahmer, blacks are fascinated with him and love the moral message in the story where for once on a blue moon the blacks are the good guys. As I said, that’s exactly why this story got green-lighted for production the same way they rushed a Chicago Riots movie out for the summer of 2020 when they ran their deep state color revolution against Trump.

  5. I watched this interview and Kanye’s assessment of Jared Kushner as a money grubbing, self serving Jewish manipulator is jaw dropping.

  6. Conservatives have been using tokens to say the things they haven’t got the stones to say themselves for political generations now.

    I’m not going to run out and buy Kanye albums and dig for nuggets of insight from his music or something. I didn’t need him to affirm my value.

    • Yes, but to my knowledge, the phrase “White Lives Matter” was never brought up on FOX before this. The bottom line is that it is being introduced as something to say to “own the libs” and that it is safe to talk about it. It is being normalized and destigmatized.

      • Yep, I take your point. Its a good one.

        My commentary is on Tucker not having the balls to say it and needing token Kanye to give him permission by saying it first himself.

        Its the core of the cuckoldry that is conservatism, which accepts the premises of the antiWhite, and allows the stigma against recognizing Whites in the first place.

        Like Kanye said, its obvious we also matter. Maybe now Tucker has his foot in the door he mananage without a black holding his hand.

        • I’m guessing Kayne and Candace were charged with breaking the taboo due to the fact that they are black. The goal was to troll the media and stir up outrage which could be used to normalize White Lives Matter

  7. Anyone who names the Jew is my friend not my enemy. Very happy to see him call the rootless cosmopolitans out as gatekeepers and the fact that they have Gentile gatekeepers who work for them.

    • Certainly I have no problem with these two proclaiming White lives matter. I just don’t think it means much in the scheme of things unlessl it is repeated a million more times by more people in the MSM. However, Kanye West naming the jew on Tucker is infinitely more important. Now, more than ever, IS the time to attack and name the jew. At no time in history have there been more people who have come to know that it is the jews who are behind the world’s problem. If jews are not exposed, they will continue to be successful in their destructive schemes.

      • America and much of the West caved in and accepted them as “us”. People need to figure out they are not “us”, and in the end, it is us or them.

  8. Billionaire lives are what only matters,

    They are the only ones to offered luxury bunkers,

    Think survival!


  9. This schvartze’s career as a bug-eyed, head-scratching, tap-dancing fool is over. Uncle Shmuli will now do everything he can to destroy him.

    • spahnranch1970,

      My family possesses an uncensored Talmud. It states that non-Jews are cattle, that we can be raped with impunity, that Mother Mary is a whore, that Jesus is burning in a fiery pit of dung. And other such statements.

      I looked at it briefly when it was gifted to my immediate family by an aunt. It seared my soul. By far the most evil that I have ever encountered.

      • In the late 19th century, jews were a people of the book. But their book wasn’t the Bible. It was the Babylonian Talmud. To this day, the Talmud remains Judaism’s highest moral, ethical and legal authority. Does the Talmud share Christianity’s foundation of wholesome moral values? Hardly. Judaism’s most revered authority actually endorses such sins as lying, oath-breaking, and indirect murder. And it even sanctions one of the greatest sins of all: child molestation. The Talmud tells the Jews they are destined to rule the world, and make ALL Humans their slaves. Why do Christians not only ignore this information but in fact idolize the jews?

        • DiCarlo,

          Thank you for your friendly and informative response. There is no such thing as Judeo-Christian values. The 2 religions are not compatible. The “christians” who worship the Jews are disgusting. It is a form of idolatry.

          • Of course, the two religions are incompatible, I agree completely, and that’s why the question that so many Christians, and I speak mainly of those who are not racially aware, would consider themselves judeo-Christians and defend the jews from criticism. Certainly these judeo-Christians, and there are millions of them, are too stupid to be taken seriously.

        • > Why do Christians not only ignore this information but in fact idolize the jews?

          The answer to that question is not difficult. Many have fallen away from actual Christian teaching on the JQ and chosen instead to follow a heretical lie. The biggest example is the doctrine promoted in Cyrus Scofield’s abomination of a bible commentary. The Prots were first out of the gate officially with this monstrosity, though there were things percolating in the RC hierarchy for centuries – stemming from Isabella’s (one of the greatest Christian monarchs) error in permitting such conversos to remain in her kingdom. Many of these were marranos, ostensible Christians who secretly continued their practice of Talmudic Satanism.

          Vatican II was an apostasy (falling away) which essentially ended all RCC attempts to evangelize Jews away from their wickedness, and you see the fruit of this sitting in the cathedra of Rome today – an anti-pope working to overthrow Christianity from the earth. There is still a remnant of those who have not bowed the knee to the Judeo-Christ (a Satanic skinsuit), but the institutional church in the west is under Satan’s rule.

      • It is a shame that every Catholic and every Christian and every non-jew, for that matter, is not familiar with the writings in that wretched book.

        • Tikkun,

          A couple of years ago when I was more naive I mentioned what the Talmud wrote about non-Jews to a neighbor. She was outraged and said she would tell her reverend about this.

          Then she said that no–that her reverend would attack her for giving him this information and that even if it were true it did not matter.

          This woman was an elderly Baptist woman and I realized she was very perceptive in her analysis. Not everyone wants the truth.

      • Can you (or any other reader) provide a link to a source of an identical text copy (dead tree or digital, English and/or Spanish) of your “Family Bible”. I’ve even included a serenade for your trouble.

        • Flax,

          I return shortly to Mexico for I am only here for the weekend. When I get back to our main home I will find the book. Next time in a month or so when I come here again I will bring the copy and give you the excerpts and the rest.

          I will not access this site from Mexico.

        • Flax,

          My grandmother told me about this song. She said she thought this is the way I would act when I marry and if my husband were to abuse me.

          If it does not come out clearly it is called Stone Cold Dead in the Market by Gracie Barrie.

          • Had to look it up, as your link bombed. Thanks for that addition to my musical education. Hopefully you’ll wind up with a guy like this one:

    • I don’t recall it, but it’s been awhile since I read it. Talmud was written by 1000 AD so kind of unlikely. The schvartzes have been highly useful as golem against Christendom for a very long time though. The (((Portuguese))) slave traders got the ball rolling, then you had the abolitionists, and a century later our present dindu-worship. If West actually named the Jew, they will definitely go after him.

  10. Richard Wagner wrote an entire book how Jews don’t and can’t create anything; all they can do is immitate or mimick. What have the Jews brought the world besides financial speculation?

    • That’s a fact! Ashkenazi jews sabotage every country they infiltrate. They are the creators of the Israeli monster that now plunders the world through bribery, blackmail and murder. Like the Asian nomads they truly are, they are unable to build anything. As they have done with both the Internet and Facebook, they can only steal and mimic as they rob, murder and sabotage societies for fun and profit. These bloodsucking parasites are just like the waves of Asian nomads who moved westward for centuries plundering everything in their path. They never built anything of their own. They just stole what others had, murdered the original occupants, erased every iota of the past, changed the names of all the places, and then, fabricated their own twisted history on the ruins of civilization, just like the Israelis are doing today to Palestine.

      • I assume you know about Facebook – which was “invented” by Zuckerberg literally the day after DARPA shut down an identical platform they had developed called “Life-log”. It was handed to him on a gold platter.

    • Richard Wagner wrote an entire book how Jews don’t and can’t create anything; all they can do is immitate or mimick. What have the Jews brought the world besides financial speculation?

      Firstly, what exactly makes Wagner such an expert on the subject? We are, after all, talking about all creative acts here, not only musical ones.

      Secondly, just how original does a creation have to be before it can be referred to as creation rather than mere mimicry? From one standpoint, any creative act that brings into something into existence which didn’t exist before can be considered “unique” (regardless of how similar it is to what preexisted it), so saying Jews can’t create anything is a pretty big claim.

      Thirdly, how is this even relevant to the pro-white cause? Does it make white people sit up and pay attention, does it make them conclude, “Holy shit, Aryan man is the only creative force in human history, national socialism now!”? Or alternatively, if it could be shown that, no, Jews actually can be quite creative, would the case for white nationalism go up in smoke?

      Don’t worry Freddy, I’m not expecting a proven nutjob like you to have any answers. These are just a few question to ponder for those still sane pro-whites who may be reading.

      • Wow! You’re really upset. Of course it’s relevant to the pro-White cause. Most Whites are oblivious to the accomplishments of Whites, and I suppose that’s why they don’t care about giving their homelands away. There isn’t much White normies sit up and pay attention to about their race, so it seems to me, anything that will bring them to racial pride and awareness is a good thing. I don’t know why you’d take issue with it. The jews don’t need anyone here to defend them.

        Really, what have they ever produced? Communism? Where is their Shakespeare, Bach, Michelangelo? Where is their great architecture, their great inventions? civilizations? What have they left behind that is worth anything? They produce kitsch. Pop culture. Low-brow comedy. Bottom of the barrel culture. Jews are destroyers. Look at what they did to Russia in 1917–they are repeating that destruction right here in America and western Europe.

        • I am not “defending Jews,” I am defending truth and reasonableness. “Jews can’t create anything” is not a serious intellectual position, nor even a useful political slogan.

          If your chest swells with pride at the thought of European accomplishment, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all would whites respond the same way to knowledge of the historical record. (It’s fair to imagine that many more would respond as you do than do so at present, but probably not nearly as many as you would hope.)

          Furthermore, “I am pro-white because muh historical greatness” has certain vulnerabilities. Truly great figures are few and far between. If “greatness” is the metric by which people are to be judged, the vast majority of us fall woefully short. Plenty of people would find the prospect of being though poorly of for reasons of insufficient greatness rather disturbing. Similar to IQ – when you bang on about its importance, people become uneasy that they may not measure up.

          And of course, “greatness” is by no means equally distributed among European groups – some have huge great gobs of it, others next to none – so promoting “greatness” could well have the unintended (or perhaps intended?) consequence of creating invidious divisions among the people you’re ostensibly trying to unite.

          And I’ll ask you again, if it could be shown that Jews can, in fact, be quite creative, would the case for white interests wither? If not, then “Jews can’t create anything” is irrelevant, because nothing essential to the pro-white cause hinges on it.

          • Oh good. Let’s have a “serious” conversation about what YOU think the jews do well and your claim that some Whites are somehow inferior to other Whites while you dismiss a White nationalist commenter who attempts to expose jew shortcomings, as a nutjob. Whether his assertion is true or not, I think that it covers the gist of jew deceit and their sly and slippery ways.

            I’ll have to pass on this less than productive conversation you suggest and save it for some other time on a platform full of White normies, who are confused about their race and their interests, so I can attempt to bring them up to speed about their heritage and our strengths as a race, and you can tell them about the jews’ creative qualities.

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