Secular Talk: The Left Must Embrace Freedom

In a sense, I agree.

The Left does believe in freedom.

As I understand it, the rightwing ideal of freedom in America is derived from Anglo-Protestant tradition and republicanism. The leftwing ideal of freedom is derived from avant-garde modernism and socialism. Leftists associate “freedom” with freedom from traditional cultural values.

Here are some examples:


Kyle believes that “trans women” are women. He has endorsed “gender-affirming health care” for minors. Leftists believe the Self has no correspondence to biology. A woman might be born in a man’s body or vice versa. This is pure modernism which romanticizes the interior world and exalts self-expression. In California, Gov. Gavin Newsom believes that children who want to go under the knife and get gender reassignment surgery should be protected by state courts from their parents. This is all ultimately based on the core belief that sex can be chosen by the will of the individual like trying on a new pair of pants and the rejection of the idea that God creates people as male or female.


Kyle strongly believes in the right of mothers to kill their own children. This flows from both his own atheism and his rejection of classical liberalism in which the rights to liberty and property are based on the right to life. The celebration of cultural freedom is derived from modernism.


Kyle is a strong supporter of homosexuality which is glorified as a secular holiday season during PRIDE Month. He wants to codify gay marriage into federal law. He supports gay adoption and surrogacy. He doesn’t believe that states have the right to ban gay marriage.


Kyle believes in codifying the right to contraception into federal law. Once again, it is Christianity and republicanism that is being rejected here.


Kyle believes that marriages should be easy to dissolve.


Kyle and other leftists have rejected the Patriarchy.

Interracial Sex

Kyle believes that miscegenation and interracial marriage should also be codified into federal law. No state should be allowed to deviate from this policy.


Kyle wants to legalize all drugs including heroin. In a sense, you could say that being addicted to substances is freedom. Kyle and other leftists want to facilitate that.


Leftists believe in freedom from “harm” which is caused by racism, sexism, ableism, nativism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia and other made up -isms and -phobias which I am forgetting. The liberty of people who disagree with this moral framework should be curtailed to advance this end.

Open Borders

No human being is illegal. Anyone who wants to take up residence in your community from another part of the world should be allowed to do so. Just don’t set foot in Martha’s Vineyard.

If you oppose all of this, you are an “authoritarian” who hates freedom. In reality, your idea of “freedom” is the normal American version which doesn’t come from secular urbanite modernism.


  1. A Modern Leftist, such as Mr. Kulinski, can be excused for his notion of what freedom is, as he did not grow up in a time when we had so much more of it.

    In the end, all systems and cultures offer certain kinds of freedoms by stifling other kinds of freedoms.

    Which you prefer goes to your worldview.

    Being a Rural Southerner, I can only say that the system for which Mr. Kulinski is advocating for me and mine is nothing more than a freedom into the abyss.

    I wish Mr. Kulinski a nation of his own, one apart from mine.

    That way he can live in a community that does not have to take into consideration what this country was founded to be, and my fellow Southerners can live in one of our own that does not have to take his views into account.

  2. Liberal “freedom” requires powerful ruling elites to make everyone beneath them equal. Liberals have the right to rule because they are superior human beings. And the reason they are superior is because they believe in human equality.

    Does this sound illogical? If you think so, you’re probably a racist. Logic is a white male social construct.

  3. The left has NEVER believed in free speech, tolerance of dissent, challenging authority, or anti-war. They believe in free speech when they agree with it, tolerating and encouraging dissent when they agree with it, challenging authority when it’s authority they disapprove of, and are anti-war when they’re against a war they disapprove of.

    In the past they have been sincere in trying to improve the lot of the poor and downtrodden, I’ll give them that.

    • Their idea of freedom is all this weird pervert shit and getting rid of traditional freedoms like gun rights, self government, property rights, protection from unreasonable search and seizure.

  4. I don’t believe the left necessarily represents freedom.
    Freedom from conservatism, yes, but not freedom.
    Covid mandates are anti-freedom.
    Climate mandates are anti-freedom.
    Cancel culture and censorship are anti-freedom.
    Gun control is anti-freedom.
    Joe Biden’s war on ‘semi-fascists’ or whatever is anti-freedom.
    Racial and sexual quotas are anti-freedom.
    Anti-whiteism and misandry are anti-freedom.
    Neo-segregation is anti-freedom.
    Me paying for your abortion, euthanasia, drugs and sexual mutilation is anti-freedom.
    The ‘Antifa’ and ‘BLM’ riots were anti-freedom, at least for the victims of the riots.
    Abortion is anti-freedom, at least for the unborn, insofar as they’re conscious, they resist being chopped up into bits.

    State socialism is anti-freedom, and I could go on.
    Hell as of late the left has even become more militaristic than the right.

    There is such a thing as both conservative authoritarianism or intervention in culture, society and economy (see corporatism, paternalistic conservatism and ‘welfare chauvinism’) and progressive authoritarianism or intervention in culture, society and economy.
    Conversely, there’s also such a thing as both conservative and progressive liberty.
    See the difference between right and left libertarians.
    Kyle is more of a left libertarian.
    Or perhaps he’s more of a progressive populist or progressive liberal.
    But I believe the mainstream left, is controlled by people like Klaus Schwab and the Rockefellers, who’re more authoritarian and elitist.
    The left is not homogenous, same as the right, there’re many different factions.

  5. Freedom, as defined by our Founding Fathers, never meant absolute freedom to do whatever one liked, but ordered freedom set forth within the founding documents, not freedom to murder the unborn, not freedom to silence people you don’t agree with.

    Obviously, Equality never meant every kind of equality as jews would have us believe, but political equality as citizens under the law. People are not equal. Equality doesn’t exist. And this so called equality that the Left calls “equality” is, in fact, special treatment, special rights and special privileges for nonwhites and women. How can special rights for only certain people even be called equality? Leftists are looney-toons who talk out their collective asses.

    Hysterical, politically correct, leftists oppress and silence Whites who would expose jew subversion, a criminal antiwhite US gov, the Left’s hatred of Whites, expose their deviant sexual behavior, and educate all Whites to the incredible amount of hatred and crime committed against Whites by blacks, jews, and other nonwhites.

    Jews in America, indeed, around the world, have lpromoted hatred and discrimination against White citizens in favor of all nonwhites even to include non-citizens, via affirmative action, massive nonwhite immigration, same-sex marriage, healthcare, busing, housing laws, etc. Modern liberalism, championed by jews, is explicitly antiwhite and seeks the destruction of White societies and the entire White Race. Jew driven liberalism is about elevating and empowering sexual perverts and nonwhites, particularly blacks, over Whites, and about turning Whites into non-persons. Liberalism is pure antiwhite racism under the guise of anti-racism.

    • @DICARLO…

      “Freedom, as defined by our Founding Fathers, never meant absolute freedom to do whatever one liked, but ordered freedom set forth within the founding documents, not freedom to murder the unborn, not freedom to silence people you don’t agree with. ”

      Essentially, what Mr. Kulinski wants is immediate access to anything, anywhere, at anytime, in such a way as all entities and things that might impinge upon his security in enjoying those things would be restrained.

      To me this jolly ride through amorphous hedonism is the trademark of a SPOILED BRAT.

      In fairness to Mr. Kulinski, he is generous is in his Spoiled Brattedness, for he wishes all to share in it ‘equally’.

      Mr. Kulinski is a fantastic symbol for International Organized Brattery, and, as such, Mr. DiCarolo, he will never be able to fathom what is advantagoues about what The Founding Fathers set forth, as you have so aptly summarized.

  6. Not to mention tracking and tracing, something else the contemporary left is a fan of doing, for covid, carbon and to root out ‘semi-fascists’.
    It’s anti-privacy, and so anti-freedom.

  7. The left believes what they’re told to believe by leftist think tanks and attacks anyone that doesn’t believe as they do.

  8. What about the freedom to molest kids……toddlers, ……..infants………, come on Kyle stop beating around the bush. Where do you stand Kyle?

  9. This is all leading to pedophilia being normalized and then eventually being legalized like fag marriage.
    Anyone who opposes is pedophobe

  10. Kulinski, by the way, does not appear to be from the Synagogue of Satan but is of mixed European origins (Polish and Italian). So here we have a white guy who is marching in lockstep with Uncle Schmuel’s Globo-Pedo world order all the way down the list. He might even attend a novus ordo Catholic church given the Polish and Italian background. Since the nominal head of that church does not substantively disagree with the agenda, this would come as no surprise. This is a living example of the problem which both WNs and certain CNs fail to address and demonstrates the fundamental flaw in both arguments.

    I can’t remember who first phrased it this way (it might have been Vox Day) but the best point I’ve seen made with respect to both race and Christianity is that both are necessary but neither is sufficient (on its own) to build or preserve our civilization. Neither the WNs or the CNs have come up with a sufficient remedy for a white nominal “Christian” like Kulinski, who dances to Satan’s tune all the way. We sorely need a divorce from such as these, both as whites and as Christians. They’re far too toxic to live in the same space with.

  11. Last thing I’ll say goes to pumpkin pies, changed shitty diapers, riving wood, tilling soil, put a sufferin’ pet down, replacet clapboards, and, fixt the plumbing under your sink, recognized a Mulberry tree in your backyard, or continued to love the hell out of your wife once she is post menopausal, and, thus, the vaccuity betwixt her legs has so dessicated that she no longer enjoys making love to you, because it hurts like hell.

    If you have not done, and or gone through, any of these things, it is highly unlikely that you have enough touch with what life is to advocate a system that would affect all.

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