Saudi Arabia’s October Surprise Is Raising Gas Prices

MBS has plunged his dagger in Joe Biden’s back.


  1. I never thought I’d be supporting Saudi Arabia, but good on them. The American Empire needs to be taken down a notch

    • “MBS has plunged his dagger in Joe Biden’s back.”

      Nonsense, Putin is the impetus behind this.
      My fear is, what has Putin promised to motivate this action ?

  2. Yes, it feels so weird, but I actually want them to win. Anything to knock these grifters down. I can’t be any worse than what the Biden is doing. I loath this administration.

  3. Put an embargo on the Saudies, the Emir of Kuwait, Dubai importing sexy, attractive White women strippers, prostitutes and concubines. Let them try to f*&$# their own ugly women or jack off.

    • I have a couple of friends who used to work in Saudi Arabia. They have some funny stories about the place. Like for example, when their cars break down, they don’t bother repairing them. They abandon them on the side of the road, and buy a new one.

      When the oil runs out, the oil rich Arabs will return to riding camels, and living in tents. That was a quote from a very depressed Arab.

      • BS !
        The Arabs have bought enough western assets, corporations and real estate, that they now have more dividend income than oil revenue.
        They can live off dividends for eternity.

  4. Russia is not an official member of OPEC, but is among a group of affiliated producers known as OPEC+.

    It does seem there has been an interesting geopolitical realignment among oil producers.

    This output cut was agreed only because Russia and Saudi Arabia cooperated — but that was not always the case — some may recall that a few years ago, Saudi Arabia wanted to cut output, but Russia refused — this sent oil prices crashing to below $20/barrel, which was a disaster for American frackers, most of whom had heavy debt burdens acquired when oil was priced consistently above $80 — energy stocks on the US market fell heavily to generational/historic lows, and once high-flying companies like Chesapeake Energy eventually became penny stocks as bankruptcy loomed.

    The conventional wisdom at the time was that Russia refused to cut output because they wanted to crush the American (and Canadian) fracking industry, which had helped make the US the world’s largest oil producer early in 2017 — fracking in North America was a real threat to Russian oil revenue and market share — but the net cost (i.e. including things like debt service) to produce a barrel of oil was much higher for North American frackers than it was for Russia, so the Russians decided to exploit this.

    It looks like the Russians have decided to stick to the US again — who can blame them.

  5. If the US and their global warming hoaxers used the oil reserves we have instead of relying on the sand niggers, the prices would be cheap because no tariffs, over sea taxes, etc. That corrupt politicians on both sides are making tons of money in the oil and gas industry.

    • We did use the oil we have, nor do we import oil from the mideast, that goes to Europe and Asia. You see if those “sand niggers” as you call them were to stop oil production tomorrow why would domestic oil producers sell you their gas even for an inflated $4 a gallon when they would be able to export it to Europe and Japan and sell it at $20 a gallon. Yes we need to produce more, but troubles on the other side of the world raise the market price and still affects us.

      The obvious thing is why would any OPEC or petroleum exporting country want to help out a regime made of ideologues who are on a secular religious crusade attempting to ban fossil fuels worldwide. Top that off with all the social agendas these people try to force on the world like feminist family destruction and sexual perversion. Of course they will respond in any way they can to hurt them. Like Paul Atredies cutting off the spice to hurt the emperor. They want the little girls foolishly allowed to yield political power in America to get the message in the most blatant, stark way possible…an empty purse to buy frivolous woman things due to every last penny going to fill up their overpriced crossover.

      • >nor do we import oil from the mideast, that goes to Europe and Asia

        It’s interesting how some people seem to like being belligerently ignorant (or stupid, depending), confidently stating blatant falsehoods.

        The US imports oil from Saudi Arabia, but it imports more from Canada and Mexico — the fraction of crude consumed in the US that is imported has remained relatively stable for a long time now: about 30% — the US also exports oil (which surprises some people; but any nation that consumes oil needs a mix of crude oil types and grades, so the US exports what it produces more of than it needs, and imports what it doesn’t produce enough of).

        You can learn more than you probably want to know about the US and oil here:

        Oil and petroleum products explained — Oil imports and exports

  6. Yeah I don’t give a red damn about Saudis. They fucked our domestic production capacity with a price war under Trump, and are exploiting the situation with Ukraine now to inflate the price now that we can’t supply ourself.

    If the answer is damned if you do, and if you don’t, then our answer should be instead to topple house saud. If Opec is supposed to maintain stability in the oil market, they’re doing a shit job.

    • >They fucked our domestic production capacity with a price war under Trump

      Actually, no they didn’t — as I pointed out above, it was the Russians who refused to go along with an output cut, which the Saudis wanted; an output cut would have (presumably) caused prices to rise, helping US producers, especially frackers, who have relatively high fixed costs of production (due to all the money they borrowed to buy land for fracking).

      You’re just another moronic conservatard — no wonder the elites hate you: they lost patience with your stupidity.

      Here’s a story about a similar scenario in 2020:

      Oil price dives as OPEC, Russia fail to agree on output cut

      The 14 OPEC countries had wanted to cut output by 1.5 million barrels a day, or about 1.5% of world production. OPEC countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran say they need non-member allies like Russia to take 500,000 barrels of that cut on themselves. … Russia, however, proved reluctant and OPEC Secretary General Mohammed Barkindo of Nigeria said Friday that the meeting had been adjourned.

      So like I said: Russia refused to cut output because they wanted to keep the financial pressure on US frackers — Russia has far lower costs of production, and can make money even when the price of oil is low.

      Also like I said: you’re a moron.

      • “they wanted to keep the financial pressure on US frackers ”

        They wanted to wreck those who finance frackers and ruin future financial support of frackers.

    • The US never has been, and never will be, ‘energy independent’ — but what did happen early in the Trump administration (as I said above) was that a decade or more of heavy investment in fracking paid off, with the US becoming the world’s largest oil producer around mid-2017 — but that had nothing to do with Trump, nor did it represent energy independence.

      • “The US never has been, and never will be, ‘energy independent”

        It is, if you count unused nat gas. In overall terms, US nat gas fills all the gaps in our energy deficiency.

        In terms of crude oil , we fall far short.

        “The US never has been”
        That’s false , from 1800s to 1950s the US was the global oil patch.
        In the 1930s the US supplied 75% of world oil supplies.

        • There are still oil fields in Southeastern Illinois that supply 2% of the nations supply though the output used to be far greater. It is theorized that these old fields can be redrilled and fracked and that would reinvigorate output. But of course the state is held hostage by the Chicago Ghetto which elects Democrats who would never allow that. The idiots who vote democrat are so stupid that as they whine about price increases and economic malaise they still vote democrat nevertheless, incapable of even understanding what is going on.

    • Retailers and wholesalers are taking advantage.
      Wholesale gas is 2.75, typical markup to the public is.80.
      Gas should be abt 3.60

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